Travel & Camping Wish List

With me hoping to get on a few trips away this year, especially ones in the UK it has got me thinking that we don't even have some of the basic items we need. Like a suitcase for example, me and Liam haven't purchased one still and whilst I still lived with my parents I always just used their suitcase. So number 1 of the wish list is a cabin style bag, this will be the perfect size for a Monday to Friday trip like we are going on in June or just those weekends away we want to go on. 

I also really want to get a travel journal, just so I can document the trips I am going on along with writing down memories from each trip. This is definitely a great idea so I can look back in years to come and see where I have been and where I still want to go or even better if I want to go back somewhere.

I got my new camera as a Christmas present to myself however, I still haven't picked up a bag for the camera and the lenses. This has meant that I haven't actually taken my camera anywhere yet as I just don't want to damage it. Top of my list for my ravels is a camera bag that will also protect my lenses. I can't wait to start going around the country and using the backdrops for making my content better on here and on Instagram. 

The first 2 trips we have planned are both up in Scotland, which means you are looking at a 4-5 hour drive. One thing I have always wanted to give a try is a neck pillow as I just want a little extra comfort on the journey and hopefully it would mean I could have a little nap. Primark have some great ones in at the moment and fingers crossed I can get my hands on the NASA one.

With the journey been a long one a portable power bank would be a great purchase too, it would mean that for the full journey me and Liam could take turns playing on the Switch (or I can hog it) without having to worry about it dying. It also means I can listen to all the music I like without having to worry about my phone dying before we reach our destination, I could even recharge my earphones if needed. This item is one I should have purchased a long time ago but never actually did.

A few of the trips I am hoping to go on are camping trips, we purchased a tent last year but unfortunately never got to go away. But I am hoping that this year we can get a couple of trips booked in when the football season ends. One thing we will be doing when we go camping is walking, Liam really wants to go walking in the Dales so I guess I best get a nice lightweight jacket for that. One I can just fold up in to a bag as you never know when the weather is going to take a turn, plus if you are out in the middle of nowhere and the rain starts at least I will be covered. 

If we are going walking I will also need some decent walking shoes as I just don't think my usual trainers would be suitable for the places we would be going. I am hoping that I can find me a pair that will last me a while too as this isn't an item I want to be spending money on over and over again.

Finally I am hoping to find a really good sleeping bag. even in the summer I can end up being cold on a night so I need to make sure whatever sleeping bag I end up buying is going to keep me nice and warm, plus if I can find one that is nice and comfy that will be an added bonus.

So there you have it those are the items I am hoping to pick up for when I go on holiday or camping. Can you recommend any good places for me to find these items? Or can you recommend anything else I may need?

See you soon

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