July 2020 Favourites

Another month has been and gone and how quickly are we approaching the end of the year, it doesn't seem like 2 minutes ago it was Christmas and we are getting closer and closer to December once again. I feel like I have blinked and this year has just flown so far part of me wants it to slow down but then another part just wants 2020 over and done with. 

July has been a pretty good month, I have spent time with family and discovered new favourite things once again so here are my favourites from the month of July...


 Nike Air Force 1's

Just like last month the Nike Air Force 1's are appearing on this list. They are just so comfortable and super easy to style, I really do wish I had picked them up sooner as they really are a staple piece for me now. Plus I have gone a full month with keeping them nice and clean for a change. 

Nike T-Shirts

Nike just seems to be my go to brand at the moment whether it is the sneakers they are producing or the clothing I have been wearing. I seem to have spent a lot of the month just wearing Nike t-shirts and I am all for it as they are so comfortable and really fit me nicely which is something I have been struggling with lately. The prints have been nice and bold on the t-shirts I have been wearing so they are definitely stand out pieces. I am hoping that I can pick up a few more items from nike in the near future. 


Spending time with the Nephew

July has been a month of spending time with my nephew and seeing him grow into the cheeky little character he is has been fantastic. He is 16 month old now and is definitely developing his own little personality plus he is certainly my little best friend so every minute I am getting with him is perfect. I have realised I could be in the worst mood ever but that soon changes the second I see him.


Things coming together

Finally we have got somewhere with our back garden, it is very nearly complete and just knowing we are so close to finishing another house job is fantastic. Looking around we actually don't have that much to do now just big jobs that are going to need saving for so we can finally have a bit of a break and just relax for a bit. I just hope once the garden is complete we get some nice weather so we can enjoy the space. 

Health & fitness

Seeing a difference

July is the month where I have really started to notice a difference in my body whilst I am on my weight loss journey. My clothing is fitting me a lot better but that isn't the biggest difference I have noticed... my fitness levels are getting a lot better now too as my heart rate doesn't get as high as it used to when I work out. Just seeing little differences like that is fantastic. 

Going on walks 

July has also been the month for going out on walks again, whether it is just around the nearby streets or at the park. It has been great just getting out seeing different places and more importantly helping my weight loss journey by being a lot more active. 

What are your favourites from June 2020?

Wearing A Full Tracksuit In A Colour Out Of My Comfort Zone

 Remember a few weeks ago I posted about loving wearing full tracksuits, well I have a new favourite tracksuit and it comes from Gymshark. 

Back on black Friday I was lucky enough to be able to pick up the complete Raid tracksuit in this gorgeous light blue colour. Now after I ordered this tracksuit I was a bit skeptical with the colour but it is perfect for the cooler weather and is really easy to style. Both items fit perfectly too, I got both the hoodie and joggers in XL and I am glad I didn't go any smaller as these are a perfect fit. 

The hoodie is just nice and simple with the Gymshark name just going down the chest but not too large, and the hoodie has a bit of a bagginess to it which I love as it just gives the neck are a little bit of a different look, plus when you put the hood up it covers your neck a little bit so it is perfect for the colder weather as you will definitely be kept warm. One thing I always want from a hoodie is zip pockets so I don't have to worry about losing any of my items and this hoodie has just that so I can wear this and be confident I aren't going to lose my phone or money. 

One of my favourite features though is something you don't see on most items.... the popper on the side of the hoodie and at the bottom of the joggers. I love them, they just make them so different and you can have them open if you wish or closed. No doubt I will have these closed more than I have open but you can also have them looking different if you wish. Plus when you open the poppers up you get a little more of the Gymshark branding. 

 I was definitely missing some slim fitting joggers in my wardrobe but these are definitely ticking those boxes. Sometime I struggle with skinny fit items just making me feel uncomfortable and like they are stuck to me however, with these I haven't struggled at all as they are tight but not too tight. 

There is a bit of excess material towards the ankle of the jogger but to be honest I expect that these days as my legs are so short. But that excess material doesn't really bother me though as I think it actually looks quite good on these joggers. Again there is minimal branding on the joggers as you just have the Gymshark name down the left hand side. Plus these joggers also have the zip pockets which means I can also happily put my phone or money in these and not have to worry about them sliding out. The tracksuit washes well too, it hasn't lost any shape and even after I spilled something down it the stain has come straight out and you would never tell it was there. 

This tracksuit is definitely going to be worn plenty of times and as a full tracksuit however, some days I may have to split it up a little bit as I think this could go with most of my wardrobe. I just know this tracksuit is far too good to wear to the gym.  

Weekly Round Up #29

Last week was definitely one of the busiest ones I have had for a while and it was fantastic as it was mainly spent with family. We went to places I had never been too or haven't been to in ages and just spending time with the nephew has been fantastic. 

On Monday I went into town for an hour just to pick up a few bits I had been wanting for a while. It was then a case of coming home and working on content which was much needed and I got plenty done. 

On Tuesday we went for a walk around a huge lake, we did two laps around the lake and had a picnic there as the weather was great. It was nice just having a day out in the fresh air plus it got my steps up for me.

On Wednesday I went to spend time with my nephew and it was another fun filled day, we called into town where I finally got to try a Mexican place in the market and it was gorgeous. Then it was up to Asda for the food shop. 

Liam had the day off on Thursday as some one was coming to change our tyres for us. But I wasn't spending the day with him as I was off to a theme park with the nephew and the rest of my family. It was a theme park specifically for under 10's and just seeing my nephews face was amazing as it was his first experience of a theme park. On the way home we called at Meadowhall where I picked up a nice little treat for myself.  

The gardeners came on Friday to make a start on the back garden and I just spent the day working on content, planning some things I want to change on the blog and just generally being productive for a change. The house got tidied and things being clearer just helped me get things done. 

On Saturday I went round to my parents, where I ended up helping my mum sort a bit of the loft out. It was a great day and I found so many things from when I was younger. Me and my dad then went to B&Q to get a bit of inspiration for the gardens and we will be heading back soon to pick a few bits up. 

Sunday was more of a relaxing day, I caught up on YouTube & made a start on my new bullet  journal and planned for the week ahead. I love sitting and doing this as it gives me a chance to see what needs doing and when is the best to do it. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: I spent most of the week watching YouTube as there had been so many great videos posted. 

Reading: I have started a new book that is all about football so should be perfect for me. 
Listening to: I just can't get enough of Taylor Swift's new album. I can see this being on repeat for a while. 

This week I want to have a full day writing content, I just want to get as much written as I can this week as my return to work is definitely getting closer. I also want to carry on planning out goals for this blog for the future and start implementing some of those changes already. I am also hoping that we can get more work done in the gardens just to tidy them up and make the changes we want to having the artificial grass laid in the back has definitely spurred me on. Fingers crossed we can get out to purchase some camping and walking bits too as it isn't long until we go.  

See you soon

The Summer Essentials Your Wardrobe Needs

Summer is here but is your wardrobe ready for it? I recently had a check through my wardrobe and there were a few items missing however, that will soon be changing. For the warmer weather you are going to want clothing that reflects the weather, for many years I constantly wore all black outfits in the summer and honestly I suffered for it I was just too warmer and very uncomfortable. That is why I now try to wear lighter colours/ lighter & looser fitting clothing so I can enjoy my days rather than spend time worrying about sweating and being uncomfortable.  So here is what I think you should be looking to add to your wardrobe for the warmer months ahead...

On the top


T-shirts are basically an everyday essential for me as I would rather wear a t-shirt than a shirt and summer is no exception to that in fact this is perfect weather for me as I think t-shirt weather is the best. There are plenty of t-shirt options out there and I am opting to get away from bold printed t-shirts as I am getting a bit fed up of them so here are the t-shirts I think everyone should have on hand to wear throughout summer.

Slim fit t-shirt

These have been a recent addition for me and I am loving them as they just make an outfit look so much better. The fit on these t-shirts just make the outfit look cleaner as it isn't just hung off you and the tighter fit can also help accentuate your figure if that is a look you are trying to pull off. I would recommend having a look around as you can get some good quality slim t-shirts in different colours that are perfect for the warmer weather.

Regular fit t-shirt

If you are wanting something with a bit of a looser fit than a slim fitting t-shirt then a regular fit t-shirt is the way to go. However, you don't want the t-shirt to look like it is hung off you (I have had this happen in the past), if you want to get the over-sized look  make sure you do it right don't just pick any random t-shirt and hope it works as sometimes it doesn't and it will just make your outfit look messy.  A good quality and good fitting regular fit t-shirt could make a nice outfit look a bit more relaxed and change your outfit as opposed to just a plain slim fit t-shirt. Again definitely have a look around as you can get some great colours for the warmer weather.

Striped t-shirt

A striped t-shirt can just change up an outfit and give an outfit a great look. You could team up a striped t-shirt with some nice shorts and shoes & you will have a nice nautical look going on. Stripe t-shirts are something I have stayed away from in the past however, I do have a few in my wardrobe at the moment which I will be wearing quite often in the warmer weather and I will definitely be picking more up in the future, a nice white and black or white and navy t-shirt will look great with some of the other items I already own.


Linen Shirt

You are going to want to be cool in the warmer weather and one of the perfect ways to do this is by wearing a linen shirt. Up until last year I never even considered wearing a linen shirt but now I want to add even more into my wardrobe. I loved wearing mine for those days where I just wanted to dress up a little smarter and it worked, perfect with shorts, chinos or even jeans if you really want to linen shirts can be pretty versatile. Plus you can get them in long or short sleeve so there are plenty of options out there for you.

Short Sleeve Shirt

Now this is a clothing item I love, you just can't beat a short sleeve shirt & summer is a perfect time to wear them You can get plain ones or printed ones but they all look great. The best part is you can layer with them too, if you fancy your shirt being open with a t-shirt underneath then you can, just make sure your t-shirt sleeves don't poke out under the shirt sleeves. You can get some great quality short sleeved shirts for great prices so have a look around there are plenty of options out there.

On the Bottom

You aren't going to want to be wearing tight skinny jeans or any bottoms that are a thick material in the warmer weather because that just isn't comfortable. So you are going to want something more lightweight just to keep you from feeling so warm plus you will feel a lot more comfortable during the day as you wont feel as restricted. So here are the bottoms you should be looking at adding to your wardrobe for the summer months.


Just as I said in the spring essentials post, chinos can smarten up any look and they are perfect for the warm weather due to their lightweight material. Team these up with some nice footwear and a nice top & you are good to go. You can get some great quality chinos at reasonable prices plus there are plenty of colours out there so there is something for every style/colour palette.

Chino Shorts

Chinos don't just come in a longer length there are also some great chino shorts out there for you to add to your wardrobe. Again these come in plenty of colours to suit everyone's style/colour palette. They just give you an extra smart option for those days that are too warm to wear long length pants. One great way to wear these would be a pair of khaki/stone chino shorts with a nice t-shirt (striped would be great) then finish off with a nice pair of boat shoes or white sneakers and in my opinion that would be a great way to wear the shorts, in fact it is how I will wear them most of the summer days where I want a smarter look.

Lightweight / light coloured jeans

If you do want to wear jeans during the warmer months I would really recommend going for a lightweight material in a lighter colour. This will just help you feel a bit cooler and more comfortable when it does get warm. I try to stay away from the tight fitting skinny jeans when it is warm and that is why I have Mom / boyfriend fit jeans in a lighter colour as they are just as looser fitting and the lighter colour just makes me feel a bit cooler which I think is just psychological.

Denim shorts

One of my go to items in the warmer weather are definitely denim shorts, they are just so much better than wearing full length jeans. Denim shorts are just a great alternative that are so easy to style. I would recommend looking around and picking the style that is best for you, personally I pick up knee length light coloured and black skinny denim shorts as they are great to style, suit me and work well with the rest of my wardrobe.

Sweat shorts

Sweat shorts/ jersey shorts are brilliant for those lazier day and more casual outfits. They are fantastic for when you are staying in the house and don't want to make an effort. I have plenty of pairs of jersey shorts in my wardrobe as I will just throw a pair on after work ready for an evening of watching YouTube or gaming. The best part is for a decent pair it isn't going to break the bank plus you don't have to really worry about getting the best of the best because who is going to see them if they are just for lounging?

On your feet

No outfit is complete without some great footwear that fits brilliantly and works well with your outfit. To me the footwear is one of the most important parts of the outfit so you are going to want to make sure it fits with your clothing so they don't stand out for all the wrong reasons. There are so many options out there that will work so well with plenty of different outfit options so here are the ones I think you should be looking at owning for summer.

White sneakers

There are so many options out there for a great pair of plain white sneakers. In fact one of my current favourite pairs cost me just £12 from my local Primark. A pair of clean white sneakers will definitely go with 90% of your wardrobe and it just adds some simplicity to your outfit and goes so nicely with a variety of clothing. Just make sure they look clean and not filthy as no one like a filthy pair of sneakers, in fact I have a new post coming very soon on how to keep your sneakers clean.


Vans are an absolute classic option for me but they are a type of footwear that I easily fall in and out of love with. However, recently I have definitely found myself looking at picking up more and more pairs of vans especially the Old Skool range. A nice pair of black and white Old Skool's teamed up with some nice denim shorts could really make a great look.

Boat shoes

Boat shoes are an alternative to sneakers and they can look great when worn with the right outfit. I actually have a pair of Vans boat shoes that I love to wear in the warmer weather. I usually team these up with some chino shorts and a nice plain t-shirt and it makes for quite a nice outfit.


My go to footwear when I am around the garden has become sliders just thanks to how easy they are to get on and off. Plus these would be perfect for a trip to the beach or if you are poolside for a day as you can just slide them on and off when you need to move around.  There are some great picks out there for you and come in a variety of prices so there is an option for everyone's budget.

The jackets

If you are in the UK like me then there is a high chance you daren't leave the house without a jacket due to how unpredictable the UK weather is especially lately. That is why having a good choice of jackets available is essential so that you are covered for any possibility. Here are two options I would definitely recommend having on hand for the summer months.

Lightweight Jacket

If you are in the UK like me no doubt you will need something to keep you dry through those almost guaranteed summer showers. A lightweight jacket is perfect for those occasions as it will be waterproof as well as keeping you cool in the warmer weather. Again there are so many different options out there so go have a look and see what suits you best. I currently have one from H&M that I am absolutely loving as it keeps me dry and I don't get too warm in it. Just be careful when purchasing a jacket those as I have had some in the past that claim to be waterproof however, they have been far from it.

Bomber & Baseball jacket

On a night it can drop really cool here in the UK even when it has been really warm throughout the day. I have found that my go to jacket over the past few years has been a baseball jacket as it is lightweight and really takes the chill off, the best part is there are plenty of thicknesses of baseball jackets out there so you have a choice of selection. Another jacket I love is a bomber jacket especially when wearing my jeans or chinos as it doesn't spoil the look it actually fits quite well.


Accessories are an essential for all seasons and the right ones can really finish off an outfit for you. An outfit isn't just clothing for me it is about what you pair with the clothing you pick. So here are some accessories I would recommend adding to your wardrobe to pair up with your outfit choices.


You need to be protecting your eyes in the warmer weather as those sun rays can do some real damage, plus they help you cover up those watery eyes if you suffer from hay fever like me. A great quality pair of sunglasses might seem like a huge investment to you however, is it really that much of an investment if it protects your eyesight for years to come? I know I would rather purchase a pair of sunglasses that are going to look after my eye health for plenty of years and finish off an outfit rather than not bother and struggle with my eyesight in the future.

Woven Belt

A woven belt looks a lot better with chinos in my opinion over a leather belt so in the warmer weather try to change things up a bit and reach for a woven belt over leather one. I have found they are more comfortable too and the buckles are less bulky on a woven belt compared to a leather one so why not give one a try?

No show socks

These are one of the top things on this list to pick up even if you just think oh I need to get this about one item it should be this one. Some outfits looks great with shorts and crew socks however, for a smarter look a pair of no show socks is the way to go. You don't want a pair of trainer socks peaking over the top of your sneaker as it just looks messy and like you have forgotten about that aspect of your outfit. A pair of no show socks will tidy up the footwear and give you that comfort of wearing socks throughout the day.

Good scent

You want to smell good throughout summer alongside looking good. No doubt in the heat you will be sweating more however, you don't have to smell, just a simple fragrance can really help stop the smell. You are going to want a lighter scent for summer as opposed to the heavier scents you often wear during the colder months.

The best part about most of these items is that you could very easily wear them in multiple other seasons too especially the shoes and accessories which means you are definitely going to get plenty of wear out of them. Plus if you get an item which is better quality (which is a new rule I am going to follow, post coming soon) then you are possibly going to be able to wear these items the following year & possibly even longer.

So there you have it, do you own any of these items? Or are you going to pick some up in the future? Let me know. Also what do you consider to be some of your summer wardrobe essentials?

Trying The Chloe Ting 2 Week Shred

Last month all my YouTube subscription box seemed to be filled with was the Chloe Ting 2 week shred challenge, so after watching a few of the videos I sat and thought to myself why don't I give this a go for myself? I wanted to lose weight and I was getting bored of my basic home workout so I dived straight in. This was 14 days of hard work and honestly I enjoyed it for the most part however, some bits were a struggle.

The first day I was definitely up for the challenge and it was only 2 videos to complete. The first video was the Do this everyday to lose weight video, you could tell this was day 1 as I certainly struggled with this, there were exercises I had never done before so it was a challenge. One thing I did love about this video though is the percentage markers as they definitely help motivate you and push you to go further. The second video of the day was the 2 weeks ab workout challenge, again this was a struggle and I had to sit out of a few exercises however it definitely set a bench marker for me so I could hopefully see progress. My takes from day one was that this challenge is definitely going to be different from the Joe Wicks workouts I had been doing and that I was definitely capable of more than I thought. It did highlight the fact that I need to invest in a proper Yoga mat though.

On day 2 I woke up aching from the previous day but I forced myself out of bed to do the day's workout although it might not have been the best idea. I started with the Do this everyday video but struggled to get through it, I pushed myself but not too much as my knee was playing up so I knew I needed to reign it in a bit. I had to rest for a few of the exercises as my knee just wouldn't let me complete them. When it came to the 2 week ab challenge video I just physically do it thanks to my knee and my hip strangely playing up so although I started to do this video I couldn't finish it. There was also an optional video called 11 line abs however,  I didn't do this as there were more videos to do and I didn't want to do any long lasting damage to my knee. When I woke up the next day my knee was still bad though so I used this day as my rest day just to prevent any lasting damage.

I then got back on track with the videos the following day and it was a four video day which I wasn't really looking forward to if I am being honest. I kicked off the day with the Do this everyday video which even after a day off I struggled with thanks to  still aching a little bit. Even though I struggled with this video I did do more than the second day. The next video of the day was the 2 week abs challenge where I certainly did a lot more than day 2 but it was a struggle mainly due to the lack of exercise mat. Next up was the lower body burn video which I hadn't done yet and surprisingly I quite enjoyed this video. I struggled with some exercises due to the niggle still being in my knee but this may have very easily been my favourite video to do, I just wish this was the everyday video. The final video of the day was the 11 line ab video which I had previously skipped. I think it is safe to say I just don't enjoy ab exercises but again that might be down to the lack of a quality mat so nothing felt comfortable. I did manage to power through as much as possible though and surprised myself by giving all the exercises a go and not giving up straight away when things got hard. I did enjoy this day quite a bit.

The following day was a three video day, with one new video in it, I woke up feeling a lot better on this day so I had high hopes for doing these videos. First up just like everyday we had the do this everyday video and I managed to get through a lot more of the exercises than previously, although I certainly decided on this day that I didn't like burpees. Although this video was still tough to get through I felt it was a bit easier than previous days. I even saw an improvement when doing the 2 week ab workout as I got more done than previous days and I actually started enjoying doing the bicycle crunches. Next up we have the new video which is tight core & arms, I lost all my upper body strength when I broke my collar bone years ago so I really struggled with this one.

Up next was another three video day which I think I preferred doing as it didn't seem to drag on and it seemed like that was the most manageable for my knee. On this day I definitely saw an improvement when doing the do this everyday video, I seemed to get through a lot more of the exercises for a longer amount of time and I actually enjoyed it although I still wasn't enjoying the burpees. I also saw an improvement doing the abs in 2 week video as I pushed myself through the burn and got further than before. The day's videos were finished off with the lower body burn video which is definitely my favourite as it isn't everyday and adds a variety of exercises to my routine. One thing I did notice after doing this days video was my heart rate wasn't going as high as it was in previous days which is definitely a sign of improvement.

I ended up taking a few days off after this day as my knee just wasn't up to it, so when I returned I carried on from the day I left it at which was a 4 video day. Even though it was my first day back after a few days off I pushed through and kept going and I felt so much better for it. Then it was time for the abs in 2 week video and again I pushed through it and did a lot more than on previous days, I think this is the first time I had started noticing a change. The third video was the tight core and arm video which I think could be my least favourite video but I struggled through it and got more done than previous, the struggle definitely came from my weak arms though. Finally we had the 11 line ab video which again I struggled with put I pushed through, I think I struggle with this one as I just aren't used to it as it isn't on the list very often.

The following day was a three video days and it included my favourite video. I kicked the day off with the Do this everyday video and I got through it however, I still hated the burpees. I really do think this video also helped strengthen my knee.  When it came to the 2 week ab video it was struggle, my abs were really burning but I really pushed and completed the video. Then it was onto my favourite video the lower body burn where I managed to get through the full video with minimal struggle. Even though I had a few extra rest days I still took day 9 as a rest day just so my body could have a breather.

I kicked it all back off with day ten's videos which consisted of four videos. The do this everyday video went exactly the same as it had in previous days and again those burpees killed me off but I got through the video in the end. Then it was straight into the 2 weeks abs video where I did a lot better than the previous days, I even managed a full 30 second plank for a change. Then it was into my favourite video again, the lower body burn where I powered through every exercise but my legs were definitely aching by this time. Finally we had the tight core & arms video which I was still struggling with but I did it, I did all the exercises even though my whole body was aching. I did have to rest quite a bit between the videos thanks to my knee but I still managed to complete them all.

The following day my body was definitely aching but I was lucky enough to only have to do two videos which were the do this everyday and 2 week abs videos. Even though I was aching I got through these videos and did a lot better than previous days and I discovered my love for bicycle crunches.

Day twelve was straight back in with four videos, I decided to give these videos a go with my own music on in the background and it actually made the videos go quicker in my head and really enjoyed doing these videos thanks to having my own music to help motivate me. I did make the mistake of doing these videos on the hottest day of the year so far and it was a struggle due to the heat. The videos I completed on day twelve were the do this everyday, 2 weeks abs, lower body burn and 11 line abs videos. It was certainly a struggle due to the heat but I wasn't going to give up when I was doing so well.

On day thirteen it was definitely a struggle as it was still very warm but luckily there were only three videos to complete on this day. Again I put my own music on in the background and it was another fantastic workout. I did the do this everyday video which felt a lot easier for me and I was actually starting to enjoy the video. Next up was the 2 week abs video where I still loved doing the bicycle crunches and actually started enjoying doing spider-man planks too. Finally we had the lower body burn video where my legs definitely felt the burn and I managed to get through all the video with doing the full amount of time for each exercise.

For the final day we had another four video day where I managed to complete all the times for all the exercises with less of a struggle than before. There was the 2 week ab video where I made it through all the exercises but my abs were definitely burning. Then we had the lower body burn video where I pushed as hard as I could but unfortunately had to stop some exercises short of their time due to my knee starting to hurt a bit too much. Finally we had the tight core and arms video which definitely solidified it's place as my least favourite video but I pushed through with video and although I struggled with the video I did it.

Throughout the 2 weeks I definitely noticed some improvements in my fitness levels however in terms of my body I didn't notice much change but then again it might be due to me having extra rest days. I honestly thought I was going to end up giving up before the 2 weeks were up but surprised myself by pushing through and completing the full 2 weeks. I think I am going to go back to this challenge in a few month when my knee is a bit stronger and I am a bit fitter to see if I can actually see a change if I stick to the plan as I am meant to do. Have you given this challenge a go? If so how did you get on with it? If you haven't but you are tempted to give it a go click here and let me know how you get on.

Weekly Round Up #28

Well another week has been and gone and it has involved plenty of family time however, it has meant other areas have been slacking. The weather has been hit and miss but I have managed to spend plenty of time outdoors just enjoying myself. Here is what I got up to this weekend...

On Monday our road was being resurfaced so to stay out of the way I ended up going to see my nephew. It was a lovely day all though the weather wasn't really on our side. I am really enjoying spending this extra time with my nephew I aren't too sure what I am going to do when I am back at work full time. 

Tuesday was another day with my nephew and sister as we went to town and managed to pick up a few items we needed. I then stayed at hers for my tea and it was just a nice chilled night with her and my nephew. 

Wednesday I was back at my sisters whilst she had her driving lesson. The weather was actually quite nice at points too and we had a couple of nice walks which actually acted as my exercise for the day. 

On Thursday I was back in the office for the day and it was nice to get back doing something different for a change. Even if my day was spent sorting out social media accounts, but it was great to see things come together a little bit even though there is still a long way to go. 

On Friday it was food shop day which finally meant a nicely stocked fridge at last. It also meant another trip to the park with my nephew as the weather was quite good, it is great seeing him just running around and enjoying himself. 

Saturday was a relaxed start to the morning before heading to a teddy bear's picnic that the family had organised for my nephew. It was a great day filled with plenty of laughs, it was nice just having fun together after all this going on these past few months. 

On Sunday we had a nice chilled day we did a bit of cleaning, watched a film and then I got caught up on YouTube and blogging. It was the perfect end to the week. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: YouTube was certainly watched the most last week but we did watch some Star Wars & Celebrity Gogglebox too. 

Reading: I still need to pick a new book to start
Listening to: Twenty One Pilot's were listened to a lot, but I also ended up listening to a lot of Tegan & Sara too. 

This week I want to get back on track with my blogging as I have fallen off track over the past couple of weeks. I also want to try my best to improve my Instagram content and start making some progress on plans I am wanting to put in place for my accounts. I also want to try my best to get my skincare routine back in order throughout the week as my skin has gone really bad again. Fingers crossed I can get more bits tidied and organised in the house too as we've definitely let that slip too. 

See you soon

The Wardrobe Essentials Series - Bottoms You Should Definitely Own

So next up in the wardrobe essentials series we have the essentials for the bottom half of your body. Last time we covered tops you should look into adding to your wardrobe so now we are moving onto the perfect bottoms to make those great outfits with. 


There are plenty of options out there when it comes to buying jeans so much so that it can often seem a bit daunting with all the choices that are given to you. I used to buy far too many jeans that just didn't suit me or fit me right so I sat took stock of what I had and what I went for on a day to day basis and went from there. I would definitely recommend getting a variety of colours of jeans so you have options depending on the style you are opting for or the weather. For so long I would just wear black jeans whereas now I also go for grey, light blue and dark blue denim so I can mix up my outfits a little. Currently my jeans are mainly skinny jeans although I will be picking up some straight leg style/ boyfriend ones in the future. I would say if you are looking at buying jeans go in store try a few styles and see what suits you best, as I say there are plenty of options out there which will suit different body types. 

Cargo Pants

A new favourite of mine which seems to be on trend lately is Cargo pants. If I was doing this post last year there is no chance these would have been on here but thanks to me stepping out of my comfort zone this year I can easily say these are a 100% recommendation from me. They just add a little different to the outfit than what jeans would offer. I think they give a bit more of a streetwear vibe to your style as well. I have currently got 2 black pairs but I would recommend looking around as you can get other colours too, as I found when I found some khaki green ones which I am in love with. You can also get different styles, I love ones with cuffed bottoms but you can also get some smarter ones too like the image on the left. 


Remember all those years ago when everyone just seemed to wear chinos? Well I stopped for a little while before realising how good chinos actually were when you styled them correctly. Now I have a khaki & grey pair in my wardrobe ready for the spring/ summer months so I can actually wear something so nice and lightweight in the warmer months. Even in the cooler months & autumn I will sometimes reach out for a pair of chinos or if I am going somewhere where I need a bit of a smart casual look. It is amazing how when you grow up your opinions on certain items can change and items you once dismissed can soon become your favourites. If you haven't got yourself a pair of chinos yet definitely pick up a pair as soon as you can.

Smart Pants

You never know when you are going to have to dress up smarter than usual. You may have an interview to go to, a funeral, a wedding or a meeting or you might just have an event you need to head to where you need to dress smarter. But you don't want to be rushing out the week or even night before do you? So why not have some smarter pants in your wardrobe ready to go. There are plenty of great options out there at reasonable prices so you can get your wardrobe stocked up at a low cost and be covered for any occasion. My top picks would definitely be some nice black & grey pants that fit well and a pair of checked pants. Checked pants are definitely underrated in my eyes as they can be worn as smart casual and they really dress up an outfit. You could even get away with checked pants for a meeting if they are well fitting & a great style. I seem to wear checked pants for quite a few occasions now so I would really recommend picking up a pair if you get chance.

Tracksuit Bottoms

I used to think that tracksuit bottoms were just for lounging in, working out in and not really for going out in on a day to day basis but over the past year my attitude has definitely change towards tracksuit bottoms and this is because there are so many great styles out there now. I now aren't bothered about wearing tracksuit bottoms and you shouldn't be either. There are plenty of other people you see about and about in tracksuit bottoms and as I say there are plenty of different styles. Get a perfect grey pair and a perfect black pair and you are set if you are going for a more stylish look. You could always get some pairs for exercising in too. I definitely prefer tracksuit bottoms with cuffed bottoms but you can always find plenty without the cuffs too.  


In terms of shorts there are so many options out there but the ones I believe should be in every wardrobe are denim. jersey, chino & swim shorts as you literally have shorts for every summer occasion but of course you don't need 100's of pairs of shorts just get a few good quality pairs and you are all good. Obviously you are going to want some good swim shorts for any beach trips, lounging in the garden, in a paddling pool or a holiday. There are plenty of great swim shorts out there you could go for a plain pair or a stand out pair. Denim shorts are a go to for me and I go for different styles such as Bermuda ones and skinny ones, plus if you pick up a light blue, dark blue and black pair you are all set for any outfit you want to piece together.

Chino shorts are also great especially one those warm days where you want to make an effort but still be dressed for the occasion. Again you can get these in plenty of lengths and colours so definitely find the ones that suit your style the best. Finally we have the jersey shorts which I find are great for lounging around in and those more casual days or even days which involve a lot of travelling in the warmer weather.

So there you have it those are the bottoms that I believe should be in everyone's wardrobes. Do you think there are any missing? I know that these are items I will definitely always be stocked up on. Keep checking back to see what is next in the wardrobe essentials series.