July Favourites

July has been a pretty uneventful month and to be honest I have quite enjoyed it. Weekends have been spent working on the blog and spending time with Liam. The Euro's have well and truly kicked off for the Lionesses and there has been few Bradford City Friendlies thrown in along the way. So here are a few things I have been loving this month.

I have been loving trying out new skincare products this month. Especially this Witch Overnight Serum, I have had quite a few breakouts this month so I have been trying my very best to keep on top of a little routine on both a morning and an evening. The serum has actually been a great help, although I have forgot about it a few times throughout the month.

I have also been loving my morning skincare routine which you can find here. It has been so good to actually get into a routine on a morning which is going to benefit my skin greatly. 

I have also dyed my hair this month and gone for a cosmic blue. I love this colour as my hair was already a dark brown this has now gone a blue/ black colour. The blue is very subtle however once in the light it really begins to stand out.  

I have loved wearing my Marks and Spenser Chinos this month. I have these in both grey and dusted pink. They are a great alternative to my extra tight skinny jeans and are perfect for sitting at a desk all day. 

I am also loving my Harrington style jacket I got a while back. I used to love wearing this but it is now only just beginning to fit me again. I am so glad I have started wearing it again because to be honest I missed it.

Cars 3 came out this month, I haven't been to see it yet but I have been watching Cars and Cars 2 and even playing the Cars 3 Xbox game. I honestly forgot how much I loved Cars and can't wait to see the 3rd. Another plus side to 3 coming out is that there is some much merchandise available for it again.

Finally I am using my I pod touch again. Mainly because I lent my shuffle to my mum months ago and still haven't got it back. I use this to hook up to my Bluetooth in the car or when I am in the gym. I don't know what is the best, the amount of songs I forgot this could hold and how easy it is to use in the gym or the fact when it finally charged up it was full of old forgotten music and photos.

The football season is slowly re approaching, I have been to 3 friendlies this month and to be honest the squad looks promising. I can't wait for the season to begin now on the 5th of August, we have also picked up our season tickets and I have 2 new shirts (1 I have to wait until September for). Not only is the football season nearly arriving, the women's Euro's are in full swing England are currently through to the Semi-finals. I couldn't be happier for England and especially Jodie Taylor who is currently the tournaments top scorer, it is so great to see women's football on the TV and an English side doing so well.

What have you been loving this month? Let me know. 

See you soon,

The Con 10 Years On

The Con is by far one of my top 10 favourite albums ever. I think it is in my top 2 Tegan and Sara albums. Each song really speaks to me on so many levels and it had been one of the albums that has really helped me through any tough times I have had. The album was released way back 10 years ago in 2017, it is one I will never get tired of listening to over and over again. I am even planning on getting a selection of tattoos related to songs from the album over the next few years. So here is a break down of each song on the album, a few lyrics and the meanings to me.

I was married
'I look into the mirror, for evil that just does not exist' This lyric to me is about the battle with my inner demons i.e my sexuality and lifestyle etc. People may tell you what you are doing is wrong and not appropriate however you know deep down you can't see anything on the outside. The more I was told things like this the more I battled with myself and really started to focus on things trying to pick faults and see what others see.

Relief Next To Me
'I miss you now I guess like I should have missed you then' I listened to this when I ended things with Liam and I was really struggling with him being gone. Luckily we are now back together and he gave me another chance. However I really did spend hours listening to this song whilst we were apart, just trying to make sense of things I guess.

The Con
'Encircle me I need to be taken down' This was more of a stand out lyric to me due to the battle with my mental health. As things got bad I just wanted anything to help get me out of that mindset and out of my pain.

Knife Going In
'On the night I die, I swear I'll sleep outside your window' I don't know what it is about this song but I am hooked on it still to this day. The song is full of such raw emotion and Sara really captures the lyrics.

Are you ten years ago
'I lose track of where I am going and lose track of how to get going again' This song is another one of those songs that you can relate to when you get stuck in a rut. In fact it is one of those I always turn to.

Back in your head
'Remember when I was so strange and like able' A lyric I always go back to over and over again from one of my favourite songs. It just brings me back to the days before I tried to fit to what everyone else wanted.

Hop a plane
'Begging ocean please help me drown these memories' Another one of those songs you just want to listen to over and over again especially when you aren't in a good place. This is another song I listened to a lot whilst I missed Liam.

Soil Soil
'Oh I am feeling directionless yes' This song is only a short song however it is one of the best on the album. When I feel like I am confused on my direction in life I will listen to this song. It is a depressing one but so good.

Burn your life down
'It's not me or how I would be' One lyric I will always relate to especially on the days where I feel like I really aren't been myself and feeling like I am just going through the motions.

'And now where saying bye, bye, bye' Another one that reminds me of leaving Liam but really wanting to get him back. I am really starting to realise how much this really reminds me of him.

'I know I hold this loss in my heart forever' Relating once again to the lose of Liam but also to the loss of people throughout my life. I got Liam back although others I unfortunately never will.

Like O, Like H
'SOS to my mother, take the hinges of the door' I was a nightmare growing up and to be honest I still am. I used to get annoyed and slam the doors and throw some really bad tantrums. I wish I had played this song to my mum as a warning before I kicked off.

Dark come soon
'Saved from another day of misery' I love this song, it is one of the ones that when I play when I have had a bad day. It reminds me that once the sun sets and I fall asleep that a new day will soon begin that could be a million times better.

Call it off
'Call break my own heart' It is exactly what I did when I ended it with Liam and I will never forgive myself for that. It destroyed me however it helped me to grow too. I think in the long run it has made us stronger but at the time it occurred I couldn't get my head around what I had done.   

So there you have it, that is how The Con has shaped my life over the time space of listening to it, I would highly recommend giving the album a listen if you haven't already. Do you have an album like this? Or have you ever listened to The Con, what do you think?

See you soon

Watches, watches, watches

I think I have an issue. I am forever looking at watches and buying new. The ones in the above image are the nicest one but I counted last week I have 15. Who even needs 15 watches? The ones in the image are also they only ones I actually wear. 

The top one is an Infinite one which I got for Christmas from my grandparents. It has a lovely dial that isn't too big but is not too small. It is also my only watch which has leather straps. This watch is has slowly become my work watch.

The top gold watch and bottom silver are both metal straps. These were bought years ago on a 2 for £25.00 offer at New Look. I was actually still at school when I bought these so it will be around 6 years and they have definitely lasted the batteries are still running and there is no marks on either of the watches.

The final 2 on the outer edges of the image are both from Spain this years they are both rubber straps too. These are perfect for everyday wear and go with basically anything I wear. I love switching between these two and as they were on a 3 watches for 25 euros offer (the 3rd went to Liam), they really were a brilliant bargain. each one is running perfectly and I love the dials on each one.

Finally the rose gold watch is by far my favourite. This is my Michael Kors watch which my auntie and uncle bought me for my 21st. This is the watch I will wear if I am off to a party or a meeting. The watch on a whole is fantastic as it stands out and looks very smart.

There are so many more watches I am after to add to the collection, such as a wooden one and some more smarter watches. To me a watch is a statement piece and one that I certainly don't like leaving the house without. 

What is your favourite watch? Any recommendations on what I should get next?

See you soon

Fashion Inspo : Hayley Williams

I was hooked on Paramore as soon as I first heard Misery Business, way back when it came out in 2007. Meaning I was just 12 years old when I became hooked. Since then my love for Paramore has only grown more and more. One reason I love the band is because of Hayley Williams, she always stood out to me, she wasn't part of the crowd she was her own person and really didn't seem to care. This is something I always incorporated into my own life. I didn't want to be like everyone else and Hayley proved to me you could stand out and be different and not have to worry about it.

Another thing that really caught my eye with Hayley is how she dresses over the years her style has really developed and it is one I love. Here are just a few of the ones I really wish I could pull off or that I have always tried incorporating into my own wardrobe and style.

I really wish I could pull off the really short shorts and tights look, however my legs have never been a part of my body I like having on show. Even playing football my socks would be pulled right up and my shorts would be as baggy as possible. I love the way she pairs the shorts with jumpers and Vans perfect for those cooler days. 

These images capture the perfect style to me. The printed t-shirt, ripped jeans and leather jacket partnered with some nice shoes or Doc Martens. I am really going all out when I have got to my goal weight and buying my perfect wardrobe and I can guarantee all these items will find their way into it.

For the more casual look I absolutely adore the boots, dark skinny jeans, hoody and denim jacket over a t-shirt look. I have my own little variation of this outfit which is my vans, black skinny jeans, plain t-shirt and hooded denim jacket with jersey sleeves. However once I have lost a bit of weight I am going to finally invest in a nice denim jacket and some good quality hoodies. Once I have got these I think some nice boots for the winter will come in handy. This type of outfit is also perfect to team up with a beanie when its a little colder outside.

Finally is my favourite type of outfit for a bit of a smart casual look for parties or meeting up with people for drinks. I love how Hayley pulls off the patterned legging and jeans. Whilst mixing this with a complementing sheer shirt and Doc Martens. I am hoping that once I am more confident within myself and my body that I can step out of my comfort zone and give a version of these outfits a go.

What do you think to Hayley's style? Do you know of any shops that are best for these types of outfits? Let me know.

See you soon,

Morning Skincare Products

I have finally managed to get myself into a little bit of a morning routine. Which I honestly didn't think I would be able to do, however by getting into this routine I have finally managed to start looking after my skin a lot more and I am finally seeing a big difference with how my skin looks. 

 I use the L'Oreal men expert face wash every morning. It is a charcoal face wash which once rubbed into the skin turns white. I know this is a men's product but I really have found it makes a difference.

The Nip Fab dragons blood pads are also good for cleansing my face. I think this is my 2nd tub of these. If you don't get these whilst they are on offer they can be a bit pricy, however I believe that for me these work wonders.

The Nivea toner is a new product that I have added to my little routine. I have never bothered with toner's in the past so I am just giving this a try to see how it effects my skin.

The Byron Bay moisturiser is one I actually quite like, it has made a difference in my skin for sure. The only downside about this could be the smell as it can be quite strong but with the moisturiser a little really does go a long way.

I have also started to use the body shop drops of youth concentrate and the drops of youth eye concentrate. The eye roll on is beginning to work but I think I need a little more time with the actual concentrate.

The L'Oreal men expert tattoo reviver is obviously a staple within my routine as I have mentioned before in a post, not only is it easily absorbed it really does make a difference. I just can't get enough of the stuff.

I will be doing a more in depth post on each of these items once I have more chance to trial them.

Can you think of anything I could add into my routine? Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon

Week #8

This week has been a mixed one. Plenty has been going on but help from friends and Liam has really got me through it. I have spent a fair bit of time with family this week but the main thing for me is the return of home preseason games and the return of the women's Euro 2017. So here is what I have been doing this week....

Been watching : As I said I went to watch the football yesterday back at Valley Parade, it was only a preseason and we lost but it was good fun. I also watched England vs Scotland in the women's Euro 2017 we won 6-0 which was a huge bonus. I also started watching Forensic Files and Peaky Blinders with Liam which are both shows I will be continuing with.

Been reading : I tried to start reading the book Fanfic but I really couldn't get into it at all. I have a few other books I want to start on though.

Been playing : I have gone back to the Xbox this week after I bought Cars 3 which I am absolutely loving but more on that in another post. I have also been playing a bit of WWE 2K17.

Been listening to : All I have been listening to is Lucy Spraggan, the Courtney's, Tegan and Sara.

Bought : The main thing I have bought is the Cars 3 game but I honestly think this was the only big thing I purchased. Really hoping I can stick to this budget planning.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you later,

This Week #7

So this week has been pretty fun, finally pre-season for Bradford City begun. Unfortunately we didn't get a good result but it was a fun day with Liam, my mum and my dad. I have also managed to spend a few nights with family. Me and my dad have also managed to get a few gym sessions in, which I love as it gives us time together to bond.
So here is a few things I have....

Been watching : Once again I have only been watching Total Divas in the few spare hours I have had.

Been reading : I have read a few blogs this week including the blogs by Davey GrangerGianni Casagrande and Sam Squire.

Been playing : Crash Bandicoot and Fifa were what I played for most of the beginning of the week but then I downloaded WWE Supercard and everything got pushed to one side.

Been listening to : Apart from listening to Heart radio at work, the only other thing I have listened to is my gym playlist, which consists of Tegan and Sara, WWE theme music and Bon Jovi.

Bought : I have actually been really good this week. I have only bought 3 pairs of Topman earrings costing a total of £2.00. This is mainly due to me wanting to save, but I will save that for a post very soon.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you later,


Quick June Favourites

June was a great month for me. I finally got to meet the Courtney's who I have loved for ages. All 3 girls are amazing to chat to. I also discovered Nervous Twitch when they supported the Courtney's, I wasn't too sure about them at first but once the set got going I loved it. The gig was great overall in such a small intimate venue with not a lot of people there.

with the football season been over most of my time has been spent watching the wrestling. This is at both local live events and on the WWE network, I loved the Grapple Wrestling event so much and can't wait for the next. Also in June I begun watching Total Bella's and completed it in a week. Unfortunately the one big event I was looking forward to, Money in the Bank really didn't live up to its expectations.

In the last few days of June I begun reliving my childhood through the Crash Bandicoot release. I am absolutely loving sitting and playing this as it brings back so many memories.

A few other favourites are:

L'Oreal men expert face wash
Vo5 cosmic blue hair dye
Build a bear Pokemon collection
Fish Spray in wax

What was you loving in June? Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon,