My Current Favourite Autumn Outfits

It is finally my favourite time of the year... Autumn. I love it when this time of the year arrives as it means I can finally wear my favourite outfits and layer up which just so happens to be my favourite thing to do. During summer I will just wear shorts and any random t-shirt however, when autumn arrives it is time for me to put a bit more effort into my outfit planning as I have more styles I want to achieve plus I own more clothing suitable for this season over any others. I have realised over the recent years I tend to opt for two styles a lot more than others in the colder weather and I just adapt them a bit to feature different items so here are two of my current favourite outfits for autumn...

This simple hoodie outfit is definitely one of my favourites especially on those cooler days where you don't need too many layers however, this can be adapted to include another layer if really needed. I own a lot of hoodies at the moment and admittedly I probably have too many but one of my go to hoodies is this blue Champion one as it just adds a bit of colour to my wardrobe as opposed to the other black and grey ones I own. I team this up with a pair of black jeans and white sneaker and in my eyes I have the perfect outfit for those cooler autumn days, if it does drop a bit colder though I just throw on a windbreaker over the hoodie to give me a bit of rain protection and an extra layer. I love how this outfit combination looks and I can see it is one I reach for on those casual laid back days just nipping out of the house for a bit. 

Next up we have a bit more of a smarter outfit which I have found is good for shopping, going out for drinks and those days where I just want to make a bit more of an effort. I have found this outfit is one for the colder days too as the thicker layers just keep me that little bit warmer however, it is not too good if I get caught in a downpour. I love how much smarter this outfit looks rather than just throwing on a hoodie I put on a thick sweatshirt, this one is my Tommy Jeans one which fits great and is nice and warm. I team the sweatshirt up with my favourite Original Penguin bomber jacket and a pair of skinny jeans and this time instead of sneakers I add my classic black & white Converse which just flow nicely with this outfit and give it a bit more of a varsity look. I think this is possibly my favourite outfit out of the two in this post as it is just that bit smarter and I think it looks better on me than the other. 

Later on this season I will do an updated version of this as no doubt I will have discovered many other outfits over the coming weeks and my favourite outfits will have change 101 times to suit the styles I am going for and the mood I am in. But for now these are my favourite outfits that no doubt I will be getting a lot of wear out of. 

My Current Weekend Routine When There Is No Football


It is a rare occurrence these days where both me and Liam have a full weekend at home with nothing to do as normally he is at work on a Saturday morning or we have football either just on a Saturday or Sunday or on both days. Since lockdown has been lifted here in the UK our lives have definitely got a lot busier and whilst it is good to be back doing things it is hard to keep up and sometimes I would much rather be stuck in doing nothing like I have for the past year or so even if it is just a weekend each month that would be fantastic and a much needed breather. Today's post is a look at a typical weekend if there is no football at all and Liam is actually off work, these are ideal for me at the moment as they can be really productive but also pretty relaxing too, so here is how one of those kinds of weekends looks for us at the moment...

Saturday usually starts off nice and slow with us both having a much needed lie in, I am usually up before Liam but the slow start to the day definitely kicks off the tone of the weekend. Once we are both up and ready to start the day we will head down to make some breakfast, Saturday's normal consist of fried egg bagels which are super quick and easy to make so don't take up too much time and doesn't require much cleaning after either. Once breakfast is done it is usually these Saturday's where we bulk take blog pictures so we gather everything together and head to the back garden to take any outfit pictures needed, once these are done Liam heads off to do his own thing and I will head inside to take any other images I need such a product pictures. It is nice just having a few hours to get these done and out of the way. 

Saturday's like this is usually when Bradford City are playing away so I will switch the radio on ready for the 3pm kick off and listen to the build up to the game and the game when it kicks off. It is normally when I am listening to the football that I will upload any of the pictures I have taken so I am ready to get cracking on with those blog posts. Unfortunately our internet isn't very good so I can just about get 4 sets uploaded by the time the football is finished any others I do another do. Once I have done with uploading the pictures I will write my weekly blog to do lists, I have one for each blog that runs from Sunday to Saturday so I like to write them on a Saturday so on a Sunday I can hit the ground running and just get plenty done. If I have time I will then make a start on a blog post or two whilst catching up on my YouTube subscription box, I normally do this until 9 or 10pm and then I head to bed to get plenty of sleep which I have been lacking lately. 

Sunday's are a day where a bit of everything happens really. Because I had a lie in on the Saturday on a Sunday I just get up nice and early leaving Liam in bed. This is my quiet time where I will finish off anything blog wise from the Saturday and maybe start a few new pieces if I have a chance. It is then a case of having another cooked breakfast before cracking on with the day properly. Once we have done with breakfast we will do any tidying up or cleaning that is needed just so we are going into Monday with a nice clean house. Once any cleaning is done it is one of my favourite times.. gaming time, this is when I spend sometime playing through my backlog of games on the PlayStation or Xbox. I normally play my games for a few hours until I have my dinner then it is time to switch back to the PC to watch the latest Sidemen upload whilst checking my social media which I don't really use as much on a weekend. Once I am all caught up on the Sidemen I will then head for a nice long bath just to unwind then I will plan out my outfits for the week ahead before finally heading off to sleep. 

I am really hoping that as the weather changes we get a whole lot more of these weekends together as those cosy autumn days in the games room are fantastic. Fingers crossed we can get the games room done by the time this rolls around too as I can just image nice cosy days blogging or gaming in a nice new room suited better to our needs and taste. I am definitely more into a more relaxed pace of life these days due to the lockdown and what I got used to. Don't get me wrong I love going to the football but sometimes I need to switch off and I am learning that now. 

What does a typical weekend look like for you? 

August 2021 New In

Where has August actually gone? I seem to have blinked and we are in September but I don't mind as that is my birthday month so it is usually pretty busy and stuff normally ends up getting done. Throughout August I decided to change a lot of things from my personal style to our house. Jobs have been planned and I have ended up buying a fair few items to help with these changes along with a lot of other random items too as places have some fantastic items to purchase these days. So here is what I got in August...

I have seen people highly recommending these Spunj items on Instagram lately so I thought it was about time I gave them a go for myself. I picked these up from B&M for just a few pounds each and I can't wait to give them a try to see if they work like people say. You know you are getting old when you get excited about cleaning products but lets hope these are good ones. 

I am so ready for those cosy autumn nights as this summer has been a bit of a let down in my eyes with the weather but I like autumn anyway so roll on the 22nd of September. In preparation for autumn I picked up these gorgeous soup bowls again for just a few pounds each. I absolutely love the colour of these and the cosy wording as it gives me real autumn vibes. We do have a lot of soup over the colder months so I can't wait to get using these. 

We had a trip to our local TK Maxx one evening to have a look at their autumn section and we weren't disappointed. We could easily have spent a fortune in there but we managed to limit ourselves however, did we need this Skull plate? Probably not but we absolutely love it and it will be great for having snacks on during Halloween. I am trying to embrace spooky season this year and fingers crossed this helps.

I love skulls to be honest, my spare room even has skull wallpaper on the feature wall. We have been looking for a new chopping board for a while now so when we saw this I wasn't leaving it behind and Liam didn't seem to mind us getting this one either. This was £5.99 and is a really good size so I can't wait to get to use it once the kitchen is all sorted out and tidied up. I am not sure if this will be a year round item or if it will be stored away after autumn but we will soon see. 

I am absolutely loving Space Jam at the moment as you will see later on in this post too. These lunchboxes were from Primark for just £4 for the set and they are a fantastic new addition to the Tupperware draw. Since going back to work I have been trying my best to take my lunches with me so these are going to come in very handy for taking my lunches daily whether it be for a snack or for a sandwich. 

I guess candle season is here and this is where I usually end up spending a fortune on candles due to the brilliant scents we get at this time of the year. My first candle purchase had to be this gorgeous fireside marshmallow one from B&M for £2. I love candles from B&M as they are always really reasonably priced and the smell really carries which is great. I am sure there will be a lot of candles purchased before Christmas but this is a great start. 

For a while now I have wanted to get a basket for our blankets and throws in the living room so they have a place to live rather than being left laying around. This is the perfect size for what we have and it looks great in the living room in between our sofas. I am really wishing that I got this sooner as it is just making the living room so much better. This one came from TK Maxx and is a really good quality so I am sure it will be around for a while.

Every time I have been to B&M recently I have looked at the serving boards they have had to offer, which is a huge selection these days. The one that kept jumping out at me was this slate serving platter board for £2.99, I don't know why but I kept looking at it and I finally give in and purchased it. This is going to be a part of a center piece on our dining room table once my party is over and done with and I can't wait to see how it ends up looking. I might end up using this at parties for serving but for now I am happy to use it as part of my decoration. 

I have taken to drinking Rose wine these days which is a bit out of the blue as I wasn't a fan of it previously but now it is one of my favourite things to drink. I have seen a lot of people mention Whispering Angel lately so I searched all over for a bottle to try for myself. This bottle was £20 which is the most I have spent on a bottle of wine ever but I can't wait to drink it and hopefully really enjoy it. I have a funny feeling if I do like this I might end up keeping a stock of it. 

It is my little family birthday party at the start of September so I am getting stocked up on items for that so I aren't rushing around at the last minute. There is a rose gold theme to the party so B&M has been the place for me to go for party bits. I picked up this plastic cutlery set for the party for just £1.99 and I think I would honestly use this everyday as they look that good. 

For the party I also got these rose gold trays which are going to be perfect for the snacks and I will probably be able to reuse them too which is great as I can just put them into storage and reuse them as and when I need to. I love the colour on these and can't wait to actually use them. 

For the party I thought I would also pick up some plastic champagne flutes for our prosecco as it is just a bit nice than drinking out of normal glasses. If these go down well I think I might end up getting some actual glass ones for myself and any future parties we have. I guess I just need friends to invite round for future parties but for now I am happy to use them for family and myself. I love the little rose gold detail around the top of these.  

This was a bit of a random buy that I know is going to be used a fair bit. This is yet another item from B&M that was an absolute bargain. This was bought as a bit of a tapas board for my party but I already know that I am going to use it plenty more times especially in the autumn as we have more nights in as it is perfect for filling with snacks whilst we are all nice and cosy. The fact that it is also a lazy Susan is just an added bonus. I won't be using this until my party but I can't wait to get plenty of use out of it. 

I am all for being better for the environment but I can't be doing with paper straws as they just go soggy in my drink. Our local One Below store was selling these PLA straws that are like a plastic make however, they don't actually contain any plastic which is great as I don't have to worry about them going soggy and I can drink my drink easily. They are also great for McDonald's milkshakes as they can deal with the thickness of the shakes. 

I am trying to look after myself a little bit more these days and as I have been so busy lately and on my feet a lot I have decided to treat myself to a few foot packs each month. I just tend to get these from the pound shop or my mum will get me them but I always have a stock of them so I can use them as and when I want. My favourites are definitely the charcoal ones so no doubt I will be getting more of them soon. 

It has been a while since I got myself a Nintendo Switch game so with a trip coming up I treated myself to Saints Row IV. Granted I didn't get to play this on the trip but I can't wait to finally dive into a game I used to love on the Xbox. This game will take some getting through as I don't play my Switch very often but who knows this might change soon. 

I absolutely love comic books and I am starting to finally get back into purchasing them. A new comic book shop has just opened in our local town so I had to look in and I ended up coming out with two hard back comics. I love the Batman and TMNT comic books so once I saw them in hard back that was it I was leaving the shop with them. I can't wait to sit down and read through them. When the games room gets redone I will no doubt end up with a comic book corner at this rate as more and more get added. 

As I said earlier I am loving Space Jam lately and as soon as I saw Smyths Toys were selling these Space Jam soft toys I had to purchase them, there are quite a few to collect but I limited myself this time around to just 3 and those 3 had to be my favourites. For my first 3 I picked up James, Bugs Bunny and Taz but I do want to try pick up all the others too as they are great. Now I just need to find a place for them to live. 

Whilst Euro 2020 was on all be it a year late, I managed to win myself a football thanks to Coca Cola. I will be honest I didn't think this was actually going to turn up but I am so glad it did as it is great. The ball its self is nice and shiny and it came in a great box showing what it is made to commemorate. With things like this I don't normally like taking them out of the box so now I need to decide if I want this on display or to play with. 

I have finally got back into playing football again and so far I am absolutely loving it although I have only had a few sessions. Since it has been so long since I lat played my previous shin pads had magically disappeared so I needed to grab some new ones. I actually struggled finding some in my size due to low stock everywhere so when I came across these Puma ones I purchased them straight away. To be honest I have never used Puma ones before so it will be interesting to see how good they are. 

Growing up I was a little obsessed with Total 90 items from Nike, I had a t-shirt, boots, tracksuit and a whole lot more. So when my auntie found this one in a local charity shop and asked if I wanted it I couldn't say no. I absolutely love this t-shirt and it is added straight to my football collection I don't think I will be wearing it anytime soon but it is always great to have. 

You will have seen a lot of Chicago Bulls items on the blog over the past few months and as long as I keep finding them in Primark I will be sure to keep buying them. I wanted some more items for lounging around in as my other stuff is getting far too big on me and is getting more annoying than comfortable. This was only £8.00 and is already a little big but it will do for lounging around in even when it drops a bit colder as I could always throw a hoodie on over the top of this. I am hoping it looks good next summer too but I aren't holding out much hope for that. 

The final Space Jam item for this post is this brilliant acid wash t-shirt that again was just £8 from Primark. I love this t-shirt as it is nice and simple on the front but has the giant graphic on the back which looks great. I know I have said before my style is changing and that I am going away from these sort of items but I just couldn't help with this one so on those more chilled days/ street style days I am sure this will come in very handy. 

Finally we have this checked shirt from H&M, with autumn quickly approaching I always like to start adding new pieces to my wardrobe to suit my style so with it changing a bit I needed to get a few more pieces so I always have an option available in my wardrobe. I love the checked shirt from H&M and tend to get a few each year and this time I have started getting them bought early. For £17.99 they are great quality and really do last so I don't think this is the last you will be seeing of these on here as the cold weather rolls in. 

So there you have it August was definitely a month of spending a lot of money but I absolutely love everything I got and things are going to come in handy whilst other bits are totally random. September might end up being another month of spending but mainly on the house rather than myself as other bits will be got for my birthday rather than me spending my money on them. I actually think the next few months might be spent purchasing for the house rather than me and I am actually happy with that these days. What is your favourite purchase from August? 

Glamping for the weekend

On the most recent bank holiday here in the UK me and the family packed up and headed to a glamping site for the long weekend and it was just what was needed, a bit of time in a different surrounding with family having a good laugh and plenty of drinks. For the 4 days it was none stop but in a good way, with plenty to do and a lot of walking there really was something for everyone on this trip. We were lucky enough to have booked the whole site for just us so the grass space was ours to use whenever and we had all the facilities to ourselves making things much easier really. To say we got there on Friday and left early on Monday we seemed to pack a lot into the tip and here is what we got up to. 


We didn't rush on Friday which was nice as we got to relax a bit before we set off. Due to us not being able to check in until 3pm we stopped off at York Designer Outlet on our way to the holiday and to be honest for the first time ever I am a bit disappointed as they didn't seem to have much. I got myself some football boots and my nephew a Build A Bear soft toy but that was it, I would normally come back with bags full but this time I was let down. Once we were done at the Outlet it was back in the car to carry on to where we were staying, this was only a short trip so we got there a bit early but were allowed to get checked in. Once we were all checked in and set up in our pods my nephew cracked out the cricket and golf set and we just played games with him for a few hours. The men and my sister then decided to walk to the local pub for a few drinks whilst the ladies stayed with my nephew and had a few drinks and a lot of fun playing cards and dancing with the nephew. 


Saturday started off at a nice slow pace, everyone was up pretty early so I made us all a fake McDonalds breakfast before we all went and got ready for the day. it was really warm on Saturday so we definitely picked the right day to head to the seaside. We opted to go to Filey for the day and it was so warm but we definitely had a nice time. Some of us spent a while on the beach with my nephew whilst others went to the shops. We went in the amusements then headed back to the site, it was a really nice day that really seemed to fly by. When we got back to the site a few of us headed to the local pub for a bit and once we got back it was time to get the BBQ started. We had some food, had some drinks and played even more cricket and football, we were shattered though from the day so most of us ended up having an early night. 


Sunday was our last full day so we ended up having a bit more of a relaxed day and mainly stayed close to the site. Although I say it was a relaxed day we seemed to get loads done and it involved a lot of walking. First up a few of us nipped to a nearby town where we went to Tesco and a few other shops before going back to relax a bit more. We then walked to what my nephew called the Teletubbie land which is basically a farm with a lot of hills which looks gorgeous. We then headed back to the site to just relax and play even more cricket before heading out for another walk this time to an abandoned medieval village , this was brilliant but the walk was a killer with the incline and footpath, it was nice to do it though especially as it was just me, Liam, my sister and my grandad who did this. Once we got back it was time for another BBQ and more games with the nephew. It was still early and a few were getting bored so we all ended up going through to Bridlington for a bit as it started to get dark. We had a nice walk on the front, went in some more amusements and ate some food before heading back. This was a nice way to end our final evening. 


Unfortunately Monday was home time and we stayed on site for as long as possible before heading off. We all got ready and started to pack up whilst having breakfast from the cafe next door. It was a nice slow morning and was just really nice as we even managed a final walk to the duck pond before heading off. On the way home we called into the Junction 32 outlet and again I was a little disappointed but I got some more football bits so I can't really complain. Once we were done there we headed back home to see how work on the loft had gone before I headed to watch the Stock Cars with my parents, sister and nephew. 

I really enjoy staycations here in the UK as there are some fantastic places all over the country with plenty to do and you can get stays like this at a really good price. To be honest I am not really a big fan of going abroad, don't get me wrong I do like it but I aren't one of these people who needs a trip abroad multiple times a year, I would rather have multiple UK trips and explore what is on my doorstep. I am hoping that now things are going back to some normality trips are going to become more frequent and more and more get added to the blog for the memories. What do you think about glamping? 

Items I Love To Have In My Wardrobe For Autumn

It is finally here my favourite time of the year. It is only in recent years that I have grown to like autumn but now it is the season I look forward to the most, I love night cuddled up with a hot chocolate and just generally being cosy but what I love the most is autumn fashion. I love layering up and the colours and this year I am embracing it more than ever, I am determined to have the best autumn wardrobe I have ever had and I am even more determined to make an effort daily with my style as I have been slacking recently. In preparation for the autumn season I have been doing a fair bit of research and shopping to get the items that I require for my autumn wardrobe and here are the items I think we should all have to hand for the season...


I usually lack in the accessories department but it is usually in autumn where I tend to add a few to my outfits just to improve them that little bit more. So here are the accessories I think we should all have for autumn...


As I said before I tend to wear more accessories in autumn than any other season and this is definitely where I wear more jewellery. For me silver and rose gold jewellery is my go to and I like to have at least a nice ring, bracelet, necklace and watch on each day throughout autumn, I am hoping that this autumn I can really build up my jewellery and watch collection. 


This is an item I am hoping to add to my wardrobe soon as I have never previously bothered with one. The UK weather is really unpredictable and this year it seems to be worse than ever so I want to get a nice and compact plain black umbrella just to give me a bit of added protection whilst I am out and about. At least if it is plain black it will coordinate well with my outfits. 


This is one of my most worn accessories especially when I am at the football as I need something to keep my head warm whilst I am sat around for a long period of time. Having short hair means my ears get cold quite a bit so a beanie hat is what I reach for the most. I have a variety of hats for football and daily wear so I am sure you will be seeing me in them quite a bit. 

Clothes Brush

This is another item I really need to invest in. I have a few items where dust etc collects on them such as my black t-shirts so I want to invest in a nice clothes brush so I can keep my clothing looking nice and clean before I head out of the door. A clothes brush will hopefully improve the look of my clothing and improve my outfit so it is looking its very best before I head out of the door. 


Ah here we go my favourite part of this post and overall my favourite part of any outfit the footwear. You will know by now that I absolutely love my sneakers but I am trying my best to get out of wearing them daily and mix up what footwear I wear to smarten up some of my outfits. So here are the footwear options I believe people should own for autumn...

White Sneakers 

You can't go wrong with a nice clean pair of white sneakers as they go with so many outfit combinations. Just make sure they are clean though as I have found the hard way you can have a gorgeous outfit on but dirty white sneakers draw away from that. I tend to have an all white pair and a pair of Nike Air Force, I have also added a pair with a bit of a design on the side into my collection so I always have a pair to reach for that goes with the outfit I am wearing that day. 

Vans & Converse 

I find that autumn is prime Converse & Vans wearing time for me as they go with so many outfits and can dress up the outfit a bit more than some white sneakers. I have the classic Converse and Vans Old Skools in the black and white colourway as I have found these are the easiest to style and I just get more wear out of them. I am determined to get a lot more wear out of these throughout autumn as they have been neglected since spring. 

Lace Up Boots 

I used to swear by a good pair of lace up boots when I was a bit younger but now I just can't seem to find a pair that fit me right and suit me. I have actually been tempted this time around to treat myself to a pair of Dr Martens but for now I am shopping around before investing so much into one pair. I think a nice pair of lace up boots just make an outfit that little bit different. 

Chelsea Boots

I love a good pair of Chelsea boots and this year my collection is definitely starting to grow as I am getting away from the suede ones and adding some leather look ones into my rotation so I can wear them a whole lot more. I think people should have at least a black and brown pair in their rotation as they are perfect for autumn outfit combinations. 

Thicker Socks

It is this time of year where the thicker socks come into play too rather than trainer socks 24/7. I like to have sports socks to hand for autumn especially white ones but I am also looking for some better quality ankle socks to go under boots now to ensure my feet are kept warm and my footwear choice doesn't rub me. 


When it comes to autumn I seem to really extend my wardrobe as I prefer to layer than just wear a t-shirt and jacket, it is also the time of year where I smarten myself up a bit so here are the tops I like to have on hand for the season where the weather really starts to change... 

Dark Plain T-shirts

I love layering up in autumn and I tend to wear my shirts unbuttoned so I wear dark t-shirts underneath for layering, I also wear plain t-shirts under hoodies etc so I like to have plenty in my wardrobe so I never run out. My go to ones for autumn are my black ones in regular fit and slim fit and grey ones in the same fits. 

Checked Shirts

There is no denying the fact that I absolutely love a good checked shirt, in fact my wardrobe is full of them and in the run up to every autumn I like to go out and restock my checked shirt collection. I love these for layering and some can give off a really smart look. My got colours are red & black or a nice tan colour but there is a colourway out there for everyone. I know that I will be wearing checked shirts a lot over the next few months. 

Smart Shirts

I tend to always have a stock of smarter shirts in my wardrobe for if I go out or want to wear one for the office. To be honest it is only in recent years that I have started adding these to my wardrobe and I am doing more so now I am losing weight but I think everyone should have a few smart shirts to hand as you never know when you are going to need them, something I have learnt the hard way.

Chunky Jumper 

 As the weather drops colder you just can't beat a good chunky jumper such as a cable knit one. In recent years I have become hooked on having a few chunky knit jumpers to hand as where I live in the UK it can drop really cold and these are perfect for keeping you nice and warm and cosy. You can't beat a nice grey one but there are plenty of colours out there & thicknesses to suit everyone's style. 

Thin Jumper 

Sometimes, granted not very often, it is cold enough to wear a jumper but not cold enough to wear a thick jumper so I like to have a nice stock of thinner jumpers. These are great for layering and look great with shirts underneath so are nice and versatile. They are also really reasonably priced so if you aren't sure on them you can pick one up cheap to try out. I like to have a few colours of these as I wear them for work. 

Long Sleeved Polo Shirt 

This is a new addition for me and one I grew to love towards the end of last year. I have now got a few long sleeved polo shirts with 1/4 zips that I love to wear for work. To me they just look really smart and are a nice cold weather option rather than a short sleeved polo shirt which is grew to love in the spring & summer. They do these in all sorts of materials and they can be surprisingly comfortable. 


As we enter autumn I definitely tend to experiment with what I wear on the bottom half more than I do in spring/summer as I try to really smarten up my look whilst also trying to keep myself nice and warm. So here are the bottoms I tend to have to hand for the season... 


I love to have a variety of jeans in my wardrobe and for autumn I tend to opt for none ripped ones in either a skinny or slim leg style just as I feel that these look much smarter and keep my legs that bit warmer. I also opt for darker coloured jeans in the autumn just to fit with the rest of my wardrobe, I always like to have the colours black, dark grey and dark denim to hand so creating outfits in autumn. 


I always have a few pairs of sweatpants to hand for the autumn especially for those days/evenings at the football. Sweatpants are just for a more dressed down look that also keeps me comfy for those cold games in the stands but they are also great for lounging around in at home too as I can lounge playing games or watching TV in them and be really comfortable.

Checked Pants

If you have read the blog fora while you will know that checked pants are an item of clothing I am reaching for a lot more recently and honestly they are taking over my wardrobe with the amount of pairs I now have. I have some in different shades of black and grey and love dressing them up or down. I can see me living in them this autumn especially with some nice Chelsea boots or lace up boots. 

Smart Trousers

I always like to make sure that I have a few pairs of smart trousers in my wardrobe as you never know when you are going to need them. I have a plain black pair at the moment which are for dressing up a bit smarter with a nice shirt but I also have a pair of black ones with brown paneling which are smart but also look a bit more casual too. These will be fantastic for the office or any more formal events over the autumn period. 


The biggest essential for me in the autumn is a really good jacket, I have been caught out so many times lately with coats that haven't actually been waterproof and not having a jacket that goes with different outfits that are a bit smarter. that is why this year I am investing more into my jackets and actually finding some more suitable ones for a change. So here are the jackets that are essential for autumn in my opinion...


One of my go to jackets is a windbreaker as it is nice and lightweight plus you can easily throw it into your backpack if it does warm up a bit. Granted as I have found out these aren't good if you are going to be caught in a downpour as they won't keep you dry. I tend to wear these with more casual outfits as it is definitely a more casual type of jacket especially as I tend to buy ones from sports brands as I have found they are the best type of windbreaker. 


I don't think I have owned a gilet since I was a teenager however, for some reason this year I am very tempted to pick a new one up. We are wanting to go walking a bit more so I think this would be a great layer for those Sunday works and I think it could fit my new style I am aiming for quite well which is great. There are so many gilets out there at the moment which is fantastic as there really is something for everyone. 

Smart Coat 

This is the area I am really going to be investing in this year as they are going to suit my style much better than the items I already own plus there are some great options out there. I love a good standard length smart black coat as this goes so well with my checked pants. However, this year I am stepping out of my comfort zone that little bit more and am looking at investing in a nice long brown coat and a nice long grey coat just to give me a few more jacket options for those smarter days. 


Growing up I used to love wearing a good blazer with a nice shirt underneath it and this year I am going to be going back to that so I am investing in some nice blazers. You can't go wrong with a nice black blazer as it looks really smart and can go with a variety of clothing options. I am also looking at adding a nice grey one and a checked one just to provide me with more options and create some great outfits. 

Waterproof Jacket 

An area I am desperately trying to invest in and where everyone should look at investing is a waterproof jacket. As I said earlier my jackets often have let me down and haven't kept me dry that is why this year I am planning on making sure I have at least two options for a waterproof jacket. One of my go to brands for a jacket like this is Superdry and luckily my old Superdry jacket now fits me again so for some looks this is what I will be reaching for. I am also wanting to invest in a nice North Face jacket, my sister has had one for a while and I love how nice it looks so maybe it is time to treat myself. 

I am really pleased with how my autumn wardrobe is looking at the moment and I just need a few more bits from this list to add to it and then I will be completely happy with how my wardrobe is looking for the months ahead. Lets hope I can find some of the missing items soon as I really can't wait to start putting items together to create my perfect outfits. What are some of your go to items for autumn, is there anything I missed off the list? 

The Massage Gun 1 Month On... Is it worth it ?


It has been a little over a month now since I finally took the plunge and purchased a massage gun for myself. I had been on the fence about purchasing one for so long as I thought it was going to end up being a waste of money and a bit of a gimmick but due to me adding boxing and football into my workout routines this year I thought it was time to make the purchase and see for myself if it was any good. With me adding football and boxing into my weekly routine it now meant I was doing more than just home workouts and I needed to do something to help my poor muscles recover a bit quicker due to the new work load. I was hoping that buying the massage gun was going to help ease my muscle aches and help prevent any long injuries so I wasn't having to have weeks out of doing what I was really enjoying so one month on here are the benefits of the purchase so far...

I honestly though I would be constantly needing to charge the massage gun but to say how much it is used it I have barely had to charge it due to the battery holding its life really well and I can use this plenty of times in a week without having to charge it over and over again. I can also rely on it not running out during a massage too as the battery indicator is nice and clear so I get plenty of warning. 

One of the best things about this massage gun is the different settings allow different depths of massages so no matter what the issue I am covered, if it is just general workout pain I will just use a nice light setting however, if it is a bit more of a niggle that is causing a fair bit of pain I tend to use a deeper setting so that I know it is really working the muscle causing the issues. 

When I have used the massage guns after exercise I have noticed that when I get up the next morning I aren't in half as much pain from the aches as I used to be which is absolutely fantastic as it means I can go about my day as usual without having to worry about walking around with tired, heavy legs. Granted this is only the case if I used the correct setting after the workout but even if I used a light setting rather than a deep one I have noticed that those daily aches and pains don't last half as long as they used to. I have mentioned before on here that I have a bad knee but since using the massage gun I have noticed that the daily pain I have had with the isn't half as aggressive as it used to be which is fantastic as it is improving my day to day quality of life. 

There was one incident in the past month where I was boxing and I felt my calf just go, I was barely able to put my foot down at first due to the pain so I made sure I did daily light massages using the massage gun and it certainly helped me in my recovery and after a few weeks I was as good as new and back boxing and back to football, I think if I didn't have that massage gun I would still be struggling now. 

The different heads mean it is easy to target those troubled areas and get the best massage possible. My problem areas are my legs and arms due to the workouts I am doing and after experimenting with the heads a bit I have finally managed to find the perfect ones to get rid of those aches and pains after each session. I will usually work on my legs first then simply pull out the head to swap them over which is a two second process and move onto my arms. 

I can't believe this cost me £50 either as I honestly thought to get the benefit I would have to have the more expensive massage guns but clearly I was wrong as this £50 ticks all the boxes and I love how it comes in a carry case so I can take it anywhere with me and as I plan on doing more working out I know this is going to come in really handy and is going to really keep me moving rather than not wanting to do anything due to aches and pains. This massage gun was certainly a very good investment and I am really looking forward to getting more and more use out of it in the future and to be honest I just really wish I had purchased one sooner as it could have come in very handy back in 2020 when I was working out more or less daily. 

I would definitely recommend picking up a massage gun for yourself if you do a fair bit of working out and are sick of those aches and pains the next day as it is definitely going to be a beneficial purchase for you and be one that is going to improve your recovery times. 

Celebrating My 27th Birthday

Normally as my birthday rolls around I don't really bother and on the day me and Liam will just go shopping and have a takeaway and then on the weekend we will have a get together with my family however, this year we changed it up a bit and we ended up making a bit more of an effort for the celebrations now the pandemic restrictions are easing and I feel more confident going out. Rather than heading to our local town we went out a bit further and when it came to getting together with the family we made a bit more of an effort. So here is how we celebrated my 27th birthday...

As part of my birthday present my parents booked for us to go to Manchester for the night which was fantastic as we hadn't been since the end of 2019 yet it is one of our favourite places to and we often go multiple times a year. This also meant that our shopping was done in Manchester where they have much better shops than in Bradford and it made a nice change. They paid for us an early checking so we literally got off the train, checked in, dropped our bags off and then headed out shopping. I actually had a list of things I wanted to purchase in Manchester as they have Classic Football Shirts and Forbidden Planet however, nowhere had anything I wanted so I ended up just getting a few Spider Man bits. As we had finished shopping pretty early on we ended up heading to Brewdog and Revolution De Cuba for a couple of drinks before heading to get changed for an evening out. 

One of the main things I was looking forward to in Manchester was heading to Hard Rock Cafe as it is one of my favourite places to eat but is a bit of a treat too. Obviously I had to kick start the meal with their Hurricane cocktail which was absolutely gorgeous and went down a treat. 

Me and Liam then shared a portion of nachos as the diet was well and truly out of the window on this day. It is funny as previously we would have got a starter each but this time around it was actually nice to share it as we got just the right amount each. I need to go back for more sometime soon though. 

For the mains we ended up both getting the bacon cheese burger with bacon and cheese fries which again went down a treat and I would happily go back and get this again ASAP. I think they are running a little bit of a limited menu at the moment however, there was something on it for every one. Once we were done in Hard Rock Cafe we moved on to a few other bars in the Print Works before heading up to the Northern Quarter where there was one place in particular I wanted to check out.

A lot of people had said if we were off to Manchester we needed to check out NQ64 which is an arcade bar and I am so glad we did, we spent quite a while in here playing on various games and had a great time. There are plenty of games to be played that all required tokens so we got stocked up as you got a tub of them for £7 and it was just enough to play what we wanted to. Once we were done in NQ64 we went to McDonald's for a burger to soak up the alcohol a bit and we then went to the hotel room so I wasn't carrying my Hard Rock glass around with me all evening. 

Once the bag had been dropped off we headed back out for a little bit longer and to be honest at this point we didn't really know where we was going but we ended up in the other NQ64 bar on Peter Street which again had a great selection of games and a bit more on the drinks menu, I ended up with a cocktail in here and we played quite a few more games before heading back and calling it a night. On the Friday morning we ended up heading to Wetherspoon's for a breakfast before one last look around the shops then getting the train home. 

On Saturday we had family round to celebrate my birthday so we actually got a cleaner to come in and give the house a deep clean due to us having some work done the week before. I am so glad we did this as it just took a bit more pressure off of us and meant it was properly cleaned. On Saturday once my hair was cut I spent my morning getting ready and decorating the house ready for everyone arriving. I definitely went a bit overboard with the decorations but it looked great. 

I even paid for a cake and some cheesecakes making just to make it that little bit more special and WOW I am glad I did as they were absolutely gorgeous and worth every penny. Granted they were a bit on the expensive side however, for the quality it was certainly worth it and everyone else seemed to enjoy them too. 

I also tried my best to make a bit of an antipasti board after being inspired by a few of them on Instagram and I am quite proud of how it turned out, after seeing how it looked I think I am going to make a few more of these for just me and Liam when we are in the house watching films as I think it is just  nice snacking option. 

It it safe to say this birthday was absolutely fantastic and I enjoyed every second of the celebrations. It has also taught me and Liam that we need to do a whole lot more things like this together even if it is a case of going for a meal together every now and again it has opened our eyes to how we should be doing things in the future and we are now talking about maybe heading out once a month for at least a meal, fingers crossed this is something we can stick to. 

My Current Go To My Protein Items

When I started my fitness and weight loss journey I started to purchase products I had never used before so I wanted to purchase them from a company with a good reputation. That is why for anything supplement related I headed straight to MyProtein after receiving a lot of recommendations saying their products were great. I purchased my order and I never looked back and have made many repeat orders since to help me along with my journey. I even started purchasing clothing and accessories from there rather than just sticking to Gymshark all the time and I was pleasantly surprised by what they had to offer. Over my time purchasing from MyProtein I have developed some favourite products which I always reorder when I am running low so here are my favourite items to purchase from the MyProtein site...

Cranberry & Raspberry Clear Whey

I always wanted to incorporate protein shakes into my diet however if I was mixing the normal whey they do with water or milk my stomach wasn't a fan and just rejected it. A few people recommended the MyProtein clear whey to me as it was more of a juice than a shake and I am so glad that they did as it is great and I am finally able to add more protein to my diet without feeling awful after it. My go to flavour has certainly been the cranberry and raspberry one but I definitely want to try more of the flavours they offer as they spoil us for choice with their variety. 

Baked Cookie

It took a while for me to actually try some of the food items out they they had to offer but once I did I got hooked. I have tried various snacks including crisps and protein bars but the one that I always go back for is the baked cookie they sell. Warm it up and you have the perfect warm snack on a cold day or have it straight out of the packet after a long workout session. I usually take these to work with me just so I have a good snack that will help me increase my protein intake rather than just having a chocolate bar. Granted these are a bit calorie heavy but I just try to fit them into my daily allowance as at the end of the day they are still less calories than my previous snacks. 

Water Bottle

Now this is a bit of a random favourite to be honest but it is often hard to find a bottle these days that holds enough water and doesn't leak. For so long I have struggled with finding a bottle that wouldn't leak every time I used it but for a couple of pounds this one has been perfect. It is also a nice slim like design so I can actually put it into my bag or my bags side pocket and not have to worry about it leaking and I can finally have my hands free on my walk to work daily. This is lasting me a long time too even after being dropped plenty of times which is great. 

Men's Essential Training T-Shirt 

At the start of my journey in January 2020 I basically only wore Gymshark clothing or Under Armour as that is all I owned at the time and I felt comfortable in those brands. Towards the end of 2020 though I thought I would pick up a t-shirt from MyProtein to see what it felt like and it is safe to say I wasn't disappointed. The t-shirt is one of the best fitting ones I have had in a while and the bright red colour definitely stands out. It has washed really well too which shows that the material is good quality and I will definitely be buying more from MyProtein as my journey continues. 

Men's Velocity 1/4 Zip 

This 1/4 zip fits me absolutely perfectly and I am glad I stopped questioning myself on if I needed it or not. I wasn't too sure if the 1/4 zip style would actually suit me but I was pleasantly surprised when I put it on for my first wear. The quality of the material is just as good, if not better than their t-shirts and it cost me less than £20.00 too which makes it even better. I need to go back to their site and get stocked up on 1/4 zips and even try ones from other brands but thank you for introducing me to them MyProtein.  

These items are the ones I either love or reorder the most from the site although there is that much option on the website there are a whole lot more items that I need to try. The prices are always great at MyProtein and influencer's have some great discount codes so there is always a chance to save money on your purchases which is even better. I have never had any issues with the items I have ordered and I am really looking forward to using them again in the near future for clothing, supplements and accessories and it is about time I tried something new so what would you recommend I order? 

Leave me some MyProtein products either on here or social media and who knows you might just help me discover a new favourite thing. Now let's head on over and place a new order as a restock is needed...