Weekly Round Up #33


 Well that is another week done and dusted and we are another week closer to my birthday which is getting closer and closer. This week has been another good one with time spent with my nephew and doing a few different things. So here is how my week went. 


On Monday I ended up heading to town to do a spot of shopping and we also made the most of what remained of the eat out to help out campaign. Then it was back to my sisters to spend some time with her and my nephew it was a great day and the weather stayed quite nice too. 


Tuesday was meant to be a day of blogging but I ended up doing a few posts then heading to Home Bargains and B&M with my mum. I managed to pick up a few bits for the house, myself and some Christmas bits. We then went to get my nephew and ended up going for a nice walk in the rain around a nearby lake. It was great just going out and doing something different. 


Wednesday was the usual day for the food shop then spending time with the nephew. Bradford City's pre-season vs Huddersfield was streamed on YouTube so we sat and watched that then it was home to watch even more YouTube. 


Thursday was a day in the office which was nice, I spent time getting quotes done & working on the websites and social medias which was great. Once I got home I ended up just doing a few blog bits and having an early night. 


Friday was another day in the office which absolutely flew by. Then it was home to have a Zoom call with an online fitness coach as I am starting a month of online training this month ot hopefully progress my journey. Once that call was done I finished up a few bits on my PC and had another early night.


Saturday was a day dedicated to blogging, my dad came round to finish off the back garden and I ended up just doing as much blog work as I could and to be honest I am really pleased with how much I got done. The football was also on so I ended up watching that and then watching plenty of gaming content on YouTube.

Sunday was spent on a steam train which was something totally different for me and absolutely brilliant. It was only a short journey but it was so fun plus it was the nephew's first time on a train. I ended up spending most of the time acting like a child with my head stuck out of the window but it was so good. We then went into Howarth for a bit which was also great as I haven't been in there for ages. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: I have actually stuck to watching YouTube and the football again. It has been great catching up on what is in my subscription box but it is even better having the football back.  

Reading:  I managed some more chapters of my book and to be honest I am really getting into it. 
Listening to:  Tegan and Sara seem to be on repeat again for me at the moment as I just love listening to them whilst relaxing or blogging. 

This week I want to get back into the gym, since the start of the year I have been trying to lose weight then lockdown happened but now the gym is back open I really need to go back and getting cracking on. I also want to make a start on a gaming challenge I want to do for my gaming blog. I am also hoping that I can get a few bits around the house done and some more blogging. 

See you soon

Our Recent Camping Experience

When I was younger we went camping a few times and from what I remember it was really fun. So when my auntie and uncle asked us & my parents if we wanted to go to a camp/glamping site where they had previously stayed we said yes straight away. 

We bought a tent in the sale at Tesco last year so this was the perfect time to test it out and WOW we were impressed as it was a lot bigger than we expected. We had plenty of space in the bedroom section where we had 2 single air beds and our clothing bags, then in an external section we had plenty of space for our extra bits such as camping chairs, table, shoes and all the other random little bits we took along. It actually surprised me how much we had taken and how much space we still had, we seemed to manage to condense a lot of items into just a few bags so when we go again in our own car we know it is all going to fit easily.

We just did 2 nights away this time and to be honest for me it was just the right amount of time for me seen as the 2 night I managed a full 15 minutes of sleep. The forecast before we set off said both nights should have been clear however, that wasn't the case and both nights there was rain. The first night wasn't too bad but the 2nd night was torrential rain so I couldn't sleep as I was sure the tent was leaking but to say it is just a £25 Tesco tent we had no issues with it at all. 

The site we stayed at had BBQ's so both nights were spent having a BBQ followed by a few drinks but to be honest as I was waking up at 5/5:30am to get ready I was in bed by 9pm, when I got home I went straight to bed too just to get caught up on sleep as I aren't used to such early starts. Granted these BBQ's & drinks haven't done me much good on my weight loss journey but a few days off track will be easy enough to recover from and it was worth it. 

What was fantastic was just switching off for a few days, since being furloughed I have spent most of my days sat at my PC working away on new blog posts but for the weekend I was able to step away, not write any posts, just do occasional social media posts and it was brilliant. My mind felt a lot clearer and to be honest I have actually come up with so many ideas for my blogs and social media channels. It is actually quite amazing just how much I can do when my mind is clear so I think more trips like this are going to be needed. I actually took a book with me and managed to read a couple of chapters which was great as I tend to neglect reading lately. My Nintendo Switch came along with me too as I have a game I am wanting to write about on my gaming blog but I never even took it out of my bag, screen time was certainly limited and it was just absolutely fantastic. 

So will we go camping again? I am sure we definitely will do especially if the weather is as good as it has been recently. It is great to know that if me and Liam want to go camping we can book quickly online, throw some bags and the tent in the car and just set off for a weekend. It is a very inexpensive break and from where we live there are plenty of options to go to.

I would love to go camping in the Yorkshire Dales and do plenty of walking whilst I am up there so who knows where we might end up next but all I know for sure is that we will certainly be looking at camping trips more often in the future just for a quick getaway. Do you enjoy camping? Where are your favourite places to visit?

The Wardrobe Essentials Series - The Footwear You Should Definitely Own

Carrying on with the wardrobe essential series today we have the shoes everyone should own. Previously we have covered the tops and bottoms you should have in your wardrobe but now it is time to cover the footwear options.

Your footwear can help match an outfit together perfectly or if you pick the wrong option you could end up looking like you have put no effort into your outfit & very mix matched, I know this from experience. No doubt you are going to have different occasions to head to throughout the year and you don't want to wear those beat up sneakers to everything do you?

I have learnt the hard way in recent months that I can't just have lots of pairs of sneakers as they are no good for smarter events like parties, christenings etc. Too many times I have had to rush out last minute to pick up some shoes that will go perfectly with my outfit and smarten it up. So to save you from getting caught out like me take a look at this list to see the shoes you should always having your wardrobe/collection...

Sneakers are a must have for me, in fact it makes up 90% of the shoes I own. You just can't go wrong with a good pair of sneakers for a casual look however, these days there are plenty of options out there to provide a smarter look to your outfit too. You can literally wear a pair of sneakers for any occasion but making sure they fit your style will certainly make or break your outfit. Here are the types you should be looking at owning...

A plain white pair
A plain white pair of sneakers will go with 99% of your wardrobe and there are so many options out there to make sure a pair fits the style you are going for. My go to pair at the moment is the white Nike Air Force 1's as they give a sporty look but also look nice and clean to create a nice smart look with any outfit. You can also get some nice high end white sneakers such as the Common Projects which definitely give your outfit a smart clean look but if you don't want to spend a fortune most high street stores have some great alternatives that look just as smart.
Plain black sneakers
Just like with plain white sneakers you should always have a plain black option on hand too, I am hoping to add a pair into my collection in the near future when I find a pair I fall in love with. A plain black pair can also help change up an outfit and a smart low pair could end up making an outfit. There are some nice Adidas and Nike ones out there at reasonable prices but again it is often the high street stores that have the nicest options available.

Standout sneakers
If you have a nice plain outfit some times sneakers can just make the outfit pop as a standout pair can add another level. Nike and Adidas have been bringing out some fantastic eye catching sneakers lately. My favouites at the moment are the Nike 200's as they standout and add to the outfit however, they don't stand out too much. 
Converse & Vans
A classic pair of Converse in white or black can really make an outfit look a bit smarter than other pair of sneakers. This is the same for the Van's Old Skool's which have also become a bit of a classic shoe in recent years. The black and white colourway on the Old Skool's just goes really well with a huge variety of clothing which is the same for the Converse too. The best part about these shoes is that they are reasonably priced and can last you a long time too so you are definitely getting good value. 

Summer shoes
One thing I have realised over recent years is that you also need shoes for the seasons, for so long I was caught out when it came to summer and I only had sneakers to wear which might look great but aren't always practical for different occasions like being around a pool or on the beach, plus sometimes a different type of shoe just works better with summer outfits. Here are some of the best shoes you should definitely have to hand...

Boat Shoes
I never even considered boat shoes until I found a pair of Van's ones in the sale a few years back and I love wearing them in the warmer weather. They are just really different to my sneakers and give my summer looks a different look, the perfect way I wear these is with a nice shirt, chino's or denim shorts and they just look great. Again there are some great looking boat shoes out there so go check them out for yourself.

Sandals are something I don't often pick up due to me not really being comfortable in them however, I have got my eye on some Birkenstocks. Sandals are just a great option those those really warm days and again they just give you a nice option as opposed to reaching for sneakers 24/7. 

Slides are great for those super casual outfits & lounging outfits. I literally wear mine everyday whether it is just to nip into the garden or if I am going somewhere and don't need to get out of the car, they are just really easy to wear and really comfortable. You can pick up a pair really cheap, I have a Primark pair that have lasted me for 2 years now so you get your wear out of them for sure. 
Smart Shoes
When it comes to those fancier events or even for some workplaces you are going to want to have some smart dress shoes to make sure they fit in with your outfit such as a suit or dress pants. You don't want to be going to an interview/wedding or fancy workplace in beat up sneakers so make sure you purchase a pair of these shoes...

Loafers are in my opinion an underrated shoes you can get suede or leather ones and they can really dress up a look. A nice suede pair could look great with some slim fit trousers / jeans for a nice party event but then you could opt for a leather pair which could look great with those smart office looks and for those smarter events. They don't have to break the bank either as the high street stores do some great priced options. 

Dress Shoes 
If you don't fancy loafers you can always go for a nice pair of dress shoes such as brogues or derby shoes. These are definitely for those smarter looks and can really make your outfit much smarter. A nice pair of brogues with jeans looks great and there are plenty of colour options out there. A nice pair of dress shoes are also great for those office or smarter dressing days as they just add a bit of class and extra style to your outfit plus they just add more variations to your wardrobe. 

In the autumn or winter sometimes a nice pair of boots is far better than wearing your sneakers 24/7. Again this is something I have noticed in recent years and have been caught out with a few times, there are a great options out there that I will definitely be making the most of this year and here are the ones I will be looking at and you should too...

Chukka Boots
Chukka boots are an option that I used to go for but I am still looking out for the perfect pair at the moment. I personally love these with a suede upper and they look fantastic in autumn with some nice jeans and a jumper. They just add a bit of smartness to the outfit instead of it looking dressed down with sneakers.   

Combat/Military boot
I went through a phase years ago where all I would wear in the colder months was a pair of combat boots but then I slowly slipped out of it but now my style is changing I think it is definitely time to pick up a new pair, again you can pick these up for a reasonable price from high street stores so there is no excuse not to have a pair. A pair of combat boots with some ripped jeans a flannel shirt or nice jumper could look fantastic. 

Chelsea Boots
My go to pair of boots lately has definitely been Chelsea boots, I currently have a black and brown suede pair but am looking at picking up some leather pairs in the near future. They are just really comfortable and really easy to style. Again they can be used for days out shopping or parties & smarter events they are just a fantastic boot. I will no doubt be wearing these a lot in the colder months. 

So there you have it those are the footwear essentials I think everyone should own, each shoe can work with a lot of your existing wardrobe and really elevate your style. What do you think to these options? Anything else you would add? I know I will be picking up the shoes I am missing as I have so many great outfit ideas in mind. 

My Biggest Fitness Inspirations

My weight has been climbing up and up since I left college which is mainly due to me going from playing football the majority of the week to doing less and less exercise over the years due to a knee injury and working in an office. However, after attending the Gymshark lift Manchester event last July something switched in my brain and I knew that I wanted to get back in shape and shift a lot of my weight as I just wasn't happy or comfortable anymore. My journey didn't actually start until January this year though but since then my mindset has really shifted to being a better & healthier me and I have well and truly stuck to my journey, which has not just surprised me but others too as usually by now I would have given up.

One of the main reasons I haven't given up though is due to me discovering a great community on Instagram where I have found people who spur me on, keep me motivated and just reminded me even slow progress is progress. It isn't just them that have inspired me to keep going though there are two of my favourite celebrities that have recently undergone their own transformations that have shown me anything is possible and that if you stick to something your mindset really will change and you can become the best version of you. I do have two big inspirations though and they are two people who have undergone major transformations in the past two years and who just remind me anything is possible...

First up we have Sidemen member Ethan Payne, who is the reason I went to the Gymshark event. When you look at pictures of 2018 Ethan, you can just see all the hard work and dedication that has gone into Ethan getting into the shape he is currently in. You can also see all the hard work he currently still puts into his transformation. When you watch old Sidemen videos back it is hard to believe that is the Ethan we see today. His transformation videos he has done in the past have also inspired me as they are actually pretty informative and he doesn't skip over bits like others usually do.

Then we have Lucy Spraggan someone who I have followed for years and her transformation has just been incredible. If you follow Lucy on social media you will see just how much effort and time has gone into this whole journey she is on whether it is from going sober or working out she really is giving it her all. I love sitting and watching Lucy's Insta stories especially the working out ones as it gives me ideas to incorporate into my own workouts and just goes to show me anything is possible. It is actually due to Lucy that I trialed not drinking for a whole month in July and you know what I noticed a difference so I am really going to cut back on my drinking.

So there you have it those are my two biggest fitness inspirations at the moment, if I am having a bad day or struggling I will often just head to their Instagram accounts watch their stories, just to gain a bit of motivation and remember what I am trying to aim for and that if they can do it why can't I. These are two people who continue to inspire and motivate me daily, who does that for you?

Weekly Round Up #32



Well that is another week done and dusted, it involved coming back from a nice weekend away and getting back to the office for two days. Even though that was three days that were taken up I still seemed to get a lot done even if I didn't feel as productive as I should have been. So here is what I got up to last week... 

Monday was a nice early start having breakfast & packing up the tent etc. On the way home we stopped off at the York Designer Outlet at surprisingly I ended up coming away without buying anything. As soon as I got home though I ended up getting straight into bed, I watched some YouTube then just crashed as those 5.30 am starts just caught up to me. 

Tuesday I was meant to stay in and get some blogging done but I did end up nipping to the White Rose in Leeds where I finally found a flannel shirt ready for Autumn. Once I got home though I ended up getting a few bits done that I wanted to tick off my to do list. 

Wednesday was the day where I managed to get a lot done though as I literally just spent the day sat at my PC trying to get plenty of bits done. I was actually quite pleased with how much I got done because when I woke up I just really didn't want to do anything. 

On Thursday I was in the office from 8.30 until 5 just working away but as soon as I got home I just relaxed, I made a start on watching Once Upon A Time so literally nothing else got done as I seemed to get hooked on the show. 

Friday was a super quick day in the office as I ended up going and helping my sister clear out some of the rooms in her house as she is decorating soon. It was great spending time with my nephew again whilst we sorted through bits. By the time I got home though I was so tired I ended up getting into bed and watched Once Upon A Time again. 

Saturday was finally haircut day which was definitely needed, I feel so much better for having it done. Then it was round to my parents to help sort out the loft seen as 90% of the stuff up there is mine. Then it was home to set up my Macbook and just relax. 

Sunday was certainly a super productive day where plenty of blog related things were sorted, I planned for the week ahead and we managed to get jobs done around the house. Sunday's really have become a day for getting ready for the week ahead. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: I watched plenty of YouTube throughout the week but I mainly watched Once Upon A Time, it is such a great show. 

Reading: I finally made a start on my book and honestly it is so far so good. 
Listening to:  I seem to have fallen back to listening to a lot of Tegan and Sara lately along with a lot of the UK chart music at the moment. 

This week I want to carry on being super productive with my blog content as well as continuing to get jobs done around the house. It is getting closer to my birthday and I really want to have as many jobs done as possible before then. I also want to have some time for gaming this week too as it has been seriously neglected due to me focusing on the blog for a while. 

See you soon

How I Look After My Sneakers

When you are spending a lot of money on your sneakers you are going to want to make them last, I know I do. It has only been in the past year when I have been investing more money in my sneakers that I have started looking after them a lot more. There is no point paying £60+ for a pair of Primeknit sneakers to not look after them and need to pick up a new pair a few months later. Just like with the white Air Force 1's, why pay £80 for a pair of white sneakers for them to look dirty and scuffed after 2 weeks? All it takes is a few items and a little bit of time to keep them sneakers looking great and fresh for the longest time which is going to keep your outfit looking on point without breaking the bank every few month.

Crep Protect spray
An item I have on hand is the Crep Protect spray, this is super easy to use and works. I gave my Puma Nova's a coat of this spray and at the end of the day they stayed white event after me walking in mud whilst wearing them. I also got caught in a down pour in these but the spray meant water ran of them and the shoes didn't get soaked like they would if they hadn't had a coat of the spray. This spray is around the £10 mark and can be picked up from the likes of JD & Footasylum. 

Crep Protect wipes
The Crep Protect wipes are really handy to have and as they come in a tin and individual wipes they are really easy to just throw in your bag so you can clean your sneakers on the go. I have found these so handy to have on hand especially since picking up my Air Force 1's, if I see any dirt on them I just reach into my bag pull out a wipe and they are clean again. It takes a few seconds and means they still look nice and white all day, it is nice having them look box fresh weeks later as normally by now they would be filthy and scuffed. The wipe has two sides, one is nice and smooth whereas the other is a little bumpy for those tougher marks, the bumps don't do any damage to your sneakers either which is a big positive.

Crep Protect eraser
For £8 you can't go wrong with the Crep Protect eraser especially if your sneakers are suede or nubuck. I use this to keep my suede sneakers free from scuff as the eraser does just like an eraser should it buffs out the scuffs and keeps your sneakers looking cleaning and has them lasting much longer. I got my first pair of Puma Suedes back in 2013 and thanks to the eraser they still look like they have barely been worn so that is 7 years of wear that doesn't look like it.

Keep in boxes
Keeping my sneakers in the boxes is something that I have only just recently started doing and I am so glad I have. I do this for my more expensive sneakers and I have found it stops them getting dusty & ruined by just being left laying around. I have had plenty of pairs where I have left them behind the door or in the way and they have just got so dirty and scuffed. So now I am definitely taking a lot more care, you can keep them in the original shoe boxes or there are plenty of other options out there these days such as Crep Protect boxes.

So those are the steps that I am already taking but there are other ways I want to look after not just my sneakers but also my other shoes a little bit more. There are definitely some areas that I neglect when it comes up to looking after my sneakers and I am starting to learn it isn't just cleaning them that makes them last longer but there are other parts too.

Shoe trees
These are so cheap and I don't know why I haven't picked them up yet. It is all well and good keeping your sneakers in a box but they can still lose shape. That is where sneaker trees come in handy, just slip them inside your sneaker and it will help them stay in shape. The sneaker trees will add a longer life to your sneakers and I really need to pick them up soon.

Shoe horn
The shoe horn is definitely an item I need to pick up ASAP, looking in my sneaker collection and at my other shoes the backs are so worn out and that is due to how I put them on. I got into the bad habit of not undoing my sneakers when taking them on and off so I would end up ruining the backs by trying to get them on without undoing them, it was just lazy. I am hoping to pick up a shoe horn in the near future because even though I undo laces now some pairs of sneakers are still a little tricky to put on, so by using a shoe horn I should be able to make the backs of those tricky sneakers last longer.

Crep Protect pills
You don't want to be going to someone else's house, take your shoes off and stink out the house and you definitely don't want a lot of worn sneakers in your house sat around smelling. The more you wear a pair of sneakers the more they are going to smell and honestly you can't help it. I have heard great things about the Crep Protect pills and honestly even if I just pick up a few sets for now for my most worn pairs then it is a start and will stop them smelling bad so soon.

That is how I look after my sneakers and how I want to care for them more to make them last longer. Do you have any of these products or do you protect your sneakers in any of these ways? I would love to know if you have any different ways of doing this.

My 2020 Birthday Wish List

How is it almost September already? It wasn't that long ago I was getting asked what I wanted for my 25th birthday and now we are approaching my 26th. I have found that each year gets harder and harder when people ask me what I want as due to me earning my own money I usually just pick up things during the year. Normally I would just suggest things like Funko pop's however, the house is starting to get over run by them and there aren't really any other new ones I have my eye on. This year has been all about losing weight, self improvement, blogging & getting back into my hobbies and thanks to lockdown I have really been able to work on these things and it has opened my eyes to different things. One of the things my eyes have been opened to is the fact I spend far too much money on things I don't need, the wardrobe is over flowing and I haven't worn half the items so why do I need to go shopping like I did pre-lockdown? I can spend my weekends and evenings gaming like I used to love doing and have been really getting back into.

So I think this year I am going to suggest items that are going to help me out with my focuses for the year so I can carry on making progress, there are also a few clothing suggestions as there are some essentials I am lacking or need to restock due to them no longer fitting me.

Black Converse
First up we have a pair of black converse, which I have mentioned on here a few times recently. They are a wardrobe essential that I am definitely lacking in my possession. I have a few low pairs of Converse at the moment but only a pair of all white high Converse so these will be the perfect addition especially as we head into Autumn.

Bradford City Shirt
It is a bit of a yearly tradition for me to get a new Bradford City shirt for my birthday and after seeing what this years home shirt looks like I think that might be the one I suggest. The best part is by the time I get the shirt we might be closer to returning to the stadium to watch the team play, even if we aren't though I will end up getting plenty of wear out of the shirt
Avengers Game
With us being in lockdown and unable to attend football matches my love for gaming has really reignited once more and I am enjoying just stepping away from writing and just putting the PS4 or Xbox on and tackling the backlog of games I have. The new Avengers game is due to come out around the time of my birthday so fingers crossed this will soon be being played as I love the Avengers and the trailer actually looked quite good.

All Saints T-Shirt
I have mentioned these a few times on here now and I am noticing my essential plain t-shirts are starting to look worn and out of shape so I think it is time I made an upgrade. I love how simple the All Saint's t-shirts look and I have heard from numerous people they are good quality. With me losing weight and needing to rebuy a lot of clothing I am trying to be more conscious of my purchases and buy better quality rather than cheap and often.

Crep Protect Cases
I am trying my best to really look after my sneakers and keep them in the best condition as I can for as long possible instead of needing to repurchase them. The more expensive and nicer sneakers I own I tend to leave in the boxes and then just take them out as I need them however, I would love to have a nicer way of storing them. We are hoping to get our hallway redecorated in the near future but until then I don't really have a nice way to store my sneakers so maybe some nice Crep Protect storage boxes may change that and make the sneaker area a bit nicer to look at until it gets decorated.

North Face Jacket
I seem to be really lacking in the jacket department but one I have had my eye on for a while is a nice North Face jacket. I wanted one for a few years now however, I just haven't been able to find one that fits me right but I am hoping that now I have lost some weight I am hoping that can change and I can finally have a nice North Face jacket for the autumn / winter months.

I am trying to get back into reading and I seem to be going down the self help / mindset books as it is something I am really looking to improve on over the next few months / years. The two that I have been recommended quite a few times have been the Chimp Pardaox and the Miracle Morning so I am hoping to give them a read in the near future. This year is definitely about improving myself and my habits so these two should be perfect for me.

So there you have it those are some of the things I would love to receive for my birthday as each one will help & benefit me in there own way. Would you love to receive any of these items if it was your birthday?

How Am I Shopping Whilst Losing Weight?

As most of you will know by now I have been on a weight loss journey since the beginning of the year and whilst it has been great to see the changes in my body I have had to start going out to buy smaller clothes.

I said at the start of this journey I was only going to buy items I really need when I really need them because if not these next few months & years could be costly for me and I don't want to spend a load of money on pieces of clothing that aren't going to fit me after a month or two.

This year my mindset has changed on a lot of things and one of those things is how I shop. I used to just buy for the sake of buying and I have realised that I need to stop that as so many items I own still have tags on them plus I could save so much money buy reigning in my spending habits when it comes to clothing. There is no point me going and buying a £30 t-shirt or hoodie when I might get £5 worth of wear out of it.

I know that I am going to need to buy new items fairly often such as jeans and trousers as they need to fit me better than they have been doing, I don't want to have to pull them up every 5 minutes, but I don't need to buy expensive jeans, for the length of time they are going to fit me I may as well stick to Primark ones. Where as with t-shirts sometimes you can get away with that oversized look and I can always re-purpose them if necessary so I shouldn't be buying them often at all. As I say though I am still going to treat myself every now and then but I am just going to redirect those treats from clothing to other aspects of my life ie, tech, sneakers or jewellery. Plus if I put some of the money I save from not buying clothing to one side when I reach my goal weight I can go on a shopping spree for clothing in my size and feel like all the hard work of losing weight and not buying as much clothing has paid off whilst not feeling like I am emptying my bank account when I do need to totally redo my wardrobe.

So if like me and you are on a fitness & weight loss journey maybe take a look at carrying out the following steps to save you money whilst you try to achieve your goal. These are the things I am going to try stick to when I do need to purchase clothing or just when I go shopping so I don't waste money...

If I do want an expensive item I am now going to wait until it comes in the sale. If I forget about it by the time that happens did I even want it? Or was it just going to be an impulse purchase? Plus if I can pick up any of the essential items I need in a sale and save a bit more money that will be perfect. Just by shopping in the sale I could end up picking some better quality items for less money than picking up a lower quality item.

Know what I need
This is a big one for me as I usually see an item and get sucked right in and spend a fortune on what I need. So once a month I am going to go through my wardrobe, try items on and see what I need and what I have plenty of. By doing this I can make a list on my phone of things that I need so if it isn't on the list when I go shopping I will skip right past it. By doing this I can manage what I have and also make sure I don't spend on things I already have plenty of.

This is a big one for me as I am trying to save and by shopping on a budget whilst I am losing weight I am going to end up saving extra money ready for a big shopping spree when I hit my goal no matter how far away that is. I am thinking maybe having a £50 a month budget for those items I do need but anything I don't spend I will also put to one side ready for that big shopping trip or another treat I have been wanting.

Other ways I am going to control how many clothes and I have is by not holding on to them for the sake of it like I normally do. There will be 4 options when I declutter my wardrobe, on a bi-monthly basis, keep, sell, donate and here is a break down of how those categories are going to work and how

This is going to be those items that still fit me or can be worn oversized. I have boxes full of clothes in the loft that I need to go through too so the item will only be staying if it fits and still fits my style. There is no need to keep hold of things for the sake of it anymore. The item is going to need to be in good condition too.

This is for those items that aren't good enough to donate or sell, instead of just throwing the item away I am going to see if I can re-purpose it in any way. For example some t-shirts I could end up wearing as pyjama tops same with jersey shorts, they could be just for lounging or sleeping in. My grandad also uses my old Primark t-shirts as dusters and for waxing & varnishing furniture so I can send them down to his house for him to use.

If an item can be donated I will donate it, instead of an item being sat around not being worn I would rather have someone get the money worth out of it and benefit from it. I will donate items to friends/family or local charity shops as there are plenty of them around here.

Some items that are of higher value or still have the tags on and are in great condition I am going to start selling as the money I make can go towards new clothing in the future so it will feel like I aren't spending my money on items when it comes out of that money.

So there you have it that is how I will be shopping whilst losing weight so I aren't wasting money anymore and aren't purchasing too many unnecessary items. I hope you find this post helpful, let me know if you have any other ways you shop whilst losing weight so that you aren't being wasteful.

Fitness Update For July 2020

July has been a pretty good month, it has been filled with plenty of walks that might have killed my knee but looking at the scales and my measurements at the end of the month has made it all worth it. The weather has been quite good throughout the month so I have made the most of it by getting out and about especially as the government have started lifting more restrictions. If you asked me last year if I wanted to go walk 2 laps around a huge lake I would have laughed and said no chance but going and doing that and having a little picnic was one of the best days of the month.

I set myself a challenge for July too, no alcohol, granted I never went overboard with alcohol in the first place but I did enjoy a drink with my meal every now and again or on a nice day. I didn't think I would notice a difference with anything by cutting it out but I honestly do believe that is why I have lost weight this month.

So here is how my measurements looked last month...

I was really shocked to see my hips decrease by 3cm's in a month as this is the biggest loss I have had in a while, I thought it was a lie at first but by looking in the mirror I really have noticed a change, this is the same for my waist and arms too.

Something else that changed in July is that we haven't eaten half as many takeaways/junk food throughout the month which has definitely benefited me, I am hoping in August I can continue this trend too and maybe cut back on the snacks too.

The gym's reopened in July but I still haven't been however, I am hoping to change that soon. I have still been trying to do my home workouts but due to a bit of laziness creeping back in to my routine I have been getting up too late for me to fit me in and then by the time I get home I am not in the mood to do anything. I am trying to get into a bit of a routine now though as I am getting closer to returning to work so I need to get used to waking up early again.

So here is how the weight loss went for July:

Beginning of July weight : 15 stone 9 lb 
End of July weight : 15 stone 8 lb

Total loss 1 lb .

 Here is what I am aiming for in August: 

Carry on walking more

Get back into the gym
Limit alcohol consumption
Eat better - Cut out so many snacks
Carry on with the home workouts

Overall 2020 loss so far : - 8 & 3/4 lb

Fingers crossed for another great month in August as I am so close to that 1 stone lost mark and I want to get there as close to my birthday as possible. 

See you soon

Weekly Round Up #31


Well another week is over and to be honest I wasn't really productive at all due to just not being bothered, workouts didn't happen as much as they should have been and it was mainly just a week of getting out and about. So here is what I got up to during last week.... 

On Monday I was all set for a day of blogging but ended up nipping into town for a few bits instead. To be honest I just didn't want to be sat in the house all day again so escaped for a few hours. It was a great day too as I managed to get some stuff we needed for our camping trip next week.

Tuesday was a trip out with my nephew and sister where I ended up purchasing a few more items for myself and Liam. It was nice going out and spending time with them as I am definitely making the most of not being in work full time at the moment. There is no point just being sat around, I may as well spend time with my nephew and make the most of it. 

Wednesday was food shop day once again then I went to Go Outdoors to pick up more camping bits we need before heading to a lovely restaurant for a gorgeous meal, we definitely need to go there again as it was well distanced, clean and gorgeous food. 

Thursday was a day in the office for me and honestly it was great, just being in there is a sense of some normality for me, fingers crossed it won't be much longer until I am back full time as I do miss it. 

Friday was another day down at my sisters spending time with her and my nephew again which was great as the weather was really nice too. Then it was home for a night of YouTube watching and just relaxing.

Saturday was all systems a go with the back garden. My dad put up the fence & built us another planter while we put the stone chippings down. With it being so warm it was definitely hard work but looking at the back garden now it was definitely worth it.

On Sunday we had a nice chilled out day and I was so grateful for it as my body was aching from moving all the stones on Saturday. It also meant I had chance to finish off some bits on my to do list and start getting bits done I should have done during the week. It was the perfect ending to the week. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: YouTube, YouTube & more YouTube once again, there is nothing good on TV at the moment so YouTube is literally keeping me going with things to watch. 

Reading: Again I haven't started my book yet but this section is definitely going to look different in the next round up. 
Listening to:  Again it has only been Taylor Swift I just can't get enough of that new album of hers. 

This week I want to get more ticked off my list than I did last week as I was nowhere near as productive as I should have been. We also go camping this week so I want to make sure we have everything we need and are packed so we don't forget anything. I also want to try get some bits done for the blogs that I have been putting off for a while as it isn't even necessarily difficult stuff to do. 

See you soon

My Work Day Bag

I always take a backpack with me to work and it is filled with snacks, lunch and things I use for my blog on my lunch break. I feel lost if I don't take my bag and honestly having my items for blogging with me helps me stay on track as it means I can squeeze an extra hour of creating content into the day if I really want to.

Obviously at the moment I aren't working due to the lockdown so there is no need to have a bag as most stuff are now by my PC desk but here is what is going to be in my bag when I get back to the office...

Laptop / iPad

These are essential for me to still be productive on lunch time. I will take my laptop if I have blog posts/articles to write where as if I am just wanting to catch up on emails or social media I will just take my iPad. I am currently testing out a Lenovo Yogabook that my dad gave me too so that will sometimes be in my bag for carrying out those less demanding tasks.


This is always handy to have if I don't fancy gaming or blogging on my lunch which can happen sometimes. The book could literally be related to anything but the magazine is nearly always the PlayStation magazine. I have found that when I am in the mood I can power through books and this is mainly when I don't fancy doing anything else.


This is a new one that I am adding because if I don't fancy writing on my lunch break I can always sit and make my way through a game on the Switch for that 45 minutes I have each day, that is if Liam hasn't taken the Switch to work with him. Not only does this mean I finally get through that backlog but it also means more gaming content for you guys.

Notepad & Pen

I always have to have a notepad and pen with me because I could end up getting ideas for the blog at any moment. I actually take 2 with me, one little one for any of the blogs where I will then transfer the idea to the right notepad for that blog. I will also take an A5 notepad each day which will be specific for the blog I am working on that lunch time. This way I can make notes for the posts, track stats or make lists of things that I need to do or follow up.


I always like to have a snack in my bag just in case I get hungry at work. Normally it would be a breakfast bar but lately I have only been snacking on protein bars or chocolate raisins. I can't be leaving the house without a snack so this is one of the first things I pack on a morning.

The essentials

Obviously in my bag I have what I class as the essentials so in here I keep an inhaler just in case I ended up needing it, I also have my keys and wallet in here when they aren't just dumped in my pocket but honestly they spend more time in my pockets. My bag also holds a mask and sanitizer now just in case I do need them and it is so handy just having them at hand even if I am just in work.

Once I get my new laptop, hopefully only a few months away there might be a few more items added but for now this is all I need to work on my blog or relax at work on my lunchtime.

Keep your eye on the blog because there will be a few more editions to the what's in my bag series over the year as different items get taken to different things such as events or long car journeys that lead to a holiday. So my bags often change to suit what I need to take, I guess it is a good thing that I keep buying all these backpacks then.

July 2020 New In

Remember last month when I said I was hoping to spend a lot less money and save more... well I have managed to save more even though I have ended up buying a lot more than last month. July seemed to be the month where a lot of my favourite places have had sales on or I have just managed to find some bargains. Plus I have needed to restock a few of my essentials and to be honest I have noticed a lot of my clothes no longer fit and didn't look right any more so I have picked up a few bits for just keeping my wardrobe going. I am trying not to buy too much but that is a topic for a post another day. Anyways to save this post being far too long here are all my pickups from July...

Gymshark Keychain

Gymshark had a sale on so I managed to get a few bits. One thing I didn't set out to buy is this black keychain with the Gymshark detailing on it but it was cheap and could come in very handy for me as I am constantly losing my gym key fob whether that is in the bottom of my bag or around the house. 

Gymshark t-shirt

I also picked up this bold blue t-shirt from the Gymshark sale as I love these for either lighter workouts or daily t-shirts. I love how the white really stands out of the blue and it is a fantastic fit, I am sure you will be seeing this on here and my Insta plenty of times in the future. 

Gymshark t-shirt

Another t-shirt you will definitely be seeing plenty of is this petrol blue Gymshark t-shirt which was another sale pick up. I love the colour on this t-shirt and it is definitely going to be more of a lifestyle t-shirt for me as it looks too good to just wear for working out. The fit on this one is great and I can't wait to get wearing it.

fitness accessories

At the beginning of the lockdown I was on the hunt for a skipping rope and resistance bands but had no luck. But I finally managed to pick some up from Argos, I know the gyms are now reopen however, I am happy still working out at home if the gym is busy which no doubt it will be. These were really reasonably priced and I can't wait to get using them. 

Real madrid jersey

On a trip to the outlet store I picked up this long sleeved Real Madrid training Jersey for £14.95 when the price tag said it was originally over £100, do I believe it was that price? I still aren't sure. But this jersey is going to be perfect for those colder days or workouts in the garden due to the long sleeves but it still being the Clima Cool material. 

To go along with the jersey I picked up the shorts with built in leggings for the same price. These are fantastic quality and are going to be used for working out in the garden especially on those colder days as the leggings are so comfortable and are nice and warm.

Whilst in Superdrug I got stocked up on some bits that I had been wanting pre-lockdown. I always struggle with getting a tan and never want to dive right in with a fake tan so I use this Garnier Summer Body gradual tan, it does the job perfectly and really helps get rid of my pasty skin. I also picked up a tanning mitt as I just find it easier for putting the gradual tan on. 

I also picked up a few face masks as I had totally run out and wanted to treat myself for a change. Is there anything better than just putting on a face mask and relaxing on an evening? I love the ones from Superdrug and with them being on 3 for 2 they are super affordable too.

I am trying my best to try get into a bit of a skincare routine again as I am sick of constant breakouts so I picked up this pore cleanser to try as it was on offer. I honestly don't know what to make of this yet as I haven't tried many products from Biore but I am looking forward to trying this soon.

I still haven't had my haircut since lockdown began so it has started to get a bit out of control and I can't do my usual style with it. So I have picked up a got2b beach matt paste to help me create a messy but good looking style. I also picked up a tame & shine oil too as I used to use one similar to this and my hair was left looking great so I am hoping this one from got2b will give me the same effect. 

Whilst in Primark I picked up two more of their scents as they smell brilliant and are only £2 each. They are really handy just to have in my bag too in case my scent runs out or needs a quick top up whilst I am out and about. I have quite a few of these now and they are such good value for money. 

I managed to get to ShopDisney too and they had plenty of sale items left in stock so I treated me and Liam to a new mug each. I know he loves Mushu from Mulan so I picked him up the large Mushu mug which he now thinks may be to big for him and I got myself the made in the 90's Toy Story mug as I am still absolutely loving anything Toy Story related, plus I love the grey and white colour scheme of it. 

My mum treated me and my sister to a Disney plaque each from Clintons and we actually ended picking the same Lion King one. I absolutely love this this quote and I think this is going to look great displayed in the spare room. They actually had so many nice ones that I am tempted to pick up a few others. 

It isn't very often I actually buy books these days however when I saw Shoe Dog for just £3 I wasn't leaving that behind as I have been after the book for so long, as I love the Nike brand this is definitely an essential read for me, I just can't believe how cheap it was. I also picked up The Subtle Art as I had seen a few YouTuber's recommend this and I have been on a bit of a motivational kick recently as I want to improve myself and my mindset.  

Last month I purchased the Nike Air Force 1's so this month I needed to restock on the essentials... Crep Protect wipes. I absolutely love having these on hand for it I get my white sneakers dirty when out and about. I never used to bother with worrying about them getting messed up but now I really want to make sure I make them last and these wipes are fantastic. But that is enough on them for today as I have a full post coming soon about how I care for my sneakers.

With it being compulsory to wear face masks in shops and supermarkets now I thought it was time I picked up a few more so that I had plenty to have in rotation. When browsing the Adidas site for some t-shirts I ended up coming across a 3 pack of face masks for £15.00 so I picked up a pack and I am so glad I did as they are great quality and I actually find them quite easy to breathe in. 

One of the summer essentials for me is a pair of no show socks but I actually only had a few pairs in my drawer so I picked up a couple of packs so I am well stocked and have plenty on hand so I don't have to worry about running out. I have found the ones from the Primark men's department best for me as they fit well, don't rise too high and have a grip to hold them in place. 

I realised none of my white Nike socks were actually white any more so I picked up a new pack just to keep me going. My old ones were just becoming far too worn so it is nice to have some fresh new pairs to pick out on a morning. 

I have bought 3 pairs of Jeans in July and only 2 fit me which I guess is one of the downsides to losing weight. I picked up a pair of £10 stretch skinny jeans from Primark in a size 20 but a week later I needed a size smaller as the 20's were just too baggy and didn't look how I wanted them too. I ended up getting a dark denim and a light denim in an 18 and they are a perfect fit for now. I am trying not to spend too much money on single items of clothing anymore as when they don't fit for long there is no need so for me £10 jeans are perfect for now.

 I had been on the look out for some grey sweatpants for a while so when I saw these slim fit ones in Primark for £9 I picked them up straight away. You can't beat a great fitting pair of sweatpants and after trying these on they definitely tick all the boxes. Keep an eye out as you will be seeing these on here & my Insta a lot more in the future. 

Whilst in Footlocker me and my sister came across this gods of basketball t-shirt which is part of Footlocker's own brand and for just £9.99 I knew I wasn't leaving without it. This t-shirt looks more expensive than it was and I can't wait to get wearing it soon. I am really starting to get into basketball and the basketball culture so this is perfect. I already have a blog post about this t-shirt in mind. 

Matalan had a huge sale on and I managed to pick up some great items at really cheap prices. One of my pick ups was this green grandad collar shirt for just £5 and it is perfect. I was in need of some more short sleeved shirts and this ticks all the boxes as the material is really nice and the fit is just how I want it. 

Also from Matalan I picked up this black and grey striped t-shirt which is a lovely soft material and is a bit of a flocked design. I have bought this mainly for layering however, it may be worn with some nice jeans in the warmer weather with my bomber jacket over the top. 

 River Island also had a sale on and I picked up this Carpe Diem t-shirt for just £3. I said that for this price even if I just wear it a few times and then wear it for lounging around or sleeping in I have still got a bargain. It is a really nice quality material and fits quite well at the moment. 

Finally from River Island I picked up this boxy t-shirt with a bold print on the back and I am in love with it. The t-shirt gives me Off White vibes and for just £10 was a fraction of the cost. The t-shirt has a smaller logo on the front but it is the bold back print that had me sold. It is a bit of a thicker material too so will be great for all weathers and should be easy to style. I am hoping to get plenty of wear out of this but even if it does start to get too big I think it will look great oversized.

So there you have it I have definitely purchased a lot of over the past month however, with so many items in the sale or reasonably priced I have still managed to save a lot of money too which is fantastic. I am hoping I don't need any more clothing for a while but I guess we will see about that in next months post. What has been your favourite pick up of the month?