What I got for Christmas 2022

 Christmas 2022 has been another fantastic one and it is safe to say once again I have been spoilt. This year though gifts seem to have in themes of either practical, football or gaming with a few random gifts thrown into the mix. 2022 has been all about football and fitness and a fair few of my gifts resemble the year I have just had whilst others are just the perfect addition which are going to help me relax or even achieve goals I have set myself for 2023. So here is what I received for Christmas 2022...

It is cold here in the UK and there is nothing better than getting all wrapped up in comfy clothing for lounging around especially when it comes to lounging around in the games room. I am in love with the Oodie type of items that Primark have been selling this year and my grandparents got me this super cute Gizmo one that is nice and cosy and is going to keep me nice and warm on the colder evenings. My parents also got me a fleece lounge wear set that I absolutely love as I have had these in the past and they are long lasting and perfect for lounging in and sleeping in. I can't wait to be wearing these whilst getting some games played in 2023.

Liam got me some lovely new jewellery for Christmas too, I am really picky when it comes to jewellery and he knows that so rather getting the Spider-Man to go on my charm bracelet he made it into a necklace for me which I plan on wearing a lot and he also got me the matching earrings which I absolutely love and have worn a few times already. If you have read the blog for a while you will know I love Spider-Man so this really is the perfect jewellery for me. 

My nephew also got me a few necklaces as he seems to like the one feather one I have been wearing to death in 2022. I love the jewellery from the River Island men's department as it works so well with my style and lasts for a long time. He got me this smaller chain with a wing on it and also this thicker one with a nice little pennant on it, this one is a double chain something which I aren't used to however, I am really looking forward to styling this.

 Liam also got me a couple of games I have wanted for a while now, both on the PS5 too so I am looking forward to sitting down and playing these, gaming really hasn't gone to plan in 2022 but I am determined to get gaming a whole lot more in 2023 and fingers crossed these 2 games will help me get back into it. Sonic is a game I have been looking forward to since it was first announced and Lego Star Wars is going to be a game me and Liam actually sit and play together which I can't wait for as we never usually play anything together. 

When it comes to these Moschino perfumes I don't know how many times I have gone to buy a bottle in a bigger size but either backed out of it due to not knowing which scent I actually want or due to the cost of it. My parents got me this miniature set though with all 3 in so I can now see which one I prefer before biting the bullet and buying a big bottle. My auntie and uncle also got me this little fragrance from Marks & Spencer, this smells like a Tom Ford scent and I think I am going to absolutely love it.

A goal of mine in 2023 is to make better choices when it comes to the products I use and the impact they have on the environment which I am sure you will see me post about on social media over the course of the year as I make those changes. My mum personalised me this soap dish and did a matching one for Liam and included a bar of soap for each of us, mine being my favourite Lynx scent. This is only a small change but it is a small step in the right direction and is something we can progress on over the course of the year.

My parents restocked me with another bottle of my favourite hairspray, this has been a lifesaver as my hair has been growing out. I definitely need to find something more environmentally friendly than this but for now it is doing the job for me. My grandparents also got me a few bath bombs which smell gorgeous and I can't wait to use them. My auntie & uncle also got me a clay face mask and a gaming face mask, it has been a while since I have used a face mask but I am looking forward to using these alongside the Nightmare before Christmas ones the my parents got me.

Is it Christmas if you don't get chocolate? Especially chocolate coins? Alongside my chocolate coins my auntie & uncle got me a dairy free selection box where as my parents opted to go for the Tony's chocolate which I fell in love with even more in 2022. My auntie and uncle also got me a bottle of wine which is meant to taste just like the Whispering Angel wine which is one of my favourites.

I love a good candle and I have got a new one to add to my little collection, my auntie and uncle love getting me the Jo Malone dupes and they just make the house smell absolutely gorgeous. This is quite a big candle so it is going to last a long time and I can't wait to get burning it, maybe it will be a games room candle. 

I have got a couple of pen pots too, one for my desk at home and one for my desk at work. My mum said she got me these as Sorted seems to be something I say to her a lot and to be honest this is definitely going to be pride of place on my desk at home as I am sick of losing my pens when I sit down to sort content, sometimes I think I spend more time searching for my pen than actually use it.

Stitch is still my favourite Disney character and I have now got a great set of Stitch cookie cutters, I am trying to spend more time in the kitchen in 2023 so now I have the perfect excuse to make cookies. My parents got me and my sister a Crimpit each too and I am so looking forward to using it, you can't beat a good toastie and this is going to make having them much easier as I can use it to make them in the air fryer or toaster. My parents also got me this personalised football themed apron, I am a super messy cook so this is definitely going to come in handy for me as I do spend more time in the kitchen.

My nephew also got me a personalised pair of best auntie socks but possibly the best gift is this picture he made at nursery and framed for me. I have a huge phobia of birds so he took great delight in saying this was just for me, this picture is frightening but of course I love it as he made it, now just to find a home for it.

Socks, socks and more socks, these will certainly last me a while and I have a nice mix. I absolutely love these Nike ones in such crazy colours and I think I might save these for summer as with shorts I think these would look great. I also love these white and grey Van's ones too as they are great quality and will last me for a while. Then I have plenty of pairs of Xbox ones which mean I can have my love of gaming with me daily.

Me and Liam started going to golf in 2022 so my auntie and uncle have got me my own golf towel which will be great as I always get told off for not wiping the club before putting it back. I also have my own golf glove too which I am looking forward to wearing as I always hit better shots when wearing a glove.

The parents have really got on board with my fitness journey in 2022 and I think it is safe to say these gifts are going to help me when it comes to aiming for my 2023 goals. These ice towels are going to be perfect for summer and cooling me down after workouts in the warm weather as I am usually a mess after these, they will definitely be put to good use. I love a good 1/4 zip top and this Spyder one is going to be perfect for boxing or outdoor workouts whilst it is still cold. I have gone through countless bags of these bath salts throughout 2022 so this 2kg bag is probably going to last me two minutes after football and boxing as it really does help with muscle aches.

These trainer cleaning wipes are going to come in very handy as I am determined to keep my trainers looking fresh as much as possible in 2023 as they are something I pride myself on and they help make or break my outfit. Theses shoe deodorizers are going to come in super handy for my football boots too as with me wearing them a lot more they can start to smell but these should help keep those smells at bay.

Now onto the football gifts which there are plenty of this year. My sister got me this Bradford City chopping board however, I have been given specific instructions not to use it as a chopping board as it is too nice. My sister also got me this brilliant wooden football on a stand and it is safe to say I am going to be moving some things around in my office to make sure this is pride of place as it looks absolutely fantastic. My parents got me another Lioness coaster to go alongside my Leah Williamson and they got me the perfect addition with it being one of my favourites Beth Mead, I also got a new key-ring in the same style of the coasters and I am now going to have a Lucy Bronze attached to my keys which I definitely can't complain about. 

As I just said Beth Mead is currently one of my favourite footballers and I don't see that changing anytime soon so when I saw she was releasing a book I asked my parents for it straight away and in the end I received a signed copy of the book which I really can't wait to sit down and read. My grandparents also got me Christine Sinclair's book which I really can't wait to read as Sinclair is by far one of the greatest women's footballers around and I can't wait to hear more about her time so far in the game. I have plenty of reading to tackle so let's hope I can get through it easily.

I am really focusing on getting in shape these days and that is something that I am continuing for 2023 however, I have been struggling for a bag when it comes to fitting everything in for boxing. My grandparents got me this Man Utd bag and I think it is safe to say this is going to be perfect for me as it is huge and has separate sections so I shouldn't end up with anything missing. I am sure it will be used for football too though as it is Manchester United after all.

To say how much I love football I have never owned a Subbuteo game up until now. My parents have really supported my love for women's football this Christmas and they got me this Lioness version of the classic football game. I had seen this on Facebook ads a fair few times and it looks great so I am really looking forward to playing this with Liam, it is so good finally being able to buy Lioness merchandise. 

Liam got me my first Arsenal shirt to add to my growing collection of football shirts and he picked the perfect name to go on the back of it by opting for Williamson, another of my current favourite players. It is funny really because in previous years I have said I would never own an Arsenal shirt however, now the majority of the team make up my favourite players so I had to have a few of the shirts in my collection and what better way to start than with Williamson who is Arsenal through and through, he even got me the WSL badge on the shirt which is always a nice addition to the shirt.

I have wanted some new boots for a while now and my parents surprised me with a pair of Nike Phantom Elites which are top of the range and if I can't play well and score in these then there is something seriously wrong. I have had my eyes on these boots for a while now as they are what the likes of Jordan Nobbs and Georgia Stanway and with Nobbs being my overall favourite player I was going to end up with them one way or another. I really can't wait to get back on the pitch in the new year and wear these as they are just so good.

So there you go that is everything I got for Christmas 2022 I have definitely been spoilt and it is safe to say with those new football boots I can't wait for getting back on the pitch in the new year. I am really looking forward to some cosy nights gaming & reading too as I need to learn to balance my time much better and have some more relaxed nights in 2023. 

What did you receive for Christmas 2022?

My favourites of 2022

I can't believe we are already at the end of 2022, it doesn't feel like two minutes ago it was just starting and here we are wrapping up the year and counting down to the start of 2023. To be honest 2022 has been a bit of a crazy year with some lows but a lot of highs, I have taken my weight loss journey a lot more serious and I had the best summer of my life watching history be made in the women's football which you all know I am super passionate about. So here is what made the cut for my overall favourites of 2022...


Trying new things 

For so long I have stuck to the same old clothing as I haven't wanted to attract attention to myself due to my size however, throughout 2022 I stepped away from my comfort zone and actually started  trying new clothing that I had been putting off for far too long. I particularly fell in love with printed shirts in the summer and these became some of my favourite wardrobe items that I am already looking forward to wearing next summer and of course I will be purchasing more. 


Women's football 

This year has been absolutely fantastic for me with women's football being a real focus of the whole year. I have been busy working on my website which is going from strength to strength but my favourite part of the year has to be being at so many Euro games and being in Wembley when England lifted that trophy. The summer of the Euros is going to be one I never forget as after so many years of heartbreak following the team finally they won the trophy which they deserved, it was great to see the women's game grow over the summer too with record attendances and people being inspired. It even helped me get back to playing which I never thought would happen.


The spare room office

I am so glad I rearranged the spare room to make it into a bit more of an office for myself as it has become a place I can just take myself off to create content in peace and quiet. Whether it is sitting in there with my laptop working on blog posts or if it is having my camera in hand working on images for Instagram or TikToks it is just great to be able to take myself in there and get on with things with no distractions something I really need to work on in the new year but at least now I have the space I can just take myself off to. The added bonus is that this space is football themed so I really have made it perfect for myself.

Health & fitness

Noticing progress

As I said earlier I have taken my weight loss journey a lot more serious in 2022 and I am finally seeing progress in my body and clothing but I am also seeing progress in my mental health too. There were a fair few setbacks for me throughout the year however, I am heading into 2023 in a great place, a low weight and in the best shape I have been in for such a long time and that is only getting better and better. I am so proud of how far I have come in 2022 and I am so proud of how I am now able to recognize progress off the scales as well as on it.

So there you have it those are my favourites from the year, it has been absolutely fantastic and now I really can't wait to see what 2023 has in store for me. 
What was your favourite thing from 2022?

What we want to add to our home gym once it is complete


We are finally getting the garage converted into a gym, this is something I have wanted for a while now as the house is currently covered in workout equipment, we have a weights bench in the living room, weights in the hallway and a spin bike in the dining room, it really has taken over. I just want a space where everything is already set up and I can just walk in do my workout and leave without having to worry about dragging equipment around with me. Having the gym is definitely going to be beneficial for me on my fitness and weight loss journey but more importantly it should also allow me to get some more equipment to level up my workouts and see even more progress. There are plenty of pieces of equipment I would love to purchase for the home gym but here are the items I will be prioritizing... 

Heavier weights 

I have a set of weights at the moment that go up to 25kg however, as I am progressing on my journey I know that I am going to be progressing past this weight limit in the future so it would be great to be one step ahead and have those heavier weights ready to smash straight on with rather than having to stay at a lower weight whilst awaiting delivery. I am tempted to get some better ones this time around too rather than just the basic Argos ones we currently have. 

Pull up bar

I don't know why but since we said we were going to turn the garage into a gym I have said I would love to fasten a pull up bar onto the wall. Granted I can't do a pull up and never have been able to but that is one of the end goals of my journey, to be able to complete a set of pull ups, my strength massively needs improving on my upper body and this would be a brilliant addition plus buying one doesn't need to break the bank either as they are pretty reasonably priced. 

Flat weights bench 

We have recently purchased an incline and decline weights bench but I am really hoping we have the space and budget to add a flat weights bench into our home gym set up. This just gives us another option as the current bench doesn't lie completely flat meaning this new flat bench would be perfect for things such as bench pressing. It just gives me a chance to switch up my exercises a little bit more. 

Yoga mat 

I really don't know why I don't have a yoga mat yet as you can get one that is a good thickness for a pretty reasonable price, maybe it is because I don't fancy another item just dotted around the house that has put me off purchasing one so far. This is definitely going to be one of my first purchases though so that I can work on stretching, abs and mobility comfortably rather than just feeling the hard ground underneath me, which is something that I hate especially when I am having to do an exercise with my bad knee on the hard ground. This item is definitely a number 1 purchase as that stretching and mobility has been neglected for too long.

TRX trainer 

I have seen a few people on YouTube using the TRX trainers and to be honest at first I wasn't too bothered about wanting one but the more I watched the more the want has grown. This piece of equipment would be a great addition for any bodyweight exercises I want to add to my routine as the trainer is a great resistance workout for your core and mobility (something I am really trying to work on). The best part is I could use this in the gym or I could take it out and about with me even if I went away as it is super portable, there would really be no excuses for not getting workouts in wherever I am if I had this. 

Medicine ball

We use the medicine ball a fair bit at boxing and I am honestly starting to enjoy using it, whereas before I would actively try avoid it. I have done a bit of searching already and have noticed you can get them pretty cheap from most places so I think I might get a 5kg one to start with and see how it goes however, we all know what I am like no doubt as things progress I am going to end up with a variety of medicine balls in a variety sizes. I think the purchase would definitely be worth while though as I can imagine Liam would end up using a medicine ball in a workout too.


Here we go the big wish list item and the one that honestly made me want to convert the garage in the first place. I have wanted a treadmill for the longest time as I have wanted to get into running and this would give me a good starting point alongside providing me somewhere safe to run on those dark nights where it might also be icy. A treadmill would also help me get my steps in when the weather is really bad outside meaning my activity levels would stay high all year round rather than dropping off. I am really hoping one would also help me improve my stamina and overall fitness levels for football too now I am back playing. This is definitely going to be the most expensive purchase for the home gym but I think it is going to be the most used and overall the most beneficial for my journey. 

I am really looking forward to getting this home gym up and running, I have even started putting a bit of money to one side so that I can purchase the items on this list as quickly as possible so I can get cracking straight on with achieving the goals and really make the most of the new space once it is completed. 

What is one item you would definitely have in your home gym? 

How my fitness journey has benefited me in 2022...


2022 has been a bit of an up and down year for me as it has held illness, an operation and just an absolutely chaotic lifestyle for the most part, I feel like I haven't made as much progress as I would have liked on my weight loss journey as the scales haven't moved too much however, looking back on the year I have changed so much and it isn't just the number on the scale I should be looking at the year and the progress I have made has actually been made off the scales and it has benefited me in so many different ways off the scale which I am really happy about as is it means plenty of impact has been made on my life for the better and overall I am just a much better version of me than I was last year. So here are some of the benefits I have gained from the changes I have made on my fitness & weight loss journey this year...

Much more confident

Now I have to say I believe this is the biggest benefit I have gained throughout the year. As the year has progressed I have just grown in confidence and I have seen the changes in myself month by month. This has led to me being more confident in front of the camera & having a lot of pictures taken even ones on my own. I have put myself forward into situations I would usually avoid too, one of those being queuing at Wembley for a pic with Katie Zelem the Man Utd Women's captain, a year ago I wouldn't have dared do that but 2022 me was over the moon to do it. the confidence has led to me having more pics taken for the blog too and again I can only see these getting better and better in 2023 as my confidence grows more and more.

Gone back to playing football & made friends

I have said previously that I never thought I would be back playing football and to be honest I still can't believe it. Being back playing though has done me the world of good and I wouldn't have done it if I hadn't made the progress on my weight loss & fitness journey that I have done so far. Being back playing is the best feeling after so long and it has led to me actually having friends, something which I never thought would happen as for so long I have just enjoyed my own company. Having a great team and group of new found friends has been brilliant and training & game days are becoming my favourite days of the week. 

Gone places on my own 

Back in 2021 I wouldn't go to boxing sessions without my sister however, 2022 Lucy really doesn't mind going on her own now and working with different people on those weeks has been fantastic. Going places on my own is something I am really getting used to and I no longer feel like all eyes are on me for going alone. In 2023 I am hoping to do a lot more on my own alongside meeting up with friends I have made online, I will really be putting this new found confidence to the test.

Trying different clothing styles

For so many years I have stuck to the same sort of clothing, usually dark and plain as I didn't want to draw attention to myself. however, throughout 2022 I have been pushing myself to try new styles and I am loving it. I spent summer in shorts and bright t-shirts or printed shirts and as for the rest of the year I have just been mixing things up as much as possible and I am loving it. It has really been a step out of my comfort zone and I am looking forward to seeing what I can do in terms of my style in 2023. 

Feel so much healthier & have more energy

I know I said at the start of the post I haven't made as much progress due to illness but at the same time I am feeling much healthier than in previous years. I have been ill however, I haven't been as ill as I have been in previous years and I am honestly putting this down to me being much more active & eating much better. I think as things continue to head in the right direction I will end up feeling much healthier in 2023 too. I also feel like I have a lot more energy than previous and I am looking forward to that continuing to grow.

Done different activities

I have stepped out of my comfort zone in terms of the activities I have done throughout the year too I have been to play gyms with the nephew and actually gone on the equipment with him, we have been to inflatable fun zones and I have even been trampolining. These are all things I would have previously avoided but I have braved them, not worried about my weight impacting the day and I have actually loved every second of doing these things. I even confidently got into a swimming pool in a swimming costume on holiday without worrying how I looked and had hours of fun. It is funny just how much you can do when you stop worrying about your weight & how you will look doing it.

I am actually going into 2023 really looking forward to the year ahead rather than dreading what is to come like years previous. I really do believe if I take this progress into the new year and continue to build what I am doing and gain some consistency that I could really see some big benefits and have a big push towards my end goal in 2023. I am 100% ready to see what 2023 has in store for me and to see just what I can do to make some huge steps in my fitness and weight loss journey. Could it be the year I smash all those goals I set for myself?

November 2022 Favourites

November has been yet another great month in terms of life overall, granted it has been another extremely busy month. There has once again been loads going on and to be honest I have been very lucky if I have been having 2 nights a week where I have had the chance to go straight home from work and either relax or work on the blogs but I can't complain as those busy nights have certainly been worth it and it is safe to say 2022 has been a great year and November has just added to it being so good. As always I have managed to discover some new favourite things throughout the month as well as rediscovering old one, so here are the favourites that made the cut this time around...


Trying new things 

If you know me you will know that I typically tend to stick to the same sort of clothing however, this autumn I am trying to mix it up a bit and experiment with different clothing. This has been one of my favourite things to do as it has led to me finding new clothing items that I love as well as me feeling more comfortable in the way I dress & a whole lot more confident. One of my favourites from the new items I have tried is certainly this rugby style shirt, I never thought I would enjoy wearing something like this, but I love it, it just makes my outfits a bit smarter and it is so comfortable and easy to style.


Working on projects

I might not have had much time at home but I have had the odd few bits of free time especially on my lunch breaks, if I haven't had the free time I have made it by staying up a lot later than usual to get things done. This has been really important to me as it has meant that I can get the ideas for future projects written down and I can actually start working on them rather than having them just floating around in my brain. I have already got a lot planned for 2023 so it is time to get cracking and working on it all now to try get ahead of myself and try avoid any burnout next year. Working on the projects has been great so far and although it is early stages I can't wait to see it all start coming together. 


Cosy living room vibes

In previous years I have spent far too many evenings in the games room however, now I am more than happy to get settled on the sofa under a blanket and just watch TV for hours on end. I don't know if it is because I have got hooked on the show Blue Bloods or if it is due to all the football I am watching lately but I now spend more of my time in the living room and I can't complain. Even with a weights bench in the room it is nice and cosy on an evening and let's not talk about all the times I have actually fallen asleep on the sofa as I have got too comfortable.

Health & fitness

All of the football

Probably my overall favourite throughout November is ll of the football, now for once I don't mean watching it I actually mean playing it. I really got into a consistent routine in November so there were plenty of training sessions and even games to play, it is safe to say I absolutely loved every second of it and I am already counting down to our next games and training sessions. It is fantastic being a part of a team once more.

So there you have it those are my favourites from November. What are your favourites from November 2022? 

November 2022 Finess Update

Well that is November over and done with and it has been a month of maintaining my weight, which to be honest I am glad about as it wasn't the best month with life being 100 mph and me barely even being at home for anything other than sleep. I am quite proud that I have managed to maintain my weight as November wasn't my best month at all but I didn't fall back into old habits which is certainly a win for me. So here is how November's goals went...

Go boxing every Wednesday 
I was on track to do this until the final Wednesday of the month where I ended up being sent home from work ill which obviously meant I wasn't up for boxing that evening. I am definitely seeing a difference from going more consistently so fingers crossed I can hit the goal I have set myself for December and get to every session.

Hit 6k steps daily 
I think I managed to do this most days apart from the odd few where I wasn't feeling too good or had days sat in front of the computer. It has been great hitting these steps continuously and I am looking forward to challenging myself more now that my step target has been increased again. The steps are definitely making a big difference on my journey and I can't wait to see what that increase does for me in December.

Get all the workout clothing sorted out
This once again hasn't been done due to that lack of time however, I have rolled it over to December and I will be making an evening or even a Saturday morning free to get this goal ticked off as we head into the festive period to make space for anything new I might end up receiving for Christmas or anything I pick up in the sales. I need to get rid of anything that is hung off me now as I need that extra space.

Lose 5lbs
Well this was always going to be an ambitious target and I ended up maintaining, I am going to set this as a goal for December though as with the way things are going there is a high chance I could actually achieve this. Time to get cracking on with sorting that nutrition out.
Try get on bike twice a week
Maybe this one would have happened if I was actually at home to do it or if when I was at home I could actually get the bike into the living room which is currently a mess due to us not being at home. This is something I am going to be incorporating into my routine a lot more in 2023 though so its time to make sure I am actually at home and the living room has space for the bike.

Go football training every Monday 
This is exactly the same as boxing, it was going so well until the final week of the month. It was on the Monday that I really started to feel unwell, I put it down to getting soaked playing football but that clearly wasn't the full reason. I was going to push myself to go to the final session of the month but in the end I just wasn't up for it. We will try hit every possible session in December though to make up for it.

Sort new football boots out 
Well I have found the pair I really, really want however, they are going to cost me a fortune so I have got a reward incentive set for them if I actually score a goal. To be honest though I don't think I can wait that long so I will be doing a bit of saving to gain these a bit quicker than waiting around for a goal.

Cut back on takeaways
I ended up having far too many takeaways throughout November due to laziness from both me and Liam plus a lack of time at home to cook, some weeks we didn't even get a food shop done as we couldn't squeeze it into our week and this just set us up for failure. I am determined to be a lot more prepared and get my nutrition sorted throughout December though.

Meal prep every week
Again this was going to be an ambitious one all along and really didn't happen due to that lack of time. I am determined to make meal prep a big part of my weekly routine now though as I have seriously seen the benefits I can achieve from it in the past. It is time to really sort that nutrition out once and for all.

 So here is how November looked on the scales...

Beginning of November weight: 15 stone 0 lb 

End of November weight : 15 stone 0 lb

Total loss for the month : Same

So here are the goals I am making for myself to hopefully smash in December...

- Go boxing every week that it is on
- Get workout clothing sorted out
- Lose 5lbs
- Football training every Monday it is on 
- Play football games every week they are on (if picked for team)
- Enjoy the festive period but don't go overboard

I am determined to smash the final month of the year and start 2023 in the best way possible as I am super impressed with the progress I have made in 2022 even with a fair few set backs. If I can get a few more pounds off in December I will be going into 2023 at my lowest weight possible and I am more and more determined to make a big push towards my final goal throughout 2023 as I know I am capable of doing so. Time to make December count. 

Total loss for 2022 : - 13 lb

Total loss since start of journey : - 1 stone 2 lb

My 2022 Christmas wish list

I have to admit when family members have asked me what I want for Christmas in the past I have struggled however, this year has been totally the opposite I have actually had so many ideas to give them as I actually have real hobbies again. This year I have definitely opted for the more practical gifts for the most part that are actually going to benefit me throughout the year. 2022 has been a brilliant year as I have thrown myself into my fitness & weight loss journey therefore a lot of items on this list are to help me smash the goals I set in that area for 2023 however, it has been a big year for me as I have got back into playing football which means I can ask for items that are going to benefit me for both training and game days. It has actually been nice to be able to give ideas for gifts rather than just shrugging my shoulders and ending up with a lot of random things on Christmas day, I have definitely tried being more practical with the gifts too as I am trying to declutter the house and only purchase/receive items that are going to be of benefit to me with how the current climate is going my eyes have really been opened up to just how much money has previously been wasted and there really is no need for it. As always this list is made up of items I will be suggesting to Liam and family members whilst it also includes a few more expensive items that I will be looking towards purchasing as a Christmas gift or two to myself because why not. So here is my 2022 Christmas wish list...

These bath salts have become an addition to my routine that I really can't cope without, every bath time I am using these now and honestly I can't see it changing anytime soon. They definitely help with my aching muscles and recovery time has been a whole lot better since adding them to my baths. These are relatively cheap to purchase and to be honest it is a good job as I can sometimes go through multiple bags a month depending on how many workouts I do in that month, that is why this is top of my wish list, they are a huge benefit. 

I have realised this year I rely on my phone far too much when it comes to my workouts and numerous times I have had to delay starting a workout so that I can charge my phone up. I came across a few people on Instagram using a workout logbook and after looking into them myself I have realised just how much I could end up benefitting for owning one. I can write my workout down and crack on without having to rely on my phone and apps. It would definitely make workouts more efficient and then I can just transfer things to my phone later on. 

I am constantly using a protein shaker these days whether it is for a shake, EAAs or even pre-workout so I have realised you can never have too many shakers around the house. I would absolutely love a football themed one though for game days and could even ask my mum to personalise it for me seen as I am calling going back to football my Jordan Nobbs comeback. I could easily have a choice of teams but one that has Nobbs 8 or something similar would be the perfect personalised gift.

After watching England become the Euro winners from inside Wembley of course there was going to be at least 1 item to commemorate that day on my Christmas list. When scrolling through looking for book recommendations recently I came across this one on Amazon and sent Liam the link straight away. This book looks like the perfect item to add to any Lioness fans collection so we can look back on the tournament whenever we like.

I have a bit of an issue with my wardrobe lately... nothing fits me right so I am wanting to add better quality pieces that should last me a while even with my size changing for the better. I was originally going to wait until I reached my end goal to pick up my first pair of Jordan cargos however, they are just constantly calling my name. I absolutely love the look of them and they could be a little Christmas treat to myself.

These Nike Blazers have been calling my name for a very long time now and I am really surprised that I haven't caved in yet and purchased them. I think a link for these might end up being sent to Liam or I might just give in and finally treat myself to a pair. They would be perfect for the spring time as they are simple yet classic colourway that will go with probably all of my wardrobe, I think if I did end up getting them they could end up as a most worn pair for me in 2023. 

This exact Gymshark hoodie was one of my first ever purchases from the back in 2019 and it is still going strong, no damage to it or anything like that however, I need to purchase myself a new one as the original is hung off me now thanks to my weight loss. With how well the original has served me I am going to stick with this exact one as it is nice and simple and is perfect for working out or even those more chilled casual days. 

I have noticed one area of workout clothing that is lacking... my short collection, for some reason I only have a few pairs of shorts and now I am working out more often I really need to change that. The shorts I currently own are all Gymshark ones and to be honest I think if I treat myself to any for Christmas they will also be Gymshark ones as they just fit me right and are super comfortable. A black pair and a grey pair would definitely go down a treat and work really well with the other clothing I currently have.

Now I am playing football more often I have realised parts of my equipment that require either an upgrade or need adding. One thing I have found to be missing is a good pair of grip socks and that is why they have found their way onto this wish list. A good pair of grip socks is going to be an addition to my training and game day routine as it just means my feet will no longer be sliding all over my boots and my performance should be that bit better than it has been. 
Remember when I said I was going through loads of bath salts, well I am also going through a lot of sock tape which I honestly didn't expect. I use the tape to keep my shinpads in place on game day and even for training so a roll doesn't seem to last me two minutes. I think Liam will be getting sent a link to a multipack of sock tape as he is the only person who seems to appreciate just how much I go through.

We have started going to watch Man Utd women games and since seeing the players warming up in this t-shirt I have been in love with it. I just love the design on it and after seeing it in a shop I have realised it is also pretty good quality, better than I expected to be honest. I think this could be a great t-shirt for training or even doing my weights workouts in but who knows it could even come in handy just for going to watch games in.

Galton is one of my favourite WSL players and I absolutely love the Man Utd away shirt so getting this shirt for Christmas would definitely be a win, win situation for me. I could represent my favourite player in a great looking shirt. It would be great for mixing up which shirt I wear on game days too, I would have the option between Galton, Earps and Staniforth, choices don't get much better than that.

If you have read the blog for a while now you will know I absolutely love a 1/4 zip top and there have been plenty of additions in that department over the year but this Man Utd one would definitely top them all if I got my hands on it. I love the way the colours work on this and again it is great quality, better than I expected. Usually I would wait for something like this to drop in price but I don't think I would be able to wait this time around.

I know the last few items have been Man Utd ones however, I have wanted a Leah Williamson shirt for the longest time therefore I am planning on treating myself to an Arsenal shirt with her name on the back. I really can't decide between the 3rd or away shirt though so who knows which one I am going to end up with when I do finally make the purchase.

The reason I aren't getting the Arsenal home shirt with Williamson on is because that is reserved for a Jordan Nobbs one. I have wanted a Nobbs shirt for even longer than I have wanted a Williamson one as she is by far my favourite player and is a hugely under rated player in the league. She is a player I look up to due to her ability to bounce back from injury and is just overall a brilliant player. This shirt is going to be the perfect addition to my collection and fingers crossed I get it in time for watching her play as I would love to get it signed by her. 

Finally we have a new pair of boots on the list, now Liam has said he would get me a new pair of boots if I score however, I have a funny feeling that Christmas is definitely going to come around before then so why not treat myself. The pair I want are certainly on the expensive side at £250 however, they should last and be a whole lot more comfortable than my current pair which I only bought as they were cheap. I just absolutely love the colour and pattern on this book, plus a lot of my favourites wear them too so they must be good. 

So there you have it that is my Christmas wish list for 2022, I can definitely see me getting a few items off this list as a treat to myself and no doubt a few ideas will be getting sent Liam way when he asks me a week before Christmas what I want as he usually does. It is time to start making better choices now and only getting those practical items that are going to benefit me and the goals I am aiming for as now I am getting older I know there is no point wasting mine or family members money.

What is top of your Christmas wish list?