Weekly Round Up 2020 #4

I don't feel like I stopped last week, there was plenty going on that kept me really busy but it was a week where I finally started to feel better and the week was actually quite a productive one. So here is how my week went...

I still wasn't feeling too good so after work it was a case of going home and just relaxing, I did manage to get a fair bit of blogging done too, so it wasn't a night wasted. 

Instead of heading to the grandparents like I usually do on a Tuesday, we all went to the Panto instead. Usually I aren't a fan but this year Paul Chuckle and Faye Tozer were both in the show so I had to go & I am so glad I did. It was brilliant and was basically like my childhood re-lived.

Another day at work followed by a night of just catching up on YouTube and just relaxing. It was nice just doing nothing all night.

After work on Thursday it was quite a busy one, we decided to clear out things in the games room so I could actually get back to my consoles & PC. I t was great finally being able to have space in there and getting to go on my computer for the first time in ages.

Friday was my sisters best friends 18th birthday party so after clearing the spare room out we all headed off to the party and it was a great night.

Saturday was brilliant, my dad was round at ours to make a start on decorating the spare room, where he actually got quite a lot done. Whilst he was there I got out of the way so went shopping with my mum and nephew. Matalan have a big sale on at the moment so I got quite a few bits from there and I even picked up a few bits for the nephew from other shops too.

Sunday started with a trip to get another roll of wallpaper then it was the rugby for us as the Bulls played their final preseason game. It was all going so well for the Bulls but the referee called the game off early due to 'bad lighting' it was nice to go watch the rugby again though as I am really getting back into it. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: I am finally all caught up on Hollyoaks as I watched a lot of it over the weekend. We also managed to watch another episode of the Witcher too.

Reading: The only thing I read last week was a few blog posts.

Listening to: I found myself listening to a lot of Halsey last week. 

This week I want to get more of the spare room finished, I don't think there will be much longer until it is fully complete. I am hoping this means a trip to Ikea too which I think I am most looking forward to. Fingers crossed I have plenty of time to get some content planned for the blogs too and finally start getting more organised.

See you soon

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