Weekly Round Up 2020 #1

I have been doing weekly round up posts for a while on this blog but I thought for 2020 we would have a fresh start and change up the format of these posts a little bit. So from now on the post will be split down into days with a little bit about each day then a round up like last time at the bottom about what I have been reading, watching etc. So here is the round up of the 1st week in January.

Poor Liam was in work on Monday to do the stock take so I went on a trip to Blackpool with my nephew,sister, parents & grandparents. It was an absolutely day out even if it was a little cold. We did a spot of shopping, went in the amusements and then went for coffee before heading home.

New years eve and majority of the day was spent cleaning the house, we got as much done as we could & the Christmas decorations all came down. Then we all headed to my sisters house for her new year party.

New years day and it may has well of been a write off for me. I was too hungover to get anything done, in fact we were off to the football and I left it until the very last minute just to get ready. As soon as we got home from the football I went straight back to bed.

Unfortunately Thursday was back to reality for me as I was back in work. Luckily though the day seemed to go pretty quickly and before I knew it we were off home. Me and Liam went and did a bit of a food shop too as the fridge had been emptied over the Christmas period.

Another day at work but thanks to our early Friday finishes I managed to go see my nephew for a little bit. Then it back home to have a nice night in with Liam.

No football for us this weekend as we were away so it was another day of just cleaning and getting jobs done. My dad came round to do some glossing in the spare room too so it was a pretty productive day.

Sunday was a blogging day. We shot images for 5 posts in the morning, uploaded all the images (it took forever thanks to our slow internet) and I actually made a start on writing the posts. It was nice just having a day in getting stuff done.

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: We finally got to watch John Wick 3 and WOW what a brilliant film that is, I think it could be my favourite in the series. We have also been getting really into The Witcher, we are only a few episodes in but so far so good. I of course have been watching a lot of YouTube again too, anything from the Sidemen to What I got for Christmas videos. I have also loved watching planning for 2020 videos.

Reading: I picked my book back up last week, and only intended to read for half an hour, almost 3 hours later I finally put it down. According to Goodreads I am 64% through this book now so fingers crossed that is a sign that I may be getting back into reading. 

Listening to: Only on artist has been listened to lately for me and that has been Stormzy his new album Heavy Is The Head is absolutely fantastic. 

This week I want to get some more work done in the spare room, things are really coming together in there and I honestly don't think it will be too long until it is complete. I also want to get all the doors painted upstairs and try get a bit of the games room clean. I just want that room back now. Fingers crossed I have another productive week.

See you soon

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