Gift ideas for fitness lovers

Christmas is fast approaching and we are at that stage of the year where every two minutes I am asked what I want for Christmas and to be honest I am usually stuck for ideas to give my family, now though I actually have proper interests and hobbies that can create a bit of a theme for gift ideas. This year I have really got into working out a whole lot more than I have done previously, I have been going boxing more often and most importantly I have got back playing football at long last so this year I have had a fair few ideas to give family members which got me thinking about this post, so today's post is a compilation of ideas of gifts for those people who love fitness and items that will help them kick start any fitness goals they have set for 2023. Some of these items I already own and absolutely love whereas others are items I am suggesting to my own family as they are items I would love to have as part of my own journey for the big goals I am setting out to achieve in 2023, but more on those in the new year. So here is my list of perfect gift ideas for a fitness lover...

I use my phone to record my workouts but in 2023 I don't want to rely on my phone as much and after having a look on Instagram I have seen a lot of people using the workout log books to record their sessions. I have always preferred to write things down on paper so I am not sure why I haven't got one of these yet. You can get these at a variety of price points so they could be a good budget stocking filler but it is a great way to track your progress.

One of my best purchases since the start of my journey has been my massage gun, I think mine was around £50 at the time however, again there are different ones at different price points to suit all budgets. The massage gun has been a life saver since I bought it however, it has been even more useful since I have started playing football. A quick 10/15 minutes with this just helps reduce the muscle soreness and means I am good to go again the next day and can get more sessions in weekly rather than having to wait 3 days for muscle recovery like I used to at the start of my journey. 

Ah bath salts, my absolute favourite product for after football training and games. I go through bags of these like they are going out of fashion and I really do feel like I benefit from using them in my baths. They just help with that muscle recovery and I have found they really do speed up the recovery process. I already know I am getting a 2kg bag of these for Christmas and I can't wait even though I know the 2kg probably won't last very long. These are great to keep stocked on the bathroom shelves and are the perfect addition to a nice warm bath.

In 2023 I am planning to include more stretching and mobility into my routine as I know it is going to benefit my football performance, I would love a brilliant yoga mat to do the stretching on as it is a much better surface than the hard floor or the carpet. Plus we should have the home gym sorted in 2023 and a nice yoga mat would look fantastic in the space. I love these HB London ones as you can have them personalised so they make the perfect gift. Granted these are on the more expensive side at £79 but they look absolutely fantastic.

I don't go to a gym and don't really need another wash bag but this Gymshark one would be ideal for a typical gym goer as there is plenty of space for all the essentials. For me though it would be great for football, in my bag at the moment I just have loads of little loose items so a bag like this just to hold them would be ideal. It could house my sock tape, inhalers, protein powder box and even the essential deep heat roll on. It would definitely stop me wasting time looking around for each item, there are plenty of uses for this bag and it looks simple and stylish what more could you want? This is an essential for every gym bag.

Is it even Christmas if you don't receive a pair of socks? I know that I always get plenty of new pairs around this year and they are always the same style... sports socks. I just find sports socks much more comfortable than ordinary ones, now for a while I only ever wore Nike ones however, I got a pack of Gymshark ones, and they very well become my new go to pairs. They are a bit more padded on the foot and are really comfortable, I have found they are lasting a while too which is even better. A good pair of sports socks should be in every fitness fanatics stocking this Christmas they certainly are an essential.

As the weather changes a hoodie is the perfect addition to anyone's wardrobe and it is an even better for those who work out. A nice pullover hoodie is perfect for going to and from the gym or a fitness class, you can warm up in it and simply take it off when it is no longer required during your session before putting it back on ready to hit the cold air outdoors when your session is done. I live in hoodies around this time of year and wear them whilst at my boxing classes as it just provides a bit of extra warmth. This Gymshark hoodie would be the perfect to any workout clothing wardrobe as it is super simple yet looks great. I have had this exact one for years now and the quality is brilliant so a Gymshark hoodie is high up on the fitness lovers gift guide for me. 

A good pair of shorts is an essential for working out as I have realised a lot this past year. Some shorts in my collection were just not cutting it for me as they were restricting my movements and just weren't comfortable however, both my Gymshark pairs were spot on and I had my best workouts in them. I don't tend to buy shorts throughout the year as the ones I have either last or are a bit too expensive for me justifying buying more of them but I know a lot of people like to have a little collection to pick from so a good pair of shorts is definitely a winning gift idea. 

Another budget gift idea is a 2 litre water bottle, I finally picked up one this year and it has become a daily essential. It goes everywhere with me and I am glad of that as it means that I am definitely staying hydrated unlike before. You can get these in designs to suit everyone and can get different quality ones so definitely have a shop around to see what suits the person you are gifting the most.

If the gift recipient drinks protein shakers or pre workout a perfect budget gift could be a new shaker that is a bit more personal to them. After doing some searching for my own gift ideas I have realised you can get them for just about any interest. You can get them with the persons favourite football team on or even their favourite wrestlers, there really is something for everyone. Again you can get these on a budget and would be perfect for someone who desperately needs a shaker upgrade but won't do it themselves.

If you have a bit more of a budget then a good pair of earphones might be a good idea for a fitness lover. There is nothing worse than going to do a workout and realising you have forgotten your earphones, I have been there and done that far too many times or I have got there and realised that they aren't charged which is even more annoying. These Under Armour x JBL ones look perfect for working out in plus they have a handy little charging case whilst costing less than a pair of Airpods. A pair of earphones are definitely on the more pricy side of budgets but they are perfect for so many workouts whether it is in the gym, on a run or even going for a long walk. 

So there you go those are just a few gift ideas for those fitness lovers in your life. Each item will definitely benefit their workouts in one way or another and there is something for all budgets. I know a fair few of these items are on my own wish list and I am hoping that receiving them will really help get 2023 off to a great start in terms of the continuation of my own fitness journey. 

What items would you love to receive to help your own fitness journey?

I need to try stay motivated and disciplined this winter


One thing that I have noticed lately is that my motivation really drops in the winter, it is definitely down to a mixture of reasons that my motivation drops but one of the main ones is that the cold weather sets in and it is usually awful up where I live so a lot of things get pushed back as I feel the cold far too much and really don't fancy working out or anything like that. Walking also gets pushed back as I don't fancy walking in the dark or cold and the idea of getting soaked in the rain doesn't sound too appealing to me neither does slipping if it is frosty or icy. I already suffer through the cold and wet for football so that is enough weekly for me. The dark mornings make waking up each day that bit more difficult, then getting home in the dark is even worse as I feel like I don't see any daylight which isn't too good for my brain. I know though I need to get out of these thoughts if I want to progress and achieve the goals I have set out for myself, I can't let the motivation/discipline drop due to the weather conditions, I need to be consistent all year round, so here is the plan to help me stay motivated and disciplined throughout the winter months...

Set an earlier alarm and gradually wake up

At the moment I am just setting an alarm getting up and getting on with my day however, I don't want to do this anymore. I want to start getting up and working out before I start my day to ensure I am getting all my workouts in for the week. The plan is to set the alarm for about 15 minutes before I need to be getting out of bed for a much earlier alarm than I am used to. Those 15 minutes should just help me come around and gradually wake up before smashing a workout and getting on with my day. Fingers crossed by doing this my mornings will flow a bit better and I can achieve everything I set out to achieve that week.

Meal Prep

Once maybe twice a week I will be setting time aside to meal prep, this will mainly be lunches I will be making as I have noticed the convenience options I go for are not the best and are part of the reason I am not hitting my goals. By meal prepping any laziness will be eliminated as I will have a nice healthy meal already waiting for me and those sausage rolls etc. will be cut back on. This will only take me a few hours if that to do and will be so beneficial in the long run and it will help keep the discipline of eating much better consistently. 

Plan workouts in advance

This is another one that is not helped by the weather, if it is cold I aren't going to want to workout if it isn't planned and scheduled in. I am determined to set those workout sessions in stone rather than having them super flexible as that has led to me skipping so many in the past. I know that if I set these in stone and have them written down where I can see them easily I won't want to deviate off track and I will want to be able to tick off each session as complete rather than skipping over them. I have a plan for doing this and having a more visual representation of scheduled workouts and the plan is to do a calendar page, schedule everything in and highlight when a session is done. I would want all sessions nicely highlighted so it should help me get them done.

Try get things done early 

I have mentioned this a bit in the setting an alarm section but the main reason I want to get things done early is so that I have free time on evenings and then I can have spontaneous trips out with the family without feeling guilty that I have had to miss a workout to do so. I know from past experience too that I have a much better day if I workout in the morning, I just feel much more energized and raring to go. I know if I get back into those 5.30 am starts that I will start to see the progress I am really hoping to make even in the cold weather. 

Get some warmer workout clothing

I have realised I don't have many items that fit me that are actually warm clothing items ready for the cold weather setting in. That is why I am going to treat myself to some new joggers and a new hoodie or long sleeved top just to keep me covered for those colder workouts especially if they are early in the morning. By having warmer clothing I am more likely going to want to work out as I know I shouldn't be feeling the cold. The plus side especially with a hoodie is if I get too warm I can always remove it to cool down a bit but if I never had one in the first place obviously that couldn't happen, I would rather be safe than sorry when it comes to staying warm so warm workout clothing purchases will be being made.  

Lay outfits out the evening before 

I did this during the lockdowns and it just worked so well, I would make sure that I had all my workout clothing laid out ready to jump straight into the next day and it ensured that I got those early morning sessions done. I wasn't spending half hour getting ready in a morning, in steady it was around 10 minutes and I wasn't fed up after having to search for the best outfit to wear. It was much more convenient so I plan on getting into this habit once more so that when my alarm goes off at half 5 I can be up and working out by 5.45 making the most of the early start and getting ahead of myself. 

Keep thinking of the long term goal

This is the biggest thing I plan on doing to make sure I stay motived and disciplined. I know if I want to achieve the big long term goal I set for myself I need to stay motivated and disciplined so I am trying to remind myself daily where I want to be this time next year and even 5 years down the line. By reminding myself daily I am never forgetting what I am actually working towards, I know that if I aren't disciplined the goal will take longer or not happen at all and we really don't want that. I have my goal written in many different places so I can always see it and I am hoping this really helps keep me on track.

So there you have it that is how I am planning on staying motivated and disciplined this winter period, I am really hoping that this works for me and I can have some really productive months where I wouldn't previously have had them due to lack of discipline and motivation due to the cold weather which is usually a big let down for me. It is time to start making some huge progress towards my goals and I have a feeling the last month of 2022 and the whole of 2023 is going to good to me, I just need to put that hard work in. 

The products I use daily

I noticed throughout the summer that my skin was getting into terrible condition, I was breaking out once more, it was taking ages for breakouts to calm down and my skin was constantly red and itchy. I think this was partly down to a big change in my diet, the wrong way once again but I also realised I wasn't taking care of my skin like I used to. My skin had just got used to me having a consistent skin care routine however, as the weather got better I neglected that, it was also used to me being hydrated and eating better foods, something where I noticed a huge difference in my skin condition but again my diet went off track and the first place that suffered was my skin. The past month or so though I have been putting that time aside once more to piece together a skin care routine that works for me alongside getting my skin sorted out I have also started taking more time in my whole routine when I am getting ready, I consider which fragrance suits the season more and I also spend more time sorting my hair as it is out of control at the moment whilst it is growing out. So here are some of the daily products I am using in my routine which is still fairly new but coming along nicely...

First up I have been using the Neutrogena clear and soothe mousse cleaner, in the past I have never bothered with a cleanser but I am so glad I gave this mousse cleanser a go, it is really refreshing on my skin and I have seen a nice difference since using this. I have noticed with this cleanser a little really does go a long way and it seems to be lasting me a long time making it great value for money so far, I just hope my skin carries on agreeing with it. I also use the Neutrogena clear and defend + face wash, before I bought this I did a bit of research and found it was part of a budget range that would be perfect for my skin, since using this range my breakouts have certainly become less frequent which is the best result I could have wished for. the face wash applies really well and I finish off the routine with two more items from the range, the serum and the clear moisturiser. I am really impressed with how these products are working with my skin and I have a funny feeling I will be repurchasing all these items when the time comes.

Another daily product I use is the Mitchum shower fresh roll on, now up until a few month ago I wasn't a fan of roll on deodorants but after a few recommendations I picked the Mitchum one up as it was on offer in boots and I honestly don't think I will be going back to aerosol deodorants in the future. This shower fresh roll on certainly keeps me smelling good during the day and isn't too overpowering like some aerosol ones, it isn't sticky and one roll on certainly lasts a long time. I have already got another one in line for when my current one runs out and I don't see any changes to which deodorant I use anytime soon, I am super happy with it. 

When it comes to fragrances I am really trying to cut back on the amount I spend on a bottle as I was buying expensive ones and getting sick of them a month or so later, as I am trying to manage money better now my eyes are being opened to cheaper products that still smell great. At the moment I  am just using these small eau de toilette from the Primark men's department, they are around £2 a bottle and last me a long time even though they are such small bottles. I have a variety of scents from here that are perfect for autumn which I keep switching between and each fragrances stands out in its own way without being too overpowering, something which I was worried about when first buying them. 

I am growing my hair out at the moment as I just feel like a bit of a change however, I have noticed that growing my hair out takes a lot more patience than I expected and I need to spend a bit more time on it each day as it is a lot harder to style, I can't just run the brush through it and leave it. I have started applying this oil to it which is definitely helping keep it in a good condition and then I am applying a beach matt paste just to help create the curly messed up look I am going with lately and will be doing for a long time. This Got2b one was reasonably priced and is lasting me a long time so I am sure this is going to be another repurchase when it is finished. 

Finally every day I use this shockwaves hairspray. I was using the got2b one however, it costs a fortune these days and I wasn't getting the hold I wanted from it so I switched to this shockwaves one and I am impressed. I can get two cans of this for the price of one got2b one so it is much better value for money and it lasts longer and provides a much better hold, something I am very grateful of especially with how my hair is growing at the moment.

As I said this routine is still fairly new and I am working out which products work the best for me and which don't however, so far all these products are working brilliantly for me and a lot of them will definitely be getting repurchased when they run out. It has been nice having a skincare routine that is benefiting me a lot more than previous ones have and this is actually easy to stick to, 2022 has been all about building habits and the items in this post are definitely helping me with that. 

What are some products you use daily?

My perfect autumn outfit under £30

With my weight loss journey really starting to take shape I am trying to be much better with my money. I am realising now I don't need to spend a fortune on new clothing as those new items might only end up lasting me a few months if I continue making the progress I am. That is why I am now tending to stick to Primark when it comes to clothing, I can piece together some cheaper outfits that are still pretty good quality. I have found that with Primark I can put together an outfit for £30 and still look good in it and full of confidence, the men's department has become my go to lately and I have restocked my wardrobe with some great new pieces that didn't break the bank but should also still look great even if they are a bit baggier on me in just a few months time, I do love these items so much though that I am already tempted to repurchase them a size smaller so I am covered for when I do drop more weight. This outfit in this post for the top and bottoms cost just £27 and honestly it is one of my favourite outfits at the moment, it is just so comfortable and I felt really confident when wearing it. So here is what the outfit consisted of...

I absolutely love these cuffed bottom cargo pants from Primark. They were just £15 and the fit is absolutely fantastic. At first I was worried about them being a bit too tight on my thighs as that has always been a struggled when buying bottoms from the men's section however, these are absolutely perfect around that area and are super comfortable with room in them without looking too baggy. The cuffed bottom is perfect too as the cargos are actually the perfect length for me which again is something I often struggle with due to being so short. They are the perfect length for with a variety of sneakers in my collection however, for this particular outfit I teamed them up with my nice new Air Force 1's and they work really well together. The pockets on these are perfect too and normally I wouldnt trust using them but I can easily put my wallet or phone in there without them looking too bulky. The drawstring top of the cargos is great too as they are elasticated, they should fit me that bit longer, or at least I am hoping that is going to be the case.

I never thought I would purchase a rugby style shirt in the past, to be honest they never really appealed to me. I thought the collar would irritate me and that the style wouldn't go with the rest of my wardrobe but WOW how wrong was past me. As soon as I laid eyes on this one in Primark I knew it was coming home with me if it fit me right and even a size down from normal I was impressed with the fit. It doesn't cling to me and is actually a bit oversized which definitely surprised me. I am definitely in between sizes now but I can imagine this top is going to last me a while as even a bit over sized it still looks great. In the past I have usually avoided anything with white as it has not worked well with my size, plus I usually end up staining them in one way or another but this one is great. The white isn't see-through and the dark green compliments it really well. The dark green is another colour I usually wouldn't bother with but it is safe to say I am now on the look out for more clothing including this green colour. 

At first I thought the large collar on this shirt would get on my nerves however, it sits really well and actually looks quite smart whether the shirt is buttoned up or not. In the past some shirts I have had and washed a few times the collar goes a bit out of shape and is a nightmare to get looking right however, so far I have had no issues with this one and it is still looking as good as the day I first bought it. What I do love thought is the SB detail on the chest, it is really the main focus of the shirt and it looks great, it really does stand out and just adds the bit of detail to make the shirt what it is, without this I think it would definitely look a bit too boring and I don't think I would have purchased it. As for the shirt itself as I mentioned it is a little bit over sized for me which is perfect but also the body length is the correct length as are the sleeves, these are 2 areas I have struggled with in the past due to my height but finally things are fitting me a whole lot better.

This outfit only being £27 is absolutely perfect for the direction my shopping habits are heading in at the moment and I am absolutely loving the fit of it. I love both these items that much I already have the cargos in a grey pair and I am on the hunt for more of these rugby style shirts to fill my wardrobe with. The outfit teamed with my Nike Air Force 1's gives the perfect smart casual look and I know my Vans and Converse would work well with it too making a nice versatile outfit combination that would suit numerous occasions rather than just being suited to shopping trips or work like more of my wardrobe currently is. For how much I paid for these items it is safe to say I am going to get my wear out of them and I am already planning on wearing them to various things I have coming up so get used to seeing them as I am sure they will be on social media a fair bit. 

 I am definitely learning these days that creating great outfits on a budget is more than possible so I am sure you will be seeing more posts like this whilst I am on my weight loss journey and trying to build a wardrobe that fits whilst not breaking the bank. I am going through so many clothes at the moment a wardrobe declutter is definitely in order so I guess I might require another Primark trip once that takes place. 

What do you think to these rugby style shirts? Do you love them or hate them? 

October 2022 new in

Well it has definitely shocked me when I have come to sit down to write this post... I thought I would be writing forever with how my bank account was looking at the end of the month but that is definitely not the case. My bank account might have been empty but that was actually due to me picking up a lot more Christmas presents for family members than I expected, which I guess is an added bonus as it means that as we approach Christmas more money is freed up for myself so I can either put it into savings or actually treat myself properly, I should definitely be saying it would head to savings but realistically we know it won't be don't we? I have to say though I am pleased at the amount of Christmas shopping I have done so far and I don't think it will be long until it is finished, but for now here is a look at everything I treated myself to in October...

Of course October is spooky season and the shops were full of great merchandise for Halloween this time around. When I was in Asda I came across this Disney Villian's mug and I couldn't resist it. I definitely didn't need any more mugs but I absolutely love the Disney Villian's and honestly I will be using this all year round now. An added bonus is that it is huge too so perfect for those cosy hot chocolates.

I seem to have had this Alex Scott book on order forever but finally it has arrived and I can't wait to get reading it. Alex Scott has always been one of my favourite footballers and I absolutely love her commentary etc, she just seems to be everywhere these days. As soon as the book was announced I pre-ordered as I was excited to learn more about one of my favourite players life both on and off the pitch. No doubt by the end of November this book will be completed, it has been a while since I have sat down and read but this book could be a turning point.

H&M have impressed me with their clothing lately and I have been that impressed I have actually ended up buying some items out of the women's department for a change. I noticed when looking through my wardrobe I don't have many casual sweatshirts, I was struggling to find a good one too until I came across this UCLA Bruins one, it was a bit more expensive than I would have liked at £24.99 but I decided to treat myself as I had some birthday money left and I am so glad I did. Surprisingly I had to size down twice and the fit is currently perfect. I am definitely going to get my wear out of this through autumn and winter. 

When I was buying the sweatshirt above I came across this red Orlando t-shirt. I absolutely love this t-shirt and again I had to size down twice in this to get it as the perfect fit but you can't go wrong with it. I love the colour and the bold print, I can see this being perfect for a bit of a layered look and I am really hoping it still fits next year when the weather starts to warm up again. 

With me now being back at football and training consistently I needed to get a few pieces of clothing to make sure I always had something to wear. I desperately needed some shorts that were more suited to running around a football pitch and luckily I found the perfect ones in these Sondico ones. These were on offer so I got 2 pairs for around £9 and they seem like they are going to last me a while and are really comfortable. I think I have found my go to football training brand.

Following on with the Sondico theme I really needed some socks for training which would go over my shin pads and to be honest I was just going to go for the cheap, basic Sondico socks they do but in the end I opted for the Elite ones, they are much better fitting and are a lot thicker on the actual foot bit, they fit in my boots perfectly and are cushioned meaning a better fit all round, I don't think I will wear any other socks for training after getting these.

When playing previously I always wore compression shorts under my actual shorts and this is something I am continuing to do this time around. They help with circulation and also help keep you that bit warmer so you can't go wrong with them really. Again these were cheap and on offer if you bought two pairs and so far I have no complaints for them, I was going to get some Nike Pros but at this rate I might just stick with the Sondico ones. 

Finally we have a few more Sondico items for training. This time it is the compression long sleeved tops, another thing I used to wear that I will be wearing again this time around. Again these just help circulation and keep you warm, which is much needed with the current weather here in the UK. I opted for a black and red one as they will go with my kit. I will definitely get my wear out of these as I will be wearing them for playing and training. 

So there you go I think I did quite well when it came to treating myself in October as the football clothing was definitely required and so were a few of the other items in the post. As we are approaching the end of the year I am definitely trying to limit my spending so fingers crossed future posts are around this length or shorter... I need to stop wasting money. Christmas presents are a big priority right now and I need to keep reminding myself of that.

October 2022 Fitness Update

I might not have hit every goal I set out to achieve in October but I have made some progress, the scales have dropped, mentally I am in such a good place and I know exactly what direction I want to head in for the rest of the year. Having football back in my life has definitely been a big help and I think that is the main reason for the shift mentally but at the same time consistency is being a huge help and I am finally finding a routine that fits my super buy lifestyle. Here is how October's goals went during a crazy busy month...

Go boxing at least 3 times throughout the month
Unfortunately I only managed twice throughout October due to me being ill or having football to report on, I am a bit annoyed at this as I know I could have had better month end results if I had managed to go to more sessions however, the two sessions I did attend I absolutely smashed and I loved them even if they were very hard work. 

Hit steps daily 
I think there were one or two days throughout the whole of the month where I didn't hit this, one day was due to me not being well and the other was due to my stupid Apple Watch not working, it just stopped registering steps and I can safely say that was annoying especially when you are trying to smash it daily. My steps have now increased so let's hope we can hit them again throughout November. 

Sort out my workout clothing once and for all
Thanks to a major lack of free time I didn't actually manage to get this one ticked off my goals list but I am not mad as I always knew I would struggle to fit it in with how much I had on. I will be rolling this one over though and making it a goal I 100% want to achieve in November. This should be more than achievable as I am making sure I have some evenings & weekends at home to get everything in order at long last, then I should be able to easily pick outfits to workout in that fit.

Lose 5lbs
At one point in the month I honestly thought I was going to achieve this however, a bad final week in terms of meals meant it was just a 3lb loss this time around. I am happy though as 3lbs is better than nothing, I am definitely pushing for 5lb if not more throughout November though and I know if I can just sort the food side of things out and cut back on the takeaways this is more than possible. It is time to really make a push to make a big difference in the penultimate month of the year. I am saying it now... I will comfortably be in the 14 stone bracket by the end of November. 

Add more cardio to the routine 
The addition of football meant that my cardio definitely increased but when I had a spare half an hour I made sure to jump on the exercise bike just to get a bit more cardio in to my routine and it definitely made a big difference as my body felt a lot better when I had done this and I also saw a difference on the scales. I do wish I could have done even more but unfortunately time wasn't on my side. I am going to be changing that in November though as I have a plan in place.

Go to football training every Monday
Oh look a goal I managed to do. Getting into a routine of having football every Monday has been great, it is a positive start to the week and it is one of the best hours. The fact I made every session in October is brilliant and the benefits are starting to be noticed. I am just so glad to have football back in my life I am not going to be taking it for granted, no plans will be made for Monday's unless it involves football from now on. 

Sort out some new football boots
I have kept this on my goals list for November as I have found the perfect pair, perfect because Jordan Nobbs wears them, I just haven't purchased them yet due to how much they actually cost. I am thinking with me trying to be better with my money I might wait and have these as my 2 stone lost treat, so in 12 lbs time. Who knows I could be close to buying them in November or I could end up with them at the end of the year, now I have something special to aim for.

So here is how October looked on the scales...

Beginning of October weight: 15 stone 3 lb 

End of October weight : 15 stone 0 lb

Total loss for the month : - 3 lb

So here are the goals I am making for myself to hopefully smash in November...

- Go boxing every Wednesday 
- Hit 6k steps daily 
- Get all the workout clothing sorted out
- Lose 5lbs 
-Try get on bike twice a week
- Go football training every Monday 
- Sort new football boots out 
-Cut back on takeaways
- Meal prep every week

So those are the goals for the new month, the foundations are in place now to make this an absolutely fantastic month and to be honest mentally I am in such a good place now and I am more determined than ever to end the year in the best shape I have been in a long time. If I stick to everything in November then I can certainly make some fantastic progress so let's hope it all goes to plan. I am ready to see a decent size drop on the scales this month.

Total loss for 2022 : - 13 lb

Total loss since start of journey : - 1 stone 2 lb