Weekly Round Up #25

Last week again was a mixed one, thanks to the heat I seemed to lose a lot of motivation as it was just too warm to do anything. However, I did manage to get a lot of content written which felt amazing. So here is how my week went...

Monday was meant to be a day of getting bits done however, I ended up going into town on the hunt for some jeans as I just don't have any that fit me anymore. Unfortunately I didn't manage to find any but I was surprised with how quiet town actually was and how well organised it was. Once I got home though I did managed to get plenty done.   

I had a trip to a different local town on Tuesday where I finally managed to get some jeans that actually fit. I even managed to get a few more bits for the house, nothing exciting just a few cereal storage containers. Once I got home it was just a night of relaxing and watching some YouTube.

On Wednesday I got up did my workout, did a few bits around the house and then I went over to my auntie & uncle's house where we had a socially distanced party in the garden to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. It was a lovely day but it was far too warm. 

Thursday was food shop day for me so after a quick trip to Asda it was time to head to my sisters to spend some time with her and my nephew. We even had a nice trip to the park but again it was just far too warm, by the time I got home all I wanted to do was go to bed. 

Friday was by far my most productive day, I just spent the day sat at my PC where I managed to get loads of content done for all 3 blogs. It was nice just having a full day to sit and write all the posts I had planned. Seeing so much get ticked off my to do lists was fantastic and gave me a little bit of a boost. 

On Saturday we had a nice trip to the seaside which is just what was required. After feeling so unmotivated this week this trip was definitely needed and it left me feeling so refreshed and ready to tackle this week head on. 

Sunday was all about getting the cleaning around the house done and then just getting ready for the week ahead. Once all the cleaning was done we played some games then just relaxed. I also made my to do lists for this week and set myself some little fitness related goals I wanted to achieve. Overall it was a pretty productive day.

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: It has been another week of only watching YouTube. I have watched a mixture of videos but leaning more towards the fashion & tech videos. 

Reading: I managed a few pages of my book but I think it might be time to give up on it as I just can't get into it. 
Listening to:  I seemed to fall back into the trap of just listening to one artist for the full week. That artist was Lucy Spraggan I am absolutely loving just putting her albums on shuffle on Spotify and having it on in the back ground. Plus she has new songs coming out soon which I can't wait for. 

This week I want to get back on track with my working out and try eat better, my diet is the thing that sets me back the most but I really want to change that. I also want to carry on getting plenty of content done as I am almost ready to start working on August content already which is fantastic to say I am never normally in front. I also want to try my best to get the kitchen cupboards properly cleaned out so I can actually find some tupperware for a change. 

See you soon

The Adidas NMD's Are Like Walking On Clouds

To say up until about 2 years ago I was never bothered with Adidas sneakers but now they are one of the brands I always head on over to check out when I am in the likes of JD Sports/ Footasylum & Size, this is because the past few pairs I have had from them have been fantastic.

NMD's are a sneaker I had my eye on for a while but they just seemed so expensive so I stayed clear. But a while back my local Size store (which has now unfortunately shut down) had this pair of black and red NMD R1 STLT Primeknit shoes reduced from £150 to just £60 so I finally picked up a pair and I am so glad I did.

Sometimes your feet can feel restricted in leather shoes or converse due to the toe caps but with these they are literally like wearing a sock instead of a shoe thanks to the Primeknit upper, plus you can't feel the laces either even through the Primeknit due to how they just seamlessly blend into the sneaker. The actual colourway and the stripe like pattern give off a futuristic look for me, which is perfect as they add something different to my outfit but still fit in with 90% of my wardrobe.

It turns out my favourite thing about the Adidas sneakers is the boost technology it is just like walking on clouds and they are so comfortable. I haven't had any issues with the shoes rubbing or giving me blisters when wearing these which is brilliant, even with the plastic bit at the back it doesn't rub which is fantastic as with some other brands I often have to wear them a lot to break them in.

Its the added details I love on these shoes too.  The NMD heel plug really fits with the aesthetic of the sneakers and makes putting the shoes on super easy. The signature mid sole plugs that Adidas refer to as the signature NMD ones also just add to to the design without taking it too far.

I will definitely be getting plenty of wear out of these especially when I wear my cargo pants or shorts. The best part is with my Crep Protect I can wear them all year round and keep them in great condition.

Do you have a pair of NMD's? What do you think about them?

A Love for Craft Beer

Something I love almost as much as sneakers is craft beer. From the age of 18 I have tried different beers and none of them have really stuck to me or if  I do begin to like them I soon stop. For a long time I stuck to Budweiser but now I try to avoid that at all costs, if I do get any mainstream beer I tend to go for a Coors light now but when I see that there this a craft beer on offer 9 times out of 10 that is what I go for.

It used to be pretty difficult to walk into a pub or supermarket and pick up a decent craft beer but lately there are some fantastic options out there that are much easier to access. The supermarkets are stocking a lot more of a range of beers with Tesco being on of the best in my opinion, but the rest are definitely starting to catch them up. There are even pubs & shops starting to pop up that just specialise in the craft beer sector which is absolutely fantastic to see as it certainly brings different breweries to your attention.

I am enjoying craft beer so much that I now have a constant stock in the house so if I ever fancy a drink I don't have to worry about not having anything in and can just reach into the fridge/cupboard for one of my favourites or one I fancy trying out.

So here are the beers I currently have in the cupboard at home that I always make sure I am stocked up on or that I have been given by family to try...

I first picked this up from B&M as it was under £1 and WOW I am so glad I did as I absolutely love it. You will see a bit of a theme throughout this post as I definitely try to opt for the more citrus tastes but for the price of this it is absolutely fantastic. It definitely goes down very easily and is a 5.6% vol beer. 

Brewdog is actually one of the breweries that first got me into these types of beers so I am always wanting to try more of their beers. In the cupboard I currently have the New England IPA which is a collaboration between Brewdog and Cloudwater who are a brewery I definitely want to try more of. I am still to try this beer but it is a 6.8% IPA and I think it might be the next one I try.

I also have the Brewdog Quench Quake in the cupboard, this was a purchase from my auntie and uncle and again I cant wait to try this one. Again this is another citrus beer which is why they got me this and it is a 4.6% beer so no doubt this will go down nice and easy too.

Vocation Life & Death is the very first IPA I actually tried, we all went out as a family and ended up in a pub that only really sold this type of beer, wine and cider so I picked this one out of the line up and absolutely loved it. Again this is another citrus beer and is 6.5%, this is actually the only Vocation beer I have tried but in the future I will definitely be trying more.

Another couple of cans from my auntie and uncle, these 2 are exclusive to Aldi and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for this breweries IPA's in the future. I had the Rubus Grapefruit a few weeks ago and it is up there with one of my favourites I have had in the past year. I liked the grapefruit one so much I am really looking forward to trying the Belgian style one. The grapefruit IPA is a 5.5% beer and the Belgian style one is 5.7%.

I think I have had one beer from Magic Rock Brewing before but I honestly don't remember which one it was. I found this one in Tesco and as soon as I saw the can said the word citrus on it I picked it up, this beer is only a 3.9% one and should go down very easily

Another Aldi pick up from my auntie and uncle was this limited edition Small Batch Brewery orange infused pale ale. I have seen mixed reviews about this one so I will definitely be giving this one a go soon I just hope you can taste the orange in this. This is a 4.2% beer.

For Christmas my sister and my auntie both ended up getting me a Stormtrooper each due to the fact I love Star Wars. I definitely need to get drinking these and I am looking forward to giving them a go. There is the Lightspeed Pilsner which is 4.2% and comes in a 500ml bottle then there is the Galactic pale ale which is a 330ml can and is also 4.2%. I am really looking forward to trying the  pale ale because yes you guessed it the can has the word citrus on it.

I definitely want to start posting more about some of my other loves on this blog such as craft beer, Gin, Whisky and Rum so if you are interested in that kind of stuff definitely keep checking back. Also if you have any suggestions of posts you would like to see surrounding these topics please let me know especially if you want to know more about any of these beers. 

Weekly Round Up #24

Another week has been and gone with not much change, I am still furloughed so I am still at home which is great as I am having chance to work on my blogs but I do want to try get into some routine soon so fingers crossed that can start happening soon. But here is what I got up to last week...

On Monday my nanna, mum, sister and nephew came round and we just spend the day sat in the garden enjoying some time together. It was a lovely day and the weather was really nice too so we definitely made the most of that. Once they had gone I ended up just relaxing and watching YouTube after decluttering my wardrobe which was definitely long overdue. 

Tuesday I had a trip into town as I wanted some cleaning bit, unfortunately though most of the bits I wanted were actually out of stock so I didn't get what I wanted although I did pick up some new sneakers whilst I was out. What surprised me was how quiet places were as I thought everywhere would be chaos with the shops only having reopened on Monday. This little trip really helped ease my mind on what going out would be like and it was much needed.

Wednesday was food shop day so after a trip to Asda, I had a trip to a different home bargains where I managed to pick up the cleaning bits I wanted along with quite a few extra's which you will see in a post coming very soon. It was great just getting what I needed so I don't have to worry about going out for a while now. 

On Thursday I just had a much needed blogging day where I actually got quite a bit ticked off my to do lists. It had been nice having a few days away from my desk however, it was great just ticking off more and more bits from the list on Thursday and seeing some progress. 

Friday was another day of getting blog things done but I also spent quite a bit of time just doing bits around the house too. Seeing the house get cleaner & the decorations really start to come together over the past few months has been great and I think we are at the stage now where the rooms are all almost complete. 

On Saturday me and Liam just had a nice relaxed day as from this week he is going to be working alternate Saturdays again so we are making the most of those days we do have together. We did end up nipping to my grandparent to sort out there TV but then it was home to play some games.

Sunday was fathers day so we spent the day seeing my dad and grandad which was great I had a few drinks but it was such a lovely day. Once we got home I ended up watching a few YouTube videos then I headed to bed as I was definitely worn out.

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: Again all I have watched is YouTube, there has been some brilliant videos released lately whether they are fashion, tech, fitness or gaming related. 

Reading:  I haven't picked up my book in so long but I really do want to change that as I have so many books to get through. 

Listening to:  All I listened to last week was Tegan and Sara & I loved it. Sometimes I just fall into the rabbit hole of listening to all their albums all the time and I love it. 

This week I want to get all of July's content done for all the blogs. I also want to finish off cleaning all the house and get some bits in the spare room finished off as things are coming along nicely. I am really hopeful that I can get a lot of things ticked off my to do list this week, fingers crossed if the weather stays nice I can get some bits in the garden done & even do some blogging in the garden too. 

See you soon

My Post Lockdown Wish List

Throughout this lockdown I have actually managed to do pretty well with my spending. I haven't been buying lunch at work daily, haven't been buying food at the football and most importantly I haven't been going out shopping on weekends or after work. If I have been buying things though it has been items for the house or essential items which haven't cost me a fortune. 

Thanks to me not spending much my savings accounts have grown quite a bit which honestly I thought would go the opposite way as I thought I would be buying things for the sake of it but nope I have managed to stay away and save for a change. I currently have 2 savings accounts 1 is for the house & my car where as the other account is for treats. 

This year I seem to have totally changed my attitude towards shopping which you will see in a future post, so now I try to only buy things when I have been wanting the specific for a while because if you forget you want it after a week did you really want it unless it is an essential item.

This new mindset definitely helps when it comes to those more expensive items & the items I may grow out of quickly, I don't need to waste money any more as I can just wait to see if I really want it then get the item but a better quality version. 

Through this time off work and been stuck in the house there has definitely a set of products that I have really wanted to pick up, in fact some of these items have been on my wish list since before all this started. So here are the items I am hoping to pick up before the end of the year...

All Saints T-Shirt

Since last year I have been wanting some All Saints t-shirts in a variety of different colours but there hasn't been any point in buying them whilst I am trying to lose weight. As soon as I need to buy clothing those these t-shirts will be at the top of my to buy list in a few colours to keep me going and if they fit well I will definitely keep rebuying them. I just love how simple they are in the plain colour with the little logo on the chest. 


The Apple Airpods are another item that I have been after for a while. I have really got back into Apple products over the past few years and there has always been something that has drawn me towards the Airpods. I have a pair of wireless earphones that I wear for the gym but if I am walking to work or listening to something through earphones in the house I always use the wired earphones you get with your iPhone as having my gym ones hooked around my ears starts to get annoying after a while. I am wanting to start listening to more audio books & podcasts in the near future as I am definitely missing out on some great content so if I got these I wouldn't have to worry about the wire of my others getting in the way. Plus I can just take them out right before I go to sleep pop them in the case and they will be charged ready for the next day. No more untangling wires or having to get back out of bed to put the gym earphones on charge. 


I have wanted a Macbook for years now, I aren't sure what started it off but this is the item that I actually started my savings for. I have set myself a little target that I have to reach before I can pick this up but at least that gives me some time to work out which model I want to get. The thing with the Macbook is it is going to get used daily whether it is for editing those YouTube videos (which are hopefully coming soon) or pictures for Instagram or just simply for blogging. I will definitely get my money worth out of the laptop and use it absolutely anywhere so that is very high up on my list, if it helps my productivity then it is a win, win situation. 

Black Classic Converse

When I have been looking at my sneaker collection recently I have realised there are a few classic pairs that I would love to add. I am also missing a good pair of black sneakers that are going to make an outfit look a bit smarter. Granted I have no issue if I want white ones or out there sneakers but I definitely need to pick up a classic pair for the smarter looks. So for that I am going to pick up a pair of the black classic hi-top converse. I have an all white pair that are really comfortable but there is just something I love about the black and white pair plus I have so many outfits these will go so well with.

Vans Old Skool 

Another pair I have wanted for a long time are the Van's old skools in the black and white colourway. Again I have so many outfits that these sneakers will go with and I can't believe I haven't already got a pair as I really do think these should be a staple piece in any wardrobe. They just have a nice simple classic look and are so easy to wear. I honestly feel that once I buy one pair of these I will always repurchase them when I need to.  

Nike Air Force 1's

I picked up a hi-top pair of the Air Force 1's years ago and they are still going as a pair of beater sneakers at the moment. I can't believe it has taken me so long to make my mind up and add a pair of the low Air Force's in my sneaker collection. These sneakers to me just look so fresh and you can not go wrong with a pair of nice white sneakers especially in the warmer weather. I have a funny feeling that once I buy these they are going to become one of my go to pairs. 

Shoe Trees

These are an item I have been wanting to pick up after taking a good look at my sneaker collection. I just want to take a lot more care of the pairs that I own and I have noticed some pairs have started to lose shape a little bit. I am hoping if I start to use shoe trees on them they will last a bit long. There are plenty of different options out there for shoe trees but I think I might go for the Crep Protect ones. 

So there you have it those are the items that I think my savings are going to treat me before 2020 is over. After everything we have been through by been stuck in the house I think we all deserve a few treats don't we? 

The Gymshark Quote T-Shirt I Have Fallen In Love With

Have you ever purchased an item in the spur of the moment without fully reading the description? Well that is exactly what I did when I was purchasing this Gymshark t-shirt when they had their spring sale. 

I didn't want to miss out on this t-shirt and I didn't read what it was properly so I didn't realise that the back of the t-shirt was a giant quote but if I had read the name of the t-shirt I might have realised this seen as it is called the 'Quote SS T-shirt'. 

I am actually really glad I ended up getting the t-shirt though as it is definitely perfect for me and actually looks really good.  On the front of the t-shirt the only thing on it is the Gymshark logo in the top left toward the collar bone just like on other t-shirts I have of theirs.

Again what I love though is the neck, it doesn't sit too high like some t-shirts I have had from other brands. It isn't too baggy either like others it is practically the perfect fit for me which I am hoping will keep shape for a while too. This sort of neck I have found is great when working out as during some exercising other t-shirts have often gone tight and I have had to readjust it which disturbs my work out a little bit, but with Gymshark t-shirts I have never had any issues as it stays exactly as when you put it on. 

Now onto my favourite part of the t-shirt, the giant be a visionary quote on the back. I was surprised with how big this quote was but it really makes the t-shirt stand out from the crowd. This t-shirt could easily be worn as more of a lifestyle t-shirt as well as a gym t-shirt due to the material but this is definitely a great motivation. Imagine seeing the Gymshark quote when you work past a mirror in the gym and giving yourself a bit of an extra boost to carry on going. If you are just wearing it on a day to day basis as a lifestyle t-shirt you can easily help inspire others if they were to read it.

This t-shirt is just a nice simple black and white colour scheme and even though it is black and white & not some super bright colour it still stands out and catches your eye. 

One thing I struggle with is getting gym t-shirts that don't right up when I am working out but I have never had that issue with Gymshark t-shirts. They are a great length and stay put when working out which is definitely just what I want. Even with that length it still looks great and you can always ruffle it up a bit to if you need to.

Finally another great thing about this t-shirt is the sleeves again these are the perfect length and don't cling to my arms. I often find that some t-shirts, whether they are for the gym or not, the sleeves just don't have any give in them and they start to feel restricting after a while. But Gymshark seem to have got sleeves down to a tee as again I haven't had any issues with my arms feeling restricted at all in any of the t-shirts I have had from them.

I am so glad I rushed to purchase this t-shirt before it sold out as I really do think it is going to be one of my favourites for a long time. Let's just hope I don't grown out of it too soon so I can get plenty of wear out of it before turning it into a lounging around t-shirt.

Be Yourself grey hoodie

Sometimes you just need to go back to basics and go for something a little more subtle. If you walk into most stores these days you will see plenty of clothing with a lot of branding on it, which don't get me wrong I love but sometimes I want to tone it down and I can do this perfectly in this Be Yourself hoodie.

It has actually been a while since I opted for a grey hoodie as I sometimes find they look cheap however, this one is brilliant. Clearly it isn't fully grey it does have the fine black Be Yourself logo across the chest which just breaks the hoodie up a little bit.

The quality of the material is great too it definitely keeps me nice and warm but at the same time I don't feel too warm in it as it isn't too thick. Plus you can easily layer this hoodie to change up the style a bit I have found it looks great under a black denim jacket as the wording just stands out a little bit. 

What surprised me the most about this hoodie is that I actually sized down in this and it is perfect. When I went to order this there was only large's left so I was a bit optimistic by ordering this but it didn't let me down. The fit was a bit snug but it works & now I am losing more weight it is just going to fit even better. As I have said before I often struggle with the sleeve length on hoodies due to my stupidly short arms but this is possibly the best fitting sleeve length I have ever had as it actually doesn't go past my wrist. Even in terms of body length it isn't too long for me like some hoodies and it doesn't seem to ride up, it stays in one place which one of the big selling points for me lately.

Teamed up with some skinny jeans and a black denim jacket you are covered but even without layering it looks great and creates a brilliant simple look. But even as the weather is warmer this hoodie is going to come in handy, if the weather drops cooler whilst I am in the garden I can always throw this on and it will still look great.

I really need to try stop avoiding different colours and start adding more colour to my wardrobe especially when it comes to hoodies as I never thought I would say it but I am getting a bit sick of wearing black all the time.

May 2020 New In

Thanks to being stuck in during May I have done pretty well in terms of spending as I haven't been able to go out spending as I usually would plus I don't know why but I haven't really bothered with online shopping much either. It was great putting a big chunk of money into my savings for a change instead of just feeling like I wasted my money. I did pick up a few things in May though and here is what they were... 

I did have a call into Home Bargains whilst we have been on the hunt for decking and fence paint and I found this little Mitre football for just £1.99. If you know me you will know that I love football and Star Wars so this is perfect for me. It is should be perfect for keeping me occupied too as you colour it in yourself.

I also picked up this water bottle whilst in home bargains as my water consumption really started lacking towards the end of May so I am hoping this having the little markers on the side will also help me stay motivated and get me drinking more again.

My mum picked me up 2 more of these storage containers on her trip to the pound shop, I love these for keeping my protein powders and BCAA's in as it stops me ending up getting covered in the powder when I get towards the bottom of the bag. These ones are perfect for the 250g bags of protein which are the ones I get.

Finally I picked up a tripod for my Canon camera so that I can take some better pictures with better angles, I can definitely see me getting plenty of use out of this. I opted for the Amazon basics one and I will let you know how I get on with this.

So that is all I have picked up throughout May, as I say this lockdown is definitely helping me with my spending habits although I am starting to make a list of products I want to pick up once this lockdown is all over and done with.

Have you still been buying loads over the lockdown period or are you managing to save more?

Weekly Round Up #23

Another week done and dusted, some lockdown restrictions were eased but surprise the weather also changed. The week seemed to go on forever but here is what I got up too...

Some of the lockdown restrictions were eased on Monday, so I had some of the family round for a social distanced picnic in our garden. It was great just getting to spend some time together as it feels like forever since we were together like that. 

Tuesday was a fun day as I started the Chloe Ting 2 week shred challenge, I won't talk too much about this though as I am documenting my progress ready for one big blog post at the end. Once the workout was done it was a case of getting a few blog posts written before I ending up having a nap, that workout really wiped me out. 

Wednesday was another day spent at the PC just trying to get bits done. I was really struggling to get motivated to write so most of the day was spent looking through social media, but I did managed to get a few bits done for the blog. 

On Thursday I ended up spending time with my Mum, Sister and Nephew, it is great been able to see them again. Once I was home I ended up just watching some Disney+. 

On Friday I had every intention of getting up and working on the blogs, but once I had done my workout my motivation seemed to disappear. I did get 2 blogs done but I could have easily got a lot more done. 

Saturday was a bit more of a relaxed day, my mum & dad came round to help us cut some of the grass in front of the house (we haven't got a lawn mower or anything yet) . Me and Liam then just ended up relaxing for the rest of the day, I watched YouTube & some bits on Disney+ whilst Liam played his games. 

Sunday was a total relaxing day,  I got up worked out and then just ended up sat at the PC again watching YouTube & Disney+. I am loving these days of jsut relaxing whilst Liam is home. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching:  YouTube, YouTube & more YouTube but I did have a few nights of watching a few bits on Disney + too. I watched both Teen Beach Movies, High School Musical the series and a bit of Good Luck Charlie. 

Reading: Again the only thing I seem to have been reading is my social media timelines and other blogs. 

Listening to: For some reason I seem to have gone back to listening to a lot of Disney music, I think it is because it is just easy listening and fun to have on in the background. 

This week I want to get more blog posts written across all my blogs as I had a bit of an up and down week in terms of writing last week. I am also hoping the weather gets a bit better again so that I can try get a few more bits done in the garden. Fingers crossed it is going to be a good week. 

See you soon

Fitness Update For May 2020

May was a bit of a mixed month for me in terms of my fitness journey. I started doing a few 5k walks & set myself a daily challenge which was going so well until towards the end of the month when I just seemed to lose all motivation and just really couldn't be bothered. 

The 5K walks we had been doing were great, we are lucky with where we live there is some good walking routes with some great scenery. It was great to challenge myself to doing these too as with my knee having issues for so long I haven't ever really been able to do things like this but since working on my fitness properly my knee is getting better and better granted the pain is still there but I can push my self more and noticing these changes has been fantastic. 

The daily challenge I started was simply 20 sit ups, squats & push ups, it is nice and simple but I am noticing differences already especially when it comes to the sit ups and push ups, I can do more in a row without needing a break and I can even tell that my strength is improving. Towards the end of the month I started slacking on this but I am back on it now and am working towards increasing from the 20 of each exercise to maybe 30 throughout June. Whilst doing this I was still doing my Joe wicks workouts every few days too which I have been loving. 

In terms of my eating again I have been hit and miss with this, the junk food seems to have slowly crept back in and to be honest I have been eating it for the sake of it as I haven't exactly enjoyed it. Again this all started changing towards the end of the month just as I was starting to get fed up, I need to try get out of this mindset that if I feel fed up I need a bar of chocolate, I don't need it I could have a Trek bar or some fruit if it is really needed. I need to get back into drinking plenty of water too as that dropped of as well.

On the plus side though I am seeing my clothes start to get bigger on me. 

So here is how the weight loss went for May:

Beginning of May weight : 15 stone 9 & 1/2 lb 
End of May weight : 15 stone 7 & 1/4 lb

Total loss -2 & 1/4 lb.

I am quite proud of myself for managing to lose this much weight especially with the change in circumstances due to the lockdown. But here is what I am aiming for in June: 

Carry on my home workouts.

Start eating better again 
Cook more fresh meals 
Vary what meals I am eating 
Try work out 5 times a week
Get back to using MyFitnessPal

So let's hope that I can get these bits above done throughout June and see those scales drop again.

Overall 2020 loss so far : - 9 & 1/2 lb

See you soon