Items I Love To Have In My Wardrobe For Autumn

It is finally here my favourite time of the year. It is only in recent years that I have grown to like autumn but now it is the season I look forward to the most, I love night cuddled up with a hot chocolate and just generally being cosy but what I love the most is autumn fashion. I love layering up and the colours and this year I am embracing it more than ever, I am determined to have the best autumn wardrobe I have ever had and I am even more determined to make an effort daily with my style as I have been slacking recently. In preparation for the autumn season I have been doing a fair bit of research and shopping to get the items that I require for my autumn wardrobe and here are the items I think we should all have to hand for the season...


I usually lack in the accessories department but it is usually in autumn where I tend to add a few to my outfits just to improve them that little bit more. So here are the accessories I think we should all have for autumn...


As I said before I tend to wear more accessories in autumn than any other season and this is definitely where I wear more jewellery. For me silver and rose gold jewellery is my go to and I like to have at least a nice ring, bracelet, necklace and watch on each day throughout autumn, I am hoping that this autumn I can really build up my jewellery and watch collection. 


This is an item I am hoping to add to my wardrobe soon as I have never previously bothered with one. The UK weather is really unpredictable and this year it seems to be worse than ever so I want to get a nice and compact plain black umbrella just to give me a bit of added protection whilst I am out and about. At least if it is plain black it will coordinate well with my outfits. 


This is one of my most worn accessories especially when I am at the football as I need something to keep my head warm whilst I am sat around for a long period of time. Having short hair means my ears get cold quite a bit so a beanie hat is what I reach for the most. I have a variety of hats for football and daily wear so I am sure you will be seeing me in them quite a bit. 

Clothes Brush

This is another item I really need to invest in. I have a few items where dust etc collects on them such as my black t-shirts so I want to invest in a nice clothes brush so I can keep my clothing looking nice and clean before I head out of the door. A clothes brush will hopefully improve the look of my clothing and improve my outfit so it is looking its very best before I head out of the door. 


Ah here we go my favourite part of this post and overall my favourite part of any outfit the footwear. You will know by now that I absolutely love my sneakers but I am trying my best to get out of wearing them daily and mix up what footwear I wear to smarten up some of my outfits. So here are the footwear options I believe people should own for autumn...

White Sneakers 

You can't go wrong with a nice clean pair of white sneakers as they go with so many outfit combinations. Just make sure they are clean though as I have found the hard way you can have a gorgeous outfit on but dirty white sneakers draw away from that. I tend to have an all white pair and a pair of Nike Air Force, I have also added a pair with a bit of a design on the side into my collection so I always have a pair to reach for that goes with the outfit I am wearing that day. 

Vans & Converse 

I find that autumn is prime Converse & Vans wearing time for me as they go with so many outfits and can dress up the outfit a bit more than some white sneakers. I have the classic Converse and Vans Old Skools in the black and white colourway as I have found these are the easiest to style and I just get more wear out of them. I am determined to get a lot more wear out of these throughout autumn as they have been neglected since spring. 

Lace Up Boots 

I used to swear by a good pair of lace up boots when I was a bit younger but now I just can't seem to find a pair that fit me right and suit me. I have actually been tempted this time around to treat myself to a pair of Dr Martens but for now I am shopping around before investing so much into one pair. I think a nice pair of lace up boots just make an outfit that little bit different. 

Chelsea Boots

I love a good pair of Chelsea boots and this year my collection is definitely starting to grow as I am getting away from the suede ones and adding some leather look ones into my rotation so I can wear them a whole lot more. I think people should have at least a black and brown pair in their rotation as they are perfect for autumn outfit combinations. 

Thicker Socks

It is this time of year where the thicker socks come into play too rather than trainer socks 24/7. I like to have sports socks to hand for autumn especially white ones but I am also looking for some better quality ankle socks to go under boots now to ensure my feet are kept warm and my footwear choice doesn't rub me. 


When it comes to autumn I seem to really extend my wardrobe as I prefer to layer than just wear a t-shirt and jacket, it is also the time of year where I smarten myself up a bit so here are the tops I like to have on hand for the season where the weather really starts to change... 

Dark Plain T-shirts

I love layering up in autumn and I tend to wear my shirts unbuttoned so I wear dark t-shirts underneath for layering, I also wear plain t-shirts under hoodies etc so I like to have plenty in my wardrobe so I never run out. My go to ones for autumn are my black ones in regular fit and slim fit and grey ones in the same fits. 

Checked Shirts

There is no denying the fact that I absolutely love a good checked shirt, in fact my wardrobe is full of them and in the run up to every autumn I like to go out and restock my checked shirt collection. I love these for layering and some can give off a really smart look. My got colours are red & black or a nice tan colour but there is a colourway out there for everyone. I know that I will be wearing checked shirts a lot over the next few months. 

Smart Shirts

I tend to always have a stock of smarter shirts in my wardrobe for if I go out or want to wear one for the office. To be honest it is only in recent years that I have started adding these to my wardrobe and I am doing more so now I am losing weight but I think everyone should have a few smart shirts to hand as you never know when you are going to need them, something I have learnt the hard way.

Chunky Jumper 

 As the weather drops colder you just can't beat a good chunky jumper such as a cable knit one. In recent years I have become hooked on having a few chunky knit jumpers to hand as where I live in the UK it can drop really cold and these are perfect for keeping you nice and warm and cosy. You can't beat a nice grey one but there are plenty of colours out there & thicknesses to suit everyone's style. 

Thin Jumper 

Sometimes, granted not very often, it is cold enough to wear a jumper but not cold enough to wear a thick jumper so I like to have a nice stock of thinner jumpers. These are great for layering and look great with shirts underneath so are nice and versatile. They are also really reasonably priced so if you aren't sure on them you can pick one up cheap to try out. I like to have a few colours of these as I wear them for work. 

Long Sleeved Polo Shirt 

This is a new addition for me and one I grew to love towards the end of last year. I have now got a few long sleeved polo shirts with 1/4 zips that I love to wear for work. To me they just look really smart and are a nice cold weather option rather than a short sleeved polo shirt which is grew to love in the spring & summer. They do these in all sorts of materials and they can be surprisingly comfortable. 


As we enter autumn I definitely tend to experiment with what I wear on the bottom half more than I do in spring/summer as I try to really smarten up my look whilst also trying to keep myself nice and warm. So here are the bottoms I tend to have to hand for the season... 


I love to have a variety of jeans in my wardrobe and for autumn I tend to opt for none ripped ones in either a skinny or slim leg style just as I feel that these look much smarter and keep my legs that bit warmer. I also opt for darker coloured jeans in the autumn just to fit with the rest of my wardrobe, I always like to have the colours black, dark grey and dark denim to hand so creating outfits in autumn. 


I always have a few pairs of sweatpants to hand for the autumn especially for those days/evenings at the football. Sweatpants are just for a more dressed down look that also keeps me comfy for those cold games in the stands but they are also great for lounging around in at home too as I can lounge playing games or watching TV in them and be really comfortable.

Checked Pants

If you have read the blog fora while you will know that checked pants are an item of clothing I am reaching for a lot more recently and honestly they are taking over my wardrobe with the amount of pairs I now have. I have some in different shades of black and grey and love dressing them up or down. I can see me living in them this autumn especially with some nice Chelsea boots or lace up boots. 

Smart Trousers

I always like to make sure that I have a few pairs of smart trousers in my wardrobe as you never know when you are going to need them. I have a plain black pair at the moment which are for dressing up a bit smarter with a nice shirt but I also have a pair of black ones with brown paneling which are smart but also look a bit more casual too. These will be fantastic for the office or any more formal events over the autumn period. 


The biggest essential for me in the autumn is a really good jacket, I have been caught out so many times lately with coats that haven't actually been waterproof and not having a jacket that goes with different outfits that are a bit smarter. that is why this year I am investing more into my jackets and actually finding some more suitable ones for a change. So here are the jackets that are essential for autumn in my opinion...


One of my go to jackets is a windbreaker as it is nice and lightweight plus you can easily throw it into your backpack if it does warm up a bit. Granted as I have found out these aren't good if you are going to be caught in a downpour as they won't keep you dry. I tend to wear these with more casual outfits as it is definitely a more casual type of jacket especially as I tend to buy ones from sports brands as I have found they are the best type of windbreaker. 


I don't think I have owned a gilet since I was a teenager however, for some reason this year I am very tempted to pick a new one up. We are wanting to go walking a bit more so I think this would be a great layer for those Sunday works and I think it could fit my new style I am aiming for quite well which is great. There are so many gilets out there at the moment which is fantastic as there really is something for everyone. 

Smart Coat 

This is the area I am really going to be investing in this year as they are going to suit my style much better than the items I already own plus there are some great options out there. I love a good standard length smart black coat as this goes so well with my checked pants. However, this year I am stepping out of my comfort zone that little bit more and am looking at investing in a nice long brown coat and a nice long grey coat just to give me a few more jacket options for those smarter days. 


Growing up I used to love wearing a good blazer with a nice shirt underneath it and this year I am going to be going back to that so I am investing in some nice blazers. You can't go wrong with a nice black blazer as it looks really smart and can go with a variety of clothing options. I am also looking at adding a nice grey one and a checked one just to provide me with more options and create some great outfits. 

Waterproof Jacket 

An area I am desperately trying to invest in and where everyone should look at investing is a waterproof jacket. As I said earlier my jackets often have let me down and haven't kept me dry that is why this year I am planning on making sure I have at least two options for a waterproof jacket. One of my go to brands for a jacket like this is Superdry and luckily my old Superdry jacket now fits me again so for some looks this is what I will be reaching for. I am also wanting to invest in a nice North Face jacket, my sister has had one for a while and I love how nice it looks so maybe it is time to treat myself. 

I am really pleased with how my autumn wardrobe is looking at the moment and I just need a few more bits from this list to add to it and then I will be completely happy with how my wardrobe is looking for the months ahead. Lets hope I can find some of the missing items soon as I really can't wait to start putting items together to create my perfect outfits. What are some of your go to items for autumn, is there anything I missed off the list? 

The Massage Gun 1 Month On... Is it worth it ?


It has been a little over a month now since I finally took the plunge and purchased a massage gun for myself. I had been on the fence about purchasing one for so long as I thought it was going to end up being a waste of money and a bit of a gimmick but due to me adding boxing and football into my workout routines this year I thought it was time to make the purchase and see for myself if it was any good. With me adding football and boxing into my weekly routine it now meant I was doing more than just home workouts and I needed to do something to help my poor muscles recover a bit quicker due to the new work load. I was hoping that buying the massage gun was going to help ease my muscle aches and help prevent any long injuries so I wasn't having to have weeks out of doing what I was really enjoying so one month on here are the benefits of the purchase so far...

I honestly though I would be constantly needing to charge the massage gun but to say how much it is used it I have barely had to charge it due to the battery holding its life really well and I can use this plenty of times in a week without having to charge it over and over again. I can also rely on it not running out during a massage too as the battery indicator is nice and clear so I get plenty of warning. 

One of the best things about this massage gun is the different settings allow different depths of massages so no matter what the issue I am covered, if it is just general workout pain I will just use a nice light setting however, if it is a bit more of a niggle that is causing a fair bit of pain I tend to use a deeper setting so that I know it is really working the muscle causing the issues. 

When I have used the massage guns after exercise I have noticed that when I get up the next morning I aren't in half as much pain from the aches as I used to be which is absolutely fantastic as it means I can go about my day as usual without having to worry about walking around with tired, heavy legs. Granted this is only the case if I used the correct setting after the workout but even if I used a light setting rather than a deep one I have noticed that those daily aches and pains don't last half as long as they used to. I have mentioned before on here that I have a bad knee but since using the massage gun I have noticed that the daily pain I have had with the isn't half as aggressive as it used to be which is fantastic as it is improving my day to day quality of life. 

There was one incident in the past month where I was boxing and I felt my calf just go, I was barely able to put my foot down at first due to the pain so I made sure I did daily light massages using the massage gun and it certainly helped me in my recovery and after a few weeks I was as good as new and back boxing and back to football, I think if I didn't have that massage gun I would still be struggling now. 

The different heads mean it is easy to target those troubled areas and get the best massage possible. My problem areas are my legs and arms due to the workouts I am doing and after experimenting with the heads a bit I have finally managed to find the perfect ones to get rid of those aches and pains after each session. I will usually work on my legs first then simply pull out the head to swap them over which is a two second process and move onto my arms. 

I can't believe this cost me £50 either as I honestly thought to get the benefit I would have to have the more expensive massage guns but clearly I was wrong as this £50 ticks all the boxes and I love how it comes in a carry case so I can take it anywhere with me and as I plan on doing more working out I know this is going to come in really handy and is going to really keep me moving rather than not wanting to do anything due to aches and pains. This massage gun was certainly a very good investment and I am really looking forward to getting more and more use out of it in the future and to be honest I just really wish I had purchased one sooner as it could have come in very handy back in 2020 when I was working out more or less daily. 

I would definitely recommend picking up a massage gun for yourself if you do a fair bit of working out and are sick of those aches and pains the next day as it is definitely going to be a beneficial purchase for you and be one that is going to improve your recovery times. 

Celebrating My 27th Birthday

Normally as my birthday rolls around I don't really bother and on the day me and Liam will just go shopping and have a takeaway and then on the weekend we will have a get together with my family however, this year we changed it up a bit and we ended up making a bit more of an effort for the celebrations now the pandemic restrictions are easing and I feel more confident going out. Rather than heading to our local town we went out a bit further and when it came to getting together with the family we made a bit more of an effort. So here is how we celebrated my 27th birthday...

As part of my birthday present my parents booked for us to go to Manchester for the night which was fantastic as we hadn't been since the end of 2019 yet it is one of our favourite places to and we often go multiple times a year. This also meant that our shopping was done in Manchester where they have much better shops than in Bradford and it made a nice change. They paid for us an early checking so we literally got off the train, checked in, dropped our bags off and then headed out shopping. I actually had a list of things I wanted to purchase in Manchester as they have Classic Football Shirts and Forbidden Planet however, nowhere had anything I wanted so I ended up just getting a few Spider Man bits. As we had finished shopping pretty early on we ended up heading to Brewdog and Revolution De Cuba for a couple of drinks before heading to get changed for an evening out. 

One of the main things I was looking forward to in Manchester was heading to Hard Rock Cafe as it is one of my favourite places to eat but is a bit of a treat too. Obviously I had to kick start the meal with their Hurricane cocktail which was absolutely gorgeous and went down a treat. 

Me and Liam then shared a portion of nachos as the diet was well and truly out of the window on this day. It is funny as previously we would have got a starter each but this time around it was actually nice to share it as we got just the right amount each. I need to go back for more sometime soon though. 

For the mains we ended up both getting the bacon cheese burger with bacon and cheese fries which again went down a treat and I would happily go back and get this again ASAP. I think they are running a little bit of a limited menu at the moment however, there was something on it for every one. Once we were done in Hard Rock Cafe we moved on to a few other bars in the Print Works before heading up to the Northern Quarter where there was one place in particular I wanted to check out.

A lot of people had said if we were off to Manchester we needed to check out NQ64 which is an arcade bar and I am so glad we did, we spent quite a while in here playing on various games and had a great time. There are plenty of games to be played that all required tokens so we got stocked up as you got a tub of them for £7 and it was just enough to play what we wanted to. Once we were done in NQ64 we went to McDonald's for a burger to soak up the alcohol a bit and we then went to the hotel room so I wasn't carrying my Hard Rock glass around with me all evening. 

Once the bag had been dropped off we headed back out for a little bit longer and to be honest at this point we didn't really know where we was going but we ended up in the other NQ64 bar on Peter Street which again had a great selection of games and a bit more on the drinks menu, I ended up with a cocktail in here and we played quite a few more games before heading back and calling it a night. On the Friday morning we ended up heading to Wetherspoon's for a breakfast before one last look around the shops then getting the train home. 

On Saturday we had family round to celebrate my birthday so we actually got a cleaner to come in and give the house a deep clean due to us having some work done the week before. I am so glad we did this as it just took a bit more pressure off of us and meant it was properly cleaned. On Saturday once my hair was cut I spent my morning getting ready and decorating the house ready for everyone arriving. I definitely went a bit overboard with the decorations but it looked great. 

I even paid for a cake and some cheesecakes making just to make it that little bit more special and WOW I am glad I did as they were absolutely gorgeous and worth every penny. Granted they were a bit on the expensive side however, for the quality it was certainly worth it and everyone else seemed to enjoy them too. 

I also tried my best to make a bit of an antipasti board after being inspired by a few of them on Instagram and I am quite proud of how it turned out, after seeing how it looked I think I am going to make a few more of these for just me and Liam when we are in the house watching films as I think it is just  nice snacking option. 

It it safe to say this birthday was absolutely fantastic and I enjoyed every second of the celebrations. It has also taught me and Liam that we need to do a whole lot more things like this together even if it is a case of going for a meal together every now and again it has opened our eyes to how we should be doing things in the future and we are now talking about maybe heading out once a month for at least a meal, fingers crossed this is something we can stick to. 

My Current Go To My Protein Items

When I started my fitness and weight loss journey I started to purchase products I had never used before so I wanted to purchase them from a company with a good reputation. That is why for anything supplement related I headed straight to MyProtein after receiving a lot of recommendations saying their products were great. I purchased my order and I never looked back and have made many repeat orders since to help me along with my journey. I even started purchasing clothing and accessories from there rather than just sticking to Gymshark all the time and I was pleasantly surprised by what they had to offer. Over my time purchasing from MyProtein I have developed some favourite products which I always reorder when I am running low so here are my favourite items to purchase from the MyProtein site...

Cranberry & Raspberry Clear Whey

I always wanted to incorporate protein shakes into my diet however if I was mixing the normal whey they do with water or milk my stomach wasn't a fan and just rejected it. A few people recommended the MyProtein clear whey to me as it was more of a juice than a shake and I am so glad that they did as it is great and I am finally able to add more protein to my diet without feeling awful after it. My go to flavour has certainly been the cranberry and raspberry one but I definitely want to try more of the flavours they offer as they spoil us for choice with their variety. 

Baked Cookie

It took a while for me to actually try some of the food items out they they had to offer but once I did I got hooked. I have tried various snacks including crisps and protein bars but the one that I always go back for is the baked cookie they sell. Warm it up and you have the perfect warm snack on a cold day or have it straight out of the packet after a long workout session. I usually take these to work with me just so I have a good snack that will help me increase my protein intake rather than just having a chocolate bar. Granted these are a bit calorie heavy but I just try to fit them into my daily allowance as at the end of the day they are still less calories than my previous snacks. 

Water Bottle

Now this is a bit of a random favourite to be honest but it is often hard to find a bottle these days that holds enough water and doesn't leak. For so long I have struggled with finding a bottle that wouldn't leak every time I used it but for a couple of pounds this one has been perfect. It is also a nice slim like design so I can actually put it into my bag or my bags side pocket and not have to worry about it leaking and I can finally have my hands free on my walk to work daily. This is lasting me a long time too even after being dropped plenty of times which is great. 

Men's Essential Training T-Shirt 

At the start of my journey in January 2020 I basically only wore Gymshark clothing or Under Armour as that is all I owned at the time and I felt comfortable in those brands. Towards the end of 2020 though I thought I would pick up a t-shirt from MyProtein to see what it felt like and it is safe to say I wasn't disappointed. The t-shirt is one of the best fitting ones I have had in a while and the bright red colour definitely stands out. It has washed really well too which shows that the material is good quality and I will definitely be buying more from MyProtein as my journey continues. 

Men's Velocity 1/4 Zip 

This 1/4 zip fits me absolutely perfectly and I am glad I stopped questioning myself on if I needed it or not. I wasn't too sure if the 1/4 zip style would actually suit me but I was pleasantly surprised when I put it on for my first wear. The quality of the material is just as good, if not better than their t-shirts and it cost me less than £20.00 too which makes it even better. I need to go back to their site and get stocked up on 1/4 zips and even try ones from other brands but thank you for introducing me to them MyProtein.  

These items are the ones I either love or reorder the most from the site although there is that much option on the website there are a whole lot more items that I need to try. The prices are always great at MyProtein and influencer's have some great discount codes so there is always a chance to save money on your purchases which is even better. I have never had any issues with the items I have ordered and I am really looking forward to using them again in the near future for clothing, supplements and accessories and it is about time I tried something new so what would you recommend I order? 

Leave me some MyProtein products either on here or social media and who knows you might just help me discover a new favourite thing. Now let's head on over and place a new order as a restock is needed...

What I Wore For My Birthday

 There was one thing I was dreading about my birthday... what to wear. I have gained a bit of weight back lately so my confidence had taken a bit of a knock but after a few outfit changes whilst I was packing my bags I managed to settle on an outfit for the evening in Manchester that I was actually happy with. Then when it came to my party on the Saturday I had told all my family to dress up a little bit as it was the first real celebration together since the pandemic so I wanted to make a little more effort. I then realised after saying this I was actually lacking in smarter clothing but luckily I managed to piece something together from my wardrobe for the day. So here is what I wore on my birthday, on the actual day and for my party on the Saturday...

To travel to Manchester and do some shopping I literally just threw on a pair of grey jeans and my black Vans t-shirt because I knew that I would be more comfortable in this for walking around for hours in and out of shops. To be honest that combination of clothing is one of my go to combinations at the moment as the grey jeans are straight fit so are more comfortable than my skinny ones and the Vans t-shirt is a bit over sized now so it is a win, win really as it was warm on the day but the t-shirt kept me a bit cooler. 

Once shopping was done it was a case of heading back to the room to get changed ready for food and drinks for the evening. This is where I was struggling for my outfit as I wanted to go for a smart casual look but I was struggling to find something in my wardrobe in the end I opted for my black skinny smart cargo pants, a plain t-shirt and a red flannel shirt open over the top. I have found that even after all these years this is still one of my favourite outfit combinations and I am actually so glad I opted for this outfit as I wasn't too warm or too cold all evening. I wish I had looked a bit smarter but for now this outfit combinations treats me well and I think it is one I will be reaching for over and over again. Look how smart Liam looks though in his Navy H&M shirt and grey jeans. 

For my birthday party after searching for ages for an outfit to wear I ended up settling on a shirt and skinny jeans. I struggled for ages to find a shirt that actually buttoned up but finally settled on this striped KemxPrimark one that I hadn't actually worn yet. To say this only cost me £1 it was actually really comfortable and I think suited me whilst making a nice change to what I would normally wear. I think it looked really nice with the black skinny jeans too and I am oping I can get plenty more wear out of this as for £1 it was an absolute bargain.

So there you have it that is what I wore whilst celebrating my birthday. After the struggles that I have had finding outfits for this occasion and the fact the seasons are changing I think it is definitely time that I sort through my wardrobe and actually have a clear out of what I no longer like or no longer fits so that I no longer have this struggle and have clothes that I am happy to wear whenever. Let's hope once the wardrobe is sorted getting ready and planning outfits gets much easier. 

Fitness Equipment I Want To Purchase In The Near Future

I have a few wobbles fitness and weight loss wise this year and I am not impressed with myself as instead of dropping off the weight is creeping back on. I want to try get back on track though as I know what I am capable of when I put my mind to it and I am hoping that by Christmas I can be comfortably in the 14 stone bracket rather than the high 15's. I know that if I put my mind to it I can definitely do it and I think I need to change my routine up a little bit to ensure I remain focused rather than bored. So today's post is all about the bits I want to purchase that will help me change my routine up a little bit alongside making me feel a bit more comfortable doing so. There are clothing items in this post and equipment for training so here are the items I want to pick up in the very near future to help me get back on track with my fitness and weight loss journey... 

Nike Dri Fit Academy Shorts 

I am back to playing football once a week currently and I am also still boxing once a week so I need more clothing. I have noticed that my gym wardrobe is lacking in certain areas and the main area is shorts so I definitely need to start purchasing a few more pairs soon. I am hoping that these will be suitable for both football and boxing because if they are I will be treating myself to a few pairs and getting stocked up. 

Nike Dri Fit Academy Tracksuit 

I doubt this would be worn for boxing but a tracksuit like this could come in very handy for football especially as the temperatures begin to drop. This could be worn for any football sessions I get to alongside any outdoor training I decide to do as I finally want to make use out of our garden and get plenty of workouts done outdoors in any weather just to change things up a bit. I am also hoping to get out walking a whole lot more in the near future so I think this could come in very handy for that too. It is on the more expensive side for a tracksuit but if it does the job I will happily get stocked up on them. 

Air Zoom Pegasus 38 

These are definitely an expensive item at over £100 however, I am determined to get Liam to head out running with me again and I need some suitable footwear for that to happen. From when I did fitfans and actually did a little bit of jogging it has motivated me but I refuse to go on my own in case anything happens with my knee. So fingers crossed I can get Liam on board and running with me as I think it is something we could both really enjoy. If we do make the decision to go running or even walking more these will definitely be purchased as the colourway is just amazing. 

Slalom Poles

I used to love using Slalom poles in football training and when we moved into our house I wanted some but still to this day I haven't made the purchase. I am hoping to add these to my outdoor training set up by the end of the year though, who knows I might even ask for some for Christmas. I really benefited from using these in the past so fingers crossed incorporating these into my routine again will bring some fun to my workouts.  


Again these are something else I used to love when I was at football in the past, having these as part of a training session really gets your legs working and I would love to own a set for at home or for taking to a local field to train with. These can be bought relatively cheap so might be one of the first items I pick up and can be used for various different training drills. I think if I got these they could become an integral part of my outdoor workouts. 

Basketball Hoop

Now this final item is something I have wanted for a long time now and I am really hoping that by the end of the year I have one. My love for basketball has really grown this year so I want to get a basketball hoop for in the garden so I can just go out and play basketball for a few hours each week. I would love one of these portable ones so I can just move it around as needed and I can see me getting lost for hours with it. The one I have seen that is likely to be purchased is pretty cheap too so it is a bit of a win,win situation. 

Fingers crossed I can get some of these items by Christmas and possibly in the next month or so as I really think they could help bring some motivation back for my fitness and weight loss journey which is definitely needed as I want to start heading back in the right direction once again. I am sick of ruining all my hard work... it is time to get back on track, change up the clothing and the workouts and fingers crossed it will work. 

What I Got For My 27th Birthday

 Well that is my birthday wrapped up for another year and what a fantastic few days it has been celebrating with family. It is safe to say I have been well and truly spoiled this year and here is a look at what I got. Remember this post isn't for bragging it is just something for me to look back at on in the future which I love to do. My family very kindly gifted me money for my trip to Manchester however, when I got there I didn't end up getting anything as they didn't actually have what I wanted which is a bit annoying so I am still on the look out for those bits. But here is what I got for my 27th birthday...

I aren't really sure why but I have started drinking rose wine lately and have been loving it after all this time avoiding wine. My grandparents got me this bottle of wine which I have never tried before and it is safe to say I can't wait to have a glass or two of this soon. 

My auntie and uncle got me this really cute Percy Pig tin filled with biscuits that the nephew tucked into straight away. Too be honest I have never really got the Percy Pig hype that we have in the UK but these biscuits are gorgeous. I am sure they won't last long and the tin will be used for extra storage very soon. 

If you know me you know just how much I love football and my auntie and uncle got me this perfect Gazza t-shirt which I can't wait to wear. Gazza is one of my all time favourite players and this t-shirt has the perfect print on it. Will it be saved for lounging and gaming in or am I going to be confident to go out in it? Only time will tell I guess. 

My parents made me this hamper filled with various snacks and drinks for me which range from healthy to not so healthy. These are going to come in very handy for my autumn gaming sessions and blogging sessions as I am always on the hunt for a snacks and having a healthy option is always super handy. 

The parents also got me this brilliant Nickelodeon t-shirt which features all my favourite characters on from my childhood. They only really got it due to my nephew pointing out Spongebob on it but it also has the Rugrats on it which is fantastic as I absolutely love that show. I can't wait to wear this one. 

They also got me this really cute Pikachu mug which I love and can't wait to use although it does look like a strange shape to drink out of. I can just imagine being laid on the sofa in the autumn playing Let's Go Pikachu with a hot chocolate in this. Isn't it funny though how it is my parents who say I don't need any more mugs ended up buying me yet another. Normally I would have this on display but it is too nice not to get use out of. 

My parents are definitely a big reason I am so into my sport and they got me a these brilliant sports related coasters which are actually too good to use as coasters and will be getting put up on display in the spare room / office area. I absolutely love the Bradford Bulls rugby one and the Manchester United one is going to look perfect with my Manchester United art prints. Then we have the retro Bradford City badge one which will be pride of place with my other Bradford City images. 

They also got me this meal planner to help me stay on track with my eating as I am trying to lose weight and falling off track a lot recently so I am hoping that this meal plan helps get me back on the right track and helps me stop giving in and just ordering a takeaway 80% of the time. 

Finally the got me one of my favourite scents, I absolutely love this one and I have even been known to spray it around rooms in the house just to make sure I can smell it more. I think I now have 4 bottles of this so I am happy and well stocked up. 

Me and my nephew often pretend to do the Donald Duck voice and it is something we have done since he was really little (he is now 2) so my sister and nephew got me this Donald Duck t-shirt which I am sure I will be wearing this t-shirt around the nephew a lot and it is a little over sized so it will be great for lounging in. 

I don't think my sister realised this before buying me this pen but I absolutely love colour changing pens these days and use them daily, at work and for the blog. I just find it so much easier for making notes etc as I am not constantly having to change my pen just to have a different colour. 

She also got me a few puzzle books which are going to be great for helping me relax on an evening rather than always being busy blogging. I can't wait to sit and give these a go especially the Sudoku as I used to absolutely love doing those and it will be a nice change of pace. 

My nephew got me this coaster which is certainly going pride of place on one of my desks as a reminder of what he got me. 

I am going through a bit of a stage at the moment where I can't stop buying candles and I had my eye on this Halloween one I actually had it in my basket the other day and was told to put it back and now I see why as my sister got me it for my birthday. This smells absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to light it. 

Is it your birthday if you don't get a Lynx set? My sister got me my favourite Lynx set and I am so glad as I had just run out of it. This smells gorgeous and is great for after workouts as it is so refreshing, this is the one Lynx set I love to keep stocked up on. 

One of my birthday presents from Liam was a meal at Hard Rock Cafe and he treated me to a cocktail which obviously meant getting it in the collectors glass. They unfortunately didn't have the hurricane glass the cocktail came in so I ended up walking away with a new pint glass. 

Liam also got me a new book which I can't wait to read. He ended up getting me The Killing Joke which seems amazing and he already has this as a graphic novel so I can't wait to dive right in and read this. I might even steal his graphic novel version after, Batman is a super hero I have always had an interest in but never had books of so I am looking forward to starting this. 

You are going to notice a bit of a theme from Liam's gifts and I am so glad we found these. Since playing the PS4 game and Miles Morales I am a bit hooked on Spider-Man but merchandise was hard to come by whilst we were out shopping. He did manage to pick me up this brilliant little soft toy though which I think is going to sit pride of place on my desk.

I realised I didn't have the Far From Home DVD in my collection either and to be honest I haven't actually watched this one yet so I can't wait to sit down and finally see what it is all about. The Spider-Man hype is definitely real in our house at the moment. 

Whilst getting Far From Home it also dawned on me that I had a few other Spider-Man DVD's missing so he also got me the 5 movie collection set which is going to be perfect for those cold evenings as autumn approaches. I think these are going to be films I binge watch and then revisit every few months as you just can't beat Spider-Man films can you?

I really wanted to try get as many Spider-Man Funko's as possible whilst we were out but I could only find the one Miles Morales one that Liam very kindly bought me for my birthday. I absolutely love this one and can't wait to hopefully see my Spider-Man Funko collection grow soon. 

Finally we have the present I knew I was getting for months and couldn't wait to receive. When Life is Strange True Colors was announced Liam agreed to get me it immediately as he know how much I love Life is Strange but the wait for the release seemed to last forever. It was released the day after my birthday though and he got me it straight away... now I just need to find some time to play it.

So there you have it that is what I got for my 27th birthday, I can't wait to play the game and read my new book and sit and watch the films. It is safe to say it was a very good birthday and I am very grateful for everything I received but the best part was certainly the family time. What would be your favourite item from this post? 

Packing For A Long Weekend Away


The other week me and my whole family spent the bank holiday weekend glamping and it was absolutely fantastic (full post coming soon on what we got up to) however, due to us not going away for quite a while when it came to actually packing for the trip it was a bit of a struggle and my mind actually went blank on what I needed for the long weekend away? I know I certainly won't be alone in this either and others will be in the same position due to the lack of travelling that has been happening lately so I thought I would put this post together to show what I took away for the trip that was 3 nights and 4 days. It took me a good hour to actually pack my bag as the UK weather has been so hit and miss lately so I wanted to make sure every  possibility was covered and it is a good job I did as the days were fairly nice but the evenings got very cold. So here is what I ended up settling on packing... 

Lounge wear 

I knew that this holiday would involve quite a bit of lounging around especially on a morning and an evening so I made sure that I had plenty of lounge wear in my bag. This mainly consisted of tracksuit bottoms and over sized hoodies but you can't beat over sized clothing for lounging around in. This choice of clothing came in handy for when the nephew wanted to play cricket or football too as I was comfy and not ruining my best clothes.

Warm Pyjamas 

This is an essential if you are glamping as sometimes those pods just don't get warm. I am used to sleeping shorts and t-shirts but for the trip I made sure I packed those and a warmer option just in case the temperature dropped and it certainly did just that. It was freezing on a night so the warm option was used and I was nice and cosy on a night rather than absolutely freezing. 

Jeans & Shorts

With us not really knowing what the weather was going to be like I made sure to have a few pair of jeans in my bag alongside a few pair of shorts so that I was covered for both the hot and cold weather. To be honest I mainly wore my shorts for this trip so I am glad I packed more of these than anything else but the jeans did come in handy for an evening trip to the seaside and travelling to and from the holiday just to smarten myself up for a bit when calling into other places. 


I packed plenty of t-shirt options, I had ones for lounging in and ones for going out in and it was nice to have options for each occasion. I took some plain t-shirts and some printed ones so I always had the perfect outfit combination no matter what style I wanted to go for on that day. I also made sure some of my t-shirts were over sized so that I could be more comfortable just sat around. 

Hoodies & Jackets 

This is the area I struggled in the most when it came to packing as I didn't want to take too many options but at the same time I wanted to make sure I had everything covered. I made sure to pack a thin wind breaker just for any light showers and just as a small extra layer if it was cold but not too cold. I made sure that I had a thicker coat with me too just in case the weather really changed and I needed to have something a bit warmer especially with us going to the seaside a few times. I also made sure I had plenty of hoodies with me for an evening and if it was on the cooler side. It is safe to say I would rather wear a hoodie than a jacket so I like to have plenty of options. 

Slides & Sneakers 

Of course I took a few pairs of sneakers with me but this time I limited to one low pair and one hi-top pair. Both these pairs were all white Nike ones so I knew they would easily go with any outfit combination I put together. They are both really comfortable too so I knew they would be fine for any longer walks or if I was just going to be on my feet for a long time. I also made sure I had my slides with me for lounging in and also for any beach trips. 


This is often what I forget so this time I triple checked I had everything, any medication I needed, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel and hair product. Actually having everything with me in one bag made getting ready so much easier and quicker and I am just glad I didn't forget anything this time. 

I am hoping that having this post will help me when it comes to packing for future trips too as I am a nightmare for panicking that I have forgot something and quite a few times in the past I have actually gone away and forgot certain items. Fingers crossed having this post on here for me to revert back to will help me pack for future trips and I will be well prepared for going away in the future. What are the main things you pack for a long weekend away?