2017 Round Up

meeting tegan and sara

2017 has been flown by and has definitely had its ups and its downs. Me and Liam have spent plenty of time together and are ready to buy our own place, we have definitely grown stronger throughout the year. I seem to have gotten closer with my parents again too, it was in February when I left my old job and begun working for my dad again, this has been a great experience as I am settled in the company which one day I may have control over. It has also meant going to site on a few occasions meeting new people which has helped me come out of my shell a little. I think it is also helping me grow up a little too.

I got to meet friends that I made through Tegan and Sara this year as I went to 2 of their gigs, one in Manchester and the other in Birmingham. The Manchester one was particularly special as I actually got to meet Tegan and Sara, they are absolutely brilliant after both shows I also got to meet Ria Mae and Alex Lahey who's music I have fallen in love with. I even went to see The Courtney's and got to meet them all too, they really were amazing live and I would love to see them again. My mum also got us tickets to go see Steps and wow that really was a total throwback to my childhood, it is amazing how you can't remember two days ago but remember the lyrics and dance moves to every song.

Two sports have taken over in 2017 for me and that is football and the wrestling. I have been to so many local wrestling events and can't wait to get to more in 2018, me and Liam even got to go to the WWE Live back in November which was amazing. Football is another one that has taken over most nights and weekends. If we weren't watching Bradford City we were watching the Women's football. The Women's game seems to have come a long way in 2017 with England doing very well in the Euros and starting the world cup qualifying off brilliantly. Sure it has had it's troubles but honestly 2018 is a time to move on, England will have their new manager and surely the team will still do brilliantly. Not only have I watched the women's game over in England but I have also been following the NWSL and USWNT. I can't wait to get even more into it next year.

Now in 2017 I haven't really been looking after myself, I forget my skincare routine half the time so my skin has gone pretty bad but in 2018 I am hoping to get it back on track. I have also kept gaining weight instead of loosing it, I really need to make more time for working out next year and eat a lot better

There was also a lack of blogging this year, things just always seemed to get in the way for me, but in 2018 I will be posting a lot more than before with a lot more variety of content. I am also going to sit and plan things far in advance rather than just a few days before.

So that is a snapshot of 2017 for me, I can't wait for 2108.

See you soon 

Christmas with chemist.co.uk*

Christmas with the chemist.co.uk

I was recently contacted by the lovely Katy at Chemist to take a look at what they had to offer for Christmas gifts. I have to admit I had never heard of Chemist before so I was excited to see what the site had to offer. I was not disappointed at all, they have such a variety of products on their site that there is something for everyone no matter what their age and what they like. Here are some of my top picks.

For the kids in the family this Oral B Star Wars toothbrush and toothpaste set is perfect. It works along side the Disney time app, where you scan your toothbrush and brush your teeth to reveal a special image if you have brushed them correctly. The fact you reveal the image whilst been timed means the kids are brushing their teeth correctly and not too quickly. The head is also super soft, I have been using this a while now and it is perfect for my sensitive teeth (the dentist recommended me using a kids toothbrush due to damage from my braces). The fact it is also Star Wars is also brilliant as Star Wars will be in demand this year due to the release on the new film.

Brylcreem - £3.32
For a perfect stocking filler for those who like to spend time perfecting their hair styles and making sure they look good the Chemist offer plenty of plenty of hair styling gifts. This tub of Brylcreem for just £3.32 will last them a long time and gives a great finish.

Hand cream is something people usually overlook however it is perfect for anyone. My mum and Nanna love this gorgeous Yardley cracker which contains a scented hand cream. There has actually been a debate over who should get to test this out which I clearly won. Hand cream isn't just for the women though it would be perfect for anyone who loves been out in the garden even in the cold weather or for those who go to the gym and use the weights or rower. 

Fuzzy Duck Mens Duo - No longer available.
Fuzzy duck is one of the brands that has really sprung up this year and this duo care kit containing hand wash and body wash is perfect for any bath room shelf. The little metal holder is also a great addition as once those items have run out you can put different items into the holder making the use out of it over and over again. 

Hand warmers & Knee Support - £1.25 & £8.99
For the sports lovers there are plenty of items throughout the whole site, you could create a sports hamper (which I have hinted for) if the person is suffering from an injury there are plenty of supports to cater for every need. The hand warmers are perfect for anyone, whether you have played a football match or sat watching one, or even if you have just had a day out in this awful winter weather, they really are the perfect stocking fillers. 

Thank you very much to Chemist for making this post happen and don't forget to check out the Chemist site for yourself to see what you can find. 

See you soon,

*These products were gifted to me as part of a collaboration with Chemist. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Mr Jamie Stevens: Shampoo and Conditioner

mr jamie stevens shampoo and conditioner

My hair is naturally really thin, so I will use anything I can to get a little bit of thickness in it. Currently I will use a R+Co thickening spray whilst styling however I have taken to adding the Mr Jamie Stevens thickening shampoo and conditioner into my routine. I have to admit in the month of using it I have actually noticed quite a big difference. 

Not only does the shampoo thicken the hair but it also removes grease dirt and any product build up. This is perfect for me as I use that much product on my hair daily it is important for me to have a good shampoo that removes everything I put in my hair without damaging it. The added thickness it gives is also brilliant as it makes styling so much easier.

The conditioner is thickening but is a lightweight gel style meaning it adds moisture without weighing my hair down. After using both the shampoo and conditioner together my hair is left not only thicker but also lightweight and super soft. At £10 each they are a little pricey but as they do the job they are definitely worth the price tag.

To me not only do the shampoo and conditioner have to do their job but they also need to smell nice. Which these 2 product definitely do, they are not too strong but do have a slight sent to them therefore it isn't overpowering. The packaging of the products is also very simple and easy to use, simply press the top and give the bottle a little squeeze. A little really does go a long way with these items.

I highly recommend using this product if you are wanting to add some thickness to your hair and have a shampoo which will stop product build up.

See you soon


Night In essentials

night in essentials

The best thing by far about the weather turning a lot colder and miserable is the fact it is a perfect excuse for a cosy night in. I have these far too often but you really can't go wrong with getting in from work and just switching off and relaxing. So here are a few of my essentials for a perfect night in..

The first thing I do when I get in from work is get changed. If it isn't too cold I will throw on a pair of shorts and a football shirt. If it is cold I will throw on my pyjamas, my favourite at the moment are the mens character ones especially the Pikachu ones in the image above. To me the thick the pyjama the better. I will also usually throw on my dressing gown just to add a little extra warmth.

Food / Drink
Good snacks are perfect for nights in where you are just sat watching the TV. I usually have some Doritos or chocolate to keep me going but this will be getting a healthier choice thrown in soon. Drink wise I do drink a lot of water which continues on those nights in, however I am starting to love the Nescafe Azera Americano so that is being drunk a lot lately. If I fancy something a little stronger I end up reaching for a Gin and Tonic or Whisky lately. 

A good film is a most however my love for YouTube has really made a comeback lately and my subscription list is forever growing so I spend most nights in catching up on that. I usually have my laptop next to me during this as well so whilst watching I can catch up on my Twitter and Instagram. Most nights I also turn on the PS4 or Xbox and have a little gaming session if it has been an easy day at work I will usually play something a little challenging but if it has been a hard day I will end up on my usual Fifa. 

So those are a few things that make up my perfect night in. What are yours?

See you soon,

Week #16

this week #16

It has been a strange week. I started off great with a day in Leeds shopping for Christmas with family and having some drinks, I now know I like white wine and can't wait to have more. Since then I haven't been feeling too good so I have spent nights wrapped up in bed playing games. I managed to get to the football though and I am glad I did as we won 4-3. So here is what I have been up too. I am just a bit upset that I haven't been able to go to the gym again and properly get into a fitness routine.

Been watching : The weekend has been filled with watching Vikings. I didn't think I would like this show but Liam convinced me to watch it and I love it. The week was filled with watching YouTube, 2 YouTuber's I watched a lot of were Kyle Krieger and Jim Chapman. Kyle's YouTube is amazing and has a good variety of content, I am sure you will hear me talk about him again soon.

Been playing : I have played a lot of Fifa and begun to play Shadow of War. So far so good with my new Fifa season and Shadow of War is really good. 

Been reading : Again all that I have read is blogs. 

Been listening to : Halsey is back on the go as well as Stormzy. But what I have listened to most is Justin Bieber - Under the mistletoe. 

Bought : I was in Leeds on Monday and once again Primark was my downfall. I bought a lot of Harry Potter and Assassins Creed items whilst there but also a lot of Christmas presents. I think I may have nearly done all my Christmas shopping. I also treated myself to a US soccer training top I have wanted for a long time.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

Fashion Inspo : Megan rapinoe

Ah Megan Rapinoe star of Seattle Reign and world cup winner with the USWNT. Megan isn't just brilliant at football but her fashion sense is also outstanding. No matter what the occasion Rapinoe is always looking her very best. She is one of the stars of the USWNT with an androgynous style which I really admire. So here are a few of my favourite looks....

The printed t-shirt layered with a denim jacket and hoodie is one of my favourite looks teamed with joggers or jeans and a good pair of trainers or converse. This type of look is perfect for the colder weather especially where I am from in the UK where it always seems to be cold.  The mix that Megan wears in the picture above is the perfect combination for a day shopping or just a day out with friends. 

I absolutely adore this look from Megan. The long line shirt skinny jeans / leggings, hat and sandals is pulled off great in this image. This outfit would be great for warm summer days or even nights abroad. I am hoping that this time next year I will be more confident with my body and can pull off looks like this myself. Especially the tighter fitting pants.

Megan rocks a dress but in my opinion she rocks a suit a lot better. These 2 images are 2 of my favourite looks overall of Megan. The first one is perfect for the red carpet, the suit fits perfect and has that classic elegant look. The shoes fit the outfit perfectly too. The 2nd suit is brilliant, the tartan pattern isn't too over bearing, the black top underneath goes perfectly and the all white trainers just top off the outfit making it perfect for any event you are attending. The trainers give it a little more of a casual look but it still looks super smart. I hate wearing dresses and really want to be more confident with my body to pull off a suit just like in these images. 

I can't wait to get to my goal clothing size and goal weight and be more confident with myself. Then I can start building my perfect wardrobe with items from this post and my previous fashion inspo posts. It will be great to start wearing clothing that represents the real me.

See you soon

December Wishlist

With Christmas coming up I am trying to be good and not buy the things I know family are likely to get me. I have also been trying to save up some money this month but it really doesn't seem to be happening. I go into the shops and end up buying things I didn't really need but got anyway just in the past 2 weeks I have spent £140 in Primark, believe it or not I didn't even need half the things I got. I am hoping these little posts I am planning to do monthly will help me stick to just buying the things I have been wanting and stop me from wasting my money. So here is what I am hoping to treat myself to this month. 

Nike Core T-Shirt

This post is all Nike as I am slowly getting back into my sporty clothing. There is just something about Nike their T-shirts are really comfortable and also really good quality. Some items are also really cheap. These Core T-shirts are a bargain in JD at £15 each or 2 for £25. I could do with getting a couple of these just casual days as I am getting sick of the fully plain Primark t-shirts now.

These Nike Air Max 97 Ultra's have been a trainer I have had my eye on for a while now but at £140.00 they are definitely an investment piece. I just love how they look, there are about 4 colours I am after but these silver/grey ones are the pair I am going to settle on I think as they will go with everything. Nike has been my go to for trainers for a while now as they are definitely the comfiest and last a long time. 

Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Windrunner Men's Full-Zip Hoodie

This tech fleece wind runner is another investment piece at £90.00. I have had my eye on this for about 2 months now and to top it off a picture was posted on Instagram of Tobin Heath wearing it, so naturally I wanted to buy it even more. £90 does seem a lot to spend on 1 hoodie however I know that this will last and it seems like it is going to be perfect for the colder weather.

So there you have it that is what I am after in December. Is there anything you are hoping to buy?

See you soon,

November Empties

november empties

November was a month where I didn't really use up many products. It was mainly a case of starting new products. I am now determined to get through the pile of toiletries that is taking over my room, there are so many items that I need to stop just reaching for the same thing daily and try mix things up a little. So here are the only things I have used up through November...

Lynx attract for her - This was my go to shower gel once it was released, I get the gift sets every year for Christmas and my birthday. It doesn't smell too feminine but isn't too masculine either therefore it is perfect for me. I aren't too sure if anyone has got me this for Christmas as I have moved onto the Lynx you lately, but I honestly would buy this over and over again.

Johnny's chop shop fix - This hairspray has easily become a staple product in my hair routine. It gives a great hold even in this wonderful Yorkshire weather. I don't even need to top it up during the day. At £5 it can seem a little pricey but in my opinion it is worth it due to the hold it gives. I don't think I will buy any other hairspray for as long as this is available.

Lynx you - You can read my review of this spray here. I think this is going to be my go to spray for as long as it is around. The scent is great and a little really does go along way. If you can get it whilst it is on offer too it is such great value for money. I may even start to get this in the XL cans.

Did you use up any items in November? If so what did you use up? 

See you soon,

Week #15

manchester football musuem

This week has been hit and miss it has had some good points like spending the weekend with Liam and City getting through to the next round of the cup. But it has also had some low points which I wont get into. I had Monday off work and me my mum and sister all headed off to Manchester to do some Christmas shopping, not only did we shop and have a look around the Christmas markets but we also spent a few hours in the football museum. I had my picture taken with the trophies again and took part in a penalty shootout. I even got my new TV that I got in the black Friday sales set up. I am sure the TV will be on the blog in the future. So here is what I have....

Been watching : I have been watching the Big Bang Theory again, I stopped for a while but am currently starting to fall back in love with it. I even managed to watch the England Women game on Tuesday night. It was great to see Fran Kirby on the score sheet once again.

Been playing : The only thing I have played once again is FIFA. I am too hooked, I really do need to get through my backlog soon. I also have my eyes on a few other games to purchase in the next few month.

Been reading : I haven't read anything other than blogs once again. I really do need to finish off my Abby Wambach book so I can move on to another football book.

Been listening to : Since seeing Steps the other week I haven't stopped listening to them. It is great reliving my childhood everyday.

Bought : I bought far too much in Manchester so I won't list it all but I did get a LA Galaxy t-shirt and soft toys of the Man City mascots.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

Fashion Inspo : Ali Krieger

Ali Krieger is a defender for the USWNT and Orlando pride. Last season she played every minute of Orlando's season and was solid in the defence leading the Pride to the playoffs. Know as the warrior Ali is not only a great defender but she also has great fashion sense. She can rock a dress and heels whilst on the red carpet but her casual style is what I really love.  So here are some of the casual outfits Ali wears that I love and will be looking to incorporate into my own wardrobe at times....

I really need to treat myself to a nice denim jacket. At the moment I only have one with jersey sleeves however I really want a full denim one. Team this up with a printed t-shirt (a bit like the one Ali has on in the image) and some leggings /skinny jeans and hi-tops you have the perfect outfit.

I also love the whole dark skinny jeans and light denim shirt look. Ali pulls this off so well whilst wearing the shirt undone with a nice printed top underneath. This could be accessorised with a beanie in colder weather or snap back in warmer weather and some nice sunglasses. Add in a good pair of trainers or vans and you have my perfect outfit. If anyone sees a nice denim shirt whilst out and about in the UK please let me know I can't seem to find one.

Another outfit I love that Ali pulls off really well is the simple plain t-shirt, skinny jeans and trainers look. I can't wait to get to a size where clothes fit me correctly. At the moment all my t-shirts are either too big or far too tight, there just doesn't seem to be an in between. It is the same with my jeans too, I just want some clothes that finally fit me right. Luckily the items I have been buying lately are actually fitting but as I am continuing to loose weight, they don't seem to last long. The good thing is my trainer collection is slowly growing again.

Now this image is more gym fashion. I can't wait to be comfortable wearing a vest top in the gym and some gym leggings. Nike do some really nice items in their latest ranges and Ali always looks great in what she wears. I want to get to the stage where I aren't just wearing mix match football kits whilst working out, I want to wear vest tops / nice fitting tops and shorts that fit nice or workout pants. It would be great to have an outfit that matched because surely if you feel confident in what you wear then the workout will greater and more beneficial. 

What is your favourite look from the post? Let me know in the comments.

See you soon

Huge Haul

I have gone a little crazy spending wise this month. I spent an absolute fortune at the wrestling and after it. Finally I have also managed to get some clothing that actually fits me and fits my style. I still have quite a bit I am wanting to get my hand on but that is seriously going to wait until after Christmas. Instead of getting Christmas presents I seem to have treated myself and here are some of the things I have treated myself too...

Nike hoodie
I got myself a Nike hoodie after a long time of searching. It is a simple grey hoodie with a small Nike logo and nice big neck. I will be doing a post on how I style this soon so keep an eye out for that. I have worn it a few times now and it is so soft and definitely keeps me nice and warm.

Superdry coat
I can finally say I have a coat that fits. After so long it is so nice to finally wear a goat and be nice and warm especially in the weather the UK is having lately. I will also be doing a post on this soon so I wont go into too much detail on which I got, you will have to wait and see. All I can say it is the best £80.00 I have spent in a while.

 Grey Nike Trainers
I seem to be getting back into wearing a lot more. I have only really worn Converse and Vans for a while but I fancied a bit of a change. I recently went to a Nike outlet store and these grey and red trainers were only £25.00 so there was no way I was leaving those behind. 

Nike SB trainers
I managed to pick these up at a different Nike outlet for just £20.00 so again I wasn't leaving these behind. These are a bit of a smarter type of trainer and they are super comfy. I am hoping they last a while too.

North Face Polo
Who would have thought going to Costco would end with me getting a North Face top. At only £17 I was surprised to see them. I wear polo shirts for work all the time but I absolutely love the North Face one as it looks simple but smart and will be great for a smart casual outfit. 

 Tobin Heath Jersey
 I have said in the past how I am in love with the USWNT and Liam been amazing as he is got me a Tobin Heath jersey I have been after for a while. He also got me the shorts so I can finally wear shorts to the gym. The jersey came really quickly and is great quality. Now that I know all this I think I am going to buy even more. Question is do I get Krieger or O'Hara? 

R + Co Thickening Spray
I recently had my hair cut and styled just like Ashlyn Harris, I watched a video where Kyle Krieger did Ashlyn's hair and he used this product so I thought I would give it a try. So far it is a great product to use. I will do a full review once I have had more experience with it.

Becky Lynch T-shirt
I have wanted one of these for ages, Becky is definitely my favourite female wrestler at the moment. This is a t-shirt I got when at the WWE live and was a bargain price of £10 which surprised me as I was expecting it to be at least £25. 

Seth Rollins T-shirt
Seth is one of my favourite male wrestlers at the moment and I had said for ages I would get one of his tops if they had them at the live event. As soon as I saw it I knew I had made the right choice I love it.

AJ Styles T-shirt
The phenomenal one for sure I absolutely love AJ Styles. The way the crowd reacts when his entrance music comes on and the way he wrestles is just amazing. I was so glad I could get one of these tops from the live show. 

Official WWE Programme
There was no way I was coming home without a programme from the WWE. Granted it is just a book full of pictures but it is a book full of my favourite people.

I also managed to get a pair of the AJ Styles gloves and Becky Lynch goggles. My parents don't understand why I even thought I needed these but they are great.

I even managed to find 3 WWE pop figures which I haven't seen around before.  So now I have added Sasha, Finn and Roman to my growing collection. I am trying to collect all of the WWE ones so I really need to keep an eye out.

Taylor Swift Reputation
As soon as Taylor announced she had a new album coming out I knew it would be added into my CD collection. I have loved Taylor from the first album and haven't missed an album. I absolutely love the direction she is going in.

12 rounds, 12 rounds 2 & 3 
Films staring WWE stars have become something I am watching more and more. If it stars John Cena you can guarantee I will get it. It is also great when the sequels involve other WWE superstars.

I really should stop spending and get some Christmas shopping sorted. But a trip to Manchester is in order out some clothes that will actually fit me.

See you soon


Albums I am loving lately

I have spent a lot of time lately whilst blogging and gaming just having music on in the background. I will have Fifa on low with my iPod playing over it, or whilst I am blogging I will have the music on just to add a little background noise. So here are the 3 albums I have been listening to over and over for the past few weeks. 

This is definitely an album I can see myself listening to a lot longer without getting sick of it. There are so many great and catchy songs on this album. I first heard Bad at love whilst watching an Ashlyn Harris video on YouTube, it was only on in the background but as soon as I listened properly I was hooked. I loved Halsey's debut album Badlands, so it was a no brainer that I was going to be getting Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. I can honestly say I haven't been disappointed and I already can't wait for album 3. I really hope Halsey comes back to the UK soon too.

I first heard of Alex Lahey whilst at the Tegan and Sara gigs in Feb this year. As soon as I heard her I was hooked. So when I saw that I love you like a brother was coming out I knew I would have to get it. Now I won't go into this too much as I do have a review post planned for this, but just like Halsey I am hooked each song is catchy and it is such easy listening. Alex was recently on in Leeds and I was gutted I couldn't make it, roll on her next UK tour.

Now this isn't exactly an album but it is something I can't stop listening too. I am hooked on listening to the WWE wrestlers entrance music. I have a lot of them downloaded on my Google Play Music account but I also listen to a lot through YouTube. Some of my favourites lately are Randy Orton, Naomi and Bobby Roode. As much as I love them they do get in my head a lot so I usually find myself singing them all day.

So there you have it that is what I have been listening to at the moment. What have you all been listening to?

See you soon

WWE Live In Leeds

I finally got to see the WWE Live. I used to watch the wrestling all the time with my cousin whilst growing up and have got back into it this year. I have seen quite a few local events and when I saw that WWE was coming to Leeds, I just knew we had to get tickets.

Most of my favourite wrestlers are on the Raw roster however Leeds got the Smackdown roster. Granted I was a little disappointed I wasn't going to see Finn, Dean or Seth but I have realised I like a lot more of the Smackdown roster than I thought. 

We arrived at the venue once the doors opened so we had plenty of time to get merchandise and get settled (they even threw in some top 10 countdowns), but the best part was when a woman who worked at the arena came up and asked if we wanted a seating upgrade. We chose to buy tickets on level 2 originally and the view was still great however when she said we could go sit in level 1 we gladly accepted. The view was fantastic we could see everything.

The show kicked off with Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler, they really got the crowd going and set up for a brilliant night. I now love Bobby Roode and can't get his entrance theme out of my head.

The Usos

I would go as far as saying the Usos are my favourite tag team from both Smackdown and Raw. I was hoping to see them against the new day however seeing them against the likes of Breezango was also brilliant. Jimmy and Jay are brilliant wrestlers and to see them live was fantastic.

Randy Orton

I didn't like Randy Orton before seeing him live (I heard his entrance music and thought oh no here we go). He never really appealed to me however he is a brilliant wrestler and that became apparent watching him. He came up against Rusev and the match was great, the crowd was brilliant in this too getting behind Randy chanting RKO. Granted Rusev is one of the wrestlers I really don't like however Randy really made the match worth paying attention to. Seeing him hit and DDT and RKO was great and I have to admit I am now beginning to like him and won't be skipping over his matches in the future when watching on the network.

Now the women's Smackdown division is definitely my favourite, I love them all. I was worried I would only get to see a few of them wrestling live but was pleasantly surprised when they all came out for a 4 on 3 match. It was Naomi, Charlotte and Becky vs Lana, Natalya, Tamina and Carmella. It was a fantastic match.  I absolutely love Becky Lynch she is fantastic, if I had to pick a favourite out of the Women it would definitely be her. As soon as her entrance hit the crowd were going crazy so when she won it was brilliant. 

Not only did we get that match but we also got to see the whole of the women's division team up against James Ellesworth (seriously that guy irritates me just looking at him), so obviously it was fantastic when Becky Lynch hit him with a stone cold stunner. It just summed up a perfect match.

My final favourite was the triple threat match for the title between new champion AJ Styles, Jinder Mahal and Shinsuke Nakamura. I hate Jinder so was so glad when he lost the title the previous night, Shinsuke was just like Randy I didn't like him until I saw him live but wow AJ Styles..... he really is the phenomenal one. He is a brilliant wrestler and really has the crowd behind him. They were in the match with the title on the line but I was so glad to see AJ keep hold of it. AJ is a deserving champion and I just really hope he keeps hold of it so he can face off against Brock Lesnar at survivor series.

Obviously there were more matches on the card than this but these were my standout ones. I even spent an absolute fortune on merchandise (post coming up soon) and overall had a fantastic night. I am even looking for tickets to go see it again next year.

Have you ever seen the WWE Live? What did you think to it? Let me know

See you soon,

Week #14

This week has been a great one. I have had 3 days off work and seen Liam for 6 days straight. The 3 days off work included an overnight stay in Leeds after watching the WWE Live for the first time. I won't go into it much as I am going to do a whole post about it soon, but all I will say for now is it is so great to see your favourites live instead of just highlights or TV matches. We did a spot of shopping the day after but honestly we just wanted to head back as it was chaos. Since then it has been a nice relaxed weekend of blogging and gaming, we really haven't ventured out apart from watching the football on Saturday. So here is what I have been up to this week....

Been watching : I have watched a few football matches. However the week has mainly consisted of me watching old wrestling PPV's. Having the WWE network is brilliant as I can watch not only recent PPV's but also those from a while back. I am also hoping to watch quite a few of the collections they have available. 

Been playing : Fifa has been the main game I have been playing lately, more of my season and plenty more women's tournaments. I also played a little bit more life is strange before the storm (really don't want to complete chapter 2 so quickly) and have even started on Dragonball Xenoverse at long last.

Been reading : I was going to complete Abby Wambach's book this week however I have just stuck to catching up on blogs.

Been listening to : Halsey and WWE themes are the big 2 that I have been listening to this week. I can't get enough of Randy Orton's entrance theme, it really does get stuck in my head.

Bought : Again I won't go into this too much as I have a post coming up however I have got a lot more new WWE merchandise to add to my collection.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

Top 5 Current USWNT Players

It is no secret that I am hooked on women's football. It is also no secret that I prefer to follow and watch the USWNT more than I do England (although I do tune into every England game). Women's football is continually growing and we are getting more access to games making viewing a lot better. Not only do I watch a lot of international games but I also watch the FAWSL snd NWSL. So here are my current top 5 USWNT players...

Ali Krieger is a world class right back who deserves much more credit. She was solid in defence for her club Orlando Pride last season and played every single minute. For some reason however she really isn't getting the recognition she deserves and is getting left out of the current USWNT roster selections. I honestly can't understand why Jill would rather play players out of position rather than give Ali the call ups she deserves. Especially as she is only 2 caps short of 100. She has also bounced back from so many injuries over the years but is still a player of great standard she is a true inspiration to someone struggling through a current injury.

 Tobin Heath is a brilliant midfielder. She plays in the same position as me and is one of the reasons I continue to play. She is a player I have looked up to for a very long time and think I always will. She has had to sit out of most of this year due to injury however she has bounced back and won the playoffs with the Thorns this season. Tobin is one of those players you get excited to watch due to her pure skill and talent. I am looking forward to watching her play for many years to come.

Kelley O'Hara aka the squirrel, Kelley is a fantastic player and gives 100%  in which ever position she plays whether it be defence, midfield or as a forward. She also scored a great goal against Germany in the 2015 world cup which I honestly believe won them the whole tournament. Kelley has recently achieved 100 caps and I can't wait to see her achieve so many more.

Christen Press is yet another underrated player within the USWNT. I don't understand why she doesn't get more starts within the squad she is a great player with fantastic attacking ability. She really does deserve more of a chance when it comes to international games. However at only 28 years old I honestly do believe she has a lot more game time and a lot more goals in her and hopefully she will win another world cup.

Now my favourite of them all Ashlyn Harris. Never gets enough game time for the USWNT but when she does she is absolutely amazing and her performances are always 100%. Ashlyn is great at reading the situation in front of goal and is great at commanding her back line. I really hope she gets the time she deserves soon as she can add so much more to the starting 11. Unfortunately she did suffer a quad injury earlier this year but since then she has bounced right back and is looking promising in all the games she plays once more.

So there you have it those are my top 5 players currently playing for the USWNT. I can't wait to watch more of their games and even hopefully see them play over here in the UK one day. 

Do you have any favourite women's football players? Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon