February Favourites 2018

I have loved a few new things through February. I haven't really bought many new things but those that I have bought I have really enjoyed. But without buying a whole lot of new stuff, I have fallen back in love with some old favourites. So here are a few of my favourite things from this month...

The Fudge Urban messy stuff blow dry creme is something I have had for quite a while but haven't really used. Since getting my hair cut earlier this month I have been using it every time I blow dry my hair. It doesn't leave a tacky texture but does help add more volume and a messy texture, which helps me create my perfect hairstyle. This is brilliant as I am trying to do different looks with my hair instead of just sticking to the same old style.

Lynx Unity is a new release that I couldn't wait to get my hands on. If you have read the blog before you will know I love Lynx products, you can read my review of the Lynx You here. Unity could very easily become my favourite deodorant, but I won't go into it too much here as I am planning on doing a review very soon.

After listening to Camila Cabello (you can find my album review here) quite a bit through both January and February I somehow found myself listening to a lot of Fifth Harmony, and by a lot I mean far too much. I ended up buying all of the Fifth Harmony albums and seem to constantly have them on repeat. I will have some reviews of these up on the blog very soon so keep your eyes out for that, but honestly I can't get enough of them.

My gaming laptop has been a saviour for me in this cold weather. I love how I can just get wrapped up in bed and play some of my favourite games. I have got back into playing a bit of Minecraft on this and have also played the likes of Overwatch and the Sims. I am on this everyday without fail and also do all my blogging off of it now, which is great as everything is in one place at last.


I only have one fashion favourite this month. I got these Nike trainers just before Christmas but due to the weather I didn't want to wear them and get them ruined. After having a few dry days in February I have finally managed to wear them. Usually it takes me a few wears to break in a pair of trainers but these were unbelievably comfy straight away. The colours also work great together and go well with the majority of my clothing. The only issue with these will be when they get dirty as I hate getting any dirt on my shoes.

So there you have it those are a few of my favourite things from February what are yours?

See you soon


Fashion Inspo : Lauren Jauregui

Lauren Jauregui is one member of Fifth Harmony whose style I absolutely love, especially her tomboy fashion choices. Over the years since the start of Fifth Harmony Lauren has had some great outfit choices which I would love to recreate myself. At the moment my go to style seems to be my grey skinny jeans any old hoody and trainers. I really want to try mix it up a little and start incorporating styles that are more me and not just a casual style all the time. I also want to move away from wearing sportswear all the time.

So here are a few of my favourites from Lauren that I would love to incorporate into my own wardrobe ...

 I love all black outfits especially when they involve black skinny jeans. Adding a black printed t-shirt also breaks the whole black outfit up a little as it means there is just a little bit of colour incorporated. I am used to just wearing my coat or a hoody but I want to try get myself a good leather jacket for when the weather warms a little. I also love the chunky boots with a heel on. This isn't something I would usually go for as I love trainers but I want to be braver in what I wear and try new looks. The boots also go perfect with the outfit.

I hate my body at the moment so I always wear baggy tops but as I am trying to lose weight I am hoping it will help me become more confident to wear tighter fitting tops like Lauren is wearing above. I love the above look on Lauren and it is one I can easily see myself wearing. The colours all work great together and the boots also work really well with the ripped jeans. I really need to find a good pair of ripped jeans or actually make my own as these are something I have wanted for a while now.

This is a bit more of a daring look for me to recreate but it is one that Lauren works really well. I love the high wasted jeans teamed up with a plain white cropped top. The flannel shirt over the top just adds a bit of colour and will help keep you warm from any slight chill. I also have a slight obsession with snapbacks so I love how this snapback goes so well with outfit.Honestly if I finally got to my body goal this a look I would be giving a try (especially if I grow my hair too, but that is a post for a different day)

Finally the plain and simple look which would easily become one of my favourites. I always went for a black t shirt and plain black jeans however as I have said above I would love to add some boots and ripped jeans into the look just like above. I would also love to wear some V neck t shirts instead of just wearing crew neck ones all the time. This is possibly one of the first looks I will try to add to my wardrobe.

What are your favourite looks from the above? Are there any people's looks you love?

See you soon,

Week #18

fran kirby at man city women

This week has been a good one. I got a few posts typed up and even had a lovely night in on my own. That night consisted of a lovely whisky and coke and a whole lot of YouTube. I spent my Saturday at Man City Women vs Chelsea Ladies, where I treated my parents to their first Man City Women's game and also took Liam with us. It was a great game and I loved actually seeing Fran Kirby and Crystal Dunn playing right there in front of me. Luckily Man City managed to crawl back and grab a draw. It was great to woke up to a like on Twitter from Fran this morning too. Today was spent getting my eyes retested and doing a spot of shopping. So here is what I have been up to this week....

Been watching : Honestly all I have watched this week is the Simpsons and Fifth Harmony videos on YouTube.  I am loving watching old interviews and videos from them.

Been reading : I have been terrible at reading this week and haven't picked up my book at all as I have mainly been catching up on blog posts.

Been listening to : Fifth Harmony and their collabs have been top of my playlist this week and I have spent a fortune on iTunes to make sure I have all their songs on my iPod.

Bought : Liam treated me to the Kat Von D Lock it foundation from my wishlist which you can read here. But I also treated myself to the Mac Velvet Teddy lipstick as my other has magically gone missing. I also picked up the Primark glow tonic after seeing this recommended a few times.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

Camila Cabello : Camila

Camila is Camilla Cabello's first solo album, the ex Fifth Harmony band member left the band at the end of 2016 and has since being working on her own music. I was a little curious when I saw Camila was leaving Fifth Harmony to go solo as within the band her voice really stood out and went really well alongside the other girls voices. However if you listen to her collaboration with Shawn Mendes, I know what you did last summer, you see how powerful her voice is and how much it really does stand out.
 Her first single Crying in the club didn't really hit it off with fans straight away (it didn't even make the album in the end) and it wasn't until the release of Havana that Camila really started to be noticed and taken serious as a solo artist. However, I think I personally prefer Crying in the club to Havana which still seems to follow you around today, it is like there is no escaping the super catchy song. 

At only 20 years old Camila seems to have done so much brilliant work and I can't see where her music takes her next. With this album she has also begun to write her own songs, something that she apparently didn't get to do whilst in Fifth Harmony, her song writing for such a young artist is also brilliant as I can find myself singing along to the lyrics over and over throughout the day even if I haven't listened to the song. This to me is the sign of a good song writer as they are creating songs that will always be in your mind and make sure you don't forget. Her album also takes on a bit more of a pop vibe compared to Fifth Harmony's hip-hop and R&B sound which really gets her to break out on her own.

Some of my favourite songs from the album are:

Consequences - This song is one of the ballad types on the album. 'Loving you was sunshine safe and sound a steady place to let my defences but loving you had consequences'. The lyrics are so raw and passionate and show the real side of letting someone in only to find out that it isn't all that it is meant to be. It shows the real side to a heartbreak and the aftermath of that.

All These Years - 'After all these years I still feel everything when you are near' - Another ballad type song that is all about not been able to fully move on. Once again this song is full of emotion and you can really capture the emotion as Camila sings the lyrics.

Never be the same - Now this song I have told Liam I want as over first dance if we ever get married. Which he basically just laughed at. I keep getting him to play this in the car whilst I very painful try to sing along. The song just gets stuck in my head and again it is one of the slower songs but with a really catchy beat in the background. 'Just one hit of you, I knew, I'll never be the same' another song about a relationship but one of those relationships where you get hooked on the other person and you know that it will change you.

Camila is set to play 3 dates in the UK as part of her first solo tour this year but unfortunately tickets sold out for this almost immediately which is something I honestly didn't expect. Hopefully next time she will do a show nearer where I live and a few more dates. But if you did manage to get tickets I am sure you are in for a great show.

I have to admit I am quite excited to see what the rest of the girls still in fifth Harmony release solo in the future as Lauren has done quite a few amazing songs away from the rest of the girls already. But as it stands Camila really has got me hooked. I would highly recommend listening to this album if you are looking for something new as there is a bit of everything for everyone on it. The album was only released in January 2018 however it is easily already a contender for album of the year in my eyes.

Have you listened to the album? What do you think to it?

See you soon,

Beauty Wishlist

I have found myself lately spending less and less on things that aren't for the new house. I can't remember the last time I went out and treated myself to new beauty items from the likes of Boots and Debenhams but I am hoping to be able to do that very soon. So here are a few of the things I am hoping to get in the next few weeks.

Make Up
I don't really have time to do makeup on a morning as I always leave it until the very last minute to get out of bed. Due to this a lot of makeup that I currently have has gone off. But I am now trying to get into a routine which will mean I have plenty of time to do a good skincare routine and add a little makeup.

The Benefit Bad Gal Bang mascara is one I have read a lot about recently and it seems to have got some pretty good reviews. I usually just buy a cheap mascara but I think that this time I want to spend a bit more and see what the difference is for the price. I really need a good mascara as my eyelashes seem to stick together quite a bit.

The Kat Von D Basket Case Eyeliner is something that caught my eye in Manchester the other week. Liam told me just to get it but it think that is because he absolutely loves Green Day. But of course once we arrived home I really wish I had bought it. Eyeliner is something that I definitely need to learn to apply though as I never usually bother with it.

Unfortunately the Kat Von D Lock It foundation was out of stock in my shade whilst we were in Manchester but I am going to be keeping an eye out for this coming online. When I was being matched in the store I think I instantly fell in love with how this felt and looked on my skin. It just seemed perfect, so I need to try get this as soon as possible. This is going to be one of the first things I buy I think as my MAC foundation no longer matches my skin.


Fragrance is one of my favourite things. I can't leave the house these days without making sure I have sprayed my favourite. The one I am currently using everyday is Zadig and Voltaire but I am quickly running out of it. I was originally going to just buy another bottle of that but I think I am going to change and buy a bottle of Paco Rabanne Lady Million Prive. I had a little tester of this whilst shopping just after Christmas and I loved it. 

 Skin care
I have definitely been neglecting my skin lately. I don't pay half as much attention to it and you can tell as I am having constant breakouts and it just looks in really bad condition. I need to try get back into a routine and I am hoping to add these few products into that routine.

I have had my eyes on the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate for a while now but due to the price tag never really bothered giving it a go. But now I think it is time to put my spare money to good use and finally purchase a little bottle.

I could really use a new moisture as well because my current one seems to be reacting pretty badly to my skin. It leaves me with red marks all over my face and leaves it feeling irritated. Seen as I have wanted to try Kiehl's products for a while now I think this facial cream may end up being the replacement for the moisturiser.

Can you recommend any other products I may like? Or do you have reviews on any of the above I would love to read them.

See you soon

Week #17

I had Monday off work this week which was great, me and Liam did a little bit of shopping but other than that we just relaxed.  We have also had some good news on the house front this week as things seem to be moving along pretty quickly now. This also meant I dragged Liam to B&Q to take a look at wallpaper and pick up a few samples, I can't wait until we get in the house and start getting it to look how we want. So here is what else I have been doing this week...

Been watching : Other than watching Camila Cabello and Fifth Harmony on YouTube I have been watching the Simpsons. I have to say I have watched a lot of episodes of this but it just doesn't get old in my opinion.

Been reading : I have managed to read a little more of Alex Morgan's book but to be honest I have spent most of the week just catching up on reading blogs.

Been listening to : Camilla Cabello, Fifth Harmony and songs featuring Lauren Jauregui are all that I have been listening to. It started off as just listening to Camilla then I fell into the YouTube spiral of just clicking on video after video.

Bought : I have treated myself to all the Fifth Harmony albums (one is still to arrive). I even treated myself to Marian Hill's album after I have been listening to YouTube recently. I have even got a can of the new Lynx unity to try out. Liam has treated me to a notebook so I can finally start doing my own bullet journal.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

Football Training Wishlist

As I have mentioned a few times on the blog before, I am really hoping to get back to playing football soon, however I know this is going to be a lot of hard work as I need to get my fitness and technique back as well as fixing my knee. But with it staying lighter for longer on a night and the weather getting slightly better I am hoping to get out to our local fields to practice with Liam or even in our new garden when we move in. So for today's post I though I would put together a little list of the equipment etc that I want to help me on the journey.

Now shopping for new boots is one of my favourite things about playing the game. There are so many different brands and styles to choose from. When I last played I always wore firm ground as they are the best type in my opinion however it is always handy to have soft ground too for those worse weather conditions.

Umbro UX Accuro 2 Premier FG - Eclipse/Lava Pink/White.
These boots are currently £65.00 on the Umbro site and I think they look absolutely amazing. The colours work together brilliantly, and the whole style with the texture on the front looks great. I have never worn Umbro boots before but I think at £65.00 these would be great to try out whilst training and even beginning to play again.

Clothing is also something that can affect your training performance therefore it is essential you make the correct choices when picking out what you want to train in. You don't want your shorts or tracksuit bottoms to feel too tight or you will have restricted movements yet you don't want them too big or you will be constantly pulling the pants up. This is the same for your top you want this to fit just right.

Nike Dry Squad Women's Football Pants

Nike Dry Squad Women's Football Pants
These do have quite a high price tag at £47.95 however with Nike you know you are paying for quality. I went to Adidas shorts for a while but to be honest I wasn't keen and they didn't seem to last long. Therefore once I get going again I will possibly be sticking to Nike. Especially since I have now found out that they do specific women's football clothing. It is nice to see a big brand who not only caters for women's football now instead of just having the women wear men's training wear but also for them to offer these in a bigger size. These pants look perfect for being out training whilst the weather is still a little poor as they look as though they give the perfect fit.

Nike Academy Drill Women's Football Top

Nike Academy Drill Women's Football Top
As I said above it is great they now do the women's football range at Nike and this top is one of my favourites within the collection. At only £32.95 it also isn't too expensive and it also matches the pants above. I always just wear my football shirts whilst training however in the UK it is usually cold so a jacket is perfect to put one over the top. I have found in the past when I had the Total 90 tracksuit that these jackets are lightweight so don't weigh you down whilst training.

Training aids
You can't have a beneficial training session without the correct equipment and I have found that Sports Direct is a great place to get everything you need from one website or shop. You can get everything from cones to football and a lot of training aids in between. Now I probably will get a little pop up goal for our garden however I think most training will take place on a local field where they already have full size goals up so they aren't exactly top of my list at the moment.

Nike Strike Premier League Ball
Sports Direct have offers on footballs all the time, this Strike Premier League ball is currently £17.99 however you can get the Nike Pitch footballs on 2 for £20. These balls are some of the best out there and actually last a long time. They also give you a better performance as they have been specifically designed to be aerodynamic and curve giving you the best results each time.

Sondico Coaches Training Pack
For only £19.99 this is perfect. You get cones hurdles and even an agility ladder to help with various training exercises and you also get a handy little bag to carry them all around in so you know you have everything in one place. The fact that you get these different types of equipment will help with planning out different exercise whilst tackling different aspects of my fitness and technique within the game.

So that is what I am hoping to get to help me get back into football. Have any recommendations on what I can get? Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon

SoccerGrlProbs : Interview

I was lucky enough recently to do an email interview with the amazing Carly, Shannon and Alanna from SoccerGrlProbs. I can't remember exactly when I started watching the girl but I am so glad I did, I now watch all the videos they upload and even keep going back to watch old ones. Each video is definitely something a female playing soccer (football for all us UK people) can relate to. They have even collaborated with the USWNT in the past.
Some of my favourite videos are Injured player stereotypes, what's in my soccer bag and what soccer girls really think. So here is what the girls had to say...


So tell us a little bit about yourselves...
We are all from Long Island, NY. We went to Fairfield University (where we all met).

How did you come up with the idea of soccergrlprobs? 
It all started in college when we (Carly Beyar, Shannon Fay and Alanna Locast) became teammates on the Fairfield University Division 1 Women’s Soccer team. We all grew up in Long Island, NY, but never crossed paths until college. We joke that there must have been something in the water because for some reason the three of us were the only ones from LI and came up with this. We were in preseason and were in between sessions exhausted and delirious and our team started saying funny things and ending it with #soccergirlprobs. We decided to create a twitter to continue to share these humorous thoughts. 

Have any of you had to overcome any major injuries?
Carly and Shannon both tore their ACL's playing soccer and Alanna herniated her L4 and L5. We all agree staying positive and working hard to recover is the best way to get through it! 


If you could only wear one brand of boots (cleats) which would it be? 
Nike! We are Nike ambassadors and they are the only boots we will wear:)

Do you have any good pregame meal ideas?
pb and j was a ritual in college. A granola bar, nuts, etc. 

What would be in your typical training session before a game?
As a warm up? Dynamic stretching, getting touches on the wall, some finishing work (since we are all forwards) and a GREAT warm up mix is super important. 


Who are your current / past favourite female and male soccer players?
Abby Wambach (Shannon), Carli Lloyd (Carly) and Ali Krieger (Alanna)

What made you choose the positions you play / played in?
We all played forward in college! Carly started as a centre back in the beginning of college but was moved up to a forward! 

Can we expect to see you over in the UK anytime soon (it would be great to meet you all)
Hopefully at some point we can!! We would love to come to the UK again we love it there:)

Finally do you have any advise for those either wanting to play the game or get back into it?

Play to have fun, remember why you play the beautiful game. don't take things to seriously enjoy every second you can on the field! 

I would honestly recommend anyone who is into the beautiful game to go check these girls out over on YouTube and subscribe to their channel. I am even hoping to buy some items from their store in the near future as they have some brilliant items available, so maybe soon you will see a haul from there. I honestly do hope the girls come over to the UK as it would be great to get the chance to meet them.

If you want to know more about the girls you can check out their website ,YouTube,Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

 I hope you all liked this post. Do you want to see me do more interviews in the future? Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon,


** All photo credit : Soccergrlprobs **

Lynx Pomade

If you have read the blog in the past you will have seen that I actually bought this pomade quite a while back now. However I have only just started to use it. I have always stuck to using clay or wax products so I didn't really know what to expect when I applied this product. I never thought I would be using a Lynx product on my hair, I love their deodorants so when I saw the hair styling items and their amazing price there was no way I was leaving that shop empty handed. I have mentioned on the blog before how the clay is one of my favourite products and that is currently my go to everyday styling product. So here is what I thought of the pomade. 

The packing is simple and the lid actually stays shut which is perfect for when I am out and about. I can throw it in my bag and not have to worry about the lid coming off and the product going all over. The tin is also quite slim so it doesn't take up much room if you was travelling around. Even though it is only a slim tin, the product does go a really long way so you won't run out too quickly.

Like all the other Lynx products I absolutely love the smell of this pomade. The smell isn't too strong but you definitely know it is there. I honestly thought the smell may be a little too masculine for me however I don't think this at all, the only issue is after applying you can was your hands for ages and the smell of the product doesn't seem to go away for a while. 

Texture + Application
Now this is something I am still making my mind up on. As the tin says it is a clean cut look pomade, and it definitely did give me that type of look. The pomade is a gel like substance and one that I aren't too familiar with as this is the first time I have used one. The first time I used it I used too much and you could see it all settled on my hair, however the second time was a lot better and it gave me a slicked back kind of look and a very wet look for my hair. It is getting much better when applying now as it is just taking a lot of practice. 

As I said above this give me a slicked back kind of look and I only used a little of this topped off with a bit of hairspray. It actually lasted a full day, granted this was only in a low wind and dry day but I have since used it whilst it was raining and windy and it only moved a little so I didn't really top it up as I was still satisfied with the look it give me.

I am actually really satisfied with this. At the time I purchased it I believe it cost me £2.86 so it is excellent value for money and the product really does work on my particular style of hair. I would honestly consider buying this again when I run out. If you are looking for a cheap pomade product I would definitely recommend you give this a go. 

Can you recommend any other pomade's for me to give a go? Let me know.

See you soon,