Getting Fit For Football Week 7 Wrap Up


Well after a lack of updates here we are at week 6 of the get fit for football series and things are finally starting to take shape. We are finally seeing the mental improvements alongside the scales finally showing a change in the right direction. Week 6 started off so well however, towards the end of the week things changed pace and I started to drop of the pace which is a bit frustrating as the weeks stats could have been a whole lot better if I kept up the same as the start of the week.

So here are the stats for the week...

Previous weeks weight 100.4 kg

Week 2 weight 99.8 kg

Difference     - 0.6 kg

It might not be a full kg down but finally I am under that 100 kg mark but more on that later. To say how badly Wednesday to Saturday went I am pleased with this loss as I 100% expected to see a gain on the scale. I am hoping that seeing this drop is going to motivate me even further to reach that next mini goal as soon as possible. It just goes to show a mix of a week can still show the results. Now it is time to get back on track though and have a full week the same way I started week 6, I am sure that will bring some results in the right direction.  

 There were a few highs in the week but not half as many as I would have hoped for. The first high definitely has to be getting under that 100 kg mark, this is something I have wanted to do for a long time now and finally the time has come. As we approached the end of the week I really didn't think I would be able to hit this so to weigh in and see those scales say 99.8 kg was brilliant. Now I just need to keep it off and push towards the next mini goal I have set myself. 

Another high for the week is definitely the fact I managed to play a full 50 minute game of football. I am used to doing about 12 minutes then coming off for a bit before going back on for a bit longer however, I managed to do the full 50 minutes this time around and I am certainly proud of that. Granted as the game progressed my tracking back declined due to very heavy legs however, they managed to carry me through the full game and even my chest seemed to hold out which was a bit of a surprise, I did manage to get my inhaler during a few breaks in play but I did do better than I expected in that area too as I thought my chest would mean I had to sit out for a bit. 

As with every journey I also suffered a few lows in the week one of which was going off track with my food. I was smashing it at one point, having nutritious meals but then I was offered a different lunch at work and things went down hill from there as I started to eat out a lot more and although I stuck within my calories I just wasn't fueling my body correctly and the food choices weren't as beneficial as others would be, I definitely need to work on resisting the temptation and sticking to the planned meals. 

My workouts didn't go to plan either as I didn't get to my weight lifting class and missed a full body session due to not being 100%. I am a bit disappointed that I missed these however, I know that the rest will be more beneficial for me in the long run and if I am not feeling well I shouldn't push myself too far like I have previously done. 

Mentally I am noticing a bit of a difference within myself, I have felt a lot more positive throughout the week even when things weren't really going to plan. I also feel like I am a little less bloated than I have been in recent weeks which is certainly a difference. 

Now looking ahead to the new week, I want to be prepared and ready to work towards that next mini goal. That is why Monday is going to be a rest day as my legs are still heavy from football Sunday and a rest day is certainly needed. Tuesday will be football training which I am already looking forward to. Wednesday is going to be a full body session then Thursday is going to be that weight lifting class. Friday will be another full body session whilst Saturday will either be a rest day or the start of my couch to 5k journey. The week will finally end with another football match if all goes to plan. If all these workouts take place we should be on track for another good week. 

As always with a new week comes new goals and here are my goals for the week...

- Do a food shop 

- Attend football training

- Play a football match (if it goes ahead) 

- 2 full body sessions

- Attend the weight lifting session

- 8,000 steps a day

- Minimum of 2 meals out

If all these goals are complete I am sure that the scales will be showing a number in the right direction and towards that 15 kg goal overall. These goals will also help me push on that ultimate fitness goal which is definitely going to help me through those football games in future as one full game was a struggle but I managed it. Just imagine what games will be like when that fitness falls into place. I can't wait to see what week 7 holds for me...

Start weight 100.8 kg

Weight now 99.8 kg 

Lost so far  - 1 kg

Still to go for goal of 15 kg : 14 kg

Check back next week to see how week 7 went let's hope for another good week where a lot more goals have been ticked off...

Spring 2024 wish list

The weather is slowly starting to change and it is making me realise that my is desperately in need of an upgrade. I am really trying to add what I really need as I am on my weight loss journey however, there are now gaps starting to appear especially as my style is slowly changing. The plan is to add the essentials that are going to be super handy in spring and can be carried forward into the summer so I am getting my money worth out of each item. I will also only be adding bits that go with the new style I am opting for to ensure I am not buying pieces that are going to sit with the tags on for far too long. So here are those pieces that make up my spring wish list...


Vest Tops

It is going to be a layering season for me with vest tops underneath open shirts so I want to make sure that I have plenty of options to rotate through. I already have a few in my wardrobe but to ensure I am covered for all basis I want to a few different styles to be able to rotate between.

Striped T-Shirts

I only have plain or graphic t-shirts in my rotation at the moment and to be honest I am sick of only having those options. Some striped t-shirts would be a great addition to the spring wardrobe as they could be worn with a variety of other pieces I already own and will just be a nice change to wear. I think some nice neutral colours would work perfectly for me and work well going into summer too.

Striped Shirts

I absolutely love a good striped shirt and I have a few in my wardrobe already however, I can never have enough so this spring I would love to add a few more into my wardrobe. I have a lot of blue ones but now I think it is time to add a few different colours and materials into my rotation. These are great as we go into the summer too so I would definitely get my money worth. 


Instagram has made me want a cardigan, something I never thought I would want. The more I see them the more I realise they will suit my new style a whole lot more than my current tracksuit jackets. I am thinking a nice grey one that is a little thicker to get me started and seeing how I get on with it before possibly adding more into the wardrobe.

Rain Coat

As I keep on saying my style is changing and the coats I own don't really flatter that change. The only two I have at the moment are a Gymshark one and a Nike one so that plan is to get a nice smart looking rain coat that isn't going to ruin how my outfits look. I have seen a few options mainly in New Look and Primark so I think I will have a shop around and see what I can find that suits it best.

Grey Trousers

I am still on the hunt for some grey trousers and I am determined that this Spring I will finally have some to wear. I have actually found my ideal pair in Primark however, they never have them in my size so I am going to keep on shopping around just in case another pair catches my eye. 


Low White Converse

I have just added the hi-top version into my rotation so now the plan is to add the low version as an alternative. I used to love wearing my low Converse however, I haven't really had an option for a while so I think it is about time I bit the bullet and got the classic white pair. 

Vans Old Skool

I could really do with upgrading my Van's this spring as my current pair are a little worse for wear now. These have been a staple for me for a while now but I started to wear them for my lifting classes at the gym so they aren't in the best of conditions. A new pair would be great though as they really do go with anything in my wardrobe and I know I definitely get my wear out of them. 

Birkenstock mules

The more I see these the more I fall in love with them. I think they would be perfect just to through on to nip to the shop or quickly walk the dog. However, they look like they would be fun to style too so the possibilities are endless. The Birkenstock ones are pretty pricey so I think until I know I would get my wear out of them I would opt for a cheaper dupe.

White sneakers

It is time, I need to pick up a new pair of all white sneakers. I have been putting this task off as I can't find the perfect pair and with the cost I want to make sure I am only buying what I really want and that I am going to get the wear out of. So far I have narrowed it down to a few Nike options so let's hope this spring these come off the wish list and are finally purchased. 


Baseball caps

Now my hair is growing out I am finding that caps suit me that little bit more so I want to pick up a few this spring. At the moment all the ones I have are more sporty so the plan is to pick up some smarter more plain ones to add to the rotation just to give me options based on the outfits I am wearing throughout the season.


Do I need another pair of sunglasses? Definitely not. However, it isn't spring/summer for me without purchasing a new pair of sunglasses so these are right there on the wish list. I tend to just pick up my sunglasses from Primark although this year I am thinking of getting a pair that is a bit more expensive or simply replacing my Ray Bans which are getting a bit worse for wear now. 


I have said it before and I will say it again, my jewellery collection needs some new additions and what better time to do it than for spring/summer where the jewellery can really make an outfit. I am thinking of adding some nice new silver rings and necklace into my collection for the warmer months as I feel they will really add to some of the outfits I have in mind. Let's see if I actually get around to it or not this time.


All my fragrances are still on the heavier side so it is time to change that I think. The hope is to pick up something a bit lighter that matches the spring & summer weather well, I just don't really know where to start as there are so many options out there. Fingers crossed I can find something though as it is about time I got a new fragrance.


It is about time I purchased a bag as my pockets just aren't cutting it for everything I need to carry these days. I am thinking a nice black cross body bag might do the trick and it will be reserved for days out. Then another cheap one for dog walks so I aren't getting my day to day one ruined. Now I just need to see if I prefer a men's or women's one, I think plenty of shopping around will be taking place.

It is about time I started actually purchasing pieces off this list rather than just wishing I owned them as each piece will certainly help elevate the spring outfits. There are a fair few bits on this list however, I am quite pleased that there aren't as many as there usually is plus a lot of these will roll into summer which is even better as I am definitely going to get my money worth out of them. 

For now though I can't wait to start adding these pieces to my wardrobe but which do I get first...

April 2024 Goals

Here we go somehow we are already in April. I have to admit that 2024 has been a bit hit and miss for me so far however, I am determined to make April a fantastic month as I re-evaluate where I am at and where I am wanting to push to be come the end of the year. I have decided that April is going to be all about putting building blocks in place to start being consistent in the hopes of it helping me towards those goals, April is also going to be super productive in starting to make progress on jobs that have been hanging around waiting to be completed for far too long. So here is a look at my goals for the month of April... 


Add to the spring wardrobe

My wardrobe is finally starting to change shape and the recent decluttering is really starting to help me out as more and more options that suit the style I am aiming for are being added to my wardrobe. That being said there are a few bits that I could do with adding for spring as a lot of items are starting to lose their shape or are more suited to the colder weather. There won't be loads added to the spring wardrobe though as I am still wanting to limit the purchases I make as I am hoping items wont last me too long due to my weight loss journey. 

Add to the spring footwear rotation

My footwear that I actually wear is all looking worse for wear so the plan is to add some nice new pairs into the rotation for spring. I am hoping to pick up some more white sneakers for the spring weather as these are my go to that go with 99% of my wardrobe. I would also love to pick up some different styles of footwear too that just change things up a bit.

Sort out the accessories I own 

I currently have different accessories dotted in every room of the house however, I think now is the time to get everything in one place or at least in a home of their own. All my hats and scarves need a good declutter and putting in their place in the hallway with my baseball caps going into the spare room. Then my jewellery and sunglasses all need moving into our new wardrobes so they can be grabbed at the same time as outfits are picked out. Having everything in its own home at long last is going to be brilliant.

Sort out my seasonal clothing

Whilst one goal is to add to my spring wardrobe, another one is to actually sort through the spring clothing I already own. I have a black bag at the minute filled with seasonal clothing so the plan is to go through that and dig out all the spring appropriate items whilst putting my more winter suited clothes into storage, which will be being upgraded from a black bag to an actual storage bag.

Declutter the shoes

I still haven't got around to sorting out all the footwear I own but as I am going to need access to move all the home gym equipment out of the house this month I need to make and that space has to be made by moving all the shoes out of the way so what better time to start clearing out. This job should only be an hour or so which means there is really no excuse to not do it.


Start on the home gym build

We have now ordered the building for the home gym and that should arrive early April so fingers crossed by the end of the month that will be close to operational. I honestly don't think it will be fully complete as some equipment will still require being purchased and the electrics will probably still need sorting too. If the building can be up and flooring down with most equipment in though I will be happy as I can start to use it.

Start sorting the back garden out

Now the patio doors are in I am planning on getting through as many jobs as I can. The main one though is getting the back garden in a state which we can use it. I am hoping that in April I can get the decking, fence and furniture jet washed and then clean up the grass area before painting the decking and fence if we have a rare dry day. I would love to fully complete this garden by the end of the month but with us needing some woodwork doing I guess we shall wait and see. It will be an added bonus if I get it sorted so the ice bath can finally be put out and used. 

Declutter the bathroom shelves

The bathroom shelves still haven't been sorted which is driving me mad however, I just haven't had the time to get to do it. There are so many products taking up space though that have either gone off or I am never going to use so it is about time. I started to make space for those products I do actually use.  Once these are done the bathroom is going to look so much better, I really should stop delaying the process.

Have 1 date night (minimum) 

Me and Liam haven't spent as much time together as we would have liked recently so I am making the effort to have at least one night where there is no phones etc and we just enjoy time together, it might be playing games together or even make your own pizza night. It will just be nice to have that time together. 

Deep clean the games room

The games room has become a dumping ground since we started doing different projects around the house however, I really want to get everything that shouldn't be in there out and get some space back. I would love to say that this is so I can start using the games room again however, it will soon be back to a dumping ground as we are hoping to start on the spare room/office in the next month or so. At least if there is space we have somewhere to put everything as that room gets done.


Lose 3.1 kg

3.1 kg is a lot to ask from myself however, I know that I am more than capable of achieving this with a bit of consistency. My start weight for the beginning of April was 103.1 kg so the 3.1 kg loss would take me to the 100 kg mark which is a bit more than I would like to be at by the end of April but would put me in a great start position going into May. It is time to get the food choices back on track. 

Attend 3 lifting sessions

I couldn't attend the first lifting session of the month due to work going on at home however, I am determined to hit every other session throughout the month. I know that these sessions are really going to help me on my weight loss journey so I need to make sure I am committing to those sessions and not skipping them. 

Use the spin bike 3 times a week 

I now have access to the bike at long last so the plan is to actually get some use out of it. If I could just do 30 mins to an hour on this 3 times a week I should see a big difference on my journey and it should also help towards making a difference fitness wise. It is definitely going to help me keep my legs moving again and stop them seizing up so fingers crossed I can stick to this. 

1 Long walk a week

Now this is one I really want to stick to as not only does it benefit me, it also benefits the dog. I am loving it when we manage to get on the longer dog walks so the aim for 1 a week is going to be great and hopefully we can get to different places this time and not just stick to the 1 usual place. The best part is these walks tire the dog out a lot so when we get back we can get on with jobs we have to do. 

Buy new lifting shoes

With me planning on attending more weight lifting classes I want to make sure I am wearing wearing more suitable footwear. My Vans are decent for it however, they are slowly becoming destroyed so it is time for an upgrade. I have had my eyes on a few different pairs so let's see which I end up picked up, all I know is a pair is definitely being added in April. 


Post to the fitness Instagram 3 times a week 

I am determined that April is going to be the month where I put more effort into my fitness page and see a bit of growth so I know that building up a bit of consistency by posting multiple times a week is going to be key, plus if I do the 3 times a week the habit will be there and I can start working towards posting daily once more and hopefully I will end up with some better ideas coming to mind for what to create. 

Start to grow the Tik Tok account

I have started to post on Tik Tok at long last and have a few ideas of other content I want to post on the account so I want to use April to work on those ideas and see things take shape and see the posts start to increase. I actually can't wait to get started on this one so fingers crossed it all goes to plan. 

Post 3 times a week on the Edge of the Area Tik Tok 

The Edge of the Area Tik Tok is the one that I am most active on however, I dropped off with the posts in March. I am determined that in April though I am going to be posting a whole lot more often with a variety of content not just sticker openings. 

Plan out May content for all my accounts 

By the end of April I want to have all May's content mapped out for all my Instagram accounts, websites and Tik Tok accounts. This will just take any guess work out of May and mean I can just get on with creating rather than wondering what to work on next. If I can get some of May's bits created in April that would be even better. 

Be more active on Instagram stories

I have been slacking on Instagram lately, so the plan is to make sure in April I am posting at least one story every day on each account just to show I am still there and haven't forgotten about the account. There are plenty of ideas I could put on the stories so there is no reason to not just pop on and post something quickly. 

So there you have it those are my goals for the month of April. I am really hoping it can be a productive month where in the wrap up I am saying how well everything went. With a lot of time off in April there really is no reason for not getting through a whole lot of these goals. It is time to get the house in order and find homes for everything at long last.