My Favourite Item From The Primark Nasa Range

Primark absolutely killed it with some of their range releases in 2019 and one of my favourites was the Nasa range.

I managed to get a few pieces from the range as I didn't want to go too overboard, so I picked up the red and black sweatshirt and this absolutely brilliant jacket. I remember when I picked this up in store and my nanna just looked at me, laughed and said "you aren't actually going to buy that are you?" Well I did, the jacket cost me £16 and I love it. I don't really have any other lightweight jackets that stand out like it apart from my Sneaker Freak x Umbro one which I previously wrote about.

Anyone who knows me will know how I love things that stand out whether it is trainers, football boots, jackets or even t-shirts, so this ticked all the boxes plus a few years ago I went through a phase of being just a little bit obsessed with NASA items so I already have a NASA wallet & t-shirt. 

The first thing I loved with this jacket was the colours and how nice they go together, the jacket isn't overly fussy(but still stands out nicely), it only uses 3 colours grey/silver, white and red with the grey making up the majority of the jacket. The writing is a nice bold red to stand out on the grey jacket and the white paneling on the sleeves and part of the way onto the body just breaks the design up a bit. The collar is perfect too as it doesn't go too high up and doesn't need to be folded down.

I struggle with arm lengths on anything with long sleeves but the cuffs of this jacket sit perfectly on my wrist so there is no need to have my hands covered or keep rolling my sleeves up. The bottom of the jacket is also elasticated and I have found this just adds some subtle bunching details and keeps the jacket from riding up, I love jackets that are like this.

This jacket is definitely one that I am going to be getting my wear out of in the spring time as its lightweight material is perfect for those milder days. It is going to be pretty easy to style too as at the moment I have just been teaming it up with a plain black t-shirt and some skinny jeans along with my Adidas Aykan trainers and I think it looks great. I need to try it with a nice hoodie on under too as layering with this jacket could look good.

I can't wait to see what products & ranges Primark bring out in 2020.

See you soon

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