A Total Bargain For Trainers At Primark

I have never really considered getting trainers from Primark in the past, or when I have they have only been for in the garden or to occasionally wear out and about, but then I came across a YouTube video from Mr Carrington where he picked up a pair of all white trainers for just £12 from Primark. 

primark, sneakers, trainers

I have got a huge collection of trainers already, in fact I have done a post about my shoe collection in the past,(I will do an updated version very soon). However, one pair that has always been missing is an all white pair as I just hadn't been able to find a pair that I fell in love with, the closest I found was a pair of Fila's with a gum bottom. 

So when Mr Carrington posted his video with these in I knew I had to go to my local store to see if they were worth picking up. From the second I tried them on I was in love. They are in the men's section and I picked my usual size 7 and they fit me really well. Sometimes I struggle with trainers being too high up the heel but as you can see from the image below these are spot on and even after a few wears now they are still looking nice and fresh but better yet they haven't rubbed me once.

Something else I struggle with occasionally with the more expensive trainers is how narrow they can be, but to say these are the cheapest pair I own they are also the best fitting. What I can't get over though is the fact they look so much more expensive than they really are.

I can seriously see these lasting me a while and me getting plenty of wear out of them as with them being all white they can definitely go with a lot of my outfits.

£12 trainers, primark, sneakers

I would recommend if you are on the hunt for some nice trainers not to disregard Primark as they might just surprise you like they did me. 

Have you ever tried any of the Primark trainers?

See you soon

ShopDisney Are Taking All My Money

I have had a few trips to Shop Disney lately as some of the items they are bringing out are absolutely brilliant. In fact I could easily buy over half the shop if money allowed it. Some of the best releases lately have been their Toy Story items, Descendants range and of course the Nightmare before Christmas range. It is safe to say I could have picked up a lot more items than I did but who knows I may need to have a trip back soon or just wait until Christmas. So here is what I got...

I had plenty of birthday money left over somehow and as soon as I saw the Pizza Planet onesie (in the image about) I knew this would be the item I finally spent some of the money on. Unfortunately though the Blackpool store didn't have my size out on show but my mum found someone to ask and they had 1 left in the back. I am so glad they did too as this is super comfortable and is definitely going to be lasting me a while. I just wish I also got the Pizza Planet hoodie but I probably wouldn't wear that as much as I will wear this onesie. The cold nights are going to be brilliant wearing this whilst snuggled up watching Disney films or blogging which I am trying to get into a routine of having set nights to do this.

Next up are possibly my favourite items, Brummymummy put on Instagram recently about being excited for the new Descendants film, she isn't the first one I have heard mention it either so I thought I would finally cave and watch it. Friday night I ended up watching both Descendants 1&2 and wow they are brilliant I am hooked. I just need to watch 3 now when I finally get the chance. But thanks to me now being hooked on the film and the soundtrack I thought I would treat myself to a few bits from the range in ShopDisney. I saw this bag been unboxed on YouTube and fell straight in love with it so I knew if they had it in store I was going to pick up. It looks great and in my opinion doesn't look too childish, I especially love the character logo's on it. Next up I picked up a new tumbler with straw, the Disney ones are great quality I have found over the years and I love how this has the main characters on it, these tumblers are really handy for at the side of the bed on a night or just for me to have by my side during the day as I seem to make a drink last a while these days. I also picked up a new notebook that is made to look like Mal's spell book and WOW it is brilliant the cover just looks so good and the edges are gold, this is the one item I knew I really wanted but they didn't have it on the shelves, luckily they found some in the back. Finally I got the Descendants blanket, it hasn't disappointed either as it is really soft and is actually the right length. Some Disney blankets you can tell are more suited to kids but this one is spot on for me. I can't wait to get snuggled up in and watch Descendants 3, I have only heard good things about it.

If you have a local store I would definitely recommend heading down to see what they have instore but if not definitely check out ShopDisney online. I know I will be heading over to their website to see what they have different to instore to add to my Christmas list. 

See you soon,

Finding The Perfect Tracksuit Bottoms

I have been trying to find the perfect pair of tracksuit bottoms for a while now, as some day's I just don't fancy wearing jeans and want to go for a casual look. It is hard lately to find the perfect pair as they either don't fit right or just look cheap & nasty. That is why I was so happy when I recently went to the Junction 32 Outlet in Castleford and found these Nike Jordan ones in the Nike outlet for just £22.00. What a bargain price for a pair of tracksuit bottoms that look so nice. 

They haven't got cuffed bottoms which is something I usually look for but these aren't too baggy on the bottom so I aren't to bothered. As you can see from the image above they work pretty well with my new Nike hi-tops so they should be pretty easy to style. They are a decent length too as they are just a little gathered up above the shoes but to be honest I prefer them this way. But it I wear low trainers this wouldn't be an issue anyway. The fabric is lovely too as it fits spot on but doesn't cling to me like some bottoms have done in the past, they have got plenty of stretch in them too if needed but I highly doubt that. 

The big thing for me is they need to keep me warm. As over the winter months it will be these that I wear to the football rather than my usual jeans. To be honest I think these are definitely going to do the job as they are a pretty thick material but they aren't too thick therefore I think they could easily be an all year round pair.

They are really basic too as the only thing on them is the Jumpman logo that is noticeable but not too in your face. Some pairs I have seen in the shops look like they have been taken too overboard with the design but these are spot on. The next step is heading to Footlocker to see if I can find some Jordan's or Jordan t-shirts & hoodies to go with these I just wish I had some of the UNC colourway trainers to pair with them.

Where do you find the best for Nike Jordan items in the UK?

See you soon 

Not Another Primark Haul... Oops

I have done it once again I have spent too much in Primark but honestly I promise this is the last one for a while as my wardrobe is finally looking just how I want it with a nice mix of colours and clothing style. I would say I am good to go until next year with what I own and I am happy that way. Primark are absolutely killing it at the moment with what they are bringing out and I am really impressed, so here is what I have picked up on my most recent trip...

I am hooked on the PlayStation range that Primark are doing at the moment, they have some great items available. My auntie actually picked this up for me as in her own words 'she likes me in this colour'. I did need a few more sweatshirts and this one is perfect for me. I love the white detailing down each sleeve and bold logo on the front.

Another recent piece from the range I got was the black t-shirt, did I need another black t-shirt definitely not but I really like this, it has the PlayStation brand on it without it being too in your face. Plus the white font looks great. 

Each year I get a new Christmas jumper and I am well prepared this year. My auntie found this brilliant PlayStation one for me and I love it. It is so in your face whilst in my opinion still looking great. Plus it isn't an itchy material like some Christmas jumpers usually are. I am looking forward to representing my favourite console at the moment over the Christmas period.

Next up I got a little treat for my nephew, I got him a few Dumbo bits before he was born so once I saw this I had to add it to his little collection. It is actually pretty good quality too which for the price I was a little surprised about. 

I actually bought something from the women's section, shock horror. As soon as I saw this camel coloured sweatshirt I had to get it. I love the half zip on it and the higher neck. This is bound to keep me warm in the colder months and will also do great for lounging around the house in.

Back into the menswear and it is another sweatshirt I absolutely love this with the tartan checks. I tried this on and it is nice and cosy too without making me too warm. I could have easily bought a lot more sweatshirts too as they are really nice at the moment. I think this will work perfectly under my denim jacket. 

Finally clothing wise I bought a new denim shirt, I had a couple of lighter ones but I wanted to pick up a darker one to go with more of the outfits I am planning for the upcoming months. This is great as it can be worn open for layering or done up for a smarter look. I am looking forward to wearing this.

Finally I finally treated myself to a pair of slippers and I am so glad I did. They are super comfortable and for only £4 they are a bargain. I am always wearing them lately so will definitely be getting more than my monies worth out of them. Plus it is better than wearing my sliders all the time.

Have you picked anything up from Primark recently?

See you soon

Last Week #61

What a busy week I had last week, well it seemed busy even though it has been a mix of work and staying in the house just to get things done. Finally we seem to be getting somewhere in the spare room, the weekend has been spent in there seen as the football as cancelled. Fingers crossed we can get my dad round to help us get it all moving properly. The wardrobe is finally sorted with summer items going into storage and now we can actually see what we are picking out. In terms of blogging it has been an extremely busy week as I have launched my new football blog Edge of the area, where all future football posts are going to be so I have had the task of sorting content for the new blog as well as setting up all the relevant social media etc for it. Plus I have actually planned a lot of content for this blog too... I don't know what has happened to me lately I have just been feeling so productive. So here is what I have...

Been Watching : I finally did it, I finally watched the first 2 Descendant's films and found them absolutely amazing. Alongside that I have been watching a lot of YouTube specifically cleaning and planning videos, maybe that is where my motivation is coming from.

Been reading : I read a lot of blogs throughout the week and have been really enjoying having time to read them again.

Been listening to : I started off the week listening to Tegan and Sara, I finished it off listening to nothing but the Descendant's soundtrack.

Bought : I had been really good again last week and haven't bought anything, I do need to make a Lush and MyProtein haul soon though

Plans for this week : All I want to do this week is carry on being productive. Hopefully I can get the wallpaper fully off in the spare room &carry on posting on here as I have. Sunday we are going out for a family meal too.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

Autumn/Winter Wish List : Matalan

Matalan is one of those shops I would always dismiss, until I found those perfect checked trousers I wrote about earlier in the week. Since I found those I have been back & forth on their website and had a couple of store visits and I have realised just how nice some of their clothing actually is. Which has led me to making this little wish list of the items I am really hoping to pick up in the near future.

Raglan t-shirt £6

This style of t-shirt is definitely one of my favourites as I just love how they look so simple. The one I am hoping to pick up just has a grey body with maroon sleeves and a small logo on the front. I would definitely use this when layering up as it should go with plenty of jackets and shirts I already own. At £6 it is a great price too.

Cowl neck fleece top £15

One thing I am hoping to do over these colder months is spent a lot more time indoors nice and cosy blogging away. For that I want some nice comfortable clothing for lounging around and keeping me warm. This fleece top is ticking all the boxes for me, it looks really soft and comfortable and will be perfect for those weekends on the sofa blogging away or sat in front of my PC. I get cold far too easily and for some reason I catch colds really easily too so staying warm is an essential for me, plus it will keep me nice and warm whilst gaming as that games room doesn't warm up at all.

Fleece dressing gown £18

Similar to the above a dressing gown is also perfect for me to keep nice and warm however, my current Assassins Creed one isn't really doing the job any more as it has become a bit too tight, I prefer my dressing gowns a bit bigger so I feel more comfortable. This fleece one looks perfect and at just £18 it isn't a bad price at all. I also love the maroon colour so it would be a hard choice of whether to get this one or a grey one?

Fisherman crew neck jumper £15.00

My wardrobe is seriously lacking in jumpers, I currently have 3 so I want plenty more so I am well stocked for the colder weather. But what I want is some simple ones so this is ticking all the boxes as it is just nice and simple with no logos at all so perfect to pair with a variety of different outfits I believe plus £15 isn't a bad price at all.

Pull on embroidered hoodie £12.50

Finally we have the good old trusted hoodies. Matalan have some great ones in for just £12.50 so I want to get stocked up on those as that is a brilliant price for how good they look, just nice and simple with a tiny logo on. I have my eyes on a few colours such as mustard, maroon and this light grey. Fingers crossed that they have my size left in these.

I am absolutely loving Matalan at the moment and can see a bit of a haul coming up very soon, what are you loving from Matalan recently? What have you got your eyes on?

See you soon

Moving Away From The Nike's

If you had asked me a year ago if I would wear any shoes other than Nike ones for the gym I would have laughed at you. But with my new found love of the Under Armour brand I thought I would pick up a pair of their shoes and try stray away from the usual suspects Nike. 

What a great transition is has been, with my dodgy knee and ankle I need to make sure I have the support needed whilst being comfortable and these tick all those boxes. They are a nice strong work out trainers and even though they are a bit of a low cut they do seem to support my ankle, they also aren't too narrow towards the toe box which is what I have found with some Nike's in the passed.

Some shoes are more suited to just running with a built up silhouette however, I have found these have been good for both cardio and weight workouts. This is because they are quite flat meaning I am stood correctly for the weights and doing less damage to my leg, but at the same time they aren't too flat which means it doesn't hurt when I am spending plenty of time on the treadmill. The insole feels quite cushioned too so unlike previous Nike's I have had they are comfortable for a lot longer and I aren't complaining that my feat hurt after 5 minutes.

The colourway is really nice too with a grey flyknit sort of look with the red logo standing out nicely on the tongue and side. I have found they are really easy to pair an outfit with due to this colourway which is essential for me as I have found if things flow I feel more confident when in the gym, something I am usually lacking. 

Sometimes trainers can get scuffed and go out of shape really easy especially when put under the stress of workouts over and over again however, so far after 3/4 months of wear these are still going really strong so I can see myself getting plenty of wear out of them although I am keep heading over to the Under Armour website to see if anymore are jumping out at me, but I must resist.

Have you strayed away from your usual go to workout brand recently? I am really glad I have.

See you soon,

I Have Found The Perfect Trousers

Do you ever find an item of clothing that just jumps out at you? Well that was definitely the case for me when I went to Matalan recently, to be honest though it was actually my Dad who spotted these and said straight away they were 'me pants' whatever that is supposed to mean? 
But as soon as I saw what he was holding up they went straight in the trolley ready for me to go try on. I have definitely fallen in love with the check trend and these have to be my favourite pair of pants. 

They are really lightweight but the best part about them is that they are tapered, and they just look really smart when on. I could very easily dress these up with a nice shirt or go for the casual look of just a t-shirt and trainers. Some pairs of checked pants I have seen lately look a little too in your face but with these it is just nice and subtle which to be honest for me makes them easier to style.

I struggle with women's pants 90% of the time as I have pretty big thighs and waist but quite small calves so getting a pair to fit just right is a struggle but these have ticked all the boxes as they don't cling to me but also they don't look far too baggy like most of my other pants at the moment. I just think a nice fitting pair of pants makes the outfit so much better and makes it look a lot cleaner & sharper.

One thing I struggle with is getting pants that are just the right length, as you can see in the image above these are perfect for me. They don't trail on the floor and they stop just at the right point above my ankle. Which means no frayed bottoms and I can show off what ever pair of trainers I am wearing that day. I will probably try pair these with some simple and plain trainers for once as there is definitely enough going on with the checks.

I  am also loving how I can dress the pants up or down just depending on what coat or jacket I wear. When I first got these pants it was still warm so I was just wearing these with a t-shirt but now it has got a bit colder I have started wearing them with my Next coat (in the images above) which just looks a whole lot smarter but I also want to work through my jackets and see what else I can mix them with. I can honestly see this outfit with the smarter coat becoming my go to though as it is about time I smartened myself up.

For £16 I don't think you can really go wrong with these and I can see me getting plenty of wear out of them. I would definitely recommend going to you local Matalan to take a look at them for yourself or take a look by clicking here.

Can you recommend anywhere else that are doing some nice checked clothing? Let me know.

See you soon

Last Week #60

Well last week was a bit of a mixture, Monday was a day off for me and Liam where I made a start on Christmas shopping as I am determined to be more organised this year. Tuesday was just as usual work then the grandparents but Wednesday was a lot more exciting I had a half day from work and went to a local soft play with my nephew, it was great and a really nice change. Thursday and Friday were a little bit more relaxed with me just working and then heading home to relax. Saturday though was an early start for a haircut then it was onto the parents before going to the football where we won again, I am loving that winning feeling. Finally on Sunday I left Liam at home whilst I headed off to Blackpool with the family to see the illuminations. It was a great day and seeing the nephews face light up throughout the day was fantastic. So here is what I had...

Been Watching : All I watched last week was YouTube and honestly I aren't sure why this was the case. I think at the moment I just don't want to start a new series as none are really jumping out at me so if you have any recommendations please let me know?

Been reading : I slipped back into not picking my book up again, mainly because I was either sleeping or watching YouTube.

Been listening to : Once again all I listened to was Tegan and Sara's new album it is just so good.

Bought : Let's just say thanks to a day off and a trip to Blackpool there will be another Primark haul coming to the blog very soon, there have just been so many great items in. I also got the nephew a new Pooh Bear soft toy and myself a Toy Story onesie. I also bought a lot of Christmas presents.

Plans for this week : This week alongside going to the gym, I really want to sort the wardrobe out, it is definitely time to put those summer clothes away and make some space for the new stuff I have bought. I also want to try get next weeks content organised and get to a few football matches. The main things I want to do those is get some ideas I have had for a while onto paper to see if they would work out and actually get all the washing done in the house, I am trying to think of it as a fresh start, getting everything done and at a fresh level both at home and on the blog.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

September 2019 Favourites

Well September was a great month, it was my birthday at the beginning so plenty of time was spent with family, I also attended a baby shower and most importantly quite a few football games. So here are some of my favourite things from them month.

My biggest favourite in this category definitely has to be receiving not just the Bradford City home shirt for my birthday but also the 3rd shirt. I absolutely love them and my overall favourite has to be the orange 3rd shirt because of how much it stands out, I really wasn't expecting both of them but my parents pulled off the surprise for me. 

Carrying on with the Bradford City theme I have loved going to their women's games, I hadn't been before and I have been enjoying going to the few I have been too fingers crossed I can get to plenty more.

My final favourite is definitely the return of the FAWSL and the fact that Man City women are back to winning ways. It was a busy football filled summer but I definitely missed the league.

Primark has by far been my favourite store to go into throughout September, they are killing it in terms of their new products and they are really making me love those autumn ranges, I can't wait now the weather is getting colder I can wear my favourite purchases. But not only have they brought out brilliant autumn clothing they have also brought out a fantastic PlayStation range that I just can't get enough of. 

I have been mixing up my footwear choices a lot throughout September too so I fell back in love with my good old Nike Janoski's they have been perfect to work into any outfit choice through out the month.

One trend I definitely jumped onto in September is the checked pant trend, I got a pair from Matalan and I am absolutely in love with them but I won't say too much as I have a post all about them coming up very soon.

Just the one lifestyle favourite from September and that is just spending time with the family. I have spent a lot of time with the nephew and just watching him grow has been amazing.

Health & Fitness
Gymshark are definitely a solid favourite their clothing has been perfect for my new love of going to the gym. More specifically though I am loving the Element shorts as they have been perfect for my work outs. I have found myself on their site nearly everyday wanting to order more and more products but I am trying to restrain myself.

My final favourite for the month has to be that in just 2 weeks I lost 5.8lbs which I really didn't think would be possible for me, I am so close to that 1/2 a stone mark already so it is now all systems go. I have proved to myself I can do it so I aren't holding myself back and making excuses anymore.

So there you have it those are my favourites from September what were yours?

See you soon

The Perfect Outfit For Autumn

The cold weather is rolling in now which means it is finally time for my favourite things, nights wrapped up at the football, cosy nights in and most importantly layering up my clothing and keeping nice and warm. 

Forget summer I would much rather walk around with 5 layers on than a pair of shorts and just a t-shirt. For some reason I just feel much comfortable like this and have done for quite a long time. One item of clothing I will buy over and over again is a checked shirt, this becomes my go to once the temperature drops and the chill is in the air. The reason I always reach for these is the fact if it gets a little warmer during the day I can just unbutton it as I always have a t-shirt underneath or if it gets colder I can style it with plenty of different jackets.

Primark this year have a great selection of checked shirts and I have already picked up this red one and a blue one, but I do have my eye on a lot more. At just £8 I can fill my wardrobe up with them and they last a long time. They tend to wash really well and I still have one from a few years ago so I can honestly say you get that £8's worth 10 times over, they are really soft too so perfect for keeping you cosy on those cold days. 

I always pair my shirts up with a nice pair of skinny jeans and the great think is I have found they work really well with any colour jeans so I am never stuck for anything to pair them up with. My favourite at the moment though is my grey high waisted skinny jeans with my red checked shirt they just seem to work really well together and they actually fit really nice. As I said earlier I always have a t-shirt underneath just to keep me warm and for that t-shirt I just use the £2 slim fit men's plain t-shirts from Primark. I have a shelf just full of different colours of these as they last me a while and fit really nice, plus for £2 you can't go wrong as when I am done with them they get passed to my Grandad for him to use for when he is doing some D.I.Y as he says they are great for waxing furniture. 

One thing I would love to ty though is styling them with some chinos if I ever find some that fit me right as I think this could dress up the outfit a little bit for any smarter events I ever had to attend.

My go to trainers lately have been my Nike Janoski's (post coming soon) because they feel like slippers, honestly some times you forget they are even on your feet they are that comfortable. Plus I have found they look really good teamed up with these grey jeans. You will see in the future my love for crazy trainers but honestly when I have the checked shirt on I love to keep what footwear I have on nice and simple so these black and white ones are perfect. I can even team them up with some all white ones if I fancy. 

The best part is though when the bad weather comes I can wear this outfit with some worker style boots (when I finally get a pair) and it will still look good but I can also make the whole outfit look a little smarter with my Chelsea boots or when I finally find some... desert boots. 

In terms of jackets for when it is colder I love pairing the outfit with my Penguin bomber jacket as I believe it works really well and the jacket isn't too heavy weight. However, I will probably end up spending 90% of my time wearing this outfit with my black Primark denim jacket as I could easily live in that thing (I will do a post all about the jacket soon though). The best part about this outfit though is 90% of the jackets I own will work with it so I am never stuck for choice.

The outfit:
Black T-Shirt - Primark £2.00
Checked Shirt - Primark £8.00
Skinny Jeans - Primark £13.00
Original Penguin Jacket - House of Fraser £30.00 on offer
Nike Janoski's - Nike Outlet Leeds £15.00

This could very easily be the sort of outfit I am living in this autumn and even right through to winter. What do you find yourself reaching for in the wardrobe when the weather gets colder?

See you soon