Autumn / Winter Wishlist

It has come to that time once again, we have had a little bit of sunshine and now things are beginning to turn again. This has got me thinking about the autumn and winter  and how I want to update my wardrobe in preparation for this. As it stands my wardrobe is made up of printed t-shirts I no longer wear, football shirts and basic plain t-shirts. The only coats I own are football ones and my jackets are blazers. I am hoping that I can get this updated and add a little bit more of a variety into what I wear and even get myself looking a bit smarter. So here is what I am after.


A new coat is my number one priority as I can't go out wearing my football coat 24/7. With me wanting to smarten myself up I am looking for a longish coat in black, but for years after seeing a Tegan and Sara photo-shoot I have wanted a coat with a nice big collar that you can wear up or down. These types are also perfect as they don't seem to be too feminine or too masculine. It is the perfect mixture to keep every one happy. 

Scarves and Gloves
I am also hoping to get some good quality scarves this year. My current ones are all football ones, so to smarten myself up a little I am wanting some knit scarves or checked ones. I suffer from Raynauds so it is essential that I keep my hands warm in the colder weather so I am aiming to get some nice thick good quality gloves. Gloves are something I always forget about or don't pay enough attention too.

Jeans are another thing I want to treat myself to, I am currently in between sizes due to loosing weight and I can't wait to be at a size where I can finally get a pair of jeans that are the perfect fit. I am constantly on the look out for skinny black jeans that aren't baggy in certain areas and skin tight in others. 

Good shoes are essential for me. I currently live in my leather vans, however I am hoping to branch into some military style boots and Chelsea boots. I have struggled in recent years to find the perfect pair of these so finger crossed for this year. Hopefully I will also get myself a black and white pair of Vans too.

The only jumpers I own at the moment are a call of duty one and a Star wars one. These are too getting too big on me too so I am hopeful that I can finally get a nice fitting jumper like some of those at Jack Wills this year. There are also a few other places I am hoping to look at to see if I can find that perfect jumper.

Shirts are an absolute must for me regardless of the season. I wear them all year round. Most are buttoned up but sometimes I have them open with a plain or printed t-shirt underneath. I am wanting to invest in some good quality shirts to have buttoned up with my blazer / new coat over the top. But I am also wanting some nice checked shirts to wear open with a t-shirt underneath, for those days that are a little cooler.

The best part of all these items is that they perfectly fit with my tomboy / androgynous style that I much prefer. They are clothes I know I will be comfortable in which would be a massive change for myself. But more on that in a future post.

What does you autumn / winter wardrobe consist of? Let me know.

See you soon,

Lynx You*

Lynx has been one of my go to deodorants for a very long time so when Lynx offered to send me a few products I couldn't wait to receive them. Over the years I have tried a variety of scents but out of them all the new Lynx You is by far one of my favourites. 

I have never been one for girly scents and the Lynx You is quite a masculine scent however I have had nothing but complements on it. Which is quite surprising as some peoples opinions are usually the opposite to mine. Even though it is a masculine scent it isn't over bearing and is quite subtle. I have also found that the smell lasts a long time. Usually with a deodorant you find yourself having to top it up a few times a day. However I have found that if you use the right amount in the morning that you will only have to really top it up a little in the evening if really needed.

The 150ml can itself has lasted me a few weeks of daily use which to be honest is quite reasonable and at the average price of £3.00 when not on offer I do think you are getting pretty good value for your money. I do think though when I repurchase this I will go for the bigger can.

As silly as it sounds for me another factor look at when purchasing is packaging. I love the twist tops Lynx have on there can as it means when the cans are been transported around it is less likely to get damaged and leak all over. There has been plenty of times when I have had a deodorant in the past, the lid has come off and the actual spray part its self has come off or become damaged meaning it is no longer usable. Another thing I like about the design of this is how basic it looks the black and white with just one tiny bit of yellow. 

I am also hoping to give the shower gel a try once I get through all the others I currently have piling up. It has been a while since I have a matching shower gel and deodorant. If it is anything like the deodorant then it will surely be a winning for me. 

Overall Lynx is definitely one of those brands that I will go back to over and over again, especially when new releases like this come out. I am looking forward to seeing what they have coming up in the future especially with it coming up to Christmas time. I always end up with a Lynx set and last year they had some brilliant ones, hopefully they will have some good sets with the You deodorant in.

You can see my opinions on a few other Lynx items by clicking here.

Can you think of any other scents / brands I may like? Let me know.

See you soon,

* This product was sent to me by Lynx. All opinions are my own.

Currently Watching

I have started watching more and more shows once again. Some I am re-watching others I am just starting. As always I am getting hooked on these shows and would honestly watch them over and over again. 

Rick and Morty is something I watched one episode of with Liam and I wasn't too keen however the other week we sat and watched this properly and wow I am hooked. I think we ended up watching about 7/8 episodes and I can't wait to watch more. It has really surprised me that I like this as it is something I probably wouldn't normally watch. 

Ah Total Divas half my favourite wrestlers all on one show. It is great getting that little insight into their everyday lives and life dealing with injuries. I have now watched all the episodes currently on the WWE Network and am so excited to watch the new series when it is released and Total Bella's in September. After watching this some of the wrestlers really did become more of a favourite than before.

Ray Donovan is a show I watched from the beginning, if you ask Liam he will say this is just due to Kate Moennig been in it. But really this is a show that really dragged me in. So with the new season just starting I want to go back and re-watch all the previous episodes. I am also hoping to get the DVD's just after my birthday. each character adds some different elements to the show although I do believe that Kate's character is hugely underrated.  

After watching Ray Donovan, I wanted to watch more Kate Moennig videos and this is how I got hooked on This Just Out once more. This just out is a YouTube show hosted by the amazing Liz Feldman and has the most amazing guest on for fun little interviews and even the amazing game of Who's Gayer (seriously go watch an episode on YouTube). I have started this from the very beginning once more and it is still as fun to watch as the first few viewings.

So there you go that's what I have been watching. What have you watched? Any recommendations?

See you soon,

What Is In My Wash-Bag

Since we got our bathroom redecorated there has been a new rule in the house. Instead of having bottles of shower gel / shampoo dotted all around the new bathroom we all now have our own wash bags to keep with us. Not only has it helped keep the bathroom it has stopped so many arguments. Before I found my dad stole my shampoo (not bad to say he is bald), and my sisters boyfriend & my dad stole my shower gel. Now they just can't get near it. It means my toiletries last me longer than previous and I really do get my money worth from products.

My wash bag is this Powerpuff girls one from Primark. As soon as my mum saw it she shouted out I had to get that and no other wash-bag would do. I was obsessed with this show growing up so it was a must. It is also quite a large size without being too big meaning I can fit everything in it but it still fits in a small spot in my toiletries cupboard.

I tend to only keep the essentials in here as I do most of my skincare routine in my room i.e the cleansing, tone and moisturising. So here is what I keep in there at the moment....

Original Source Lemon & Tea tree. 
I went through a phase of only using the mint original source however since trying this one I am hooked. I have so many other shower gels to get through although this is one I will be getting again.

Born Lucky Shampoo
I am hooked on the Johnny's chop shop products. I love the hairspray, dry shampoo and clay too, I am hoping that one day I can go down and get my hair cut at their barbers in London. The shampoo is a shampoo with a hint of conditioner, which I aren't really keen on but it does get the job done.

L'oreal Men Expert Face Wash
This face wash is working wonders for me. Its making my face a lot smoother and is also helping sort out some recent breakouts I have had lately. It is a product I can see staying in my wash bag for a while.

Zoella scrub
I have finally used this up after what feels like forever. It was a little harsh on my skin and I haven't really seen many benefits to this but maybe if I had used it continuously for a while I would have done.

Pure Clay Mask
I was never into face masks until I got this one. I use this once / twice a week and I love it. I think this has also helped my skin out a fair bit so I can't wait to try out more from the range. 

Oral B White Toothpaste
I got this as I wanted to try help whiten my teeth. I haven't seen a massive improvement yet but I am mainly trying to use this up so I can justify buying some charcoal toothpaste.

Can you recommend anything to add to my bag? What do you keep in yours? Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon,

Week #9

It was so good to be back at the football. It is something I enjoy every week and what better way to start the season than with a win. I have had another week off the gym this week due to watching football and trying to get jobs done within my room. I have managed to sort 2 drawers so far so still have a very long way to go. So here is some of the more interesting stuff I have.... 

Been watching : I have mainly watched the Women's euros I was gutted when England went out but those women really have done England proud. Other than that I haven't really watched much else.

Been reading : All the bright prices is a book I have had for a few weeks now, but have only just begun reading it. I am hooked and it is one of the main reasons I haven't watched anything lately.

Been playing : Again due to me actually taking a liking to a book I have neglected my games to read instead.

Been listening to : I have found my perfect reading companions. The LP album and Paramore's latest mixed in with Tegan and Sara. This is what I have literally spent all week listening to and probably will again all next week.

Bought : I went shopping for clothes to go out in but I am useless and couldn't find anything at all. Instead I ended up just treating Liam and getting myself some cleansing wipes.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you later,

August Wishlist

There is so much I want to treat myself to this month. Although I am on a budget at the moment so saving is key. I am actually doing quite well and have paid my insurance, bought my medication, paid my bills  and put money into my ISA and still actually have quite a bit of cash left. So here are a few things I am after.

Vans black and white old skool 
I have had my eye on these for so long. My sister has the hi top versions and I keep trying to steal them. At £55 these aren't too bad and I will definitely get my money worth as they go with basically any outfit.

Bradford City 3rd shirt
I treated myself to the away shirt last month and I am so in love. I am also getting the home shirt for my birthday next month so I can't wait for that. Why not just complete the collection and get the 3rd too.

I love all the paintings on the site. I am really hoping to grab a few paintings especially the Lilo and Stitch ones. I have a few football images of players who have gone to other clubs, so I want to take these down and I think Disney pics are the way to go. Also these would look great when I get the loft sorted out.

A New Shirt
I am heading to Leeds next week so I really want a new shirt to go out in. I have lost some weight recently so nothing I own fits right, I am hoping I can find a nice shirt that isn't too expensive but that looks good. 

What are you all hoping to treat yourselves to in August? Let me know.

See you soon