Our Current MyProtein Items

My Protein products are becoming everyday staples for me.

One thing I am trying to do this year is be healthier and workout more, granted we are on the 9th of January and I am still to do my first workout but that will be happening very soon. Something I got into last year was taking BCAA's from My Protein to assist me on my weight loss and fitness routine but for 2020 I want to make them part of a routine. We actually now have a cupboard in the kitchen which is full of supplements for both me and Liam and of course we are well stocked up from My Protein. 

For me I loved the BCAA's so much I got 2 more bags, I was nearing the end of a bag of tropical ones so I have restocked that flavour as well as picking up the blue raspberry one. These are the essential BCAA 2:1:1 that I buy and I am trying to have 1 a day, I thought tropical would always be my favourite as it tastes so nice but I think the blue raspberry may have taken over that favourite spot for now. I also have a pack of the impact diet whey protein ready for when I get back to the gym, I got this in the chocolate smooth flavour as when I have had protein shakes in the past I have always found chocolate the best. 

Liam has also picked up some of the impact whey protein, he now has these in banoffee and salted caramel flavours for when he has been to the gym. 

Throughout the year I am hoping to keep using these products to see if they are beneficial for me on my journey and I will keep you all posted, maybe combining these products with plenty of hard work and eating better may actually start working for me . I have my eye on a few more bits from the site too so keep your eyes out for them. Fingers crossed I can get my journey going and provide more fitness content on here for you all. Keep an eye out too as I have a post coming very soon all about the Instagram accounts that are keeping me motivated and inspiring me. 2020 will be the year that my fitness section on here really grows. 

See you soon 

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