Boots Christmas Wishlist

Boots is always one of these places I head to have a look for ideas for Christmas presents. As soon as the Christmas catalogue comes out my family hand me it and tell me to pick out what I want. each year the choices get better and better. So here is what I am after this year....

Jack Wills Gym Kit -£30.00

I am heading to the gym more and more lately so this would be ideal. The bag looks great and simple and it includes a body wash, body spray, water bottle and earphones. This is perfect for all those trips to the gym as it has all those essentials.

Jack Wills Winter Warmer Gift Set - £14.00

I love the Jack Wills range in the women's this year. This set contains 3 of my favourite things, great socks, a mug and hot chocolate so how could I possibly not want this. 

Jack Wills Backpack - £50.00

I love the look of this backpack as it is plain and simple and will go with anything. Also it is no secret I prefer men's toiletries so this is perfect. This set contains the backpack, 2 x body washes, 2 x body sprays and a bar of soap.

Jack Wills Stationary Set - £14.00

I am hooked on stationary and don't possibly need anymore however I love this simple little set.

Johnny's Chop Shop Master Barber Edit - £18.00

If you take a look at my hair styling essentials post here, 2 of these items are on my essentials list so this is perfect for me. The clay is also an added bonus as I have used this before and loved it.

Lynx You Set - £5.60

Another set of products I can't get enough of are the Lynx You products. These are some items I will purchase over and over so at this price you really can't go wrong.

Have you seen any great items in the Boots Christmas range? Let me know.

See you soon 


Autumn / Winter Favourite Things

autumn / winter favourite things

I like spring and summer but my favourite seasons are definitely autumn and winter. Summer is all good for lounging around in the occasional sun and getting the smallest tan possible and well spring is just spring it's normally cold and raining especially here in Bradford. Summer is good for socialising however autumn and winter are the best for those cosy nights in. So here are 5 things I love about autumn / winter....

1. Snow. In winter there is 90% chance of snow here. I live at such a high point in the UK we basically have our own weather system. It can snow in our village and 2 minutes down the road be sunny. I love sledging and snowball fights too as I am still a big kid at heart.

2. Cosy nights in. There is nothing better than cuddling up with Liam under a lot of blankets watching films or tv shows. I am hoping we get to do this a lot more this year, and hopefully in the next few years we will get to do this in our own house.

3. The hot chocolate. It is in autumn and winter that 90% of nights end with hot chocolate or shopping trips include calling in for a hot chocolate. It is also this time of year when all the good flavours appear, especially the chocolate orange ones.

4. Candles. I love giving my room that little glow of a candle and all the different scents you can get. It is in autumn and winter when these get lit. I will light these if I am just playing games or watching films I really can't get enough of them.

5. Wrapping up warm. This is one of the best parts. As I go to watch a lot of football it means layering up in the teams gear with hats scarves and gloves whilst sat watching the game. It also means that when going out shopping / on walks you get all wrapped up and just feel super cosy. Even on a night it usually consists of fluffy pyjamas, dressing gown and blankets.

What are your favourite things about autumn / winter? Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon,

Week #13

This week has been a weird one I have spent 50% of the week down about my weight but the other 50% has been Liam reassuring me there is nothing wrong. I have had a week out of the gym as I have felt run down and have been in bed by 8.30 most nights. Liam really has made this week a lot better, we even went to the wrestling and had a little date night on Saturday which was perfect. I am hoping we have plenty more nights like this. I am even aiming for 3 nights in the gym next week. This week I have spent a lot more time on the blog, especially the planning side so that I am a lot more organised and can get more posts up. So far I feel much better for this and it is working well.

So here is what I have....

Been watching : I have watched Chelsea women and Man City women both progress to the next round of the Champions league, I have also seen Portland Thorns lift the NWSL championship. I even caved and watched Scooby Doo at Wrestlemania until my Xbox decided to crash.

Been reading : I am still on Abby Wambach's book however I have also read a lot more blogs this week.

Been listening to : Halsey and Alex Lahey have been on repeat this week, especially Halsey Bad at Love, which I would have to say is my favourite song at the moment.

Bought : I haven't done too bad this week spending wise. Liam treated me to a Disney cushion and I got us Pink's new album. I have also finally managed to get a grey Nike hoody which fits great which makes a change.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you later,

Hair Styling Essentials

hair styling essentials

My hair is what I spend more time on at the moment, to me the style has to be perfect before I step outside (it's too long at the moment so I can't wait to get it restyled again). It can take anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes for me to get the perfect style depending on how long my hair is or how it is already looking. Sometimes after been washed it only needs a quick blow dry but other times it needs the full works. So here is what I currently use to create my perfect style.

I got this Wahl hairdryer from Mankind earlier this year, I am so glad I did. I used to just let my hair dry naturally but I have found so much volume can be added by the hairdryer as well as it speeding the process up so much. I also use the hairdryer to quickly set any products which I may have used.

To get the perfect style I use this little be-bop massage brush. It is super easy to hold and helps get the perfect style. I was introduced to these by an old barber I went to and I love it even more than my tangle teezer. 

My straighteners have also become an essential. As soon my hair gets to a certain length my curls come back or even if I dry it a certain way the curls appear. I switch between these little Babyliss ones and my bigger GHD's. I used to hate straightening but now I really don't seem to mind it.

Now that I am using more heat on my hair I am beginning to protect it. Whilst my hair is still wet I will apply some of the Fudge heat spray to act as a defence barrier. Because I really don't fancy destroying my hair completely.

Next up is my favourite part, the actually styling products. I have an overflowing basket in my beside cupboard that is just hair products.  I really can't get enough of them Some of my favourites are either by VO5 or Johnny's Chop Shop. 

I use the Johnny's chop shop texturising spray so my hair has even a little texture to it as I don't want it looking too straight and perfect especially as without it my hair can look so flat. 

I will also use a clay / paste to help me get my finished look. They can just help it look a little messed up or give it that perfect hold. I have found depending what I am doing on the day will depend on the type of product I use. Work is a more natural clean look where as weekend's / nights out are more off a messy / casual style.

If I am having a lazy day I will simply just use a dry shampoo to keep my hair looking fresh and give it a little volume.  My go to at the moment is definitely the Johnny's Chop Shop Hobo Hair as a little really does go a long way.

Once my hair is dry before putting on any products I will use a little fluff tamer just to fix any stray hairs into place. It really has become a lifesaver. 

The final product I go for is hairspray, I go through so much each month but it is definitely worth it. My go to at the moment is also Johnny's chop shop as I have found that this gives such a good hold. It is just perfect for making sure my style is held throughout the day no matter the weather.

What are your styling essentials?  Or do you have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon,

Yankee Candle Barbershop

Yankee candle barbershop

I love lighting candles in the autumn and find myself lighting them every night. Although the family do worry about me doing this due to how much of a liability I am, honestly I think they just expect me to burn the house down or burn myself.

My go to candle is currently this Yankee Candle Barbershop one. I got this for £14.00 a while back and instantly fell in love. The thing I love most about getting my hair done at the barbers is the smell. All the different styling products and shampoos, I don't know what it is but I love it. This candle really does capture the smell and I can't get enough. With notes of eucalyptus, lavender and amber it smells gorgeous and the smell really does help you unwind and chill out, perfect after those long days at work.

The black and silver tub also fits perfectly in my black and grey room with its basic design. I believe I have been burning it for a little over a month now and it is still going strong, I will honestly be gutted if I can't find this one again.

I am hoping to get the full collection of these candles as they are by far some of my favourites.

What are your favourite candles? Let me know

See you soon,


Fashion Inspo : Tobin Heath

Tobin Heath is a footballer who plays for the Portland Thorns and USWNT. Also known as the Queen of nutmegs Tobin is a super skilled player who I look up to in the game, not only is she a brilliant player but she also has a great fashion sense. 
I love the casual and dressed up styles that Tobin opts for and here are a few of my favourites.

Big glasses, printed t-shirt and denim jacket, this look is perfect to a casual night out or even just for shopping. I love layering printed t-shirts and denim jackets and all my glasses are bigger frames. This has become a go to look for me especially on weekends when I am heading for a full day shopping.

I love leather jackets with longer plain t-shirts underneath and skinny jeans. However I am yet to find a good quality leather jacket for myself. I love the plain long t-shirt under the jacket as it breaks up the black from the leather and the black from the jeans. Again the way Tobin has this outfit it really could be used for days you fancy looking a bit smarter or for events such as concerts.

The final outfit for this post is one that I really love and can't wait to recreate myself. The bold black hoody and jeans finished with a snap back used to be one of my go to looks but then I cut off my hair and stopped wearing the hats as family said it looked to manly. The hoody and jeans combo hasn't happened for a while either as I have gained weight and I could never get a good looking and quality hoody to fit me correctly and jeans either fit on the waist and not the legs or the other way around. Now that I have begun to loose some weight things are starting to look better and my confidence is growing. I can't wait to recreate this look again in the near future. I just love how laid back and casual this whole outfit looks.

If you want to see my previous fashion inspo post click here.

Who is your fashion inspo? Let me know.

See you soon

Week #12

fifa 18, man city women

This past week has been another great football filled one. If I haven't been playing it on the Xbox I have been watching it on the TV or via a live stream. I have also managed to get a few posts up on here and spend time with family. Me and my mum went to bingo the other day and once again I came out with a little extra money.

So here is what I have....

Been watching : Faulty towers has been on a lot this weekend as it is a show me and Liam love watching together. The women's Champions League started this week to so I have been watching that, as well as the playoffs over in America, I am gutted that Orlando lost but I hope Portland go on to win.

Been reading : I am still reading Abby Wambach's book but I have actually almost finished it.

Been listening to : I am hooked on Halsey again at the moment and love it.

Bought : I have spent a fair bit this week I got Carli Lloyd's book, Liam Gallagher, Demi Lovato, Alex Lahey and Halsey's albums. Liam has also treated me to Tom Ford perfume and the Naked Heat palette.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you later,

September Favourites

september 2017 favourites

September was a fun month filled with football and wrestling. I even celebrated my 23rd birthday in September, which I was well and truly spoilt for you can see the post here. It was also a month filled with discovering new items and rediscovering old favourites. 

Beauty wise I finally got back into wearing a bit of make-up. I don't use loads but I am loving my Makeup Revolution concealer palette. My skin has been terrible but it has worked wonders in covering up the breakouts. I have also loved the Vanishing cream moisturiser from Lush, Liam got me this for my birthday and I am already noticing some improvements in my skin.

Possibly my only fashion favourite in September was the rediscovery of my grey converse. I forgot how comfy these were and how well they go with my skinny ripped jeans. 

I have loved reading throughout the month and what can be better than when you are reading about your favourite football players and teams. I have also loved the fact that it begun to get cold enough to have the candles lit, which just made getting cosy and reading even more enjoyable.
My final lifestyle favourite was the change I made, I go to the gym more and even take packed lunches to work, from this I have noticed my leg is getting better and I aren't gaining weight like before.

My overall favourite thing in September was definitely spending quality time with Liam whether it was a day in playing games and watching films, or going to the football and treating each other. It was perfect.

What were your favourite things in September? Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon,

New In : Hooked On Women's Football

I have loved Women's football for a long time now but never really had the opportunity to watch many games etc. Therefore it was always the men's games I would watch on TV and sit out in all weathers at stadiums watching. However thanks to the fact I now have money of my own I can go see Man City Women games at any chance I get and the fact that BT Sport also show the games, I can follow the WSL even better. There is also the NWSL where I can keep up with my favourite American teams and through their site I can watch any league games I like. I can even watch the USWNT games at long last. Football is literally taking over my life.

Since I have been following it a lot more my interest has really picked up. I skipped a Bradford City mens game just to go see Man City Women (so glad I did), I even pick sitting and watching Women's games over watching the Premier league. The interest has also been noted in my recent purchases. 

hope solo, abby wambach , alex morgan
 Hope Solo is a player who dominates in the goal, but people seem to focus more on her life off the pitch rather than on it. So as soon as I saw they had stock on Amazon of Hope's book I had to buy it. You always get the press's perspective on the players lives but I can't wait to see what Hope has to say.

Abby Wambach is the G.O.A.T, such a great player who has also had her own struggles throughout her career. Abby is one of those players who you want to be like a leader and a goalscorer. I had to get this book to learn more about the player I loved for so many years.

Now Alex Morgan is a stand out talent and one of my favourite all time players. As soon as I saw here book there was no chance this wasn't going in my Amazon basket. I can't wait to read all about her and learn more about one of the stars of the USWNT.

jill scott shirt under the lights in the darkjill scott shirt

I went to see Man City Women in their first home game against Arsenal on Saturday, I had the tickets for a while so I was able to save for a new shirt. I have last seasons home shirt and honestly there isn't much of a difference to this seasons so I opted for the away shirt. I had my eyes on this one as soon as it was released. I try to get different players names on my shirts, I already have a Bronze (still can't believe she left) and Houghton one so obviously this season I had to go for Jill Scott.

I also picked up yet another book in Manchester called Under the Lights and In the dark. Now this is probably the book I am most excited to read. It follows players all around the world and shows the conditions they are expected to train in etc. As a huge football fan I can't wait to see how it compares to the sort of things the male players have.

I have also purchased Fifa 18, I got it on it's release date and have so far gone through a few women's tournaments. This is such a great addition to the game although they do need to add more leagues and teams.

I will be doing reviews on each of the books once they are completed so keep an eye out for these on here.

Are you into women's football? Do you know of any other items I may have an interest in? Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon,