Johnny's Chop Shop Max Up Volume Mousse

I used to stick to the basics with my hair a little bit of clay/wax topped off with a bit of hairspray. But then I realised I really needed to add some volume into my style so my hair didn't look like it was just brushed back and stuck to my head. So I headed off to Boots to see what I could find to give a try, that is when I came across this Johnny's Chop Shop Max Up Volume Mousse it cost me just £5 which I was surprised at as I thought for a product like this I would have to pay a lot more. So here is what I think of the product...

Packaging wise I love how it uses the old barber shop style on the can and the pump means it is easy to get the product out with very little mess. It is also a pretty small can so doesn't take up much room and is easy to transport around for those weekends away. The pump is also still working which is great as some other products I have used such as hairspray, have actually broken off meaning the product was no longer any good.

The foam itself didn't actually seem to have a scent but I have noticed after using it my hair has a better smell to it than when I have just used a clay or wax. I have to have my hair smelling good as well as looking good so this mousse ticks all the boxes.

Texture & application
You need a golf ball sized amount of this to create any effect, I thought this meant the product wouldn't last very long but it is lasting me ages. It comes out as a bit of an  expanding foam and you just run this through your towel dried hair then style. I was worried at first it may leave my hair a little tacky but when using the correct amount it definitely doesn't. It is also super easy to work through my hair and can be done in just 2 minutes.

Hold / Effect
 It says to use a hairdryer to add more volume for your desired style but even without using one it works well. Half the time I can't be bothered getting the hairdryer out so I just work it through my hair and brush into my preferred style. Even doing it this way the hold can last me all day and my hair doesn't look flat. It really has made a difference to my hair and I love how big it looks when I have used this product. I even get quite a few compliments when I have used this.

This product is absolutely brilliant for its £5 price tag and I will definitely be buying more when I run out. It is even better as it can be found on Boots 3 for 2 offers. If you are looking for an item to give your hair an extra boost then I would highly recommend using this. 

See you soon

Autumn / Winter Wish List

The weather has definitely taken a turn lately, I have gone from lounging around in my shorts and a t-shirt to being wrapped up in my thick pyjamas and dressing gown under plenty of blankets. The best part about this is that I can now start planning adding new items into my wardrobe to accommodate this change. I started planning ahead a little bit whilst the sales have been on where I picked up quite a few hoodies and some joggers but I definitely want to add quite a few more pieces as I can't just live in the same 3 hoodies. So here is what I have found that I really want to pick up and add to the wardrobe.

Fila Foster Sweatshirt £45

I usually just throw on a plain t-shirt and checked shirt in the colder weather however, this year I want to try stay clear of this and try out different clothing. So I am wanting to add in a few sweatshirts for a change, these can work well with a nice jacket or on there own if it isn't too cold. On a few recent shopping trips I have fallen in love with this Fila top so I think this is a definite pick up if it fits me. It will also be used as a treat if I get to my goal weight for my birthday.

Calvin Klein Lounge Pants £16.99

I don't know how some people can sit around the house all the time in jeans, as soon as I am home I am either into my pyjamas or a pair of shorts & a t-shirt. With the weather changing I am wanting to swap those shorts for some comfy lounge pants, which is exactly what I recently found in TK Maxx. These Calvin Klein ones would be perfect for me and I would then just have to find a nice comfy long sleeve top or jumper to go with them for those nights in.

Mennace Joggers £11.00 in sale

I recently picked up a pair of Mennace joggers from TK Maxx and have instantly fallen in love with them, so I am hoping to pick up quite a few more pairs whilst their sale is on. This pair would also be perfect as it is a very close match to my new Mennace jacket.

 Vans Long Sleeve £35

I got a long sleeved vans top years ago and somehow it still fits, it has been one of my go to pieces when the weather changes over the years and I think it still will be this year. But I do want to treat myself to another as they obviously last, are great quality and are super comfy.

Air Force 1 £80

These Nike Air Force 1 trainers have been my go to for years now, they are so comfortable and my current pair have lasted 2 years of more or less constant use. They are now looking very worn and the backs are starting to wear down. I think that in time for the weather changing it is time to invest in a new pair. These are definitely worth every penny and with them being all leather are super easy to clean and also perfect for in the rain.

Crep Protect Rain & Stain Spray £9.99

Whilst on the topic of shoes, this Crep Protect spray is something I definitely need to get a hold of. I own a lot of suede and canvas shoes so when the weather changes I won't wear them out of fear of them getting ruined, this spray is meant to help protect them from any water damage and is also meant to stop them staining. When I pick this up I will probably test is out on a few cheaper pairs first to keep it on the safe side but I am sure after how much I have read about it all my shoes will be fine.

So there you have it that is what I am hoping to add to my wardrobe over the next few months, and hopefully I will be kept nice and warm whilst still looking like I made an effort.

See you soon,

Last Week #17

We are getting further in with the house and it is looking like we can get a fair bit done before my little birthday get together on 8th September. Me and Liam spent Monday off work catching up on the wrestling, we then ended up going out with my dad to pick up some flooring for the dining room. Tuesday was also the first night home game for Bradford so we spent that night there. Other than that nights have been spent doing little jobs around the house or just having time to ourselves. Saturday we were at the football again, which stopped me going out spending a fortune and Sunday my dad came to fit the floor whilst the rest of us did jobs in the little room. So here is what I had...

Been Watching: Liam finally had me sitting down watching Indiana Jones which I loved and I also caught up on Summerslam. Obviously a lot of YouTube had been watched.

Been reading : Again reading has been put on the back burner however, I really am hoping to get the book I am on completed soon.

Been listening to : I really need to start listening to different things because I seem to listen to the same thing week in week out. Last week was once again full of Hayley Kiyoko and Fifth Harmony.

Bought : I was really good last week and didn't actually buy anything other than our Blu ray player, which I am sure will change this week. 

Plans for this week : I want to get back on track this week with the healthy eating, I have gained half a lb but I have a target in mind of what I want to get to before my birthday on 9th September. I also want to get a bit more done around the house, as it is slowly coming together now.

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So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

Recent Pick Ups

 I keep trying my best not to go shopping but honestly it isn't really working. Between nights where I want to get out of cleaning and a recent trip to Manchester, I have picked up quite a few new pieces. I also keep saying that I won't buy any more clothes as I am very very slowly loosing weight and don't want to waste my money but then I see pieces and I just have to get them. So here is what I have picked up lately... 

mennace joggersmennace joggers

 TK Maxx is a store I used to avoid, I don't know why but I just did. But then I decided to call in and I was pleasantly surprised. I had wanted to try Mennace clothing for a while so when I spotted these 2 items I just had to get them. The joggers cost just £12.99 and they are perfect for me as I aren't very tall and these are the perfect length. I love the pattern on the side and the cuffs on the bottoms, they are also super comfy. I picked these up in a large and they are a little snug at the moment but with me loosing weight they have been perfect as they are a gauge to how much is dropping off me and I can dress them up or down.

I also picked up the Mennace jacket for £12.99 which I wore in Manchester lately and got plenty of compliments on. I am loving the stripes on the arm adding a pop of colour and the big ring on the zip. The material is also really breathable and it provided a perfect fit. I can't wait to wear this plenty more times. I keep checking in TK Maxx for new pieces coming in but also keep checking on the Mennace site to see what else I can pick up.  

ted baker earrings

In Manchester I called into Selfridges with my auntie to pick up a Christmas present I had been after for a while. Whilst I was in there I could have spent an absolute fortune, I saw a phone case, belt and bag that I wanted but when I went back in with Liam I was well behaved and just stuck to treating myself to a new pair of earrings. I only have silver studs or Pokemon earrings at the moment so I really wanted something a bit smarter and that would go with my rose gold watch. that is why I fell in love with these rose gold Ted Baker studs and just had to pick them up. I was shocked at the price too as they were only £25.00. I can't wait to get wearing these.

crep protect eraser

Any one who knows me just how bad I am at buying trainers, I am a little obsessed. The only problem is I can't keep them clean and looking fresh, they get ruined far too easily. I bought the Crep Protect eraser in hopes that I can just clean the shoes up and get plenty more wears out of each pair. At £8.99 I guess we will have to see how it works out.

primark security tape tee

 I surprisingly managed to control myself in Manchester's Primark, I could have spent a fortune if they had my size in most of the items, and if  I had the money to throw around. Their mens clothing right now is amazing and there are so many items I am wanting. Including a tiger shirt I can't find anywhere. One item I fell in love with the second I saw it online was this security tape t-shirt. It is absolutely amazing and really gives me Off White vibes without me having to pay Off Whites prices. I actually ended up wearing this for the Britney gig and it was super comfy and a really nice fit. At just £8 I really am in love with it.

primark overwatch tee

One game I absolutely love is Overwatch so when I saw this t-shirt at £8 I had to pick it up especially as it has my favourite Tracer on it. It feels super soft and even if I just wear this when playing my games lounging around it is perfect. I went off printed t-shirts like this for a while but Primark have so many in lately, so be prepared to see more on here soon.

 The Primark in Manchester is one of the ones stocking all the concert merchandise and music t-shirts so there was no way I was leaving without a couple. There were far too many but I decided to pick up ones of my favourites. There were a few Britney ones too but I wasn't keen on them, so I opted for the Justin Bieber one and the Selena Gomez one. These were £9 each and to be honest I try avoid white t-shirts but these are pretty good quality. The Bieber one even has tour dates on the back, just adding a little more to its style. 

Finally whilst at the Britney gig of course I had to treat myself to a t-shirt with all the dates on. I don't usually wear these and they end up going into my little concert t-shirt drawer but I think I might get a couple of wears out of this. £30 wasn't too bad of a price for it either with me buying it in the venue. It is possibly one the best quality ones I have had from a concert in a long time too.

I will  be doing some how I style posts on some of these items on this post so keep an eye out for those, as I am trying to get more confident in taking outfit shots for fashion posts.

See you soon

Dining Room Update #1

After around 1 month of waiting we can now sit in the living room and not look straight through to blank walls. It has stressed me out with how long it has taken but finally things are progressing. 

Me and Liam were away for the night last Saturday so my parents came round to make a start on getting our dining room ready. They glossed all the skirting, door frames and window sill. Then they got started on the dreaded wallpapering. We have chosen to carry on the paper from the living room so it just flows nicely into one plus I really love the feature walls pattern. 

The biggest problem we came across in the room was the ceiling, I don't know how many times poor Liam had to go over and over this to keep it all nice and white. But finally it is done and looking good just one touch up needs doing in the middle. We also had a few bits in the walls to fill in but these filled quickly and smoothly. 

dining room update #1

dining room update #1

We still have a bit to do in here which includes...

  • Fit the radiator
  • Fit the new light fitting
  • Put up new lightshade
  • Box in the pipework
  • Put up curtain pole and curtains
  • Lay the flooring
  • Put in the table and chairs
  • Put up the bookcases and other shelivng
  • Put the artwork on the wall.
  • Change sockets and light switches
I just can't wait for all this to be done but time is ticking now as we are having my birthday party at ours on September the 8th. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly and on time. Luckily once this room is complete and a few other bits in the games room and living room, there is only the spare room to do before we need to get saving for the bathroom and loft. After that it will be a very very long time until we decorate again.

See you soon

Last Week #16

Finally the house is getting somewhere, it is all slowly coming together and I even managed to have a day off work. My day off on Friday consisted of taking my Grandad out for food and drinks as a late birthday present. All the nights before that had been spent relaxing and having some me time for a change, which was really nice. It was well needed too because Saturday we spent in Manchester where I did plenty of shopping and topped it off with seeing Britney Spears who was amazing. When we got home Sunday my parents had wallpapered the dining room which was lovely to see when we walked in. So here is what I had been doing during last week...

Been Watching: I had watched a lot of YouTube during the week as that is one of my favourite things to do when relaxing. Last week I watched a lot more Gallucks, Mr Carrington and Godnat.

Been reading : Nothing at all was read last week as I spent all my time on YouTube.

Been listening to : Throughout last week I listened to a lot of Tegan & Sara, Halsey and of course Hayley Kiyoko. I also had a lot of Britney on to get me ready for the concert.

Bought : I couldn't spend anything throughout the week thanks to my bank being hacked however,  I spent quite a bit in Manchester but I will be posting about that later in the week. It was nice having a look around the different shops and treating myself.

Plans for this week : I want to definitely get more posts up on here, I have some fashion posts to put up and quite a few hair ones coming up. I just need to put more time aside for getting posts done. I am also hoping that we can get the dining room finished off. 

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So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

Last Week #15

I thought it was meant to cool down last week, I have still been far too warm. On the plus side we were finally back at Bradford City and even though the game was poor in my standards at least we didn't get soaked like we usually would. The house is starting to feel more homely too which is brilliant as it is starting to feel like we aren't just on holiday. I can't wait until we have a room fully completed. So here is what I had....

Been Watching: I have spent 99% of my time watching gaming and tech videos over on YouTube mainly because I really can't decide what TV series to start on.

Been reading : Once again no reading has been done seen as I have been busy on nights after work or just been watching YouTube. 

Been listening to : Halestorm's new album Vicious has been on repeat all week as I am seriously in love with it, but I have mixed in a little Halsey too.

Bought : Even though we went into town I only picked up a set of PC speakers however surprise surprise they don't work thanks to an issue with my PC. 

Plans for this week : I want to keep up with my little schedule I have going on and try have a full night just dedicated to blogging. I also night of just switching off and recharging as it seems to be none stop. I am also going to see Britney this Saturday which I can't wait for. 

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So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

Halestorm Vicious

Halestorm have been going since 1997 (I was only 3 when they started) but if you ask anyone around here that I know they will ask who I am on about. Me and Liam were lucky enough to go see them back in 2015 and it was suck an amazing show. Lzzy's voice is absolutely amazing and their songs are just ones I will never get enough of.

Last month they released their 4th studio album Vicious and thanks to going out in Liams car I am hooked, it is really all we are listening to whilst driving around. When listening to this album you can see what each member of the band brings to the table with the catchy lyrics and catchy beats. When I first came across Halestorm all those years ago I have to admit I thought they would be a little too heavy for me but they are perfect and actually got me into that type of music again. The Vicious album to me really sounds like something, one of my all time favourites Joan Jett would sing. So off the album here are some of my favourite songs

Vicious is definitely one of my favourites, in fact for the past week I have actually woke up with the line 'what doesn't kill me makes me vicious' stuck in my head. This song was also featured on the WWE Mae Young classics competitors parade. WHat can be better than one of my favourite bands on one of my favourite sports competitions.

Uncomfortable is one of the biggest songs that gives me that Joan Jett vibe but I really don't why. 'I did it 'cause I'm drunk and I did yea so what 'cause baby I'm just one of the boys', I think this song is one of my favourites becuase it just shows Lzzy doesn't really give a damn, just like I wish I didn't 
. That is another thing I love about Halestorm, they sing about thinks other bands may try to avoid. 

My final favourite is Do not disturb, yet another example of how they won't shy away from the topics they sing about 'let's see if blondes or brunettes have more fun' and 'if I were you I'll bring your girlfriend too, 2 is better than 1, 3 is better than 2' , how many artists would actually sing lines like this or would they shy away. So far this song is my most played from the album and I can't see that changing anytime soon.  

After listening to the album a lot I have told Liam this is definitely my favourite album of theirs so far, granted none of the albums are bad, in fact they are all brilliant, but this one just gets stuck in my head a little more than the others. I am just gutted we missed out on tickets to go see them again this year as I really wanted to go. One day I hope to actually meet the band especially Lzzy as she is one of my all the favourites and again I can't see it changing any time soon. If you get the chance I would highly recommend checking out Vicious along with the rest of Halestorms discography if you haven't already.

Keep your eyes out on the blog as this won't be the last time Halestorm are on here.

See you soon

High End Wish List

My love for the high end clothing is slowly coming back, poor Liam has had to sit and listen to me going on about products I would love to own then in the next breathe complain of how I would need to win the lottery to get them. I have set my sights on a few items that really would be on the top of my to buy list if  I could, so here is what I would get if I ever had the opportunity ( I am actually saving for some of this right now)...

The Kenzo jumper is something I have had my eye on for a while now. At around £185 it is one of the cheaper items on the wish list but it looks so comfortable and I love the bold tiger print. 

To match the jumper I also have my eye on this Kenzo phone case, I am actually off to Manchester soon and Leeds for my birthday so I think I may have to treat myself. £35 is definitely a lot to pay for a phone case but I just love this print.

You will all know by now how much I love trainers and I have had my eye on these Gucci ones for a while now. They are £450 which is actually more than my mortgage is each month, so I really can't justify buying these unless I saved really hard and actually wore them unlike most of my trainers which are still in boxes.

My final piece is the MCM belt, at £275 it is extremely pricey for a belt but I absolutely love the big M buckle and I love the print all around it. My current belts are really cheap quality and break really easily so I definitely want to upgrade the belts.

I really do need to stop browsing the Flannels and End clothing sites as they are just making me want more and more items. I think I may have to save for a while for some of these items, but I really hope I can pick up a few in the future.

See you soon,

Fashion Inspo : Hayley Kiyoko

Following on from previous fashion inspo posts I now have one of my favourite musicians, Hayley Kiyoko. I first fell in love with Hayley when I saw her playing Stevie in Wizards of Waverly Place, and then Stella in Lemonade Mouth, which to this day still remains one of my favourite films. Hayley's album Expectations is one of my favourites to and I just can't get enough. Not only is she a brilliant actress and musician but she is also has a brilliant and pretty unique fashion sense. Here are just a few of Hayley's looks that I absolutely love...

I love that Hayley's style is not too masculine and definitely not to feminine, yet she will explore the bold prints and colours. I love how she pairs a really bold pink shirt with some lighter pink printed pants, the best part is that these are rolled up with pink printed socks on show along with blue trainers. I really wish I was more daring to try pull something like this off. 

I love the cargo types of pants Hayley wears as they are baggy and she always teams them up with a great pair of shoes or trainers. She also teams them up with brilliant tops such as this black hoodie and biker jacket/vest. I used to love wearing my hoodie with a leather jacket over but since I gained weight I still need to buy a new leather jacket. the combo just works so well and if you have a printed hoodie it just makes it stand out a little more.

The final outfit on here is definitely my favourite of them all. I love the double denim look and I wish I had the confidence to pull it off. With the jeans rolled up and socks on show it beaks it down a little and I love how the bold red trainers just seem to make the outfit pop, especially as they match up with the edging on the white Dodgers top. 

Hayley's style is definitely something I love to keep an eye on as it always amazes me. I also like to keep track to see if there are any I could carry over to my own wardrobe. Hayley is someone you will be seeing on the blog quite a bit in the future so if you love Hayley like I do keep an eye out on the blog.

See you soon,

York Designer Outlet Under £100

york designer outlet haul

I promised myself on Saturday night that if we stopped by York Designer outlet I was only going to spend £50 but this didn't really go to plan. In total I spent £61 which to be honest still isn't bad especially for me. When I go to places like this I just seem to lose control and go totally over board with things that I don't need. 

With a budget in mind though I managed to keep things pretty reasonable, I didn't buy really unnecessary items and only picked up things I fell in love with or required. First up I got a grey Levis t-shirt for £14 purely because I got one in navy a few month ago and they are such good quality. I have decided that I may need to get them in a few other colours too.

I then went to Calvin Klein, this is somewhere I haven't purchased from in ages due to my size but I thought it was time to treat myself, at £8 a pair they were a steal. Again I think I will be heading back for more pairs and eventually some clothing.

Finally I ended up heading back to the Vans store. I really didn't need these as I have far too many pairs of shoes but these are maroon with a nice gum bottom. Plus they were £23 so a bargain to add in to the rotation. I have to admit I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Vans but I can see me falling in love with these especially when we finally get into autumn.

These items would have been way over £100 if I went to buy them at retail price so I definitely did well.

I have told Liam I am wanting to save up a bit especially as I am loosing weight so we can go have a real shopping trip there and I can pick up even more pieces. I love the fact you can pick up a variety of things for so little, plus I really want to go when the Nike store reopens. Keep an eye out on the t-shirt and shoes being featured in some up and coming posts.

See you soon

Last Week #14

what i got up to last week #14

Why is it still so warm here in the UK, I am getting fed up now of not sleeping on a night and feeling uncomfortable during the days. One good side to it though is that on Sunday we spent the day in Scarborough with my parents, then headed to York designer outlet. It was great just being by the sea and then doing a spot of shopping after. It made a nice change to Saturday when it was spent doing jobs around the house, Liam fixed the toilet whilst I sorted all our wardrobe. Then obviously it was the return of the EFL and Bradford City got their season up and running with a win. During the week nights after work when I actually went in, were spent just relaxing as it has been far too warm for us both. So here is what I had...

Been Watching: Having 2 days off ill meant I completed Orange is the new black and started on a show called The Kicks, which is based on books written by Alex Morgan. I also spent a lot of the week watching Blazendary, Gallucks and ImDrewScott over on YouTube, I can't get enough of their channels. 

Been reading : I hadn't actually read any of my book last week however, I read a lot of Gallucks blog to go alongside watching his YouTube.

Been listening to : Hayley Kiyoko had been on a lot last week but the stand out was definitely Halestorm as their new album is just perfection. I may have to do a separate post all about it.

Bought : I got a couple of Mennace items from TK Maxx, and bought some new bits from York Designer outlet but I will post about those soon.

Plans for this week : I want to stick with the little schedule I have for my blog, as well as reaching out to people to possibly feature on here. I am also hoping to get a few more bits done in the house, along with getting some gaming done as I have been neglecting it.

Last weeks posts : Last Week #13, July 2018 Favourites, Brands I Want To Try, Hair Styling Collection, The Living Room Update #1.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

The Living Room Update #1

The living room is part of the house that seems to be taking the longest to do. We spent a long time sitting on sofa beds in a room lit up by only a small lamp. But as time has gone on it has slowly taken shape. Firstly we stripped all the walls and got the ceiling plastered. Then painted the ceiling and glossed where we needed to. Liam's mum then came and did the wallpapering for us which looks absolutely amazing, then it was time for the carpet to go down, I think I picked the fluffiest one they offered. We were lucky that we had the sofa arrive a few days before the carpet so once this was down Liam put the sofas in place. My dad and Liam then fit the new fire place for us. 

At one point I was stressing as there was just a big hole where the fire should be however, once this was fit it has made it look a lot nicer and I am happy to actually sit downstairs. Since the above picture was taken we have hung some curtains, fitted new lights, added some side tables and accessorised the room. I am so happy how our house is slowly coming together and I don't think it will be too long until we are fully done to how we want it all. I am loving how the colours in the room are going so well together as honestly this is the first time I have ever one anything like this, even old bedrooms I just said colours that never went together but others went along with it.

We still need to hang our pictures, put a shelf out for my Disney ornaments once we decide which are going in here and which are off in the dining room. We need to wallpaper the boxing in and paint other parts and add a little bit of skirting along with changing sockets and fitting a door. I also want to get a blu-ray player to have in here so we can get comfy and watch films instead of hiding out in the games room. 

I will be sure to post more pictures once the room is completely done which shouldn't be too long and actually tidy for a change so make sure you keep checking back. I will also be putting up a dining room post very soon.

See you soon,

Hair Styling Collection

 One thing I can't get enough of is hair products. I change what I used daily every couple of weeks just to try help me get through my ever growing collection of items. When we moved we got some plastic cupboards for our bathroom and I have claimed one of the drawers just for my hair products, at first I didn't think I had a lot but on closer inspection I have realised I have far too many. Not pictured are my current rotation of products which are the VO5 fluff tamer, R+Co Dallas thickening spray, Johnny's chop shop volumising mousse and blue beards revenge paste but here are the items I need to try get using...

v05 hair collection

VO5 is definitely the brand I have most products of. I have 2 back up tins of fluff tamer as this is one of my go to products due to how well it works. I also have their clay to give a go, along with a matt paste that has just been switched out of my rotation I haven't been finding this too bad. I then have a gel which came in a set at Christmas time a textured quiff spray I got a few days a go which I cant wait to try and finally a matt definition spray which also came in a gift set. VO5 to me are a very good brand especially for the price range and it is so easy to buy as most supermarkets stock it.

fish hair collection
Fish are a brand I discovered through the blog as they got in touch for me to review a selection of their products. I quickly fell in love with them and I keep switching this wax and putty in and out of my rotation. I also picked up the wax stick from the pound shop and so far it is so good. Fish are another reasonably priced brand which I need to test out more of their products.

johnnys chop shop collection

 A brand I discovered the other year was Johnny's chop shop, I became obsessed with their hairspray which then lead me to trying out more of their items. As you can see the only shampoo I used was the born lucky one for a while which the family picked up on and I ended up receiving 4 bottles at Christmas, I am well and truly stocked up. The hobo hair has been a lifesaver since I got it for those days I am just lounging around and not too bothered about doing my hair. The texturising spray is another item I have loved for a while and keeps finding its way into the rotation every few months. The clay is something I am still to try seen as I only picked it up to make full use of the boots 3 for 2 offer.

hair collection

 A few random ones here are the Brylcreem which seems to be ok for my hair but I really need to try use it a little more as I have a lot I need to get through. The Shockwaves gel spray is another one I picked up just because it was cheap, I haven't opened this yet but I will be sure to give it a try soon. Then I have this Toni & Guy rough texturiser which I actually got from my mum, she didn't want it anymore so I said I would take it off her hands and see what I thought of it.

lynx hair products

I have mentioned the Lynx hair collection on here a few times in the past and I love them. I need to finish off these tins then I think I may hold off buying them as I need to get through so many others but when I have these in reach I just go straight for them at their low price though they are handy to keep stocked up on.

fudge hair products

 Fudge are a brand I will go mad with or just go for ages without buying anything. Currently I have this raspberry styling mousse that isn't too bad but I don't tend to use very often. I also have the blow dry creme which is to help create a messy look. It actually does work when I blow dry my hair but with my hair so short I don't usually dry it. This is also the same case with the heat defence spray it isn't often I use heat on my hair these days but when I do this really helps.

Finally we have just a couple of miniatures which I keep around just in case I have a small trip away. It isn't often I am away from home for a while but if I have somewhere to be I will just through these in my bag. Also these are perfect for if I was to head out straight from work and my hair needed a little touch up.

So there you have it those are the products I really need to start working through instead of going out and buying new items. Would you like to see me do a brand focus on any hair items? Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon