Last Week #59

Another week has been and gone, in fact it absolutely flown by. I did a fair bit though for a change and even managed to lose some more weight. Tuesday we went to see Bradford City vs Man City Under 21's and despite the result it was actually a pretty good game. The rest of the week was just spent relaxing, well that was until Saturday. This is when I did the most of the cleaning and then went to tackle the spare room, this wallpaper just won't come off. Sunday was spent finishing a bit of tidying up, organising (post coming soon) and most importantly planning future blog posts. So here is what I had...

Been Watching : I finally finished Orange is the new black and I am actually quite upset it is now over as I love that show. I have also watched a fair bit of football and Keeping up with the Kardashians (trying to catch up on the new series).

Been reading : I have finally done it I picked up my book and read a few more chapters, which I really enjoyed.

Been listening to : Forget Taylor Swift, Tegan and Sara brought their new album out on Friday and it is all I have listened too since it's release, it is fantastic.

Bought : FIFA20 is all I bought last week, I bought the champions edition on Tuesday and am loving it. Staying in did wonders for my bank account.

Plans for this week : Well Monday I have the day off so I am hoping to make a start on some Xmas shopping then the rest of the week is going to be spent relaxing and blogging for a change. Saturday will be a quick haircut then the football and who knows what Sunday will bring. Fingers crossed I can get to the gym too to carry on with this weight loss. Maybe the spare room will get a bit more work done on it too but we will see.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

Autumn/Winter Wish List : Burton

If you have been reading the blog for a while now you will know that I much prefer men's clothing over women's, it just feels more comfortable for me and seems to fit me a lot better than women's cuts. Now that the weather is changing I am starting to think about the changes I want to make to my wardrobe to make it fit the seasons better. That is why I am going to be doing a little series on this blog with items I am hoping to pick up or would like to incorporate into my wardrobe for the colder months. The series will feature some of my favourite places to shop (yes I am looking at you Primark) but also some shops I always forget to check in like River Island and Matalan etc... Today though we are kicking things off with Burton, a shop I have definitely forgot about over the years, I used to shop in Burton especially picking up their multibuy t-shirt deals. But after a quick browse online I have found they are having a little Autumn event where some essentials are now marked down to some great prices. Here is what I have found and what I am hoping to pick up...

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Black jersey bomber on offer at £15.40 usually £22.00

I absolutely love bomber jackets for when the weather is nice and mild. They are perfect for just throwing on with any t-shirt underneath. I love this one though as it is nice and plain but also a jersey material so isn't too big and bulky like some bombers I have owned in the past.

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Navy check tartan shirt  £25.00 

For me autumn and winter is all about the checked shirts it doesn't matter if they are a flannel material or a thinner material they need adding to my wardrobe. I picked up a couple from Primark the other day but I am also loving the ones Burton are doing, in particular this navy tartan one. I usually wouldn't opt for a darker coloured one but for some reason I am very tempted with this. It is a bit more expensive than the Primark ones I am used to but it looks really nice.

Grey Check Print Overhead Hoodie
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Grey check print overhead hoodie on offer at £21.00 usually £30.00

I am really into the check trend at the moment and currently have 2 pairs of check pants but honestly I want more. But why not carry on the check to the top half? I absolutely love this check hoodie and if teamed up with my black jeans and white trainers I think this could work really well. It could even look quite good layered.

Caramel Brown Overhead Hoodie
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Caramel brown overhead hoodie on offer at £16.00 usually £20.00

Finally we have another hoodie but honestly this is something totally different, I usually wouldn't opt for this colour at all but for some reason it is standing out to me. I really want to try adding more colour into my wardrobe so this could easily be a great addition.

So there you have it I think I need a trip to Burton very soon to see which of these items I can pick up. What do you think to Burton's autumn collection?

See you soon

Gymshark Element Shorts

One of the best things about getting back in the gym for me has been try out the new clothing I have bought for it, or my family have given me as gifts. The brand that I have been obsessed with is definitely Gymshark as their products are fantastic, I got a few items from their event in Manchester and my aunt also ordered me some.

An area I usually struggle in is shorts, I can get the perfect t-shirts and even if they are a little to long I just roll them up a little bit. But with shorts I need them to be the perfect length or it really bugs me especially when doing leg work or on the treadmill or bike, I don't want them riding up too far. 

In the past some of my shorts have been too short and tight where as others have been far too loose on the waist and baggy on the knees whilst also being too long. The fact most are too long is basically just down to my legs being stupidly short. 

That is why these Gymshark Element shorts tick all the boxes for me. They come to just above the knee, which is the lenght I prefer them to be and they are the perfect fit, they aren't skin tight but they aren't too loose that they are constantly hitting my legs. 

They have zip pockets for me to keep my phone and gym fob nice and safe throughout my work out, there is no chance of them just falling out like they have done in some of my previous shorts. In fact it is nice having shorts with pockets as some in the past haven't even had them. 

The shorts are really simple too they aren't over done with the branding they just have the little tag on the right leg that is visible and that is it. However, it is those hidden details I am loving the most as on the inside of the waistband it has that very memorable Gymshark saying 'Be a visionary' and I love it. The drawstring also has Gymshark and the logo on them, so they aren't as plain as you think upon your first look.  

My movement hasn't been limited whilst wearing these which is brilliant as I can really get my legs working without having to worry about only stretching so far or over doing it. They have washed pretty well too which doesn't happen right often with some of the stuff I was (I tend to shrink quite a few items) but these have with stood the test. At just £25 they are definitely a bargain in my eyes as I can see them lasting me quite a while and I know for a fact I will be getting more of this type in the future, but I will also be trying out some others but I just aren't sure yet. 

Gymshark are very quickly becoming my favourite brand but the question is which Gymshark items do you recommend for me to add to my work out drawer next?

See you soon,

BCWFC vs Stockport County Ladies

We managed to get down to Eccleshill United again on Sunday to see Bradford City women take on Stockport County Ladies. City were coming into the game off the back of a 5-0 defeat against Barnsley and Stockport were trying to find their first league win of the season. 

Right from kick off it looked set to be a good game, Stockport had a chance early on but luckily for City the ball went wide. It was in the 15th minute though that Stockport struck and went 1-0 up, a corner nicely into the box bounced around the 6 yard box and found its way into the back of the net. They doubled their lead just a minute later with a great cross into the box and a nice finish.  

City did come close in the 29th minute when a header bounced of the inside of the post but the ball unfortunately ran away from goal, any other day I really do think that would have rolled in. Just a minute later though Stockport made it 3-0 after a late challenge in the box resulted in a penalty. In the 1st half City had quite a few breaks and chances but were just unable to capitalise on them where as Stockport were looking really promising when on the attack and also when back defending in the final 3rd. The Stockport 'keeper really stood out for me as she was clearly organising all her team from the back making sure everyone was in the right position and wasn't going to be caught out. 

Something that City did really well for the full 90 minutes was working the ball around the pitch they put some great passes together and managed to create the breaks needed to get into a better position but I guess it just wasn't meant to be as they couldn't get passed that Stockport back line.

Even though City came out in the second half and kept possession alongside having all the momentum it was Stockport who scored 1st in the 65th minute, it really was against the run of play. You could have also said in the build up to this there was a hand ball by Stockport but the finish was great and they were 4-0 up. 

City did manage to get a goal back in the 84th minute when Sumaili cut out a loose back pass and took it passed the 'keeper to make it 4-1, after the goal City looked fired up and wanting more but it was too little too late as they fell to a 4-1 defeat, which handed Stockport their first league win of the season.

I don't know how Stockport hadn't won previous to this game as they played really well and I think it could just be the start of it for them and they will only get better week by week. As for City well they looked really strong moving the ball around but when it came to those important moments they just fell short. Fingers crossed though they can bounce back next week against Liverpool Feds. 

Did you go to a game this weekend?

See you soon 

Last Week #58

WOW I have just realised how much I was slacking on the blog last week but honestly that is because I was throwing myself at trying to lose weight and get myself into a bit of a routine. It has been a pretty good week though I think I might finally be getting over my cold, I got to see 2 football matches and spent plenty of time with my nephew. I even managed to get a bit of shopping in too. So here is what I had...

Been Watching : Me and Liam finally started the new series of Jack Whitehall's travels with my father, we might only be one episode in but I am loving it so far. Other than watching that we watched  little bit of football and I carried on watching Orange is the new black.

Been reading : As part of my new routine I am going to start from this week try to read at least a chapter of my book each night as I am really slacking. 

Been listening to : Tegan and Sara brought another new song out 'Don't believe the things they tell you (they lie) and it is brilliant, I have had it on repeat. Other than listening to the though once again it has been Taylor Swift filled, I can't get enough of the Lover album.

Bought : I finally bought a couple of new belts as my old one was falling apart, you can't beat Primark 2 belts for £5. I also got a couple of checked shirts which I had my eye on for a while and a new t-shirt from the Disney store.

Plans for this week : I am back on with the blogging as I seem to have got myself into a better routine and have more time on my hands. I want to capitalise on last weeks 2lb weight loss and am hoping to do the same again this week if not better it. Fingers crossed I can get back in the spare room too and finish getting the wallpaper off those walls. 

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

Our First Musclefood Order

This week I have started changing my diet to go alongside my new found love of exercise, it is my diet that really lets me down with things as I just eat for the sake of eating and all I eat is junk. So this week I have started logging what I eat over on MyFitnessPal which has really opened my eyes, some things that I thought were good for me really aren't and it is also helping me in terms of portion control. Alongside this thought we made our first Musclefood order, this has meant I am actually taking dinners to work that I know are good for me and are going to help keep me on track to achieve my goals.

I was really impressed with how well packaged the box was, the meals were well protected and all of them had stayed frozen thanks to the little ice packs that come with it, plus these can be recycled so that is even better as I am trying to get better in that sense too (more to come on that change soon though).  We even got some Mojito seasoning thrown in with the order too, although we don't know what we are going to do with that. 

We took advantage and got the 10 meals for £29.00 offer as we can spend £5 a day on lunch as it is so if we can spent less but eat better then 100% perfect. So here are what we opted for we got 5 meals each...

I love BBQ chicken and rice so as soon as I saw this I knew I was getting this, it is high in protein too and only 321 calories for the full meal. 

This is the meal I was looking forward to the most as it is sausage, bean, bacon and potatos. Which is basically my favourite things all thrown into one. I got 2 of these and Liam also got 1.

I also got a chicken tikka pot as I have to admit I do love a good chicken tikka (I am actually making my own again this week and can't wait). I am pretty excited to try this one. 

Next up we both got a sweet chilli chicken pot which also comes with broccoli and cauliflower. I love sweet chilli chicken but honestly haven't tried it with broccoli and cauliflower before.

Liam got a satay chicken pot which looks quite nice but honestly I know it wouldn't be for me.

The final meal I picked was just the plain chicken pot, I get laughed at quite a bit as I prefer meals plain, sometimes sauce is just no good for me. Even when we have my favourite meal chicken and sweet potato fries, the chicken is plain no seasoning and sauce. 

Finally Liam got the BBQ pulled pork pot, I would have also got this one but I haven't tried butternut squash before and I just don't like sweetcorn.

Keep checking back as I will be doing a post once all these meals have been eaten to let you know what I think to them and if I will be using Musclefood again.

See you soon

Last Week #57

What a brilliant week last week was, on Monday I turned 25 so that was a day full of shopping and a few drinks just me and Liam, it is those sort of days I love the most. Then Tuesday it was back to work for the rest of the week. It was a nice relaxed week for a change which was absolutely fantastic and I hope we get more weeks like this. Saturday we literally did nothing, I was going to take blog pictures but do you know that feeling when you just can't be bothered? Well yeah that is what it was like for me. Sunday though was back to the gym and 40 minutes has absolutely wiped me out but it felt so good to be back. So with it being a nice relaxing week here is what I had...

Been Watching : I have become hooked on the cricket thanks to Liam so a lot of that has been watched. Other than that though I watched the 2 Man City Women matches last week and the rest of my time has been spent catching up on my YouTube subscription box.

Been reading : I didn't read once again but I really need to now as I got a new book for my birthday. 

Been listening to : It has been another week taken over by Taylor Swift, that new album is just amazing.

Bought : All I purchased was a Musclefood order and I can't wait to try the food out.

Plans for this week : I am hoping to carry on being back in the gym by going 4 times this week, it is definitely possible and if I want to lose this weight I am going to have to put the effort in. I also want to make sure that this week I get my blog photos taken as well as going to a women's game. Fingers crossed I can get this hoodie made too. 

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

My FAWSL Predictions

Last weekend the FAWSL finally got back underway with the addition of newly promoted Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur. I really do think this season could be a very interesting one especially in terms of a fight for the top 4. Manchester United could be a surprise addition to that race once the players find their rhythm I think they could really hit the ground running. You all know my love for Manchester City but honestly I can only see them reaching 2nd like last season, they have lost a few players from last season such as Beattie and Parris but they have brought in reinforcements. I think the big issue for them though could be keeping players fit and injury free, they already have White out injured and have openly admitted Bardsley won't be back this side of Christmas, all it takes is a few more injuries and they could honestly be struggling. I think it could be another great year for Arsenal, they have strengthened their team, not that it actually needed it and Nobbs is returning from injury which can only benefit them in the race for the title. At the opposite end of the table though I really do think Tottenham could struggle this season but who knows they may prove us wrong. 

So here is how I think the league table will look at the end of the season...

Man City
Man Utd
West Ham

Honestly I think it could be a very interesting season with quite a few surprise results into the mix and I am really looking forward to watching as many games as possible.

See you soon

My Favourite Bradford City Shirts

I have had my fair share of Bradford shirts over the years but I have also missed out on my fair share of some brilliant ones. But in today's post I am going to share with you all my favourites since I have been supporting the club. There has been plenty of memories and fun times created in some of these shirts. Growing up I always got a football shirt for my birthday, a lot of the times it was Bradford City or as I got a little bit older it was Man Utd (I still follow them now but my club is definitely Bradford). So over the years I have accumulated a large collection of shirts which I may feature on here some day if you would be interested? But the majority of them are still at my parents. City have had some great shirts in the past and have also had their fair share of not so great ones but here are my favourites....

The 1999-2001 home shirts is one of the shirts I have so many great memories of. I will have been 5-7 year old when this shirt was worn and I definitely got my wear out of it. This was the time when there was a lot of football parties going on and this was worn to them all, in fact my parents have a photo framed from one of my birthday parties and both me and my sister in the full kit ready to go (I may put this up on my Instagram so give that a follow). This is also the shirt worn when the club were actually in the top flight which was a great time and hopefully one day we get there again, although at the moment it really doesn't seem likely. I also remember begging my parents to go to an event straight after school for meeting some of the players and they caved, I made sure they brought my shirt in the car so I could get changed and ready to meet some of my favourites, any pictures we have from that day you can see the school uniform under the shirt.

The 2013-2014away shirt is another favourite as I absolutely love the blue colour especially how it fades from blue to white. Unfortunately I personally don't own this shirt but my sister does and it is signed by Oli McBurnie as she absolutely loved him. This shirt just looks so simple but to me it does stand out in memory.

 The 2001-2003 home shirt is another one of my favourite shirts and honestly I think the biggest reason for this is as it is an own brand shirt. The only things on the shirt are the club badge and the sponsor so it is nice and simple plus it is the classic stripes which every City fan loves. I don't know what it is though but one of the big things I love about this shirt is the collar, the majority of my favourites shirts for any club actually have collars if I come to think about it.  

The 2001-2003 away shirt is also one of my favourites again this is thanks to it being it's own brand plus the collar. I got so much wear out of this one and even got the matching shorts. I will always remember my dad having these shorts too and I honestly think he has only just got rid of them.

Left Hand Photo courtesy of Charity Shop Find's Football Shirts.

The 1997-1999 shirt is possibly one of my first football shirts and I am sure we still have it to this day. I love the collar with the city colours on it and the extra details on the sleeves. I used to wear this shirt all the time even though as you can see in the image it was just a bit too big for me. I think though the main reason it is a favourite is the sentimental reasons behind it, you always love your first shirt.

I have to mention this seasons shirts too as the home shirt is finally back to the stripes we all love and it just looks really nice and the 3rd shirt is brilliant in my opinion. I just love how bright it is, maybe this season we will pass to the right players when we wear these shirts.  

There has been plenty of memories and fun times created in some of these shirts and I only hope to create more in the future when new ones are released as I will never get fed up of buying them. I am also hoping to get it so my nephew is just like me and gets a shirt every birthday so he can have his one little memories to do with the club whilst growing up. Keep an eye on my Instagram and Facebook though as I may post the shirts that just missed the cut. What are your favourite Bradford City shirts?

See you soon,