Morning Routine On A Typical Weekend


I am trying my best to create healthy habits throughout 2022 and one of the ones I am trying my best to build is a morning routine that I can stick to meaning I am starting the day at the right pace rather than rushing around like a headless chicken each morning. Work day mornings are still a work in progress as I am still trying to work out what is the best way to fit things in on those days and still get into the office on time. I have come up with a bit of a solid routine for weekend mornings though which means I can start my weekend days off at a nice pace and have a much more productive day than I usually would have had. 

So here is what my morning routine looks like on a typical weekend at the moment...

First up I am still waking up around the time I usually would when I have to go to work on a weekday so it is still a very early start for me even on a Saturday or Sunday which I can't really complain about as I do manage to get more done with those extra few hours. The first thing I do on a morning is have a quick look through my social media feeds which consist of Instagram, Twitter & Facebook, with me having multiple blogs there is always plenty to respond to and it certainly keeps me busy for a while. 

Once the social media is all checked it is time to actually get out of bed and get the day properly started. I am really working on my fitness journey in 2022 so one main thing I am doing on a weekend morning is fitting in an hours workout. So once social media is checked I will throw on my workout clothes and head downstairs to do an hours workouts which usually involve the weights. I originally though doing this first thing in a morning would make me really tired however, it does the opposite and sets me up for a really good day. 

When the workout is finished it is straight back upstairs to jump in the shower and get ready for the day, I am trying to build up a bit of a skincare routine as my skin has been terrible recently and I have found that as soon as I am out of the shower is the best time to do this as it is a bit like a production line of shower, skincare then getting dressed. If I know I am staying in all day I will just throw on some lounge wear for the day or some tracksuit bottoms & a football shirt just so that I know I am going to be comfortable throughout the day as when I am comfortable I get so much more done and I am a whole lot more productive. 

Once I am finally dressed it is time to head back downstairs once again to make that morning coffee and some breakfast. I try to limit myself to just the two caffeinated drinks during the day but you can't beat an early morning cup of coffee to get the day going. I usually make some form of eggs for my breakfast so I will sit downstairs and eat those whilst scrolling through my social media once again. 

When breakfast is done I head back upstairs to make a start on my day which is filled with blogging. I will either get set up in the spare room to work on some content in peace & quiet or the games room where I will be sat at the gaming PC with dual screens where I can be a bit more productive. Once I get blogging that is my morning gone as I just get as much done as possible and before I know it we are already well into the afternoon. 

This new routine is really helping me start off my day in the correct way and I am actually enjoying the slower pace lately rather than constantly feeling like my life is 100 mph. I am definitely a lot more productive when I stick to a routine and I am really hoping that this is something I am going to be able to stick to for a very long time as I will definitely get a whole lot more done throughout the year if I do stick to it. 

Do you have a morning routine that you tend to stick to? 

The Workouts & Workout Classes I Would Love To Add Into My Routine


Now that I am getting more into my fitness journey I am really considering pushing myself out of my comfort zone and try some new workouts & fitness classes. I just think the new additions into a routine could be really helpful in keeping me motivated and interested so I don't fall off track throughout my journey. I have learnt that mixing up definitely so adding new bits every now and again might just be what I need to make the biggest difference. In 2021 I added a weekly boxing class to my workout routine and that evening soon became my favourite of the week and now I countdown to going to that class as I know it pushes me to my limits and makes me feel so good. I went to football a few times too and I am hoping to get back into that weekly once I am recovered from my upcoming surgery as kicking the ball around the field again made me feel fantastic and I honestly think it is just what is needed for me to continue on the right path. So other than football, boxing & my training programme here are some of the things I would love to add into my fitness routine...


I have wanted to get a basketball hoop for the garden for the longest time so I think it is about time I finally picked one up. This is definitely one for the warmer weather in the garden, alongside solo football drills I could through in some basketball ones and really make the most out of working out whilst outdoors. I think it could also provide some fun challenges for me and Liam too as we definitely get competitive against each other. 


This is another workout for the warmer weather as it certainly needs to be done outdoors. I actually got a skipping rope in the 1st lockdown just to mix up my workouts a little back then and I had fun but then the world reopened and honestly I totally forgot about it. I would love to get out skipping in the warmer weather even if it is just 20 minutes after work it will definitely add something different into my routine and I know that I will enjoy it. 


I have very briefly tried yoga in the past thanks to the lock downs and YouTube videos but I just couldn't get into it. Rather than giving up all together though I want to go back and have another go at this by trying some different YouTube videos to see if it makes a difference to me. I think if I find the right videos I could enjoy this and actually really benefit from it as it is a total different pace to the other workouts I do. 

Circuit Training

There are a few gyms local to me that run different circuit classes that are for all abilities so I am very tempted to try that one day. My problem is that I am nervous about going new places with new people which is why I am worried about going to one of these classes, especially still being as big as I am but if I could do one of these classes once a week I think my confidence could grow and I would slowly get used to going to places on my own. These classes definitely look challenging though so I think I need to get a bit better fitness wise before giving this a go, I don't want my knee giving way half way through. 


Running is something I have wanted to do for a while but thanks to my dodgy knee I haven't given it a go, I guess I am just scared that it will give up on me half way through a run. I am determined that in 2022 though I get a few small runs under my belt just to help me along in my journey and also strengthen my knee a bit too. This will definitely change my routine up and I am hoping that I can get Liam involved in this too as I think it could be something for us to do together and start to enjoy. 

Who knows adding some of these things into my routine could really help the pounds drop off me and really help me along in my journey to get in the best shape I possibly can. I am really starting to fall in love with working out once again and I am really hoping to fall in love with new exercises throughout the year, but which do I try first... 

The Sneakers I Would Love To Purchase

It is no secret that I love a good pair of sneakers and honestly in 2022 I really want to grow my sneaker collection with some pairs I would previously only have dreamed of owning due to their price tags. This year though one of my goals is to save money and whilst doing that I am also going to be putting a set amount of money aside each month so that when it comes to my birthday in September I can head to Manchester and hopefully pick up a few pairs of sneakers off this list & who knows if all goes to plan this could be a new thing I do every birthday or just when I have enough money saved up. My collection at the moment is mainly full of old sneakers that I bought cheap but as I have got older I have started to fall in love with the more expensive & harder to get hold of pairs and here are some of the pairs I really want to pick up... 

I have never had a pair of Yeezy's as for some reason previously I just haven't been interest by them however, these 700 Wave Runners keep on jumping out at me and I think it is about time that I start looking at picking up a pair. I love how these look and this specific colour will be great with some more casual outfits. I definitely want to pick up some chunkier sneakers this year and this might be first choice. 

Another pair of Yeezy's I have my eye on are these 700's. If you know me personally you will know I like stand out footwear, especially when it comes to football boots I always pick bright colours so these 700's are right up my street and would make simple outfits I opt for really stand out. The bold colours are a risk I am willing to take if I can find these in my size. 

I got my first pair of Dunks in 2021 and I am absolutely in love with them however, I did go for a bold colour choice with them. I would love to get another pair in 2022 that are a more subtle colourway so these Pandas are certainly a pair that are catching my eye. These are definitely more subtle than 90% of my current sneakers and I don't have many other black and white pairs so these could be a very good addition. 

90% of my current wardrobe seems to be black and red, this is mainly as it is filled with various Chicago Bulls items and honestly I think that red and black are just my favourite colour combination at the moment. That is why I think these Chicago Dunks could easily become my most worn pair of sneakers if I managed to pick them up. I don't know what it is with these Dunks but I think off the whole list they are in my top 3 most wanted pairs of sneakers. 

Ah the University Blue or UNC colourway of Nike sneakers the one I have wanted for the longest time but they sell out straight away and then end up reselling for ridiculous prices. I am determined to at least get one pair of sneakers in this colourway in 2022 though no matter how much it costs me ( I might dread saying that). With how much I am loving Dunks at the moment these could easily be the pair I end up opting for. 

I don't have any Jordan 11's and to be honest they never really appealed to me until the cool grey colourway dropped. I never usually bother with raffles but I actually tried with this one but unfortunately missed out on them. I love how simple they look in the grey and I think I could create some great outfits with these so fingers crossed I can get hold of a pair of these. 

Oh look another pair of sneakers in the University Blue colourway and this time it is a pair of Jordan 4's which again have never appealed to me until I saw them in this colourway. These are certainly on the expensive side of things but I would love to own a pair of these for myself so they could easily be the first pair of Jordan 4's in my collection. 

I promise you these Jordan 1's are the final pair on this list in the University Blue colourway. I got my first pair of Jordan 1's in 2021 and I love them so I really want to add some more pairs to the collection in 2022 and of course a pair I would love is a University Blue pair. The colours just work so well together and I think they look great on a Jordan 1 silhouette. 

Another pair of Jordan 1's I would love to add are these very simple grey ones with the black swoosh. These are definitely a smart pair of sneakers in my eyes and I think I could style these very easily with the contents of my wardrobe to make the perfect outfit. As I said earlier I definitely need some more subtle sneakers and these being a higher silhouette could be a great option. I love how the colours work so well together on this pair of sneakers and fingers crossed at some point I can get my hands on a pair.

Finally we have a pair a little different to what I would usually opt for. These Jordan 1's are really nice and I love the Pine Green on these sneakers and green is definitely a colour I don't own a lot of currently but would love to add into my sneaker collection and my wardrobe. These are definitely another subtle sneaker but I think they could be a great addition to my collection as something a little different.

It is safe to say I will be very lucky if I do manage to get a few pairs of these sneakers as they are all on the expensive side but if I even end up with just 1 pair I will be happy as I know some are going to be hard to pick up in my size. 2022 is definitely the year I level up my sneaker collection though and I really can't wait to see how much I have saved by September to see what I can pick up. 

If you could only have one pair of sneakers off this list what would you pick?

The Bottles Of Wine I Would Love To Try

It is safe to say that after finally trying a few different rose wines in 2021 my love for the drink has grown and I have bought quite a few bottles recently all at different price points and it has been great tasting different versions of the drink as I am really finding out what I like and what I aren't too keen on. There are still plenty of rose wines that I really want to try though that I have actually struggled to find in stores but I know if I do finally see them I will be making the purchase and hopefully I will really enjoy them. So here are the bottles of rose wine I am currently on the look out for as I would love to try them... 

I keep coming across this Mirval wine online but I can never seem to find it in store which is quite annoying. I have been told in the past that this is a nice bottle of wine so I want to finally give it a try for myself to see if it is or not. I have seen this on both the Tesco & Sainsbury's websites so fingers crossed I can find it in a local store soon. I believe this is around £16 a bottle which I am more than happy to pay for a bottle of rose these days. 

I have had the Palm Angel & Whispering Angel wines but I just haven't been able to find the Rock Angel one anywhere at the moment. The other ones were highly influenced by Instagram but I really want to try this third one to see how they all compare to each other. I am determined to find a bottle of this in time for the summer. 

The Belle Annee wine is another one that I saw a lot of on Instagram in 2021 and I am determined to get my hands on a bottle of it in 2022. This keeps going on offer in Tesco however, I just don't seem to be quick enough and the shelf has been cleared before I can get a bottle for myself. The next time I see a bottle though I will be making the purchase. 

 The Wandering Grace rose is another one that is absolutely all over my Instagram whether it is via an advert, someone enjoying a glass or the brand themselves posting an image. I don't really know much about this wine but I think with how often I have seen it promoted I want to give it a try to see what it is really like. Again it is another bottle at a reasonable price so maybe I should treat myself. 

I am really hoping that over the course of the year I can pick up some of these if not all of them as you can't beat a nice glass of wine after a long day of work. I really wish I could enjoy a nice red or white wine but for some reason I just can't agree on the taste of them so for now I will definitely stick to a glass of rose. Let's hope I can find some of these in time for the summer as I think they could be perfect summer treats. 

What is your favourite rose wine? 

Why I Am Trying To Stop Buying Clothes Unless I Really Need Them


I decided to take a look at my bank account just before the start of the new year, I started from January 1st 2021 and went right through to the end of December and what I saw honestly really shocked me. I couldn't quite believe just how much money I had wasted over the course of the year. A lot was spend on takeaways which we are really starting to cut back on due to my fitness goals anyway but what surprised me the most is just how much I spent on new clothing during the year yet I look in the wardrobe and most of those clothes still have the tags on them so clearly I didn't need them in the first place. 

With me losing weight I did need to restock a few essential items so that they would fit me correctly but I definitely didn't need all the football shirts and t-shirts I kept on buying for the sake of it. I soon realised just how much money I wasted and I have decided that this year that same mistake isn't going to happen as I want to save my money so I can buy a whole new wardrobe when I get to my goal weight and buy the items that I really want rather than having no money and just buying cheap for the sake of it. 

I am already starting the year on the right foot as I have yet to actually go shopping, previously if I wasn't doing anything I would go into town for the day and waste my money but now if I have a weekend with no football I am going to stay in and be productive by working on the blogs or playing through my games. This way I aren't wasting money on unnecessary purchase or petrol which will mean even more money saved in the long run and it also means that I have more time to work on content for the blogs and improve the sort of things I am putting on social media which will be great and hopefully will help me with some goals I have set for myself. It will also mean I can finally get through my gaming backlog which just seems to be stacking up as I never seemed to be at home last year. 

When you look back on things I guess it really is an eye opener as when you are out nearly every weekend and some weeknights the money spent really does seem to add up but with me wanting a new wardrobe soon & jobs needing doing around the house things really do need to start to change and I guess cutting down on clothing is going to be the way to go. I looked through my wardrobe and drawers after checking my bank and it is safe to say if I started to shop my wardrobe I have enough outfits to keep me going until I need to replace items due to the weight loss and I think that shopping my wardrobe is going to be a fun experience as honestly I have forgot quite a few items that are in there but I know I can style them to just how I want them which will be a fun little series on Instagram I think either in images or reels. 

So here are some rules that I am going to put in place to try help me save up for that dream wardrobe and to finally help me stop wasting money like I have been doing for the past few years...

-Stop going shopping when I don't need to

- Withdraw a small amount each month to put towards new wardrobe 

- Only buy the essentials such as jeans when they no longer fit

I am really hoping that if I stick to these rules by the time I am finally the size I want to be I will have a good amount of money to go on a big shopping trip and buy all the items I really want rather than just buying cheap items for the sake of it. Who knows if this goes to plan even when I am at the size I want to be I can start to really think more about the items I purchase and end up saving a whole lot more money to treat myself to things other than clothes such as trips away or sneakers. 

Let's hope I can get saving and things go to plan this year with my weight loss and my savings as I think 2022 could be a very good year for it all. 

Brands I Am Planning On Trying When I Reach My Weight Loss Goal

In 2022 I am determined to not only lose weight but also try out some new brands when it comes to restocking my wardrobe after the weight loss. There have been a few brands that I have wanted to try for quite a while however, I just haven't bothered due to my size and now as I am losing weight I am wanting to wait a bit longer to try the brands so that I aren't wasting money if I am dropping clothing sizes still as the brands I am wanting to try are on the more expensive side of things. So I am waiting until I am at my goal weight (which is quite a way off) and then I will be heading on a big shopping trip and hopefully picking up some bits from some of these brands. At least if I have a long time to get to the goal weight I will be able save up for the clothing items with them being a bit more expensive. So here are the brands I would love to try once I am at that goal weight and in the future...

I have wanted a few Palm Angels items for a while now and in 2021 I very nearly bought one of their t-shirts however, after seeing the price and knowing I was dropping  clothes sizes I put it back down. I actually have a Palm Angels t-shirt on my rewards list for when I get to my goal weight however, I know that this is a brand I could very easily get hooked on so I certainly need to get saving up to add a fair few more items to my wardrobe. 

It isn't just clothing that I have my eye on at Off White, I also have my eye on a few pairs of sneakers from the brand but they are just so expensive. I have a huge list of Off White items I am wanting to get my hands on from clothing to accessories to sneakers so I certainly need to get saving up for this. I love some of the bold printed t-shirts the brand do and they would fit the style I am aiming for so well so I really can't wait to get to the stage where I can get buying from the brand. 

It has been a very long time since I last bought anything from All Saints but once I am at a stage where I aren't going to be changing clothing sizes too often I will be straight into the shop picking up a fair few bits I have had my eye on for a while now. I will probably use the brand for my basic t-shirts as I love theirs with the small logo on and they aren't too expensive. I can't wait to be able to go into store and pick up the items I have wanted for a while now. 

I definitely want the Converse from Comme des Garcons and I am slowly saving for those however, I actually really like the clothing from the brand too and would love to add some into my wardrobe when the time is right. The t-shirts are actually quite simple and look a bit smarter than some of the other items I am wanting to purchase so they will be good for the smarter casual days. 

Finally Stussy is a brand I have looked at for a long time now but haven't felt 100% confident to wear whilst I am at the size I am which has been an issue for a while but once I am at the size I want to be I will definitely be purchasing a fair few items from the brand at long last. 

It is safe to say that this year I need to get saving plenty of money if I am wanting to try even half of these brands once I hit that goal weight I am aiming for but honestly I aren't planning on buying much this year unless I desperately need new clothing due to the weight loss. I have enough clothes in my wardrobe and I don't need to be constantly out shopping like I have been previously. Fingers crossed I can really work on my weight loss over the year and hopefully pick up some items soon. 

January 2022 Favourites

How are we at the end of January already? The first month of 2022 has certainly flown by which makes a nice change as normally January feels like the longest month ever but I have enjoyed how 2022 has started and the direction it is already going in. This January has been a bit more of a relaxed start to the year which is why I think I enjoyed it a lot more than usual but the slow start to the year has finally given me the chance to switch off and relax and take time on other things rather than just working, working, working and not switching off. It has also meant time to discover new favourite things and rediscover old favourites. So here are my favourite things from the first month of 2022..


Sport Style Jackets 

I mentioned in my new in post the other day that I am absolutely loving sports style track jackets at the moment and I am loving styling them in different ways which you will surely be seeing on my Instagram in the future. This sort of jacket is just so easy to through on if I am just nipping out and it goes with the style I am aiming for really well which is a big bonus. I can see me getting a lot of wear out of these sort of jackets especially in the spring & summer so I think some more new ones could be on the cards. 



As I said at the start of the post the start of the year has been a lot more relaxed than the previous year so I am loving the change of pace. It has been great just having nights and weekends free where I can just switch off and get lost in a game, book or TV show without having to worry about getting other things done first. For once I am way ahead on blog content and that has made switching off on an evening so much easier. Now I just need to get ahead on Instagram content and life will be even more relaxed. 


The Games Room 

Since moving everything back into the games room at the end of November I have been absolutely in love with the room and I have spent a lot more time in there than I did before it got redecorated. I am absolutely loving this space for both gaming and blogging as it is just a much nicer environment to be in and feels so much cosier. I don't think I will ever get fed up of spending time in here. 

Health & fitness

Working Towards My Goals 

I seem to have really hit the ground running this year in terms of working towards my fitness goals and I am loving how the month has gone for me, I haven't seen progress on the scales as much as I would have liked but I have seen progress in how clothing fits me and that has been brilliant. I have noticed habits changing and those changes are making a great impact on my year so far. If I keep up this pace I should definitely achieve my fitness goals for this year and make great progress towards my end goal. 

So there you have it those are my favourites from January. What are your favourites from January 2022? 

January 2022 Fitness Update


January is over and done with and to be honest I don't think it is has dragged half as much as previous January's have in my eyes. It has been a month of readjusting after the festive period alongside kicking off the new year the right way. I have taken part in DryJanuary and have absolutely smashed it and felt so good doing so and overall I have just had a much better start to the year than previous ones, I have moved more and made better decisions when it comes to my health & fitness which has just made such a difference to the first month of the year. I didn't set myself any goals for the first month as I just wanted to try get back into a routine and try build some healthy habits to carry into the year which so far is going very well. I think by not setting myself any goals for the first month I have just had a month to get settled and find out what is going to help me on my journey and I am so glad I have had this time as I have had a lot of fun this month and I am now ready to really get going for the rest of the year and carry on with the habits I have started building in January. So here is how my weight loss went for the first month of the year... 

Beginning of January weight: 15 stone 13 lb 

End of January weight : 15 stone 12 lb

Total loss for the month : - 1 lb

So here are the goals I am making for myself to hopefully smash in February...

Workout 4 times a week 
Go on at least 2 walks over the course of the month
Another month alcohol free
Only eat out twice during the month
Lose 4lb
Make my lunches for work everyday 
Add fruit and veg to my daily routine

I am so ready to see how much progress I can make in February and I am really hopeful that I can make a lot of progress towards my goals as I will be making a few changes from January to help me achieve all the goals I have set for myself. February is going to be a busier month than January but that isn't going to stop me this time around as I know where my priorities currently are and what I need to achieve the goals I set. 2022 is definitely going to be the year that we make big progress towards the weight loss and fitness journey and I am really looking forward to seeing how the year plays out. If January is anything to go by I think it is going to be a very good year. 

Total loss for 2022 : - 1 lb

Total loss since start of journey : - 4 lb

January 2022 New In

Well my plan to not buy much in January didn't really go to plan, well it did for the first half of the month but then everything just went down hill and I ended up spending a little bit too much money. I am trying my best to save plenty of money in 2022 and to be honest I have done well for the most part and have put a fair bit into my savings but at the same time I have also really enjoyed treating myself. I didn't exactly need all these items but a few have caught my eye for a while so I finally ended up purchasing them. So here is what I treated myself to during the first month of 2022... 

I had a trip to town and had to call into Pages n Pixels because honestly no trip is complete without calling in there these days. I ended up picking up a comic book blind bag that I had seen them doing on Instagram and for £10 I wasn't disappointed, I opted for the Marvel bag and I can't wait to read what I got. 

Whilst in store I obviously had to take a look at what Spider-Man pieces they had in and honestly I could have spent a fortune on so many items but I settled on these two graphic novels this time around. I think I might have to limit myself to one trip a month or 3 Spider-Man pieces a month or things could really end up getting out of control. 

At long last the new PlayStation controller colours have been released. At first I wasn't too bothered about getting one of these controllers due to the price however, after seeing some of my favourite YouTubers unbox the controllers I couldn't resist and I ended up with the pink version, I do want to get all the others already but for now this one will definitely do the job nicely. 

I got the controller from Smyths Toys so I obviously had to take a look at their Pokemon items and I just couldn't resist purchasing this super cute Totodile plush. It is just so cute and will look perfect alongside my other Pokemon plush. It is safe to say the collection is growing and I can't wait too add more in the very near future. 

We went to our first Ice Hockey game before Christmas and I fell in love with the game more than when I had just watched it on TV. The sport really started to take over so when I saw NHL 22 on offer at Amazon I just had to purchase a copy. Now I can get my Ice Hockey fix anytime I like which is fantastic. 

When I picked up NHL 22 I also decided to treat me and Liam to It Takes Two as that was also on offer. It feels like we don't do much just the two of us anymore so I am really looking forward to sitting down and playing this game with him sometime soon. I have heard good things about this game so fingers crossed we both enjoy it.

I have been on the look out for a fitness style punch bag for a while so when I saw this one on offer at Argos I knew I had o get it. Granted it looks a bit silly in the dining room for now but I know I am going to get plenty of use out of it as time goes on, plus if things go to plan and we get our garage sorted out this year this is going to be the perfect addition to the garage gym. My workouts have definitely just had an upgrade. 

At long last I have managed to get my hands on a Ronaldo Manchester United shirt, I have wanted one since the start of the season but was struggling to get one so as soon as the pre-order warning disappeared on the United website I made the purchase and to make it even better I managed to get it with a 20% discount too. My first ever Manchester United shirt was a Ronaldo one so I certainly wasn't going to miss this opportunity.

My mum went into Primark and found this Gremlins hoodie reduced to just £7, she asked if I wanted it and of course I couldn't let her leave without it as I love the Gremlins. I was starting to go off printed hoodies but this one I couldn't leave behind as it isn't too in your face like some hoodies that are sold at the moment. For £7 I am happy to just lounge around the house in it. 

When my mum found the Gremlins hoodie she also found this Nickelodeon one for £12. As I grew up being a Nickelodeon kid it was to safe this is another one I wasn't going to let her pass up on and I can not wait to get wearing this as it has all my favourite characters on it. I love that more places are doing Nickelodeon merchandise now as I feel I can relive my childhood. 

I wasn't too impressed with the JD sale this time around however, on a recent visit to the store I saw this Nike track top for just £25 reduced from £55 so after trying it on and loving the fit there was no way I was missing out on this bargain. I absolutely love this styles of jackets and own quite a few already but I am planning on adding more over the course of the year as they are just so comfortable. 

Finally surprise surprise we have a pair of sneakers. I really wasn't planning on buying any but when I saw these LeBron witnesses for just over £50 there was no way I was leaving them behind as I absolutely love how they look and I know I am going to get plenty of wear out of these. I love the style of them and as soon as I set eyes on them I knew there was no way I was leaving without a pair, I even ended up getting my sister a pair for her birthday that is coming up soon. 

So there you go I didn't exactly stick to my savings target for the first month of the year but it has been great to start the year off with quite a few treats. I think February could easily be a month of saving money but I do have my eye on a few essentials that I could do with upgrading so who knows how the month is going to play out in terms of spending money, let's just hope it is a good month either way.