My Idea Of The Perfect Autumn Outfit

Finally it is autumn which is my absolute favourite season due to being able to layer up and wear so many clothing items from my wardrobe which I absolutely love. The thing I love most is being able to wear checked shirts which is by far my favourite item I own and is something I restock every year. 

There is certainly a theme throughout the month where I will often reach for a checked shirt and a pair of jeans and this has been a theme for years now so here is what I believe is the perfect autumn outfit...

I love wearing checked shirts open with a nice plain black t-shirt underneath. My favourite colourway of a checked shirt is black and red so for me the perfect t-shirt to go under this is a black one. Team it up with some black skinny jeans either ripped or not and a pair of converse and you have a bit of a preppy/edgy look. Through in a silver pendant necklace and you have something to draw people's attention without taking away the simplicity of the outfit. 

 Similarly to the above outfit I love to wear the black & red shirt open with the black t-shirt and necklace but this time to give it a bit more of a street wear vibe I throw on a pair of cargo pants either a nice smart skinny pair or some with elasticated bottoms and my Air Force 1's. Whilst still keeping the outfit looking simple, stylish and certainly not over the top.  

Those are my two favourite ways to style the red checked shirt for the autumn months and to be honest  I think it is safe to say that this is easily going to be my most worn item of clothing these next few months and these are two of the outfits you are likely to see a lot more often. How would you style a red checked shirt?

So What's The Plan For The Home Gym?


When we cancelled our gym memberships we spoke about transforming our garage into a home gym area which got me thinking of how I would have it so today's post is all about the plans I have in mind for the home gym... 

We currently have a single garage structure which we don't use as it isn't in good condition at all. When we moved in it was left with a broken garage door, not so good roof and a big hole where the window was missing. So since we moved in back in 2018 we have just used it for storing the rubbish we haven't got around to getting rid of. So I am thinking knock it down, extend it a bit and add the gym equipment. 

I would love for it to have a few different areas and be totally kitted out with what is needed to give me the best workout. That way I believe I will benefit a lot more from the time I spend working out as I can train different areas each day and not just use one piece of equipment each time.

I would love a cardio section with a bike, rower and treadmill or cross trainer. This would mean if I wanted a decent cardio session I would have anything I would go to if I went to a gym. My hopes are to have an area big enough for me and Liam to work out in together so that I don't have to train alone and don't feel too cramped when we are in there together.

A free weights section would also be a must as I have started incorporating them into my routines. I have a bit of a collection of weights at the moment and only want to expand that as I continue my training and increase what I can lift. This area would also ideally have a bench in it for when I am lifting weights and also some spare room for training in if I aren't using any equipment. 

I would love to include a few other bits of equipment in the gym too as time progressed that could also help me on my journey. I would love to add a cable pulley in the future just to up the workouts and maybe add in a squat rack for when I finally feel confident for doing those types of workouts which I don't think is going to be for a while if I am honest.

Not only do I want this to be a space for me and Liam to train in, I would love for it to be big enough for me to have family & friends round to train in it too. I am really hoping we can get cracking on our home gym project in the near future as I believe it could be really beneficial for me in the long run.

What would make up your perfect home gym?

Weekly Round Up #39


Well another week is over and done with and I am now back to some for of normality as I am back to work full time this week. This meant that last week was all about getting things done ready for me going back to work so nothing was neglected. Here is what I got up to last week...


On Monday I had a day at home getting plenty of jobs done which mainly meant I was sat at my PC blogging away. I got a lot of blog posts done or all 3 blogs which was great. Plus the gardener was here sorting the gardens out at long last.


Tuesday was a day with my nephew, we nipped into town where I managed to refrain from spending too much money although I did end up buying a lot of Christmas presents in the end. We even called into The Range & B&M where I fell in love with far too many Christmas decorations.


Wednesday was a really fun day as I went pumpkin picking with my nephew. It was great as it was on a farm so there were plenty of animals for him to see plus he went on his first pony ride. We got soaked but it was well worth it. We then went through to Blackpool to drive through the Illumination which although they are the same every year were great. 


On Thursday it was back to the office for me and again the day flew by it was nice being back in the office and getting plenty done. I have had some ideas for building up a social media presence for the business too so that should be fun to work on. Once I was home from work I did an hour on the exercise bike before just relaxing.


Friday was a day of work again but we get a 4pm finish on a Friday so I got straight home and cracked on with some jobs around the house. It was nice to get everything done at a reasonable time so the rest of the night was spent relaxing. 


Saturday was a get jobs done day as Liam wasn't working either. I spent most of my day sorting through boxes of clothing I had in the loft before finally tackling the dreaded wardrobe and spare room. It is nice to see everything looking clean and tidy again. I managed to play a bit of FIFA too which was fun.


Sunday started off as a bit of a lazy day before I sat at the PC to do some last few blogging bits for the week. It has been so nice having all this extra time for blogging with no work or football but it was nice knowing that Monday was back to a bit of normality too. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: Once again it had been all about YouTube. I have been enjoying a lot of fashion and sneaker content again recently. 

Reading:  Again I didn't get around to reading anything last week due to lack of time. 
Listening to: I really enjoyed listening to a lot of Demi Lovato and Lucy Spraggan again last week. 

This week I want to finally get back into some sort of routine with work, blogging, gaming & my fitness journey. I don't want my first week back at work to totally drain me to the stage where I neglect everything else, so I am going to try set a plan in place so I can do the things I enjoy too. I am hoping to spend more time just relaxing and playing video games too as lately I just seem to have thrown myself at the blogs 100% but I am at the stage now where nearly all content is written for the year. Fingers crossed I can get to some football too.

See you soon

The Best Nike Jacket I Have Owned In A Long Time

In the UK we all know that we can go out of the door to sunshine but return home soaking wet thanks to the weather suddenly changing. I have been on the look out for a lightweight jacket to keep in my bag or wear on those warm overcast days just to stop me getting soaked. 

I have found the perfect jacket with this Nike one I picked up for just £35 in the JD sale. It is black and white so fits 90% of my wardrobe and also is super lightweight so is easy to fold up and keep in my bag when it isn't required. 

Previously I spent a fortune on a red Adidas jacket similar to this however, in the first down pour it provided no protection and I was soaked, you could even see the water on my t-shirt it had come through that much. With this though I got caught in a really big downpour at the seaside recently and it kept me nice and dry not a single drop of water came through. 

 The jacket is a simple black jacket with a white zip, logo and drawstrings and that is it. So it is very basic but that is better for me as it will go with more items in my wardrobe. It is also an oversized, relaxed fit which means there is plenty of room in it for any future layering up. 

I love the elasticated cuffs and bottom as the cuffs on the sleeves in my eyes really help keep any rain water running down the sleeves and also just give it a little bit more of a fit to the design. I prefer jackets with cuffed sleeves as I just feel as though the sleeves just stay in place a lot better than those that don't have them. 

I am so glad I managed to pick this jacket up for such a good price and to be honest I now know where I am going to look for lightweight jackets in the future, especially as I love the sporty style this has. 

Do you prefer sporty or smarter style jackets?

Why Did I Cancel My Gym Membership?


As most of you will know I am on a weight loss & fitness journey which I begun at the start of the year. Well since that journey began I have had a gym membership, in fact I have had a gym membership since early 2019. I was slowly starting to go back to the gym in January but then in March Covid hit and the gyms had to shut.

I honestly think the gyms shutting were a bit of a blessing in disguise for me as I started to really take my fitness journey a lot more seriously as I knew I was going to be stuck in side and I didn't want to be gaining weight and undoing all the progress I had previously made. That is why I started doing home workouts I would literally just stick a workout video on YouTube and work out in the living room. This carried on for the whole of lockdown and I really enjoyed it and I really started to notice a difference in my body and my health which definitely spurred me on to continue my journey. 

Then when the gyms reopened I was actually looking forward to going back but when I did I have to say I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I went once in 2 months and was paying for a membership I didn't use yet I was back working out at home and enjoying it so why didn't I just cancel my membership?

Well at first I was trying to talk myself round and into going to the gym more often but Liam didn't fancy going after work and I just really couldn't be bothered going. With the cold dark nights drawing in there was no chance we were going to go if we couldn't be bothered in the nicer weather. Which got me thinking if I am enjoying the home workouts why don't I just carry on with them in my own time and maybe add some equipment to make them more enjoyable in the long run.

So I sat down and started looking on the Argos website where I found a reasonably priced exercise bike and some weights which if I bought them were going to be the equivalent to 3 months of our gym memberships combined. I spoke to Liam and we agreed we might as well cancel our membership and now add equipment and enjoy working out at home. 

We picked up the bike and the weights to add to our small section of workout equipment and cancelled our membership. This got me thinking about what we could do in the future too.... so we got talking about maybe creating a home gym in our garage which I will be talking about in another post soon. 

I honestly think that cancelling our gym membership is a weight lifted off my shoulders as I don't need to worry about what others are going to think about me in the gym due to me being in the comfort of my own home. It also means between us we have an extra £35 a month to put towards either building our home gym or other things we want to pick up. 

Overall I think that by cancelling the membership I am going to end up working out more as I won't skip a work out in the morning as I might be going to the gym that day or not. It will hopefully mean I can use the weights more often too as I won't have people with huge muscles watching my every move. 

Fingers crossed this is going to be a step in the right direction for me and I can get back on track with the weight loss and the progress I was previously making as that has really slowed down lately.

Do you have a gym membership or do you prefer home workouts? 

The Wardrobe Essentials : The Accessories Everyone Needs To Hand

This past year I have upped my accessory game as I have found sometimes it is those little details that can really make an outfit look a little bit extra. In previous years I haven't really bothered with adding anything extra to my outfits or taking care about those extra details I have added, take my backpack for example for over a year I walked around with a Star Wars back pack that was literally falling apart as it had so many holes in it. However, as I have spent more time investing in the finer details lately I have come to realise you don't have to spend a fortune to add great accessories to your outfits. So here are the accessories everyone should own...

A Watch

There are so many options for watches out there and they don't need to cost you a fortune. I didn't used to wear a watch but now I have started wearing one daily if I ever forget to wear one my wrist feels naked and it bugs me for the day. One day I dream of owning a Tag Heuer watch but for now as I save up for that I had a nice smart rose gold Michael Kors watch and a few different high street ones which look more expensive than they are. I will definitely be buying more watches very soon so keep an eye on my Instagram and here for those but for now I would recommend having a smart watch for those occasions you are dressing nicely, a sporty or more causal one for when you are dressing down a bit. If you like your tech like me I would also recommend a tech watch, I have the Apple Watch currently and it is fantastic for keeping me on track with my fitness goals and even helps me stop missing calls. 


This is a new one for me and I probably wouldn't have added these if I wrote this post last year. Similarly to watches you can pick up some great rings from the high street or if you wish you can go high end. Which ever way you go if you pair these well with your other accessories you are onto a winner. My hands have always felt bare but now I am wearing a ring it just adds another layer to my outfits and my hands no longer feel bare. I really want to up my ring collection but at the moment my go to's are my Gucci one or my grandads old ring. They both add different aspects to my outfits due to being different style so I currently have a variety of occasions covered. 


For so long my only necklace was a silver chain however, for my birthday my sister got me a few more new ones that add a smarter casual look to my outfits instead of the chunky silver chain. My chain is perfect for those plain and simple looks but these with the pendants on just add something a little different and creates a focus point for a plain outfit or a layered outfit. Have a look around as there are plenty of necklaces out there for every style, you could go silver, gold, rose gold or even leather. 


Another new addition for me has been the introduction of bracelets into my jewellery box. When I don't fancy wearing a watch (which is pretty rare to be honest) a bracelet just stops your wrist feeling so naked. Once again there are plenty of options out there to suit everyone's style however, my favourites are chain or leather as they just go with so many outfits I wear. There are so many places that sell really nice looking bracelets at all different price points too so you don't have to break the bank for your wrist not too feel so bare. 


Sunglasses have always been a personal favourite of mine and when I was younger I actually had a full shelf just full of sunglasses as I owned that many. They are perfect for driving in when the sun is super low and on those days where you just need to give your eyes that extra bit of protection. There are so many great pairs of sunglasses out there and I have a few in my collection today that fit my style perfectly. Have a shop around for ones that may suit your style better but you are definitely going to find that perfect pair. My current favourites are a pair of prescription Ray-Bans I have had for years now. 


If you need glasses make sure you wear them, I learnt that the hard way as by not wearing them as I thought they didn't fit my style I suffered from really bad headaches that take ages to go away. Now I have a few pairs all in different styles so that no matter what I wear I have a pair to go with the outfit. There is no sense in damaging your eye sight just to make an outfit look a tiny bit better.


Ah belts, the absolute essential as no-one needs to be constantly having to pull up their pants. Your pants have belt loops for a reason so make the most of them. An outfit definitely looks a lot better with a belt on too as the belt loops are filled and don't look bare. In your wardrobe you are going to want a black and brown belt for those everyday outfits and possibly even a woven one for those warmer months where you are wearing things such as chinos. 

Quality Socks

No one wants to be going out with old socks full of holes in them, what if you enter someones house and they ask you to take your shoes off? You also don't want them to be over the top if you are going for a smarter look. My current go to's when I wear my jeans and sneakers are some quality sport socks or no show socks however, if I am wearing something a bit smarter I will end up opting for a nice pair of cotton socks. Socks certainly don't need to break the bank so definitely try to keep on top of them to make sure they are always top quality.  


In the summer you want to protect your head from the sun so a dad cap or snap-back will definitely be a brilliant option with plenty of choices for anyone's style. In the winter months and on those colder days you are going to want to keep your head warm. A hat is a really cheap way to help keep warm that can also help add some extra style to your overall outfit. 


Just like with hats on those colder days you are going to want to get wrapped and I have found recently that the best way to do this is with a scarf. You could have a nice thick chunky scarf, or one of my personal favourites... a football scarf. Or you could have a nice thinner scarf in a material such as cashmere or wool that will certainly keep you warm. My current favourite scarf is definitely my Vivienne Westwood one which I am sure will be getting plenty of wear over the coming months. 


This is an item that is certainly under rated but will definitely help you out especially here in the UK. There are plenty of places out there that do plain black umbrellas that are small enough just to have in your bag so if you do end up being caught in a down pour you can just pull it out of your bag and have that extra protection against the lovely British weather. 

Wallet / Card Holder

A good wallet is certainly an essential to keep all your money all together. For so long I would just throw my money in my pockets and head out for the day but then I started to realise I needed somewhere to put everything so that I didn't lose anything. There are plenty of wallet options out there but my favourites are leather style ones with a small space for coins. However, if I don't fancy wanting to take out a bulky wallet I will just pick up my card holder where I can just put in the items I need and head out for the day.

A Good Quality Bag

A bag is an essential for me is, no matter where I go I will  have a bag with me normally in the form of a backpack. Having a backpack with me is an essential as it means I can have exactly what I need with me at all times. Say I am going to my work or down to my sisters for the day I will put my laptop and blog notebooks in my bag for any spare time I get. If I am out for the day and it involves a bit of a journey I will normally add my  Switch to this to keep me entertained. For those weekends away I would also recommend a nice holdall which can fit enough in for however, long you are away for. Previously I have just used a cheap sports style holdall but last Christmas my grandparents upgraded me to a leather style one that matched my backpack so I can co-ordinate myself a little better. 

So there you have it those are the accessories I believe that everyone should have in their wardrobe or on hand at all times. What are some accessories you cant cope without? 

Weekly Round Up #38


We seem to be edging closer and closer to the end of the year even though I feel like this year has been so counter productive, not much has gone on thanks to the Pandemic but I am just glad time is flying by not dragging. Last week was a pretty good one as we got back into the swing of things after our holiday. Here is how the week went... 


 Monday was definitely a catch up day. I spent it getting blogging done and plenty of jobs around the house. It was surprisingly nice having a day of catching up after a busy week the previous week. 


On Tuesday it was a day with the nephew again where I think I may have actually had a bit more fun than him whilst crafting and building towers. Once I was done there it was a case of doing the dreaded food shop ready for me to get back on track with my diet. 


Wednesday was another day with the nephew where we went for a bit of a walk to feed the ducks. By the time I got home all I wanted to do was crawl into bed so that is exactly what I did. I had a nice chilled night for a change and absolutely loved it. 


 On Thursday I was back in the office but to be honest the day absolutely flew bye. After work we had someone come round to price up for our garden doing but once they had gone it was a quick trip to the shops to pick up some Christmas presents I wanted to get people. 


Friday was another day in the office but again it didn't feel like I was there for 2 minutes before it was time to head home. Friday was another night where I just ended up relaxing, watching films and catching up on YouTube it was great. 


Saturday was a bit of a different day than I planned, I was meant to be clearing out the wardrobe but as I forgot to get Liam to get me some bits out of the loft I ended up going to see the nephew. Then it was a trip out to look at a car I had seen before going to Pizza Hut for some food.


Sunday started off as a slow day with me just relaxing and doing a few little blog bits but then it was time to head to the football. Once the football was finished it was back home to do some blogging and just start to get ready for the week ahead. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching:  I watched a lot of YouTube but I also finally watched the Descendants 3 which was brilliant. 

Reading: I didn't get around to reading anything last week just because I have misplaced my book. But I will hopefully be back to reading it this week. 
Listening to: I only really seemed to listen to Halsey last week and I loved it. 

This week I want to finally sort the dreaded wardrobe out as it is becoming ridiculous now, fingers crossed I can find an ottoman for my workout clothes too. Fingers crossed I can get plenty of blog content done too as I really slacked off with it last week. Hopefully I can get back on top of my workouts too and see more improvement in that area. 

See you soon

The River Island T-Shirt That Looks More Expensive Than It Is

I have been needing some smaller clothing lately thanks to my weight loss, one place I hadn't shopped in for quite a while has been River Island which is just down to clothing not really fitting me but during the recent sale I picked up this grey t-shirt with a small print on the front and larger print on the back for just £10. I managed to get this in a size large which is a size below my normal and it is the perfect fit, although it is now currently a little on the oversized size. 

This t-shirt certainly gave me Off White vibes when I first saw it and to be honest with you it is one of the reasons that sold me on it along with the cheap price tag. The t-shirt has this huge logo embroidered on the back of it which makes the t-shirt a standout although you can make any outfit with this t-shirt look simple by throwing on a jacket as then the logo is covered up. 

I have really enjoyed styling this t-shirt as it is super easy to do with so many possibilities available with the other items I currently have in my wardrobe. I do currently have two go to ways of styling this t-shirt though and those are...

I love to team this t-shirt up with a pair of skinny smart cargo pants that I picked up from Primark as they just work well with the oversized look of the t-shirt. Then I just throw on a pair of white sneakers. If I am going for a smarter look I will add my simple white sneakers from Primark but if I want to go for a more street look I will add my white Nike Air Force 1's. Just to add an extra layer to the outfit I also add one of my new River Island necklaces, especially my silver feather one which looks simple but adds a little extra. For me the colours of this outfit just work really well together and the whole outfit can be kept at a really reasonable price.  

 Next up we get rid of the necklace, switch up the cargo's for some black skinny jeans which are either ripped or not and add a pair of the classic black Converse and for me you have the perfect look. I love how again the colours all work really together and the Converse just seem to give it a bit of a smarter look. Again the skinny jeans just work well against the oversized t-shirt plus the ripped jeans give it a bit of an edgier look than normal. Through on a nice black bomber jacket with this on those colder days and you have finished off the look perfectly. 

So those are the bases of my two favourite ways to style this t-shirt however, you can change this up in so many ways, add some sweatpants instead of jeans or even just throw on a dark denim jacket and you have some great looks. Keep an eye on my Instagram as I am sure you will see this t-shirt being styled in plenty of ways over the next year as the weather changes.

How would you style this t-shirt? 

Autumn essentials For Everyone

Autumn is definitely my favourite time of the year, I love the colder darker nights where you can just get cosy, watch a film or play games. I love those weekends where there is no football to go too so you can just put on your comfy clothes, light a candle and binge watch TV, films and play all the games. But on the flip side for some reason I also enjoy going out more often in the autumn, especially when it is those cold crisp days that you can get layered up on and go for a lovely day out. So here are the essentials I believe everyone should have for those autumn days... 

Black Jeans 

To be honest I wear black jeans all year round however, I much prefer wearing black jeans in the autumn weather. A nice ripped pair can give a layered look an edgier look but a nice fitting black skinny pair can give you a much smarter look. There are so many different style of black jeans out there lately so there is literally something for everyones style whether you prefer skinny or straight leg ones. 


Jumpers are another essential you are definitely going to want to have as t-shirt weather is long gone and you are going to need something the keeps you warm and cosy on those colder days. There are plenty of different options out there but some of my favourites are a thin knitted jumper for those cooler days, a chunky knit for those cold days and the sweatshirt style of jumper. A good crew neck sweatshirt will go with plenty of your wardrobe and my current favourite jumper is my Tommy Jeans one that I picked up from a designer outlet last year. This jumper is perfect for those in between days as you can wear it without a jacket but it is also super easy to layer.


Hoodies are one of my go to items all year around however, I love them even more when it comes to autumn as I especially love layering them with some of my favourite jackets. You can get plain or printed hoodies and they will add a different aspects to outfits. A nice plain hoodie on its own can look great but throw on a leather jacket or bomber jacket with this you have a smarter look that is going to keep you warmer. If you have a printed hoodie peeping out from your jacket you have something a little more stand out. 

Checked Flannel Shirt 

By far one of my go to items is a good checked shirt, in fact there hasn't been a year in the past 5 where I haven't had at least 2 in my wardrobe ready to go. I will wear these either open with a plain t-shirt underneath or buttoned up but just having the shirts on hand means I have a couple of smarter options to go to in the colder weather. It is nice to wear them and feel a little more dressed up as opposed to just wearing t-shirts all the time. There are plenty of different colourways out there but my go to are a Burberry style or the classic red check. 

Demin Shirt


Similarly to always having a checked shirt on hand I will also have a couple of denim shirts in the wardrobe at all times. I tend to have these in grey, black and dark denim as these just fit my style better but there are also others out there that may suit your style a bit better. Throughout the autumn you are definitely going to see me wearing my denim shirts a lot more often. You can pick up a good quality denim shirt for a reasonable price so definitely have a look and pick one up for yourself.

Plain t-shirts 

Plain t-shirts are an essential for all seasons to be honest but for autumn I definitely go for plain t-shirts over my printed t-shirts more often. This is due to me layering with shirts so wanting something plain and also due to me wearing hoodies a lot more often, there is no point getting a printed t-shirt dirty if it is just going to be hidden away. There are some great fitting in-expensive plain t-shirts out there but it might just be a case of shopping around a little bit to find the perfect ones for you. I would definitely recommend looking for black, white and dark grey ones for the autumn season. 

Long Sleeve t-shirt 

Something that I only started wearing last year is long sleeved t-shirts. They are just something I never thought about but then I picked up a Vans and Guess one and feel in love. They are perfect for those days where it is cooler outside but not too cold. One of these under a zip up hoodie or a lightweight jacket is fantastic in my opinion, just any print or logo peeping out under the jacket is great plus your arms stay nice and warm as opposed to if you were just wearing a t-shirt.


The most essential item for those days where you are just lounging around in the house. Comfort is essential if you are sat around or moving about and with a good pair of sweatpants you will be comfortable, able to move around without feeling restricted and also keep your legs nice and warm. Sweatpants are my go to if I am just having a day of gaming or binge watching TV or YouTube as I don't feel half as restricted as I do when I wear jeans. You can get some great sweatpants at reasonable prices and my favourite pair is actually a grey pair I got from Primark for just £9 so picking a pair up isn't going to break the bank.

Smart trousers

For me a pair of smart trousers is great for when you want to get dressed up a little for any event or day out. My go to pair in autumn is a pair of checked straight leg trousers, pair this with a plain t-shirt or nice shirt you have the perfect outfit. Obviously there are other plain options of smart trousers such as a nice black tapered pair or grey ones but for me it is still all about those checked pants. But again I definitely recommend having a shop around to find some that fit your style & wardrobe better. 

Denim Jacket

Just like with a denim shirt a denim jacket is essential for autumn especially a darker or black denim jacket. A denim jacket can really make a layered look as opposed to just sticking a coat over the top of it. Again you can get a denim jacket at a reasonable price and in a style to suit you. My current favourite is a £25 one I got from Primark a few years ago, it is a black denim jacket with a sherpa style collar, even after being worn a lot over the past few years it is still holding up really well. 

Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is an item I used to love but unfortunately I grew out of my previous one and I haven't replaced it since. I am hoping that this year is going to change that though as a leather jacket layered with a nice simple hoodie, Chelsea boots and skinny black jeans in my opinion is a great look. Plus a leather jacket with a vintage looking t-shirt is looking like it could be a big look this year. If you know of anywhere that I can get a good quality leather jacket from then please do let me know. 

Rain Jacket 

A lightweight rain jacket is essential as autumn can still some quite warm weather but it can be pouring with rain especially here in the UK. A lightweight jacket will keep you dry but also mean you wont be too warm with that extra layer on. Alternatively if you want to layer up a lightweight jacket will mean that you have that extra layer without getting too warm and will also help keep you dry if you are caught in a downpour. 

Smart Coat

If you are wanting to go for a smarter look then you aren't going to want to wear a sporty style lightweight jacket, you are going to want for something that looks smart and professional. For me I have a smart pea style coat that I have had for years now and it is absolutely fantastic as it does it's job just right. It looks great with my smart trousers or skinny jeans and just smartens a look up overall whilst keeping me nice and warm. I have found that this style of coat works really well with my scarves I own too. 

White Sneakers 

The classic white sneakers can be paired up with any of the clothing items on this list and work really well. In autumn a nice smart casual pair can fit in with a smart outfit or a chunkier pair such as the Air Force 1's can give a classic sporty look to any of the items. I have really only just started buying plain white sneakers but from now on I am always going to have a few options to hand. You don't have to break the bank buying them either as one of my favourite pairs is actually a pair that cost me £12 from Primark. 

Chelsea Boots

Other than sneakers there is only one other footwear option I tend to reach to especially in autumn and this is the classic Chelsea boots. They just go with most of my wardrobe like the skinny jeans and smart trousers but they just look so smart compared to my usual sneakers. It is nice just to feel dressed up for a change if I have a pair of Chelsea boots on and it feels as though I make a bit more of an effort when I wear these. I would recommend a black and brown pair of these, at the moment I just have suede style ones but I would to get some leather look ones soon. 

Vans / Converse

 You can't beat a pair of Van's Old Skools or a black pair of Converse to pair with any of the above clothing items. Again they just give something different to a look as opposed to my usual go to sport style sneaker look. Currently I don't have any Old Skool Vans in my collection but I do have other styles that I can't wait to wear throughout autumn. 


A scarf is an item I haven't always worn unless it was a football scarf. However, that is definitely going to change as a few years ago I got a really soft, comfortable Vivienne Westwood scarf gifted to me for Christmas from my auntie & uncle. I haven't actually worn this yet as I just didn't have the clothing to wear it with or an occasion to wear it for but that is definitely going to change this year. A scarf is certainly an essential when there is a chill in the air as it just gives you an extra layer of warmth. 


Here in the UK there could be a downpour at any time so in my opinion an umbrella just to keep in your bag as a just in case measure. A small simple black umbrella won't ruin your outfit and will instead keep your outfit dry and fit in pretty well. 

Thick Socks

Gone are the days of no show socks as the weather gets colder. For me as soon as the weather starts to get colder the no show socks disappear and my thicker socks get brought out. It is all about the sports socks in the colder weather for me and I usually live in Nike socks however, I think I am going to try pick up some smarter thicker socks for with my smarter trousers and Chelsea boots. It is time to invest in those smaller details for a change. 


Not only do you need to keep your feet warm but you are also going to want to keep your head warm. Throughout summer it is all about snap-backs and baseball caps but once it gets colder it is all about the beanie hats to keep your head nice and warm. As the weather drops I will tend to wear a beanie 90% of the time and there are so many different style out there for you. 

So there you have it those are what I believe everyone should have for autumn, what are your autumn essentials? Anything you would add to the list?

Nike React Element 55's : Gym or Lifestyle Sneaker

Have you ever bought a pair of sneakers to use for one thing but then started to change your mind? 

Well that is what has happened with these Nike React Element 55's. On a trip shopping lately I went into Office shoes who had a huge sale on, to be honest I wasn't going in to look for me I was actually going to to see if the had anything for my mum but I came across these for just £40 and knew I wasn't leaving without them. 

These sneakers were reducing down from £115 and to be honest if these were at the full price of £115 I don't think I would have got them as for me that is just a little too much to pay for one pair, but I have liked the look of these for a while now so to see them at £40 they were definitely being purchased. 

To be honest these would have been worth the £115 price tag just for the comfort and the way they stand out so for £40 these are a steal.

As I say these were originally bought to be my new gym sneakers as a little bit of a treat but after wearing them a few times to break them in I actually want to use them as everyday sneakers as they just feel too good to be worn just for the gym.  

What stood out to me the most was the colours on this sneaker, they are stand out without being too overpowering. You have the yellow, orange, green and blue all on the white sneaker with all different symbols etc. I particularly love the little targets on the heel and the yellow heel tab. 

The thing I am most worried about it how dirty they are going to get with them being so white, I guess this is one reason I am tempted to wear them just for the gym. But as long as I love after these and keep on top of cleaning them I should very easily get my £40 worth.

In terms or comfort these are absolutely spot on as the sole is a bit like the boost you get in a pair of Adidas. It actually feels like I am walking on clouds when I wear these. These are definitely more of a sport style sneaker thanks to the silhouette although it could very easily be lifestyle sneaker. 

 Who knows these might end up for the gym but for now I am still undecided but keep an eye on Instagram as I am sure I will be wearing these plenty of times for whatever I do decide. What do you think should they be gym only or should I keep them for everyday? 

1 Month Of Online Coaching... What Happened

I was lucky enough to win a months worth of Online coaching from local personal trainer SampbFitness. I was really excited to go into this month of training as I knew I was going to push myself harder as I have someone to hold me accountable for a change. Going into the month I was hoping my habits towards food would change, I would challenge myself more and that I would see a difference in my body. So how did I find it?

It was nice to finally know roughly how many calories I should be eating each day as before I wasn't sticking to anything and would just eat for the sake of it. However, having my calorie goal set I found myself checking into MyFitnessPal a lot more and actually considering what food I was putting into my body. This definitely helped me realise going forward what is good for me and my downfalls. Throughout the month I didn't go over my calories once so I think it has definitely been a learning curve for me, I even started adding fruit and veg into my diet. 

In terms of workouts I have learnt new exercises that I probably wouldn't have tried previously however, I have also grown to tolerate some exercises I previously didn't like at all such as the dreaded burpees. I actually looked forward to my workouts too and even enjoyed feeling so refreshed and energised after each one. Never did I think I would enjoy getting up to workout but it has become a bit of a routine now.  

Throughout the month I also had the goal to reach 8,000 to 9,000 steps a day which was definitely a challenge but one I really enjoyed trying to achieve. There was a few days where I got nowhere near the goal but it got me wearing my Apple watch a lot more and actually considering how much I was moving around. It certainly got me more active as I wanted to push for those steps instead of just sitting around.

The month also taught me the importance of rest days, there is no way I could have exercised everyday and I actually did end up aggravating an old injury which I actually recovered from quicker than usual as I rested for once instead of pushing it. Now I know I don't need to push it too much everyday and that I can rest and still make progress. 

So here is what the physical changes went like

Weight start : 15 stone 10 & 3/4lb end : 15 stone 8 & 1/2 lb

Waist start : 110cm end : 110 cm

Hips start : 116 cm  end : 112cm

Right thigh start : 67cm end : 64cm

Right calf start : 43cm end : 44cm

It is nice to see a few of those stats decrease especially with my weight and hips dropping as these are my 2 biggest problem areas. One of my biggest aims for the month was to drop 2cm off my hips so to drop 4cm off is even better. 

So going forward I know that rest is needed, my eating habits still need improvements and I can mix up my workouts and enjoy them. The past month has really taught me a lot and I am going to keep pushing myself and continue making the progress I have been doing as the results are really starting to become noticeable.

August & September New In

 It seems I forgot to press publish on my August new in post so this month you get both August & September rolled into one. I have been focusing a lot these past few months on picking up bits for Christmas, my wardrobe and jewellery so that has definitely been a focus in August & September. 

So here is what I picked up in August...

If you have read previous posts or follow me on social media you will know that I said this year I wanted to improve my jewellery collection, well I have now added 5 bracelets into my collection thanks to me finding this perfect pack for me in Primark for just £4.

At Christmas I got a gift voucher from Liam's grandparents for Next, I have been on the hunt for some chino's in my size since then and at long last I have finally found them. These were £20 and are a little on the tight side for me but I know they are going to be the perfect fit soon. 

I really needed a new lightweight jacket especially with how the weather has been lately, so the other month I sent my family 3 options and they said they preferred this one. At first I couldn't find this jacket in my size anywhere but it was like it was meant to be as when I did find it the jacket was actually in the sale so I managed to pick this up for just £35.

As autumn approaches I have been been trying to take stock of what I have in my wardrobe for the season and what I need to pick up... well I seem to be really slacking in checked shirts so on a recent trip to the White Rose I called into H&M and picked up this checked shirt for £17.99, I now need to find this shirt in plenty of other colours as it is perfect. 

Can you ever have too many swim shorts? Well apparently I can't as my wardrobe is now overflowing with them but I love this pair for next summer as they look and feel expensive yet they only cost me £2.50. 

When I was in H&M I came across these Pikachu socks so there was no way I was leaving without them. But then I saw these ones with the tiger which kind of gave me Gucci vibes so I picked them up too, the deal was 3 for 2 on these socks so I let the nephew pick my final pair and of course he spotted the duck ones so they came home with me too. 

I treated Liam to this Dragonball Z t-shirt from Primark too at just £6 I don't think you can go wrong. As soon as I saw it on the display I knew I had to pick it up for him as he loves anything Dragonball related. 

Whilst in Primark I also picked this Dragonball Super t-shirt for him for Christmas. I thought I had best pick it up when I had seen it as you never know if it is just going to disappear. Plus it is nice actually finding things for him as normally I struggle buying him gifts. 

One of our local Office Shoes had a massive sale on when we recently visited so I managed to get these Nike Element React 55's for a bargain price of £40. I love the colourway of these and they are really comfortable so for that price I wasn't going to leave them behind. I just wish I had looked around properly as I think I could have found even more bargains. Now the question is do I wear these for everyday or the gym?

The first of my big purchases for the month is this absolutely stunning Gucci Ghost ring, this cost me nearly £200 but I had my eye on it for quite a long time. This is my first and certainly not my last piece of Gucci jewellery and it is fantastic. This was definitely an investment piece for my jewellery box and I am so glad I made it. 


Now we have my biggest and best purchase... my Macbook Pro 20020. If you follow me on here and my gaming blog & social media accounts you will know I have been after one of these for so long and I have actually been working towards saving for it since the start of the year. Well I have finally made the jump and I am loving it, for me it is definitely worth the purchase. 

To be honest in relation to August September has certainly been a lot less spendy but honestly I think that is because of my birthday so here is what I picked up in September...

First up I picked up a walking Buzz Lightyear for my nephew which will be going away for Christmas. This was £14.99 from B&M and I love it, I am sure he is going to too as he loves Toy Story. Now do I get him a few more Toy Story bits or move onto Frozen?  

Thanks to me been a Spotify Premium user I got a free Google Nest Mini which to be honest I didn't think it was going to show up but it did just a few weeks after me ordering it. We have these in the kitchen and games room so this is going to fit in to the spare room very well.

I had been on the look out for some nice crushed velvet cushions for our bedroom so when I saw these nice and cheap in Home Bargains I had to pick up a couple. These have just added a little extra to the bedroom and fit in with the new style of it very well.

I ran out of my trusty hairspray too so picked up a couple of cans thanks to them being under £2. I have been struggling to find these specific ones recently but Home Bargains had plenty so I know where I will be buying them from now on. 

Primark had these Jurassic Park t-shirts for just £3 so I picked one up just for lounging around in which is something I am doing a lot more now. Even if I just wear it a few times then turn it into a pyjama top for £3 it isn't bad at all. 

Another t-shirt I have picked for lounging around in is this Xbox one again from Primark. You don't see Xbox merch right often on the UK high street for adults so I thought I may as well pick this up for those days where I am staying in and gaming. 

With autumn approaching I noticed my wardrobe was lacking in long sleeved t-shirts so when I saw this one for £22 from River Island I had to pick it up. It is the perfect weight as it's not too thick or thin so I wasn't leaving it behind and I can see it becoming a go to top for the autumn. It actually reminds me a bit of the Off White design too with the print on the sleeve. 

I managed to find the classic red and black checked flannel shirt in H&M and thanks to my birthday discount I think I got this for just over £13. I have struggled finding one of these shirts this year but I really needed to replace my old one so I am glad I finally managed to find a new one. I just can't wait to get wearing it now. 

Technically not a purchase but my dad gave me his old checked shirt which I haven't seen him wear in years. It is a little big but I can see it getting plenty of wear throughout autumn as I love the colours of it. 

Whilst having a look through my dads wardrobe I also found this Gant t-shirt which he said my grandad gave him but he has never worn (my grandad hadn't either) so I tried it on and it fit so it is now in my wardrobe. I have never had anything from Gant before but after feeling the quality on this and seeing how it fit I will certainly be buying from them in the future. 

So there you have it that is what I purchased throughout August& September and to be honest it was a great few months as I picked up some gems and some wish list items. What are your favourite pick ups from August & September?