Stepping Out In The Adidas Arkyn Sneakers

Do you ever buy a pair of trainers (sneakers) because they are different and you just totally fall in love with them? Well that is what happened with me when Liam bought me the Adidas Arykn trainers.

To be honest before he bought me these last year I hadn't paid much attention to them as they weren't my go to brand Nike, but when I was purchasing my Deerupt's I saw these and loved them. It was even more of a surprise to me that I liked them as they are a women's trainer which is something I typically avoid.

The pair I picked up are a really nice grey and dusty pink colour which again isn't a colourway I would tend to go for but for these shoes the colourway really works as they haven't gone too overboard with the pink and have stuck with grey as the main colour, the pink just adds a little variation to the mix.

What stood out to me when buying them was the lace pattern it is just so different to ones I have seen in the past as they wrap around the upper not just straight down the middle you see from othr silhouettes. The lace detailing almost makes it so that the traditional stripes are broken down, you have a stripe, a lace and this is repeated. You also have this sort of plastic detail on the sides of the shoes to hold the laces in place but it also adds to the design and makes it different to other trainers on the market.

Comfort is exactly what you get from the trainers which makes them great for a variety of activities, you could wear them for a full days shopping or even whilst working out in the gym. This is all thanks to them being made from a lightweight stretch mesh on the upper it fits perfect around your foot and doesn't feel like your feet are trapped like in some heavier leather trainers I have tried in the past, the material is nice and breathable too as it is a sock like construction which quite a few brands seem to be opting for these days. The collar is made out of a soft stretch material too and at first I was worried about struggling to get these on and off but that is super easy to do thanks to how stretchy the collar can actually be. Plus it doesn't cut into my ankle like some shoes have previously it is just a nice comfortable fit. If I did struggle though there is a nice little webbed heel pull to assist me getting these on my feet. The heel pull is in the same colour as the heel overlay too so it fits the rest of the trainer perfectly. 

Possibly the biggest selling point for me on these trainers is the boost midsole, I had wanted to try a pair of Adidas Boost trainers for a while and I got a bargain when I got these. The boost helps keep the shoe really light and as I described to Liam it feels like I am walking on clouds, it just adds to the shoes comfort and I will definitely be buying more Adidas Boost trainers in the future if this is the comfort I get. At times when I have had these on I forget I am actually wearing trainers due to them being so light but I really do think they put a spring in my step and I can walk for longer when wearing them. According to Adidas 'the Boost midsole provides light, fast energy with every stride' and I think I would have to agree. 

The rubber outsole is kept nice and simple with a cut out but what I love about the outsole is the fact it has a blue colour on part of it just making it stand out a bit more without breaking the simplicity of the upper.

I have worn these out in the rain quite a bit too but thanks to my good old trusty Crep Protect they have stayed looking box fresh which is brilliant. With the amount of rain we have here in West Yorkshire I was worried about how often I could wear these until they got ruined but with that extra protection covering them I should be able to have plenty of use out of them for ages yet. Plus what has surprised me is how the collar has stretched but keeps going back to its original shape and size so they aren't even getting worn out that way yet. 

If I remember correctly we paid around £50 for these in the sale so I do believe we got a bargain for these and I would recommend picking them up if you come across them yourself, I know that thanks to these and the Deerupt's I am now checking out what Adidas brings out so who knows the collection may be growing soon. 

You can take a look at the versions currently available at Adidas by clicking here.

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