How my saving for clothing is going so far this year...


We aren't that far off the end of the year now which to me is pretty scary as it doesn't seem like two minutes ago since we were celebrating the start of 2022. It has certainly been a busy year that has flown by in the blink of an eye and I have realised that I am not on track for hitting a lot of the goals I set myself for the year but I honestly aren't too bothered as I know I have been working hard and working towards the goals and it is factors I can't control that is holding them up. One goal that is going well though is my goal shop savings, the most important goal money wise I have set myself. This is a goal that has no time frame but is important as it means once I hit my goal weight/size I will actually have plenty of money to restock my wardrobe that fit me correctly and suit my style, rather than me just buying cheap and buying twice. I definitely have a lot more saved up already then I thought I would have and to be honest I am proud of myself for that as my general savings haven't gone too well due to life being busy and us needing to do jobs around the house, I still have managed to put aside for the goal shop though. 

I am proud of myself for managing to save as much as I have so far as I have done this without restricting myself too much. I have allowed myself to buy clothing as and when I have needed it plus I have treated myself to a fair few items I didn't need but I really liked the look of. This has helped keep my wardrobe looking refreshed each season but I haven't gone as overboard as I would have done previously. I have also picked up a lot of football shirts this year but I have kept within my budget for them and haven't restricted myself as I know the ones I am buying will actually fit me for quite a while as even if they are on the baggier side I don't mind as I often need to layer up on them. 

There is still a long time until I am going to be hitting my goal so I have plenty of time to keep saving but from now on I am going to try my best to save even more whilst still enjoying myself as I know if I just reigned it in for a few areas I could lose more weight, still enjoy myself and even end up seeing my saving accounts grow a whole lot more. I am really hopeful that even with what I have coming up I can get the goal shop saving to increase even if it isn't going to be a priority for a month or so. We are converting our garage into a gym so that is going to cost a fair bit plus we have some more jobs to save for next year so for the next few months I might try focus on them and just add a small amount into my goal saving each month but even just a little bit is better than nothing at all in the grand scheme of things and those big jobs are going to be one off costs. 

I know I have fallen off track a slight bit with my savings but life should be quietening down a bit more now and with that happening and the football seasons starting back up I won't have time for shopping which should help me save even more in the long run and fingers crossed it should really help me get back on track and get those savings account and goals looking a lot healthier even if I am taking out of the general savings for those big jobs. I am wanting to consistently put a good amount into each savings each month now as it is time I started being even better with money and got the things done that need doing.

I have sat and created myself a new budget to stick to and I am now using a budget binder with specific categories to help me manage my money a whole lot better. I am hoping that by doing this I will create some better habits that I can stick to more often and help me grow my savings, add to my goal shop but still enjoy life. It will also help me stop from buying things I am never going to wear or use which is a big downfall of mine and I want to stop this as I know it is having a negative impact on the environment and also my mental health as I can't cope with the amount of clutter and overflowing of my wardrobe and it needs to be stopped once and for all. 

I am also planning on saving more by taking stock of what I have and what I need, this should stop me wasting more and also stop me getting overwhelmed with the clutter and excess items that I really don't need. At the start of each season I will go through and check what could do with replacing or what is missing, create a list of these items then only buying off that list. I might allow myself the occasional treat every now and then if I see something I really like but honestly I am going to make sure I do really like it before making the purchase. Fingers crossed having a seasonal list will be really beneficial and I can curate my perfect wardrobe with this whilst saving money. 

As it stands in terms of my goal shop savings I could hit my target amount by the end of next year but I know I still won't be at the size I wish then so will have time to add to it so I think I might re-evaluate the target at the end of this year and up it to challenge myself a bit more. I am determined to improve all my savings accounts in the long run though so it is time to get cracking and smashing the goals so I can get the wardrobe I want and also get the jobs done I have wanted to do for a while. It is time to get sat down with the budget and create those new habits to help this savings journey. 

The places I would love to go for a run


I am determined to really get into running some point soon, I just need life to quieten down a bit as at the moment I have barely had any time at home let alone anytime to get out and go for a run, even my regular workouts have suffered a bit due to the lack of time I have had at home. I am hopeful though that life will start to quieten down soon and I will even be able to plan my time better so that I can get back on track with my workouts and finally lace up my running shoes and get on my first run. This has rally got me thinking though about the places I would love to go for a run in the future when my fitness & overall endurance improves. These are places are all going to have different terrains and are going to provide their own little challenges for me and I am hopeful that one day I can tick some of these places off my list. So here are the places I would really love to go for a run once I do find some fitness levels and am a more confident runner... 

Any sea front

I would love to go away and pack my running clothes and just head for a nice little run along the seafront of where I am staying. I wouldn't go as far as running on the sand as my poor knee wouldn't hack it but just along the sea front would be fine for me as I just love being next to the sea and the sea breeze feels great and it is great for just switching off and having a mental break. I aimed to do this on my previous holiday but with rocky terrain I just didn't feel confident enough to do this. Fingers crossed some day soon though I can tick off a nice sea front run.

Salford Quays

I have seen so many people running around the Salford Quays on social media and there are a few reasons why I would love to go for a run around here, one being that I have walked around there and Media City before and it is just a nice calm place at times with some great views. However, the main reason definitely has to be that I could add running by Old Trafford to my route, one of my favourite football stadiums where I could really admire the view and just be in one of my favourite places once more. To be able to run and have such an iconic stadium in view would be fantastic.

Canal Side

This is one I could do much closer to home. There are plenty of canals near us with some great views alongside them. We are quite lucky with where we live and having plenty of options so fingers crossed one day we can actually do some of the routes. I think my first choice would definitely be alongside the Bingley Five Rise Locks as I used to love going here as a kid and seeing others running along the side of the canal. I think this would definitely be one of the first longer and different routes I did once I got more confident in my ability. 

Lake District

The Lake District is somewhere else I used to really enjoy going to but it is somewhere I haven't been to in a long time. There are some amazing walks up in the Lake District and again it isn't too far away from our doorstep so we have no excuse really not to visit more often. With walks being great I would definitely like to give running up there a go but I know the terrain is going to be all over the place so this is definitely going to be one for when I am much better at running and can cover more distance. 


This has always been a place I would love to run around, in fact when I went in 2013 I actually took all my running gear but unfortunately for numerous reasons we never got out on a run. I think this is a bucketlist for a lot of people and it is certainly the top of mine. I know Disney hold events to run Disney aka go around the park and this would be an incredible memory if I could do that one day but even just running around the resort would be an unforgettable opportunity and fingers crossed one day I can do it.

So there you go those are the runs I would really love to go on in the future, I am definitely aiming for a few of these more realistic ones in the very near future but at the same time it is always great to have some long terms goals to aim for and that Disney one is definitely up there as one of the ones I would love to achieve but it could be one that takes a while to save for. 

If you are a runner where would you love to go for a run?

My favourite t-shirts for the summer

I have decided this year I am not as much of a fan of summer as I once thought, the heat this time around has been unbearable for me and I am really suffering. Normally I love summer as it is a chance for me to get plenty of wear out of my printed t-shirts as I don't have to wear a jacket so I can fully show them off. This year though I am just not enjoying picking out t-shirts as I know I might start off cold in the morning but by lunch time I will feel as though I am absolutely baking. In the moments where I have enjoyed getting ready though I have noticed I have gravitated towards certain t-shirt styles and I have even experimented with colours more than I usually would when I have had the motivation to pick a new outfit which is something I really wanted to do this year and the experimenting is paying off as I am finding new favourite styles due to this. As I say I have definitely found a go to rotation of t-shirts for the summer and here are what I am now considering to be my favourite summer t-shirts...

I absolutely love the LA print items that Primark do lately and I will admit I have probably bought far too many of them to say how long they are going to last me with my weight loss at the moment but I couldn't resist this baby blue LA  t-shirt. It was perfect for me experimenting with colours as I hadn't had any like this before and I absolutely love how it looks on me. The fit of this t-shirt is really nice too and it has kept me nice and cool when I have worn it due to it being a little on the oversized side. I can see this being worn a lot for the rest of summer and even being layered in the autumn months. 

I am no stranger to a red t-shirt in fact a lot of my wardrobe is made up of them. I couldn't resist this moving forward one from Primark for just £2.50 as I love the vibrant red colour and the price tag really is a bargain. The white and black print is just big enough so it isn't too in your face and I really like what it says. This is great to pair with my grey jersey shorts for a more relaxed kind of look. This is definitely one of my go to lounging around outfits and I think it could become an all year round outfit.

Oh look another £2.50 Primark t-shirt, it is safe to say this section has been a lifesaver this summer as it has meant I could get new clothing that actually fit and suited my style whilst not breaking the bank as I am losing weight. I fell in love with the prospect t-shirt as soon as I set my eyes on it as I love the box print with the bandanna background. The colours work really well and the light material has meant it has helped me stay cool even when the temperature has got far too high for my liking. This t-shirt looks more expensive than it was and teamed up with my cargo shorts when I go away in a few weeks I think it is going to be a look I will be heading towards early on in the holiday as it is a firm favourite.

I noticed towards the end of spring that I didn't have any grey t-shirts that fit me properly and I knew that was going to become a bit of an issue, especially as I had some shorts that would be best suited for a grey t-shirt pairing. That is why I picked up this grey t-shirt from... you guessed it the £2.50 section in Primark. This is nice and simple with the reasonably sized print on the front and fits really well. This actually helps me create a bit of a smarter casual look when teamed up with my chinos on cooler days or my khaki shorts which are a lot smarter than other shorts I own. Again it is nice and lightweight so doesn't make me feel like I am over heating and I can see it being worn a lot over the next few months and into the new season.

This supreme t-shirt is my go to for the cooler days as it is a much thicker material than the previous t-shirts in this post. The quality is amazing and I love the fit of the t-shirt in general. The Supreme logo is nice and bold in a variety of colours and just makes it stand out. I have found this t-shirt really does become the focal point of my outfit so it is better suited to those all black kind of days and I just love it. I think it is the most expensive t-shirt I own but I already have my eyes on more from the brand. Again this is going to be a favourite in the autumn I think too as it is going to look great layered up.

You can't beat a football shirt in this weather and I certainly have my go to shirt in this Manchester United one. It had been a few years since I purchased a Man Utd shirt but I couldn't resist last seasons as I knew I wanted a new Ronaldo shirt, I usually don't bother with names being printed anymore but with his return I couldn't help getting it done. Football shirts are definitely perfect for this weather as they are a much cooler material and I always resort to this United one as it goes with a lot of my wardrobe and creates the perfect relaxed outfit for me.

An honourable mention definitely has to go to my England shirts too as this summer I have had to be wearing them for the Euros. It really has been a summer of football for me and I have managed to go to a fair few games and the experience has just been absolutely amazing. I love these 2 England shirts and they are honestly my favourites in my collection at the moment. The tournament finishes at the end of July but no doubt these shirts are going to be worn for a long time after. 

So there you go those are my favourite t-shirts for this summer, each one helps create a different style of outfit and honestly to know that most of these are budget t-shirts just makes me feel so much better as for once I haven't gone overboard to create the styles I have wanted to create which is always handy more so now I am on this weight loss journey because who knows how long they will fit me for at the end of the day. My favourites have to be the England shirts though as I could happily live in those 24/7.

What would be your favourite summer t-shirt out of this post?

How I am styling my latest high top sneakers

When I found these Adidas sneakers in my local Footlocker a while back I couldn't resist purchasing a pair, especially as they were only £24.99 at the time. When I bought these it has been a while since my last pair of Adidas as the brand just wasn't bringing out anything I liked but these ones ticked the boxes. For years I would always gravitate towards high tops but then I stopped for a while, these ones though go just high enough for my liking and are really comfortable as the back isn't as solid as some other pairs I own. What drew me into these the most though is how they look a bit more of a retro style to what I am used to and with the items I already own in my wardrobe I believed I could create some great outfits with these sneakers and there have been two ways I have enjoyed styling them lately  which I believe helps capture that retro vibe the sneakers give off. So here are those two outfits...

Primark have had some great t-shirts in their men's department for just £2.50 and it is safe to say I have stocked up on items from that area. This t-shirt is one of those that I got for the bargain price of £2.50 and I love it as the red stands out and hasn't faded even after multiple washes already. The simple chest print which says moving forward with a few symbols underneath stands out without getting in your face like some printed t-shirts often do. To say this t-shirt was so cheap it is actually a lot better quality than I expected. To create the retro kind of vibe with these sneakers I have teamed them and the t-shirt up with these light washed denim shorts with a raw hem and I think they look great. These shorts are really comfortable and are nice and baggy on the legs so are quite cool even in the warm weather. I love the raw hem on them too as they just make them a bit different to other pairs of shorts I own and I think that helps give them that bit of a vintage look. This outfit is perfect for the warmer weather we have been having and I can see me getting plenty of wear out of it. It is a pretty budget friendly outfit too which to me makes it even better.

This outfit still keeps those retro vibes in my eyes but is a bit better for the cooler weather that no doubt will be back to stay soon. The t-shirt has stayed the same just like the sneakers have but this time rather than the shorts I have opted for these girlfriend fit jeans I have had in my wardrobe for far too long. These are perfect for the cooler weather as they aren't lung to my skin but at the same time don't look too baggy which in the past has happened with some other jeans in this style. These are a bit of a lighter denim than I am used to as well and I have to say I think this outfit could become one of my most worn in the autumn months when temperatures drop, just add a nice jacket and I will be good to go.  

So there you have it that is how I am styling my Adidas high top sneakers, these sneakers have really reminded me of why I used to love the high tops and I think my next few purchases of sneakers might need to be in the high top style especially as we are going to be heading towards the colder weather soon. 

 How would you style these sneakers?

How I am planning on increasing my steps these days


Since I have started my fitness and weight loss journey I have realised one thing... most days I don't do half as many steps as I should do to help me make progress on my journey. This really needs to start to change though as if I increase those steps I am going to feel so many benefits and my journey should really be helped and those scales could start to drop more often. There are a variety of reasons that I don't do as many as I would like but the main one is my lifestyle I guess, I work an office job so I am behind the desk all day then I come home and 90% of the time I am working on the blogs so again I am stuck behind the desk getting things done and the blogs certainly keep me busy so I just like to get on with things and don't take any breaks meaning I could be sat at the desk until it is bedtime.

There really is no reason for me not to be increasing my steps a whole lot more than I currently do though, if I just planned my time out a bit better I would be able to hit my target if not increase it each day with no issues. The I could do what I need to do once those steps have been hit, for example I could do a few blog bits before Liam gets home from work then we could head out on a walk, come back and just relax, I could always take a few nights a week off from blogging and do my steps instead and even relax with some video games after for a change. If I carry on the way I am doing I will be at that burn out stage soon which I am doing all I can to prevent so the walks would be a nice incorporation into my routine. There are plenty of really nice walks around where we live too so there isn't really any excuse for not going out and enjoying those views whether it is just a quick walk or one that is a little bit longer. 

On those days where I have managed to really increase my steps in the past I have felt great at the end of that day and the next day although sometimes my legs do feel a bit heavy after those days but I guess that is to be expected as my body just isn't used to it yet, I am sure this will start to ease off once I start hitting those higher amounts of steps each day rather than having a low day then super high day. The plan is definitely going to be to gradually increase my steps so that my body can get used to changes rather than going from one extreme to the other and here is how I plan on increasing the steps...

Walking to & from work

This is something I have been doing a lot of lately and planning on continuing. I live pretty close to where I work so I am also trying to plan out a bit of a longer route to add more steps but I try to avoid bringing the car unless I really need to and I no longer ask for lifts even when it is raining. The walk is one I should have always been doing but the habit is finally sticking.

Getting out on evening walks

There really is no reason for me to be sat behind the desk every evening so whilst the weather is still on my side I am going to try encourage Liam to go on some evening walks with me. Even if we just do this on two week nights it is much better than nothing and is going to benefit both of us, no doubt it will help me come up with more content ideas too as the fresh air really gets my creative mind flowing. 

One long walk a week

The evening walks might only be half an hour each but I want to get out on 1 walk a week that is at least 1 hour. We started doing these on a Sunday during lockdown and it would be great to get back to doing these. They will probably be on Sunday's as they are our quietest days but trying different routes and places all together will be great. I would love to go on some walks in the Dales on these days.

Visit new places

Liam recently signed up for us both to be English Heritage members so we now have a whole lot of options where we can go for free whilst exploring new places. Liam is really into his history so he will love going to the castles that are on the list and I already know you get in plenty of steps when visiting these sorts of places. 

Moving more during the day at work

This is a bit of a big one for me as I am absolutely terrible when it comes to moving during the working day, I usually move to grab a drink or head to the toilet but that is it. By the time I have finished at 5 my step count has barely moved and honestly I am seizing up, my legs start to ache. Time has been flying by at work recently but I just need to remember every hour or so just to get up have a quick stretch and walk around the office before getting back on with work. This should not only help me physically but also mentally as I am getting a much needed break.

No weekends sat at the PC 24/7

Running 3 blogs is obviously time consuming and on the weekends where I don't have the football to go watch I am again sat at my PC all day working on creating new content. Just like with work I don't take enough breaks but that will be changing and after every task is complete or after an hour I will be getting up and moving around a bit. Again this should also help mentally as I will be away from the screen for a bit having a well earned break which should leave me heading back to the screen nice and refreshed. 

So there you go those are the ways I am planning on increasing my steps as I say it will be a gradual increase to ease my body into it but I am really looking forward to seeing how many I can begin to hit daily and hopefully soon I will be at that 10,000 steps daily mark.

Do you do enough steps during the day?

My new routine for a work day


I am trying to build healthy habits to help me a long with my health & fitness journey that are also going to help me live a healthier and more productive lifestyle which is something I have wanted to do for a while now more so now that I have realigned my goals for the rest of the year and I know it going to take a lot of hard work to get to the point of achieving them but it is all going to be worth it in the end. My new routine has been taking place for a good few weeks now and I am honestly feeling so much better for creating this for myself and I have noticed a lot of progress in a fair few areas of my life so I can't wait to see how it goes when I have been doing this for months rather than weeks. Here is what my new routine looks like on a week day when I am at work...

I have a new wake up time, it used to be 7.30 am however, now my alarm goes off at 5.30 am and I am ready to get up and crack on with my day. This early start helps me get a whole lot more done in those extra 2 hours and helps my day get off to a great start and saves me some much rushing around on an evening. 

Once I am up it is a case of throwing on my workout clothes that I have out ready from the evening before, once I am dressed I head downstairs take my pre-workout and fill my water bottle up before waiting around 15 minutes for my pre-workout to kick in. Once the 15 minute wait is over I then get stuck into my workout which takes around 1 hour to complete and really sets me up for a good day. Usually these sessions involve the weights however, sometimes I will just opt to do a cardio session but then again it depends what my plan for the week looks like. 

Once the workout is done it is time to jump straight into the shower and get ready for the day, I usually use the last few minutes of the shower to turn the water really cold as I have found that after working out a freezing cold shower does the trick for my body and wakes me up nicely for the rest of the day. Once I am out of the shower I will do my little skincare routine which I am slowly getting used to and it is working wonders for my skin as it has gone terrible lately, it is nice knowing I am finally giving my skin the attention it has been calling for. Once that is done it is time to get dressed for the day, again my clothes are laid out the evening before to help make the process easier and then it is time to do my hair which doesn't take too long to do luckily. The final task of getting ready whilst upstairs is taking my vitamins which I never used to bother with but I am so glad I do now as I feel loads better health wise. 

As soon as the vitamins are taken it is time to head downstairs and have my breakfast, my go to for weeks now has been weetabix protein as it is quick and easy so means I can eat it and still get out of the door on time. Once breakfast is done it is time to pack my lunch into my backpack and grab my 2 ltr water bottle and head out of the door to walk to work. 

Once the working day is done I have the nice steady walk home which doesn't take too long but gives me that much needed fresh air and once I am home it is a case of going upstairs and getting changed into something more comfortable which is usually shorts and a t-shirt, no matter what the weather is like.

It is then time to head into the spare room which is now my little office area, I will set up the laptop and 3 nights a week I will just sit in here and blog away, I used to mix and match which blog I would be working on but these days I just dedicate 1 day to each one and I have found it helps me stay more productive as I don't feel overwhelmed and end up mixing up what I am meant to be doing on each site.

I will usually blog whilst eating my evening meal just to get as much done as possible but sometimes I will also end up having a brief break to eat if I am feeling ahead of schedule but more often than not I just prefer to crack on and get everything done. I usually do this until 8.30 pm then it is time for bed. Once in bed I am trying to get into the habit of not being on my phone so I am trying to read some of my book for 30 minutes before calling it a night and heading off to bed at 9pm so I am getting enough sleep before my next 5.30 am alarm.

I am trying my best to incorporate more movement into my routine so if I am struggling to hit my steps on a particular day we will sometimes head off on a post work walk which is great just for refreshing the mind after a long day at work. The reading is also helping me just reset too which is great and something I should be doing a whole lot more of often. 

This routine is seriously working wonders for me and as I say I am really looking forward to seeing how things are looking in life as I have continued this routine for a while, maybe I will do a check in post on this in a few months to see how things have gone whilst in my new routine. I might even do a post about the differences in my routine on a weekend or day off from work as there are a few differences I have noticed as I have more free hours in the day. 

Are you a fan of an early morning or do you prefer a lie in?

June 2022 Fitness Update

Well where did June go? I blinked and here we are in July. June was a nice easy month in comparison to what is coming up so I really enjoyed building myself a new routine that is going to help keep that consistency when life gets busy again which is happened a lot sooner than I expected. June even involved a holiday where I still managed to smash my goals and enjoy myself whilst still making progress. So here is how my goals went for June... 

Get into the 14 stone bracket
Unfortunately this one didn't happen and I am still quite a way off from it but I am determined to get there in July or at least as close to it as possible. I think my new routine will really help me achieve this but June was a month of trail & error but at least I didn't gain enough to make this happening in July even more unrealistic. 

Workout 4 times a week
I didn't do this for the first half of the month just due to going on holiday and then trying to get back into some form of routine but towards the end of month I really got my routine nailed and got very close to achieving this one. Have a look at July's goals to see how I am determined to go one better.

Add more fruit into my diet
This one didn't happen due to pure laziness I was more focused on nailing other parts of my routine that I didn't change my diet too much but I am looking back now wondering what sort of results I would have got if I had actually done this.

Continue with minimum 2 ltrs of water a day
I absolutely smashed this one and managed the minimum of 2 ltrs a day every single day even whilst I was on holiday. I am really proud of myself for managing this and honestly I am enjoying this and having it as a constant part of my daily routine. 

Try 1 new form of exercise
This is another one I didn't tick off due to me focusing on other areas of the routine but I aren't too made as I just enjoyed getting my usual scheduled workouts done rather than trying anything new. I think this one might be tried again in a few months though as I have a few ideas in mind.

So here is how June looked on the scales...

Beginning of June weight: 15 stone 5 lb 

End of June weight : 15 stone 6 lb

Total loss for the month : + 1 lb

So here are the goals I am making for myself to hopefully smash in July ...

Get into the 14 stone bracket
Workout 5 times a week
Stay consistent even whilst busy 
Work on my push up goal
Play plenty of football

So that is how June went honestly I aren't too bothered about the fact my weight has gone up 1 lb as hopefully that will change massively in July with me finding some new found consistency to my days & routine. With my waist dropping so much too throughout the month I really can't complain. Things are certainly looking good for me and I could very easily end up achieving my year end goals as planned if I continue the way I am, July is going to be a challenging month but it is going to set me up for that future progress.

Total loss for 2022 : - 7 lb

Total loss since start of journey : - 10 lb

June 2022 new in

 Well that is June over and done with and the plan to save as much money as possible didn't exactly work did it. I ended up spending a fortune on a variety of items, some that were needed and some that are honestly just random buys that I didn't really need to buy. There were items that I needed to restock for my holidays and there were items I had wanted to help improve my skin condition and other items I just couldn't resist buying. As I say it was definitely a month of spending and here is what I picked up...

One a recent trip to Primark I came across these luggage tags and I couldn't help picking up one for me and one for Liam. I ended up getting Liam the PS5 controller one for his backpack and I ended up getting myself the Donald Duck one because surprisingly although I hate birds I love Donald. These look great and were so cheap I am tempted to pick a few different ones up next time I am in store.

Whilst on holiday in the arcades I ended up going on one of those claw machines and as usual I expected to walk away empty handed. I was pretty surprised though when I ended up winning this Among Us soft toy, granted I have never played the game but I think it looks pretty cool plus the nephew likes it too so I guess we can share.

We ended up going to Alnwick castle whilst on holiday and I wasn't missing out on the chance to get some more Harry Potter merchandise especially from the place where parts of it was actually filmed. One of my favourite characters is Dobby so when I saw this necklace I knew it was going to be an item I purchased as it is nice and small whilst still looking great. 

I then found this Snape's wand hanging ornament for the Christmas tree, now I know it is a bit early to start thinking about Christmas but this was reasonably priced and we already have a fair few Harry Potter bits for our tree so this will be the perfect addition to our tree this year, or it might just get hung in the office all year round. 

We have a couple of Harry Potter wands already from our visit to Universal years ago. Before we even got to Alnwick castle I said I wanted to purchase a new Harry Potter wand for the collection if they sold them but when we got there I ended up being spoilt for choice and I spent far too long debating which one to actually get but in the end I settled on the Sirius Black one and I absolutely love it.

Whilst we were away there was a carboot on in the village we were staying at and I ended up going for a look around not expecting to buy anything but that soon changed when I got there as someone was selling Pokemon soft toys. I ended up picking up 2 then heading back for 2 more. These were £20 for the lot so I think I got a pretty good deal and the Pokemon collection at home has grown nicely.

Also from the carboot I ended up grabbing Uncharted Drakes Fortune for just £1 it is in decent condition and has all the manuals with it so I didn't want to leave it there for that price, maybe I will get around to playing it one day.

Another holiday purchase was this mead from Holy Island I ended up getting me and Liam a bottle each and I can't wait to drink it. Now I haven't had a drink all year, I am challenging myself to not drink alcohol until my birthday so as soon as I get the chance I will be drinking this as it smells gorgeous. This could be the perfect gaming companion for my birthday weekend.

When we were buying the mead we spotted these glasses and we both decided we needed to add a couple to our already overflowing glass cupboard. These are different to ones we already own but they are going to be perfect for the mead or even the whisky we have to get through. Did we really need them... nope but I am glad we did.

I have been on the look out for a bottle stopper for a while now to try stop us both drinking full bottles at a time. This one was only a few pounds so it will keep us going for a while until we find a metal one to replace it plus it looks pretty cool too. 

Finally from holiday I picked up this necklace which actually matches one Liam has owned for a while now. I have always wanted one like Liam's but his is far too heavy and I wouldn't be able to cope with it on a day to day basis so I opted for this one as it is a lot smaller and simpler.

When we got back from our holiday I noticed a package waiting for me behind the door which confused me as I really wasn't expecting anything. When I opened the package I found out it was actually this jersey from Xbox to celebrate their fanfest that was taking place in June. I love this and how it has my gamertag on the back, I can see a lot of gaming sessions happening in this.

 Technically I didn't buy this item but at long last I have a new iPad. My dad gave me his old one as it was just sat around gathering dust and it is still like new. I am hoping that by having this I will be able to be more productive especially with working on the go especially when it comes to photo editing which I have been massively slacking with a lot lately.

My skin has been absolutely terrible lately so it is about time I got that sorted. After a bit of research I settled on these Neutrogena items which should hopefully help me get breakouts back under control. I am really hoping these do the trick and I don't have to go out buying more bits but I guess only time will tell, all I know is it is time to sort this skin out.

Did I need another pair of sunglasses, again nope but Primark have got some great ones in at the moment for under £5. I ended up getting these more rectangular ones for £3 and I really like how these look on me as they are different to other pairs I own. I need to try resist getting any more now though as I already have far too many pairs.

At 27 year old I didn't think I would be buying myself Spider-Man trainer socks but at £3 I thought I might as well pick these ones up as I needed some trainer socks with the nicer weather coming up. These should last me a while and no doubt the nephew will be wanting matching ones. 

I needed some new sports socks too and the 5 pairs at Primark for £5 make a nice alternative to my Nike ones. I love these with the little stripes of colour at the top and with them being nice bright colours they will be perfect for the summer.

I absolutely loved the Powerpuff girls when I was growing up so I am loving seeing items appearing in Primark with them on. I don't usually bother with the women's pyjamas but I couldn't resist these ones although I have sized down in them and they are currently a little bit too snug for me. I am really looking forward to fitting into these properly.

I am absolutely loving the £2.50 range in Primark at the moment and I have really stocked up on these t-shirts as they are cheap for my weight loss. I don't have to spend a fortune to get clothes that fit which is great. I wanted a grey t-shirt to go with some shorts for my holiday and this ticked all the boxes and fit nice.

I also picked up this New York t-shirt for just £2.50 and I love how it fits and the print on it. The family have started saying 'well it's a you t-shirt' and this one got the seal of approval straight away. For £2.50 I might end up getting this one a size down too as I love the design and it goes well with a lot of my wardrobe.

I have always loved printed shirts but have never been confident enough to wear them due to my size and body shape but this summer I have caved and picked up a few to wear with my shorts. I got this Crane one from Primark for £10 and it feels great it is a nice soft, cool material and is going to look perfect on my upcoming holiday.

My nephew picked this leaf print one out for me and again at £10 from Primark it feels like it is going to be great in the warmer weather. This will also be getting packed for my upcoming holiday and I have a few ideas in mind on how I am going to style it.

the final t-shirt I picked up was this one for £4 from Primark. I love the washed colour of this one and the back print gives it tour merchandise vibes. It fits really well too which at the moment is a great bonus and I am looking forward to styling it.

I realised just before my holiday that I didn't have any black denim shorts so I went to Matalan and purchased these raw hem ones that are actually the best fitting denim shorts I have owned in a long time. The raw hem helps them fit the rest of my wardrobe well and gives them a bit of a vintage look. These will be worn a lot over the next few months.

I had no grey jeans that fit me and it was starting to annoy me that the colour was missing from my wardrobe as I love grey jeans. I picked these up from Sainsbury's and I am glad that I did as they are perfect for the summer months when it is too cool for shorts plus they are going to be perfect for some autumn looks later down the line. I also picked up another blue pair whilst there just so I have more options that actually fit.

My mum got me these jeans from Primark as they were reduced down to £4. Unfortunately at the moment they don't quite fit me but I don't think it will be long until they do if my body keeps changing the way it currently is. The aim is to be in these by autumn as I have a few ideas in mind for how to style them.

I am getting a little bit hooked on these Nike academy sets, this is my 3rd one in two months but with the fit and colours you really can't go wrong. The set was £30 in total and I am already on the look out for more colours of them and items that are more suitable for the colder months. Nike is slowly becoming my go to fitness brand once more.

JD were having a big sale recently and I wasn't expecting to buy anything however, these Adidas tracksuit bottoms were just £15 and I am definitely planning ahead with this purchase. With me being back playing football I know I need something for colder weather sessions so why not buy these now whilst they are reduced. They are a bit tight at the moment so lets hope I can get into them when the time comes.

I ended up taking the nephew football training and then we stopped off at Sports Direct after as I wanted to treat him to a new pair of football boots. In the end I got both myself and him matching pairs at his request and to be honest he has picked well. I opted for the turf version like him too so I can wear them whilst practising in the garden.

Finally of course I had to buy the new England shirts, I couldn't decide if I wanted the home or away shirt but in the spirit of the Euros I ended up purchasing both of them. I know I am definitely going to 1 England game but let's hope they get to the final so I can say I wore both of the whilst watching England live in the Euros. I think the away one might be my favourite though. 

So there you go that is everything I picked up in June, I am really hoping to stick to my budget in July as football will be taking up the majority of my time and money but I do have my eyes on a few things so I guess only time will tell if I manage that budget or not. It is time to get saving again. 

What was your favourite purchase from June 2022?