It is time to upgrade the footwear choices...


I know I keep on saying it however, it is just how things are going at the moment as there seem to be a lot of areas in my life where things are changing. I will post more about these changes another day however, when I say that everything is starting to change I mean it as even my footwear choices are moving in a different direction. 

I guess this is due to my overall dress sense changing and my footwear needing to follow suit but I am starting to identify gaps where what I have on my feet needs to change. It really is time to upgrade my footwear rotation and the plan this time is to only buy the footwear that I really love and what will go with many pieces in the new wardrobe I am building. In preparation for the changes I have actually had a huge declutter of what I already had and let's just say a lot of pairs have finally been disposed of and I have been able to identify the gaps I have had and where replacements have been required. This list has also been heavily influenced by social media where I have been scrolling endlessly for inspiration for the style I want to aim for. So here are the pieces of footwear I want to add into my rotation...


Previously I have gone for those sneakers that are trendy however, they are expensive and don't seem to last two minutes. I am finding that following the crowd is getting boring now and I am wasting money as most pairs I buy don't go with anything else I own. I have recently picked up a few pairs that aren't considered to be on trend and to be honest I am finding them comfier and they are withstanding the wears more than my Nike's had been. So here are the sneakers that have made it onto my wish list...

All white sneakers

These are going to be an essential and I am hoping I can find a pair with minimal branding that is in a low cut silhouette. These will just slot straight into any rotation and will look fantastic with practically all of my wardrobe and any new additions that get brought in. There are a few options I have been looking at for this addition but I am going to have a shop around for that perfect pair and not just get the first ones I see.

Ralph Lauren sneakers

I picked up my first pair of Ralph Lauren sneakers a few month back and to be honest I wish I had got some previously as they are one of the comfiest pairs I own. The plan is to build up a nice little rotation of Ralph Lauren sneakers in the hopes that I eventually have a pair to go with each piece in my wardrobe. There are some nice options out there so with a good look around there should be a few new pairs added soon. 

Lacoste sneakers

Lacoste sneakers seem to be standing out to me every time I go where they are stocked so I think I am going to be adding a smart, simple pair into my footwear rotation. I used to love my old Lacoste sneakers so I am hoping that any new pairs I picked up are as comfortable and as easy to style. These will definitely be a sale pick up. 

Comme Des Garcons Converse

Converse are something I have fallen back in love with recently and I am absolutely loving the classic vibe you get when wearing them. To add a bit of an extra level to my outfits though I really want to pick up both a white & black pair of Comme Des Garcons Converse as that print on the side makes a brilliant statement on a simple outfit.

Other footwear

Surprisingly I am not finding myself wanting too many pairs of sneakers these days and I am gravitating towards trying out different footwear style for a change. With me changing up my style I know that changing the style of shoe I wear will make the outfits look better than if I just threw on any random pair of sneakers. So here are those other pairs of footwear that have made it onto my wish list...

Hey Dudes

Social media brought the brand Hey Dudes to my attention and I have instantly fallen in love with them. The footwear is so different to what I would usually wear but it is really standing out to me and I feel as though I really need to try a pair for myself. They are different but I think a nice simple pair would work really well for me.

Leather loafers

I currently own one pair of loafers but I really want to change this and pick up a few different styles of leather loafers to mix up my outfits a bit. My current pair are on the shiny side and are best for nights out or events so I would like a few more subtle leather pair of loafers, one chunky & one more smarter looking pair. These may take a while to hunt down the perfect pair but I am determined to add a few pairs of leather loafers very soon.

Suede loafers

For the summer I would love to add a few pairs of suede loafers into my rotation in a few different colours however, I am so far struggling to find the perfect pairs at a reasonable price. The plan is to get a few pairs that are going to see me through this summer and for a few future years. Again I am going to need to have a shop around for the perfect pairs but I am sure I will get them in time for any more nice weather we get.


It has been a long time since I last owned a pair of espadrilles but I think this year it is time to repurchase a few different colours to go with different outfits. I don't want to spend a fortune on espadrilles but at the same time I don't want to buy cheap and have to repurchase them in the not so distance future. I would love to have a few pairs in my rotation by the time the weather warms up again.

Birkenstock sandals

Now I would 100% love a pair of Birkenstock sandals for this summer however, I am also at the stage now where I think it would be a bit more sensible to find some good quality dupes to see if the style of sandal works for me or not. There are plenty of dupes out there now for these so they should be added into the rotation pretty soon all being well.

Hermes dupe sandals

The more I see the Hermes sandals on my social media the more tempted I get to find a pair however, I know I aren't going to be rushing out to buy an actually Hermes pair due to the cost of them. Instead until I know I am actually going to like them and get the wear out of them I am planning on trying some different dupes to see how they go with the style direction I am heading in. Again there seems to be plenty of affordable dupes for these at the moment so I will hopefully have them in my rotation soon.

Clarks Wallabees

The more I see the Wallabees the more I would love to have a pair in my rotation so they have made this round of wish list posts. I would love these for summer however, with a bit of suede protection I think these would work so well with a lot of autumn outfits I have in mind. A nice neutral colourway of these will definitely be added to my footwear rotation at some point.

So there you have it those are the current footwear choices that are on my wish list, as my style is changing I know my footwear is going to have to too so some of these items will be added to my rotation sooner rather than later. I wonder what pair will be purchased first though?

I am really looking forward to now starting to build my perfect footwear rotation to match the style I am gravitating towards, you will notice a shift in content too so keep an eye out to see what direction the website and social media take... it really is a time for change now.

See you all soon...


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