June 2019 Favourites

June has definitely come and gone in the blink of an eye and honestly I don't think I actually did much throughout the month. This was definitely a mix of the weather not knowing what it was actually wanting to do and the football being on the TV so much. Liam even managed to get me enjoying the cricket too, but this really did mean jobs around the house only got done when really needed. We even became godparents to my nephew in June, which was a fantastic day. So here are my favourites from the month of June...

The women's world cup kicked off the beginning of June and there were games almost everyday (as you may have seen from my previous blog posts) which meant 90% of my month was spent glued to the TV. It has been great too with some shocking results and exits from the tournament and brilliant displays from England and Italy to name just a few. I just hope that this momentum from the world cup carries on into the regular leagues and people take more of an interest like they have done through the world cup. I have had family and friends watching who have never really been bothered by the game but they are also enjoying it.

June is always a good month for me as you start to get all the clubs new kit launches and I have finally seen the Bradford City home kit (you can see my post on it here), I need to go pick up my shirt as it is finally back to the stripes and looks really good, just like a proper City shirt should.

Another great thing has been finally seeing who Bradford are going to be facing in their preseason games. We normally just stick to the usual ones but this year we will be facing Liverpool for Stephen Darby's charity and of course we got tickets. I wasn't missing this one ever if I don't like Liverpool. I just need to try sort out going to a few more now too as I want to see how the new team is getting along.

The weather had been on my side a few days throughout the month and a few days were good enough for it to be t-shirt weather, no jackets no hoodies no coats, just the t-shirt. This has been one of my favourites as I have so many printed t-shirts whether that is Levi's or Nike or even Primark. They weren't hidden away at last I could finally have them on show, I love it when it is warm enough for the t-shirts as if I am honest I aren't too keen on wearing jackets all the time and some weather is borderline so you are either too hot or too cold so when it is perfect for just a t-shirt I make the most of it.

Another favourite has been shorts. Whether it has been a case of going home getting changed into a pair, actually going out in a pair or training in a pair I can't get enough of them. I have fallen in love with my new jersey ones from Primark I would happily live in them 24/7 if I could. I am loving my football ones too for just relaxing in the house in or training in the garden in.

We are finally getting somewhere with the garden, our decking is almost done, I can't wait to be able to just go sit in the back garden. It has taken a lot of work from both my dad and Liam, whilst I have been keeping out of the way but it is finally at a stage where there isn't much left to do. I will be doing a post on the progress either later this week or next week. 

Health & Fitness
Granted we only got to the gym once in June but it was nice to get back. I hadn't been since before my operation so actually getting back into it and taking that step was brilliant, I actually can't wait to go again once the football has died down.
Another favourite has been getting out in the garden with the football, there have been times we've just got the football out and kicked it between us at the side of the house but there have been times we've gone into the side garden to test out an exciting product (check back Friday to see what that product is) and I have been loving it, I am hoping now the weather is getting better I can get out a lot more work on my football and build on my fitness.

So there you have it those are my June favourites, what have been yours?

See you soon,

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