My Go To Gym Outfit

Do you ever have those outfits for the gym that you always find yourself reaching for? Well before I picked up my Gymshark clothing it was all about Under Armour, in fact I still find my self reaching for this now as I hate mixing brands usually (don't know why but I always have done) plus when the Gymshark is in the wash I need a different option to go to. 

These Under Armour items were actually some of the first gym clothing items I had bought in a long time and I am so glad I did. I have said it before but until Kelley O'Hara and Rachel Daly started promoting the brand I never actually tried it in fact I had only heard of it a few times. But when we went into our local DW Sports after joining the gym I decided to give them a try as the were discounted so what could I lose?

I picked up this t-shirt with the small logo and grey panelling down the side and I instantly fell in love it wasn't too big and it didn't actually cling to me when working out. I like to be ale to move freely in my clothing whilst working out and this top allows me to. Another big advantage to it is that it doesn't ride up whilst working out so when doing specific exercises no skin is on show which is brilliant for me. There is also room to move in the sleeves so it doesn't get too tight whilst on the weights. I have noticed that I don't seem to sweat as much in this top and I think it is down to the really lightweight and breathable material which is super comfortable.

To go along with the t-shirt I picked up some of the Under Armour shorts with the giant logo on the leg, which are perfect as they match the colour way for the t-shirt. Again these shorts are in a really lightweight and breathable material which as you can imagine is just as comfortable as the t-shirt. I can't do with tight shorts I like them nice and baggy and these ones tick those boxes. I also need them to be a decent length whilst I am working out and that is something I usually struggle with in the past they have either been too small or far too long but these get it spot on as they sit just above my knee.

Something I have done since my college football days is wear Nike Pros under my shorts, I did this for football and for in the gym and it is just something that has stuck with me over the years. They are a compression short that fit really nice and honestly you forget they are there at times. I mainly wear this to the gym so that if my shorts do ride up I still feel a lot more comfortable. These will always be one of my go to items for the gym or if I get back into football as they are a bit of a holy grail product for me. 

Finally to finish off the outfit I have these Under Armour trainers which are so comfy. I never thought of trying Under Armour trainers before as I said at the beginning of this post but I am so glad I did, my Nike's where at the end of their life and these were on offer so I didn't second guess picking these up. I won't go into these trainers too much though as I have a full post coming up on them very soon.

Under Armour are definitely a brand I have underestimated in the past but are a brand I am always going to go back to as I think I have fallen in love with them. Have you tried Under Armour, if you have what do you think of the brand?

See you soon

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