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One of the most exciting parts to the off season for me is definitely finding out what the next seasons kits are going to look like. Yeah I understand you also have the transfer window which can be pretty exciting too (post coming very soon on the Bradford City transfer window) but I just love to see what shirts I will be spending my money on and seeing my team playing in weekly.

City released their shirt last Friday in time for their refurbished shops reopening and it didn't disappoint. AVEC sport are back with a 3 year deal providing City with the Shirts, training and leisurewear alongside also now taking control of the shop. I am glad that AVEC are back on board as I love their shirts, they are lightweight and definitely last a lot longer than some of my Nike shirts have done. Plus we have gone back to the stripes, this for me makes the perfect City shirt and how every City shirt should be. Forget the checks or block colours we have had in the past we are back to stripes which is just what we need. Still in the traditional claret and amber colour each separated by black pinstripes this shirt has the potential to be one of my favourites yet by the brand.  I really like the little bits of black around the back of the neck and the edge of the sleeves as it is just a subtle bit of a difference. Obviously you still have the sponsors logos on the back and front of the shirt but they are honestly ones I don't mind on the City kit as the JCT600 looks like it was made to be there to me and I am just so used to seeing it that I am used to it by now.

The prices of the shirts are as follows:

Infants (kits) £25
Juniors £36
Youth £40
Adults £45

I honestly do think these shirts are great value for money especially when you take in to account I almost spent £64.95 on an England shirt just for the world cup.

I can't wait to head to the shop to pick up this shirt and possibly some of the training range as I do every season. Now I just need to wait and see what the away and 3rd shirts are going to look like. 

This won't be the last you see from Bradford City on the blog as I am hoping to do weekly round up posts on them, transfer news and any other bits you would like to see so feel free to leave me some ideas.

See you soon,

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