Football Boot Wish List

One thing I have really got back into lately is football boots, I think it is because I have started reviewing them on here but also because I really love the designs companies are coming out with lately and it is even helping me discover some new brands I wouldn't have tried in the past. So here are the boots I would love to pick up...

Puma Future 19.1 Netfit - £180.00
I love these boots, I think the main reason could possibly be thanks to the colourway as they are definitely a stand out but also because they are just so different. These boots apparently adapt to fit your foot and thanks to the netting style upper you can customise the laces to what suits you. They are also meant to be super lightweight and I also love the soleplate on these boots the mix of conical studs and blades are just a perfect combination for the FG/AG. Plus it has the little bit of a knitted sock, granted they are pricy but at the end of the day they are top end boots so you get what you pay for.

Nike Superfly 6 Elite FG - £229.95

I think the thing that has made me fall in love with these boots is the fact they look so simple yet so great. I love the grey, crimson and black colourway combination and I love how the upper and soleplate just seem to merge together so easily, the pattern just seems so continuous. The soleplate pattern also looks brilliant as the blades seem to be the perfect length for FG. The Superfly's have the knitted collar too something I haven't actually used in a boot before but would love to give a go. 

Nike Mercurial Vapour Elite FG - £219.95

Another top end pair that are very expensive but Nike are always one of my go to boots. I have never had a pair of Nike boots that have felt uncomfortable or that haven't lasted me a long time so I definitely want to add more to my collection. I absolutely love the colourway on this pair with the giant writing on the upper but what I love the most is the soleplate which has a metallic shine to it and the writing continues underneath. With this being top end it comes with a strong bag too so you keep them nice and protected. The boots also have an ACC also known as all climate control finish meaning the touch is still reliable no matter the weather. Plus I loved these boots when Tobin Heath wore them in the FIFAWWC19 final.

Adidas Predator 19+ FG - £230.00

 I have never had a pair of laceless boots and you know what... I have always been on the fence about getting a pair. Made up of a prime knit upper and a sock fit collar they definitely look comfortable. The fact they are also laceless I would hope if I was to get a pair that the lack of laces would help me get a cleaner connection on the ball to provide a better strike. The soleplate itself looks pretty standard but I love the mix of black, cyan and yellow.

New Balance Tekela v2 Pro FG - £160.00

New Balance aren't even a brand I would have considered for football boots until I saw world cup superstar Rose Lavelle wearing a pair. That is when I headed over to the site and came across this amazing pair. Again it was the colourway that attracted me to these boots, the dark blue on the upper with the metallic looking N on the side followed by half a metallic soleplate which merges into the dark blue once again. The stud position is great too as all the basis is covered. The one thing I would love to know more about though is the Kinetic Stitch as I am genuinely intrigued so if anyone from New Balance wants to chat about that please get in touch.

So there you have it those are the boots currently at the top of my wish list but with the high prices on these I think I will be definitely be saving up for quite a while. What sort of boots would you like to see me review in the future? And I will see what I can pick up.

See you soon

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