Gymshark Lift Manchester

If you had told me a few month ago that I would be going to a fitness event with my little sister I would have just laughed. I didn't want to leave the house some days due to the size of me and my weight but on Saturday me and Georgia headed to Manchester for the Gymshark Lift Manchester Event. To be honest I was still a bit sceptical even on the way to this event, I was worried I would just stand out as I am very clearly not the fittest or slimmest of people these days and it has really knocked my confidence. But by the time we were in the queue, an hour early might I add some of those worries had gone away and I was actually quite looking forward to the day with my sister. I went into this hoping to find some extra motivation to get back into the gym and also meet some of my favourite YouTubers.

First off we went straight into the queue to meet a few of my sisters favourites who were located in the same zone. This was the only reason we were there to be honest, she sent me the announcement with the names David Laid and Steve Cook highlighted and said she needed to go so we told her to get the tickets booked. David was the first one to see and he was really nice, I have to admit lately I had watched a few of his videos and I know for sure now I will be watching more. Next up to meet was Steve Cook who after my sisters reaction just to seeing him whilst we were queuing is definitely her favourite. I had watched a few of his videos with my sister in the past and also started watching some on my own so it was nice to meet him, he was brilliant we had a great chat about where we had travelled from, my tattoos and the fact my sister had a baby to be honest he could definitely become one of my favourite YouTubers to watch too as since meeting him I have watched plenty more videos.   

Once we had met David and Steve it was onto the shopping part of the day, although we got side tracked when we found one of my all time favourites MattDoesFitness just before the shopping area so instead of going to the shop and then having to queue for him later on in the day. Matt was possibly one of the first fitness YouTubers I watched and subscribed too as his videos are absolutely brilliant, his son Luca even introduces some videos and it can honestly be a highlight.  From his videos Matt always seemed so down to earth and I can confirm that after standing and speaking to his along with getting our pics with him he is just that. 

So after seeing Matt we finally got to the shop where my sister spent up in the women's section and I was definitely was spoilt for choice in the men's. I much prefer men's clothing overall in terms of fit as they just make me feel a lot comfortable so I was heading straight to that section. I picked up a few bits after trying them on which was a lovely surprise I wasn't expecting there to be changing rooms at the event. I won't go on too much about the shopping though as I have a post coming up very soon with what I bought.

After the shopping we went to watch Matt and David do some deadlifts which is something my sister wanted to watch plus I was pretty interested in since watching Matt's latest video's. It was great to see and I guess if I ever do get into deadlifting (doubt it) I know exactly what to do now.

Finally it was time for me to meet some more of my favourites, Zac Perna is a YouTuber who I discovered through Matt and I instantly subscribed again his videos are absolutely brilliant so to get to meet him was fantastic. 

Behzinga aka Ethan Payne (from the Sidemen) is the main reason I actually agreed to attending though, this guy is truly an inspiration his weight loss has actually one of my biggest motivations so when I told him I wanted to lose weight just like him and he told me I would smash it I think it just clicked and if someone who is already on that journey can believe in me why can't I believe in myself. He was great to chat to and so down to earth just like you see in his videos. I keep going back and looking at his videos about his journey to get some tips. Just seeing him at the event compared to his earlier YouTube videos the difference is unbelievable he has done brilliantly in his journey.

I am definitely converted as it wasn't what I expected at all and will be keeping an eye on their site in the future to see other events they are doing along with any new clothing releases coming up. In fact I have the haul of what I got coming up along with a wish list as I have fallen in love with so many bits. The event did it's trick and now I can't wait to get into the gym and lose this weight, so thank you Gymshark.

See you soon

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