Jumpers For Goalposts Festival

Do you ever see something happening and just think ah I wish I lived closer and wasn't doing anything that weekend, well that is how I feel about the Jumpers for Goalposts festival. This is a brand new festival taking place over 2 day (3rd & 4th August) at the Printworks London. The festival offers those attending a variety of unique and interactive experiences designed to highlight the power that the whole footballing culture has with it bringing people of all cultures and backgrounds together.

What I think is great about this festival is that is has plenty going on and is supported by some great organisations with the London FA and Admiral Sportswear (a brand I have loved for a while and would love to have more of) both on board. The schedule is jam packed with plenty to do over the full weekend, it includes the UK festival premiere of the BT Sports films documentary State of Play, this is actually something I would really love to watch as it focuses on how the game effects not only the players but also those involved in the game the documentary has interviews from some of the games leading players such as Gareth Bale, Frank Lampard and Les Ferdinand. After this screening there will be a panel where the documentary's producer and director are interviewed alongside former player Drewe Broughton and author Michael Calvin whose bestselling book inspired the making of the documentary, after this panel Michael will also be signing copies of his book.

That's not all though there are other panels going on over the weekend such as:
  • The making of Herstory which is hosted by Vaishali Bhardwaj a sports journalist and broadcaster about the legacy that has been created for women's football in the wake of the brilliant 2019 World Cup. Joining the panel will be Lewes FC player Shannon Moloney, CEO of Women in football Jane Purdon and Debra Nelson who co-delivers the football beyond borders girls programme, she even featured as the voice over for the Lionesses Women's World Cup Nike campaign.
  • Beating the Press: Football and the media, this will be hosted by Jon Mackenzie of the Football Media Podcast. This will also involve Laurence McKenna the Creative Director of the YouTube channel XO, the amazing Fadumo Olow who is the co-founder of the I think She's Offside Podcast, Michael Delaney the Chief football writer for The Independent. 
  • The future of the game will also be discussed by Daniel Geey, David Goldblatt, Michael Cox and Peter Lowe as they look ahead at how the game may change by 2029.

Shannon Moloney comments; “It is important that we do not forget the success of our Lionesses this summer and that the impact and legacy will remain beyond 2019. I would like to see an increase in female participation in football driven by clubs, organisations and football providers to ensure that provisions are set up to encourage, develop and sustain the women’s game. Our female sports stars should have equal sponsorship and media coverage, and the relevant bodies at the FA should work to increase equality, not just in pay, but also access to facilities, healthcare and provisions for all players.”

It isn't just panels all weekend though there is plenty more going on:

  •  More panels than those discussed above along with more talks
  • Workshops
  •  A marketplace
  •  Book signings
  • Family activities 
  •  Stalls with games
  • Street Food
  •  Live screenings
The festival will be showing the Liverpool vs Man City FA Community Shield game live so what better way to watch than with fellow football fans? Not only that though the screening will take place alongside a second scree which will be showing a performance by Minute books, who are a design collective who will illustrate every minute of the game, how amazing is that? Plus once the game is done this will be printed and bound into a book.  They are also showing Bend it like Beckham one of my all time favourite films.  They will also have Get Shirty being shown which shows Admiral's rise, fall and revival.

 The festivals charity partner is Sporting Memories and to support this cause there will be an exhibition of 20 on-off art pieces made by well known football creatives in response to 'My First Football Memory', these will be auctioned off to help raise funds and awareness.

In terms of the workshops there are plenty to get involved with. There is a session on alternative careers in football for women, football zine- making using old football photography and for those under 13 Alex Bellos and Spike Gerrell of the children's book series Football School will be hosting sessions using football to make school subjects fun which can really benefit those still in school and not getting the most out of it.

Sunday dives into the nostalgic aspect of the game with attendees encouraged to turn up in retro shirts. The schedule also focuses on this theme throughout the day with things such as Got Got Need: The wonderful world of football memorabilia and collectables, this would definitely be right up my street as I love things like this, I have a little collection of programmes going (which I would love to add to) and all sorts of merch from over the years. There will also be a live recording of both the Alive and Kicking 90s football Podcast and the Retro Football Shirt Podcast which should be fantastic. There will also be retro video games and even a vintage shirt exhibition.

Rahul Keerthi, Jumpers for Goalposts’ Founder and Producer says, “Jumpers for Goalposts is a celebration of football culture - yes, there's an invitation to learn and share but we also want to remind people to have fun with football again, whatever your age, background or interest in the game. 

The name of the festival should evoke the joy, imagination and unlimited possibility that football makes many of us feel as kids, but we recognise that this has not been the case for everyone. Football culture can be a force for positive change, creating environments around football that encourage people to enjoy who they are and what they can do - both as individuals and as a team or community. Football is for all.”

The festival is open from 10am on both Saturday 3rd August and Sunday, with closing times on each day at 10pm and 7pm respectively. Tickets go on sale today via Ticket Tailor.

Weekend tickets start at £34.99 for adults, while under-18s are £15.99 and 12 and under are £9.99. Children 6 and under go free. All under-18s must be accompanied by an adult and proof of age may be required. Single day tickets are also available for £20 for adults, with discounts also available for under-18s. You can purchase the tickets here.

The event will be hosted at Printworks London, 1 Surrey Quays Rd, Rotherhithe, London SE16 7PJ

Personally I really wish I could get to this festival as I would love to go to some of the screenings, partake in some of the workshops and definitely play some of the retro video games and take a look at the vintage shirt exhibition. 

Will you be going? If you do let me know how it went and hopefully if they do this again I can hopefully attend.

See you soon,

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