Gymshark Haul

Remember last week when I posted about going to the Gymshark event in Manchester (you can read all about it here) well today I finally have the post showing what exactly I bought whilst there. I tried not to go overboard but I was spoilt for choice. I shop in the men's section in most stores as the clothing just makes me feel more comfortable and Gymshark is no different they have so many brilliant items but here is what I decided to buy after trying quite a bit on... 

I got this black block pullover and I was surprised with just how well this fit me. I was worried it may have been a little bit tight but it was a perfect fit which to be honest I aren't used to from clothing at all these days due to my size. One thing I always struggle with is the arm length on hoodies like this as I have pretty short arms but this was a really good length for me. I also struggle with overall length as I am pretty short but even this fit well on me. Initially I got this for the gym but now I think I may actually keep it for just going out and about due to how nice it is. It is a lightweight material so if I did wear it to the gym it wouldn't sit too heavy on me but also great for those cooler days out and about, it is really soft too so it is really comfortable.

Next up I got the black Veer short sleeve t-shirt for the gym which I am absolutely in love with. It is such a lightweight stretchy material, before I tried it on I thought it would be a little bit too clingy too me but it is absolutely perfect, the fit is perfect but doesn't clingy and definitely isn't too big for me. The fit around the arms is spot on too as there isn't a lot of excess material just hanging there. It makes such a nice change having something that fits and looks so nice for a change. Plus it is really basic with just the little logo in the top left and a little bit on the back in a grey strip.

Finally I picked up the Manchester t-shirt basically just as a bit of a memento of going to the event but I actually love this top again the fit is perfect even around the arms, the length is also perfect as it is a little bit longer at the back but not too long. This is just like standard t-shirt material and I am still undecided as to whether I wear this out and about or to the gym. My favourite part to this though is the back where it says Manchester down the spine in a bold print.

I still can't believe I got all this for £67.00 which for the quality I believe is great value. I think its is safe to say black is my go to colour lately but after looking on the site this could soon change as I have already got my eye on a load more items on the site, wish list coming soon, plus I am getting another of the Veer t-shirts for my birthday from my auntie and uncle which I can't wait for. It is a brand I will definitely be buying a lot more from so keep an eye out for more hauls from these in the future. Do you have anything from Gymshark, if so what have you got?

See you soon

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