July 2019 Goals

I sat down the other day and just started to think about the things I want to achieve over the next couple of years, then I got the idea to do one of these goals posts each month. So from now on once a month I will be sitting down and making a post listing out what I really want to achieve throughout that month. So here are my goals for July...

I really want to get out in the garden and train more in the football sense, I want to try get out at least once a week (weather permitting). I want to carry on growing my football side of the blog by posting at least 2 football related posts a month. I have a couple of ideas of what I want to do but if you want to see anything specific please let me know.
I also want to try hit up some outlet stores to try find some deals on football boots and clothing as I really want to try out different items but what better way to do it than on a budget.

Health & Fitness
I have really let my health get worse, I am gaining weight instead of losing it and that is going to change this month. I am hoping that throughout July I can lose 4lb as a minimum that way I will be back to what I was pre-operation. Also thanks to the world cup the gym has really been put off but now there isn't a football match to watch every night I am hoping to go at least twice a week to get back into it this month.

With the warmer weather slowly starting to make an appearance, I really want to get styling my outfits properly. As it stands I just throw on any random items just to get out of the house quicker but now I really want to start taking time to put together the perfect out for me. I always want to try be more confident and experiment with my style a bit as I want to find the perfect style for me. I also want to try wear at least 2 different pairs of trainers through the month too as I currently have so many just sat in the boxes.

Blog/Social Media
I had a fantastic month last month on the blog and I want to carry it on. I want to carry on posting daily with 1 or 2 posts as I am really enjoying it. I also want to try get a few collaborations done for the blog with some of my favourite content creators and I have a few all ready to post that involve some supporters groups. I also have set myself some social media goals where I want to try get to certain amounts by the end of the month so fingers crossed I can get to those. If you have any posts you would specifically like to see please let me know.

So there you go those are the goals I am hoping to achieve throughout the month what are you hoping to achieve?

See you soon

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