Last Week #49

Well that is it the 4 year wait for the world cup, the month of football and it all came to an end yesterday. It has been an absolutely fantastic tournament and has opened up the world of the women's game to a whole lot more people. It has been an absolutely brilliant month and I am gutted it has ended. Last week was a great one Tuesday the family came around to watch the England vs USA game and we all had t-shirts with an American player on the front and an English one on the back. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights were spent just me and Liam getting jobs done then heading out shopping a few times. Saturday me, my mum, sister, nanna and nephew all headed over to the Shelf gala for a few hours before going home to watch England then heading to a 21st festival themed party which was brilliant. Sunday was a well deserved lazy day with a nice lie in for a change, followed by a little bit of work in the little room then watching the football.  So here is what I had...

Been Watching : I have once again watched all the women's world cup games that have been on and honestly I don't know what I am going to do now it has finished. When the football hasn't been on I have had YouTube on with a bit of a mix of cleaning videos, football videos and the Sidemen. 

Been reading : Thanks to the world cup once again my reading has been none existent. But the world cup itself has really spurred me on and I want to get through the football books I own, especially Hope Solo's. 

Been listening to : I have fallen into the trap again, I have had KSI on repeat I am particularly loving New Age. When doing a spot of decorating I have also had Tegan and Sara on repeat just to get me through it. 

Bought : I went a little overboard in the Disney shop once again I got a gorgeous Lion King blanket, some socks for my nephew and a woody soft toy. Liam also got me a really cute animatronic Simba obviously this is for me and the nephew to share but lets be honest I will be keeping it. I also got some nice storage boxes to keep all my blogging items in one place for a change.

Plans for this week : I want to get back in the gym as I have definitely been slacking with the football been on, I also want to do a few bits of admin for the blog to try work on ideas I have been having. I have been really impressed with how the blog has been doing lately so I really want to keep it up and bring more ideas to the table. Not only that but I have a pretty busy week, an evening with the Bantams event, a Gymshark event and Bradford vs Liverpool are all happening this week and I can't wait it is going to be amazing.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

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