Back Garden Update

Finally we have progress in the back garden and it is all thanks to my dad and Liam. They have been working away on weekends trying to get the garden from a muddy, weedy mess into somewhere we can actually sit out and enjoy.

First off they had to make the framework for the deck which proved more of a struggle than first expected as it turns out the ground is solid clay. So it took quite a bit of digging on their behalf. I was sent to spend my dads with my mum and sister whilst the work was going on so I was well out of the way so I am super grateful for everything they have done to get it looking so good so quick. They needed to redo some pipework and raise the water meter cover to be able to get the decking spot on and also had to make a hatch for access to the water supply. The colour is looking brilliant too so I may have to go with my original idea and wait a while for painting this. The area is a lot bigger than we all expected too so there is plenty of space on here and still plenty left at the bottom of the garden.

So here is what it is currently looking like with the hatch in for the water supply and the water meter raised. I am so happy with how it is looking now, I just cant wait until it is finished and we can get out and have tea out there and start having BBQ's. So still to do there is:
  • Put the fence up at the side of the decking
  • Finish off the front of the deck
  • Put in the railings (wooden spindles) and little handrails
  • Build Liam's planters
  • Level and turf the bottom of the garden
  • Add chippings and lights around the edge
There is still plenty to do to keep us going but I just can't wait, I am hoping it is all done ready for my birthday as I plan on all the family coming around and spending the day here. I also can't wait to start adding bits to the garden such as plants and furniture, in fact I already have some ideas for it, who fancies a garden wish list post? It is all slowly coming together and we are slowly getting more and more ticked off our job list which is a brilliant feeling.

See you soon

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