Last Week #51

It has made a brilliant change for it to be quite a relaxed week for us, we have been to the gym, I have spent a night at my sisters then had a day with her and my nephew. We have also done some more decorating and even went to watch the football. Even though we seemed to do a lot it has felt very relaxed which made a nice change. So here is what I had...

Been Watching : It had been a YouTube week with a little bit of air crash investigations thrown in, I absolutely love that show.

Been reading : I actually didn't get any more reading done as I was too lazy to unpack my bag from my sisters.

Been listening to : Tegan and Sara had once again been on quite a bit but I really had a mixture of music last week with the likes of Elvis, Bruce Springsteen and the Stone Roses.

Bought : I got quite a few more bits from the Disney store some items to be put away as gifts and then a Stitch mug for myself and a Toy Story top. I also got a Stephen Darby t-shirt to add to the collection and a few hair styling bits and most importantly loads of bits from Ikea.

Plans for this week : I am hoping carry on with this motivation and get back in the gym again this week, I am loving this new found motivation. I also want to carry on getting more of the little room done as we are really starting to get somewhere with it. Hopefully I can get the house properly cleaned as well as it is beginning to drive me mad, we have an overflowing wash basket, cardboard boxes from deliveries left laying around and shoes in every room, Liam is working Saturday so I think this may be a cleaning morning for me.  

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

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