An Evening With The Bantams

So last night me, Liam, my mum and dad all headed down to Valley Parade to go to an evening with the bantams. This event was a chance to hear from some players and the manager with their thoughts on the upcoming season, some exciting news to be announced and the whole reason I was actually going, the reveal of the new away kit.

New signing Clayton Donaldson was first up on stage and talking about what he can bring to the club and what he thought to being back at his home town club. Honestly I wasn't too sure what to expect from Clayton but that guy is hilarious. When asked about his time in the City youth system he said the best part was in fact his release, his whole interview has every one laughing which was brilliant to see.

Then came the exciting news which to most people wouldn't be exciting at all, this was the introduction of the Bantams lottery, which costs £10 a month with some local projects benefitting from this money, the main one being the burns unit. I am actually pretty tempted to give it a go but will be looking more into it before I make my mind up.

Gary Bowyer was also in attendance and it was lovely to meet him. I honestly believe that we have a really good chance in league 2 with him in charge. He was also hilarious during his interview constantly having everyone laughing but also reassuring the crowd that things are getting better within the club and things are starting to look up. I think it is what we all needed to hear especially after the shambolic few years we have had, especially last year. He basically has said he is only looking to bring in those who want to play for the shirt and is only looking for the best. Something really seems to be working though as just from the preseason games and what you are seeing on social media morale is getting better within the group and a number of players have come out and set it themselves. I think the best part of all this though was when he referred to Clayton's previous comment of them going rock climbing by saying 'he hadn't seen a single rock as it was an assault course with challenges' and 'some play are still there working on it'. It was nice to see him answering some crowds questions on the spot too and answering those questions honestly no beating around the bush, except when asked if we was going to win the league.

But as I say the actual reason I went to this event was for the kit and it didn't disappoint. The kit is inspired by shirts from the mid to late 70's in which City gained promotion and won plenty of games, hopefully this can bring a bit of luck to the City side and have them winning games once again this season. The shirts is once again a lightweight material with the breathable fabric sleeves, back and sides which to be honest has been one of my favourite things about the Avec shirts in the past. The kit is mainly white with the claret and amber stripe running down the centre, the only problem with this for me is the fact the big JCT600 sign is smack bang in the middle. I just think it breaks up what could be a brilliant overall design, but I guess we need the sponsors so it will do. I love how the stripes seem to fade to white as they reach the bottom. It is nice to see they still have the black ribbon placed on the back too, something which has become a tradition with the City kits to honour the 56 who tragically lost their lives in the Valley Parade fire disaster, I love seeing them still being honoured each season. 

I may even have to pick up the shorts to go with this as they feature the new Darby Rimmer MND foundation logo, a charity that the club has recently partnered with and the logo will be on the shorts for the 2-109/20 campaign. It is brilliant to see how closely the club is still working with Darby who in my opinion has to be a club legend and is definitely one of my favourite players hopefully this partnership will help bring awareness to the charity. Apparently though this is just the start of the partnership so I can't wait to see what else they have in the pipeline. This kit is getting it's first outing at the Bradford vs Liverpool game on Sunday which I really can't wait for a great game for an even better cause.  Who knows I may even do my own fundraising for them in the future.

I have to admit though I might have to get one of these shirts O'Donnell had on too as they are brilliant and I am loving the colour. 

Bring on the start of the season because after sitting in that room last night I am really hopeful for the season ahead.

See you soon

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