Bradford City vs Wigan Preseason

Another Saturday and finally a men's game to watch. I have really missed going to Valley Parade, yes even after the poor season last season, and since last Sunday's game against Liverpool the bug has definitely come back and bit me hard. This week City took on championship side Wigan and honestly I wasn't expecting much. I thought maybe a 2-0 win for Wigan as even though it was 3-1 to Liverpool I still honestly thought that Wigan would come out all guns blazing and we would struggle but oh how wrong was I. 

Bowyer put out a strong side in the first half and it was my first chance to see Donaldson and Vaughan up front together, I told my mum last week this could be a partnership that would work really well for us during the season and they didn't disappoint during this game, I thought they linked up really well. Looking at the 4 most forward players in that attacking line up we had Gibson, Donaldson, Vaughan and Scannell and honestly that could be the difference between a top finish or ending in the playoffs I believe these 4 could really be a force to be reckoned with their linking up and actual playing of the game was brilliant. 

City were the first on the score board after Donaldson was brought down in the box and Vaughan slotted home the penalty that followed. City honestly looked the most threatening for the first 60 minutes, with Wigan spending more time on the floor. Wigan did pull one back though a very soft goal, a lapse in defending left a clear chance for Wigan which they took with ease. 

Then came the mass change for City all 11 players replaced. The players entering the field were either trialists or those who you would believe were going to be on the bench for the majority of the season, this team didn't look as strong as the first team however, they did manage not to concede and the game ended 1-1 which for a league 2 side vs a championship side I don't think is too bad.

It is great actually watching a team that is working well together, talking to each other and linking up well for a change. It is a massive improvement from last season and hopefully this carries on into the season. Keep checking back on here as I will have a prediction post coming up soon along with a post all about those coming in and gone out of the club over the summer so far.

So far it is looking really promising for City and I can't wait to head over to the Horsfall playing fields to watch them take on Bradford Park Avenue tomorrow. Let's see what result that brings in. 

See you soon,

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