FIFAWWC19 3rd Place Game England vs Sweden

Well the time finally arrived, yesterday was England and Sweden's final game in this years world cup as they battled for 3rd place. I was so hopeful for England as they had played well against the USA plus Sweden had to play through an extra 30 minutes, but it wasn't meant to be as Sweden took home the bronze medal. 

McManus came in to replace the suspended Bright and Greenwood took her place back at left back. England looked sluggish throughout the game whereas Sweden actually looked like they wanted to win. From the start England seemed to have their tactics wrong from the get go, it didn't work well for them playing it out from the back against Sweden when they faced off in Rotherham so why try it again in this game. Even better though if the tactic isn't work for you why not change it sooner. 

England went a goal down early in the game as a terrible clearance from Greenwood found its way straight to Asllani who easily slotted the ball home with a nice finish. It was another defensive error that lead to Sweden's second goal, a mix of players out of position, others not tracking back but an absolutely cracking finish. 

Fran Kirby scored a great goal, to mark her first of the competition to put England back in the game and it was great to see her get off the mark as she wasn't having her best tournament but looked like the only threatening player in yesterdays game. 110 seconds later it looked like Ellen White had put  England back on level terms but unfortunately VAR struck again and ruled out yet another White goal. The ball struck her chest but then bounced onto her arm, I honestly don't see how she could have even moved the arm to avoid this as it was the momentum that took the ball to the arm. It just hasn't been whites tournament in terms of VAR decisions.

This goal been ruled out seemed to spur England on a little bit but they just couldn't find the back of the net again and overall Sweden did just look the better side on the day.

What really did annoy me about this game though wasn't England losing as to be honest I always did think they would struggle against Sweden as they are such a strong side, but it was Phil's comments in his interview calling the game a nonsense game. Now normally I would gloss over stupid comments like these and say they are heat of the moment but when in 2015 we took home the bronze medal and those players absolutely played their hearts out comments like this are taking away that achievement. What for? Just because his team didn't take home a medal? If I was on the 2015 team I certainly wouldn't take to these comments a bronze medal is definitely better than being empty handed. I can assure you his comments would definitely have been different had England won yesterday. So Phil, please don't knock down the achievements of 2015 and the Swedish achievement yesterday.

Overall the better side did win and I think England need to go back to the drawing board work on tactics and their defending as that really was their weak link throughout the tournament. Congratulations Sweden.

See you soon

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