The Additions To The Sneaker Collection Since The Last Post

Well it has been a while since I did a sneaker/shoe collection post... in fact it has been almost 2 years since part 1 which you can read here.  Since part 1 I have picked up quite a few new pairs (not as many as I originally thought) and you have probably seen quite a few of these sneakers appear on the blog previously as I definitely wear these now more than my previous pairs. So here is part 2 of the sneaker/shoe collection...


Puma Nova 90's Bloc

I love these sneakers as they are super easy to style but also they are really comfortable. I surprised myself when I purchased these as they have pink on them as I wouldn't normally purchase items that are pink but luckily the colour works really well as it doesn't over run the rest of the shoe. These sneakers are definitely going to be a go to through the warmer weather. You will be seeing more about these on the blog very soon. 

Nike Court Borough Mid's

These have already had their very own post which you can read here. I can easily say these sneakers don't look anything like in the image anymore as they have become my beaters. I have worn them far too much but they are super comfy & were great in the colder wet weather. Again these are really easy to style and I can see me trying to find a similar pair when these finally give up.

Primark All White Sneakers

These trainers are definitely up there as one of my biggest bargains going as they were only £12.00 and are really comfortable. The best part about these are how plain they are so they give a smarter look as opposed to sports sneakers, they actually give me vibes of the Common Projects just a whole lot cheaper. I have done a whole blog post written about these sneakers which you can read here.

Under Armour Gym Sneakers

I only ever used to wear gym sneakers for the gym but lately that has changed in the past year to me just wearing these Under Armour ones, again I have done a previous post about these which you can read here. I love how comfortable these sneakers are and the colour of them. They have definitely sold me on buying Under Armour sneakers in the future.


I love these Jordan's that I picked up from our local Nike outlet. They are a simple black & white mid sneaker which goes with a whole lot of outfits I own. Jordan's for me aren't always comfortable but these seem to be a bit of an exception.

Adidas NMD's

These sneakers will definitely be featuring on the blog very soon as I am in love with them. They are my first pair of NMD's and I got them a lot cheaper than they should have been. At £65 they were still on the pricey range but when I bought them they should have been way over £100. I love the black and red colourway with the white and black bottom plus the material of these just make them really comfortable. 

Adidas Arkyn's

Again I have done a full post about these which you can read here. I was lucky enough that Liam treated me to these and I am so glad he did. The colours on these sneakers work so well and the boost technology make them one of the most comfortable pairs I own. With the colours of these I find they are perfect for the warmer weather.

Nike Air Max 200's

One of the last pairs I bought were these Nike Air Max 200's, my dad gave me and my sister some money to treat ourselves at the start of the year and of course with what I had left I had to pick up these as they were on sale. I would never normally have opted for these due to the style but I thought it was time to step away from my comfort zone a bit and pick these up... I am so glad I did. There is a blog post already up about these which you can read here

River Island Sneakers

My auntie got me these for Christmas and I absolutely love them, I always wanted a pair of the sock like trainers and these tick that box, plus this green & red stripe on the bridge of the foot just add something a little different. My sister got a pair of these too so we just need to make sure we don't wear these at the same time. Keep an eye on my Instagram to see me styling these.

Maroon Vans

I picked these up from the York Designer Outlet for around £30 and they are the first pair I have bought in such a long time. I went off Vans for a while but I am hoping that these help bring back that love I once had for the brand and who knows my next pair might be a pair of classic black and white Old Skools. I just think vans give off a bit of a smarter casual vibe with your outfit and I love how these are maroon with a gum bottom. I am looking forward to styling these especially with some shorts now the weather is getting better.

So there you have it those are all the sneakers I have picked up in the past few years, well since my last shoe collection, be sure to check that post out if you haven't already. There will definitely be plenty more sneaker content coming your way in the future.

See you soon

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