A Total Bargain For Trainers At Primark

I have never really considered getting trainers from Primark in the past, or when I have they have only been for in the garden or to occasionally wear out and about, but then I came across a YouTube video from Mr Carrington where he picked up a pair of all white trainers for just £12 from Primark. 

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I have got a huge collection of trainers already, in fact I have done a post about my shoe collection in the past,(I will do an updated version very soon). However, one pair that has always been missing is an all white pair as I just hadn't been able to find a pair that I fell in love with, the closest I found was a pair of Fila's with a gum bottom. 

So when Mr Carrington posted his video with these in I knew I had to go to my local store to see if they were worth picking up. From the second I tried them on I was in love. They are in the men's section and I picked my usual size 7 and they fit me really well. Sometimes I struggle with trainers being too high up the heel but as you can see from the image below these are spot on and even after a few wears now they are still looking nice and fresh but better yet they haven't rubbed me once.

Something else I struggle with occasionally with the more expensive trainers is how narrow they can be, but to say these are the cheapest pair I own they are also the best fitting. What I can't get over though is the fact they look so much more expensive than they really are.

I can seriously see these lasting me a while and me getting plenty of wear out of them as with them being all white they can definitely go with a lot of my outfits.

£12 trainers, primark, sneakers

I would recommend if you are on the hunt for some nice trainers not to disregard Primark as they might just surprise you like they did me. 

Have you ever tried any of the Primark trainers?

See you soon

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