My New Favourite Sweatshirt

Even though it is Spring now the temperatures especially here in the UK can still drop and there can definitely be a chill in the air. That is why I have been on the lookout for a good quality sweatshirt for a while now... Well on my last trip to the York Designer Outlet I think I may have finally found the one.

Again until I went on this trip I had never had anything Tommy Hilfiger but then I picked up this jumper and my T-shirt and I know that I will be getting more items in the future. The jumper was on sale from £70 to £35 and I was lucky as this was the last XL, so I headed into the changing room and instantly fell in love with it.

The jumper isn't too thick which will make it perfect for the colder spring weather as well as been great later in the year too. The red colour is fantastic as it is definitely vibrant and stands out. If you looked into my wardrobe you will only ever find black,grey, navy blue or red clothing so this definitely carries on with that theme. 

The print covers the chest of the jumper and I love how it is just in the simple blue, red and white theme. The light blue and white just work really well with the red and the way the Tommy is broken up with the jeans written through the middle of it just looks great.

As you can see in the picture above the sleeves are a little long for me but a simple roll up solves that issue for me and although the sleeves then look a bit ruffled I still think they look great. 

The only other detail on the jumper is on the sleeve, near the cuff, this is just a very small embroidered Tommy Hilfiger logo which you have to be close to if you want to actually see it. In fact it is that small when I bought the jumper I didn't even notice it. 

The best thing about this jumper though is how versatile it actually is. I have played about with styling this jumper and there are actually quite a few ways to wear it. I can team it up with my black skinny jeans & red Nike Blazers and it give a nice look but I can swap the Blazers for my white trainers and it still works just as good. 

If I don't fancy wearing my jeans though and want to throw on a pair of chinos instead the jumper still works well. Again add some khaki chinos to my jumper & Nike Blazer combo and you have another pretty good look which is perfect for spring. You could even swap out the Blazers for some simple Converse or Vans and that would look pretty good too. 

If it is still a bit too chilly even with the jumper on I have found that this looks great with a darker denim jacket over the top, I have found the jumper just breaks up the darker look and adds a pop of colour to the whole outfit. 

I can't wait to go back to York Designer Outlet/Footasylum once I have lost a bit more weight as thanks to this jumper and my t-shirt I am sold on the Tommy Hilfiger brand and I can see them becoming a bit of a staple brand for me. 

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