Lockdown Routine

This lockdown has well and truly changed my daily routine and I am sure it will have done the same to the majority of you too. Some people will have gone from going to the office 9-5 to either working from home or not working at all. I have gone from going to the office Monday to Friday to do my full time job but obviously that has now stopped and I literally have a free day everyday.

I wanted to try stick to a routine while I am in the house so it makes it that little bit easier when I do end up going back to work, plus it means I am actually making the most of my time instead of wasting it just lounging around. So here is my routine after one week.

I will get up nice and early still and try do a work out, I have been doing the workouts on the Nike training app or the Joe Wicks workout and although they might be killing me they are so good. Once this workout is done I will make some breakfast & my BCAA's for the day as these have become a daily essential for me.

Once the workout is done I will go back upstairs & get ready for the day which usually means me throwing on some tracksuit bottoms & a football shirt as they are what I am comfortable in. I will then head into the games room and switch on the PC ready for the day ahead.

I have been using my time to work on the blogs a lot more, on the first day I tried working on all 3 blogs in the same day but since then I have been working on one blog a day, one day I can be writing about fashion and the next about some games or football which changes up the days nicely for me.

I try to blog until 12:00pm/12:30pm then I will head downstairs to make some lunch where I will have some time away from my PC and watch some Disney+ or catch up on Hollyoaks and Keeping up with the Kardashians.  I will usually do this for an hour or so before heading back upstairs to carry on blogging away.

Around 2/3pm I will move away from my desk and usually have a nap, these seem to have become a daily thing lately and I am loving it as I feel much more refreshed. Around 4pm I will head back to my PC to carry on with some blog bits before switching off around 5/6pm. Once I have done I will just sit and check social media & watch some YouTube or Disney+ before heading to bed, I have found I am going to bed a little later than normal but I am still waking up around the same time in a morning.

Obviously the days do often change, some days I will do some jobs around the house, have a FaceTime call with my family and a phone call with my grandparents/auntie. I will also play some games some days as this helps me with content for my gaming blog as well as giving me something different to do.

This time in lockdown is really helping me become a lot more productive and I think once this lockdown is over and done with I may have to implement this routine on weekends & some parts into my daily life just to keep up productivity and help me carry on blogging so efficiently.

What do your lockdown days look like?

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