Lockdown Fitness Update


Well it has officially been one month since I officially entered lockdown and what a strange month it has been. With no seeing family and no work I have had to find other ways to keep myself occupied during the days. 

One thing that has really benefited from this lockdown is my health and weight loss as in my new found spare time I have been trying to get in some workouts, I have been playing with the football again and my eating is better than ever. So here is a breakdown to what I have been doing whilst stuck at home...

This is something I have been doing a few times a week, granted it was much easier when Liam wasn't at home too as now he is home I seem to have dropped in motivation and would rather have an extra hour of sleep or just head straight into the games room, but I am still managing to get in a few workouts per week so I am still doing something. I just need to find that motivation again so I can get back on track. The workouts I have been doing include ones off the Nike Training App & the Joe Wick's PE workout, which has just shown me how unfit I actually am. When I have done with those I will often get the weights out and do a few sets just so I am doing something for my upper body too. 

Playing Football
To get us out of the house a little bit me and Liam have been having a bit of a kick about at the side of the house with the football. It just means we are getting some fresh air as well as playing football which is something I love and have missed in recent years. Thanks to playing football I actually do believe that my knee is finally becoming a little bit stronger.

Eating & Drinking Better
When I was at work I was snacking far too much, I was always eating biscuits or chocolate or crisps but since I have been home I have noticed that 90% of the time I aren't actually snacking at all which has amazed me as I thought I would end up snacking even more. It just goes to show me that when I do go back to the office I don't need to eat as much as I had previously because if I can restrict myself at home I can do it in any environment. I think one thing that is helping me in terms of cutting out the snacking is that I am drinking a lot more water. I always have a bottle by my side and some days I can end up refilling it two/three times a day. I just feel so much better just for staying hydrated, I have actually cut out alcohol for a bit as well to see if that makes a difference and I aren't missing it too much at the moment. 

So here is how the weight loss went for April whilst I have been in lockdown:

Beginning of April weight : 15 stone 10 & 1/2 lb
End of April weight : 15 stone 9 & 1/2 lb

Total loss -1 lb.

Overall 2020 loss so far : 7 &1/4 lbs.

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