Weekly Round Up #16

Another lockdown week done, I am just trying to keep the mindset now of we are a day closer to the lockdown being lifted and it seems to be helping.

Monday was a full day of blogging for me, I actually managed to get quite a bit done which surprised me, then I just sat and watched even more YouTube.

Tuesday was a day of getting jobs done once I had completed my workout, Liam went to the Supermarket whilst I had a bit of a kick about then we tackled the shed and under the stairs where we completely sorted them out. I even managed to get the outside table looking like new again. Then I was back at my PC ready for the GymShark sale. 

On Wednesday I sat and sorted out my whiteboard where I put all my blog post ideas. I wanted something that was easier to understand and not too cluttered. Now I have an easy to reach to do list and a list where I can track the progress of my photos for each post. I also decided instead of daily to do lists I am going to start doing weekly to do lists for my blogs so I don't have to spend hours at my PC if I don't want to. 

Thursday is the day we found out we had another 3 weeks at least stuck in the house. I actually didn't do much on Thursday except speak to my grandparents & watch Peaky Blinders. 

Liam had to nip out to get some bits for his mum so I got up nice & early worked out and then went to sit at my PC. Without Liam around I managed to get a good chunk of my to do lists done which has set me up well for the week. 

Saturday I had the day off blogging and all I did was play games & watch YouTube, it was great just switching off for the day. I actually managed to get through quite a chunk of my game too so even better.

Sunday was a day of not doing a right lot, in fact all I did was watch more YouTube, I just fancied another day of doing nothing. My family came round to do drop some stuff off for us too from a nice safe distance and it was great to see them, especially my nephew.

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: It was a YouTube & Peaky Blinders week and I loved it.

Reading: I am almost half way through my book, I am struggling with it but I am determined to finish it before this lockdown is done.

Listening to: I have actually made a new playlist which is a summer playlist for when I am in the garden but I have been loving listening to it. I have listened to more Demi Lovato too of course. 

This week I want to be getting more done around the house, I am going to try to do half a day blogging and half a day doing jobs. I am hoping that this way my productivity really increases and I can get things done that I wouldn't usually have chance to do. I also want to try spend some time out in the garden again, the weather is meant to be nice so I may as well make the most of it. I might even make that blogging playlist on Spotify too.

See you soon

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