Weekly Round Up #15

All the days just seem to be merging into one at the moment and it is a nightmare, I only remember what day it is thanks to people sticking to YouTube schedules. So here is how the week went...

I was up nice and early to get a workout in and then it was straight to the PC to get some blogging done, I managed to get a lot done meaning I didn't have to blog every day. 

We had a nice walk round to my parents on Tuesday to drop my dads card off from a nice safe distance. It was so nice to see the family even from the opposite end of the garden whilst they were inside, I am definitely missing them, especially my nephew. 

Wednesday was my dads birthday and I was gutted not to be seeing him but we did FaceTime instead. Other than that all I did was blog and game.

It was Liam's birthday Thursday but seen as we were stuck inside and no one could come visit we just had a day of gaming (like most days) and just enjoyed each others company. Once this is all over we will be off to Leeds to celebrate properly. 

Another day where all I was doing was gaming, I don't think my FIFA Ultimate team has ever had so much time spent on it and I am loving it. 

Saturday was a nice lazy day, we cleaned the living room then it was straight to the games room to play plenty more FIFA. 

Sunday was a day of getting the games room and our gaming set ups nice and tidy. I have realised I want to make a few changes to my set up and seen as I am spending a lot more time at it I may as well. Other than cleaning all we did was play some games & watch some YouTube.

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: Liam has ended up getting me watching the Peaky Blinders properly and I am loving it, other than that though all I have watched is YouTube.

Reading: I managed to read about 100 pages of my book, I am struggling to get into it at the moment but am determined to complete it.

Listening to: Once again all that I have listened to is Demi Lovato, I also created a new playlist which has some brilliant songs on that I haven't heard for years.

This week I want to be get some more bits done around the house. I also want to have a look into some items I want to pick up for my PC set up and make a list of what I am aiming to buy. Other than that I just want to carry on getting plenty of posts written for all my blogs. 

See you soon

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