#AD-Gifted Trying The Virtue Yerba Mate Energy Drinks

Recently I was sent four cans of the Virtue Natural Energy Yerba Mate energy drinks to give a try, they sent two Peach & two Strawberry & Lime cans and to be honest I wasn't sure what to expect at all. My go to energy drink at the moment is the white monster which is 0 calories but doesn't have a specific flavour so I was looking forward to trying these.

So here is what Virtue is inside the Virtue Yerba Mate drinks...
- Antioxidant rich
- 15 Amino acids
- 24 Vitamins & Minerals 
- Natural caffeine
- Zero sugar
- Zero calories
- Nothing artificial

They also say that 1 can = 1 cup of coffee which to be honest I believe to be true thanks to my experiences with the drink although they are definitely more refreshing than a cup of coffee.

First up I tried the peach flavour, I had this straight after a work out & before spending the day blogging and taking blog pictures. I definitely needed a bit of an extra kick this day and this drink definitely provided it. Since this lockdown begun I have been taking naps 90% of the day just because around 1PM I start to lack a bit of energy however, after drinking this I didn't need a nap at all & Liam actually commented on how I seemed to be getting a lot more done and how I had more energy too.

Now in terms of the peach flavour I would normally avoid drinks that included peach but WOW I was surprised by this, I was actually disappointed when the can ran out. With some energy drinks you can end up with a bitter taste but not with this one it is spot on and doesn't leave a funny aftertaste.

The next day I ended up trying the strawberry & lime flavour as again I had quite a busy day and I wanted to see if the drink would have the same effect. I managed to get another full day of blogging done, some gaming and then even more blog work just from feeling more energized by the drink I had cut out the nap again and had a super productive day.

In terms of flavour of this can I have to say I prefer the peach one which really surprised me as normally strawberry & lime is usually my go to flavour. Now don't get me wrong it is nice but it did take a bit of getting used to for me but I think it is due to the sparkling water side of things, by the end of the can I was actually enjoying the drink and was looking forward to my next one. 

I will definitely be keeping an eye out for these drinks in the future and picking up some more cans. For a more in depth look at the products head to www.virtuedrinks.com where you can also find where the drinks are stocked.

Another great thing about these drinks is that each can sold contributes to the conservation of plants, animals and natural communities in the rainforest, so whilst having a great tasting drink you are also doing a bit to help out the environment. 

*The items in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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