March 2020 Favourites

March is coming to an end and what a strange month it has been. We celebrated my nephews first birthday on the 20th just a few days later we are on lockdown and I am unable to see him for a few weeks, but it will all be worth it if it keeps the family away from the virus. Poor Liam is still working so it is just me throughout the day. Even though the end of the month has been stuck on lockdown I have discovered plenty of favourites throughout the month and here they are...


Cargo pants 

I have seriously fallen in love with Cargo pants throughout the month of March, they are just so comfortable and there are so many options out there for you to purchase. I picked up 2 pairs from H&M online and these cost me just £12.99. They are super comfortable and a really lightweight material, they even have cuffed bottoms so they are different to other pairs of pants I own. I got these in black and khaki green so I have plenty of options in terms of outfits I can make out of these. I got a pair from Primark too which aren't cuffed but are more of a jean style with zipped pockets on the side of the leg. To me this pair is a bit smarter than the cuffed ones but is still super easy to style. I will be doing a few posts on these pants very soon so you can see how I style them & my honest opinions on them.

Old Favourite rediscovered

 I am so glad I rediscovered these sneakers so much that I have actually done a full post on them that you can read here. I absolutely love rediscovering old favourites as not only does it bring back a whole lot of memories back but it also means I can experiment a whole lot more with my style by bringing back items I once loved. Rediscovering the Nike Blazers is giving me so many outfit ideas for the upcoming months and how I can make the most out of finding them again. Do you love finding things you once loved? 

The Nike Tracksuit

This lockdown is what has made a lot of the things in this post favourites. One of the very big favourites has to my Nike tracksuit, I was going to have this exclusively for a gym tracksuit but that is no longer happening as I have found this so comfortable and is perfect for lounging around the house & garden in. I wont go into this too much as I have a post coming up about it soon but I can easily say I am currently living in this tracksuit and I would love to find it in different colours. 



Blogging is possibly one of the only things keeping me sane during the lockdown so it has definitely become a favourite of mine. I have managed to come up with so many post ideas & if I managed to do them all I would possibly manage to have content right past September which is unknown for me usually. I am just trying my best to stay productive and just work on being creative in this time I have at home. I am looking forward to you all seeing what I have planned.


Another thing managing to keep me sane throughout all this is gaming, I have been playing plenty of FIFA 20 (not 19 like in the image) my ultimate team is coming along nicely and I am just having a bit of fun in my spare time. I have plenty of free time on my hands now so I may finally get through my gaming backlog.

Demi Lovato

Demi returned this month with her new song 'I Love Me' and I absolutely love it. It is super catchy and I end up listening to it quite a few times a day. Not only have I been listening to her new stuff though I have started just opening my Spotify and pressing shuffle on all Demi's album's whilst I blog or game. It just stops me getting distracted by a YouTube video or something on Disney+ and it provides some great background noise.


Games Room

The only home favourite I have is the fact I am loving us having the games room this month, that is because during this lockdown I am basically living in there. Whether it is a case of sitting at my desk blogging or sitting on the sofa bed playing on one of the consoles, it is where you can find me 99% of the time at the moment.  

Health & fitness

Home Workouts

One thing I have taken up during the lockdown is working out from the living room and it really is making me feel much better. I am getting more exercise done than I usually would and it helps me feel much more awake in a morning. Let's just hope that when this lockdown is done I can keep this up instead of just ditching it. I am determined to lose some weight over this lockdown period.

So there you have it I haven't really got many favourites from this month but those that have made the list are very strong favourites and are keeping me going through these days that I am stuck in the house.

What are your favourites from March?

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