Moving Away From The Nike's

If you had asked me a year ago if I would wear any shoes other than Nike ones for the gym I would have laughed at you. But with my new found love of the Under Armour brand I thought I would pick up a pair of their shoes and try stray away from the usual suspects Nike. 

What a great transition is has been, with my dodgy knee and ankle I need to make sure I have the support needed whilst being comfortable and these tick all those boxes. They are a nice strong work out trainers and even though they are a bit of a low cut they do seem to support my ankle, they also aren't too narrow towards the toe box which is what I have found with some Nike's in the passed.

Some shoes are more suited to just running with a built up silhouette however, I have found these have been good for both cardio and weight workouts. This is because they are quite flat meaning I am stood correctly for the weights and doing less damage to my leg, but at the same time they aren't too flat which means it doesn't hurt when I am spending plenty of time on the treadmill. The insole feels quite cushioned too so unlike previous Nike's I have had they are comfortable for a lot longer and I aren't complaining that my feat hurt after 5 minutes.

The colourway is really nice too with a grey flyknit sort of look with the red logo standing out nicely on the tongue and side. I have found they are really easy to pair an outfit with due to this colourway which is essential for me as I have found if things flow I feel more confident when in the gym, something I am usually lacking. 

Sometimes trainers can get scuffed and go out of shape really easy especially when put under the stress of workouts over and over again however, so far after 3/4 months of wear these are still going really strong so I can see myself getting plenty of wear out of them although I am keep heading over to the Under Armour website to see if anymore are jumping out at me, but I must resist.

Have you strayed away from your usual go to workout brand recently? I am really glad I have.

See you soon,

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